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Joined: 5/7/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
This thread kinda reminds me of an incident I had with a kinda girlfriend I had for a short period of time a few years ago. As some of you may or may not know,,,,I like fishing,,,,a bit. Well, it was this time of year, and this time of year has steelhead in the rivers. This friend of mine wanted to me to come and spend the evening at her place, dinner and stuff. I agreed,but I did tell her that I was going fishing in the morning, and would be leaving fairly early for the river. Well, the night was long and I don't think we actually shut the eyes till after 1.When 3:30 came around, I was up and at em, getting myself ready. She rolled over and asked where I was off too???? "ummm, fishing dear, just like I told you yesterday". Well she made a big fuss, saying she really did'nt think I would go, especially after,,,,"last night". The discussion got louder and louder, and I was a little stunned at her actually not believing me. The long and the short of it is, I never did see that young lady again,and it was a shame. She did make a good dinner and ,,,,,stuff.

Now we all know why Walts goes heavy on the explanation on his addiction to flyfishing,cause,,,welll,,,,,,,he is addicted.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 3/4/2006 8:43:33 AM
Under the circumstances, it seems she was more than a little insecure and a whole lot needy.
 Eclectic Elf
Joined: 12/2/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 3/4/2006 12:42:36 PM

^ Guilt? What's that?

it goes hand in hand with having a conscience -- based on what you post, that too is probably something you're unfamiliar with....
Joined: 9/24/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 3/4/2006 8:56:57 PM
Ok...Rule # any relatinship should be....DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING!!... God knows I've been in relationships....where you have a conversation with the guy...and we'll use sleep as the example...even if we had plans the next day... if you (man) are tired... (and I get tired...believe me I do...on your side bud...totally I am)... tell them your tired, as you did but say in the same sentence... "I WANT TO ....AND WILL...SEE YOU TOMORROW".

Sounds to me like this is a breakdown in woman have got to remember men think like "K.I.S.S." (Keep it simple Stupid) they say only what they think they need to... you needed sleep...and you told her that...

BUT... Us woman are a little more complex...for us...the thought hasn't been completed... We like run on sentences... with all the details!! lol And the men..." I NEED SLEEP"

This is not all to say that woman or your gal are needy...we simply just think differently then each other... why do you think the book by John Gray is it??... "MEN ARE FROM MARS, AND WOMAN ARE FROM VENUS"...was so damn popular...
Joined: 6/3/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 4/14/2006 9:52:12 AM
Who needs sleep...lets watch the sun come up!
I do have a thang for Taurus fishies :)
I also love all my bro. and sisters.
Does chocolate cause zits?
Joined: 4/29/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 4/15/2006 8:20:28 AM

I feel like I just went through someone's underwear drawer!!

Wouldn't the last post be better as PERSONAL correspondance?
Joined: 4/24/2004
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 4/16/2006 12:06:18 AM
Woah! Noticed this thread a bit late… Seems like its already evolved into something “personal”. Am not gonna read the whole thread but would still like to chip in my 2-cents on the 1st post if the OP doesn’t mind..

Um... IMHO....Yes, you need sleep. That’s an un-arguable fact. So fair enough, its definitely "OK" to want to sleep.

However, you told her you wanna stay home and sleep on the day RIGHT after you've slept with her without a clue to her that she WILL see you again... that's not very “OK”…

I know ya tired but hmm... sorry bro, you were indeed a bit “insensitive” on that Saturday. You may not mean it but it was indeed a bit harsh to say that to a woman who was probably still reminiscing the way your arms felt around her the night before. Naturally, she felt “used n dumped” after hearing what you said… Its got nothing to do with whether she’s a “needy” or not.
Joined: 3/2/2006
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 11/18/2007 3:19:19 PM
this brings back some not so fond memories,a long time ago i remember being kept awake to talk, night after night,,i seldom got to sleep before 2 am,,then had to get up for work at 6.i was a zombie for months, it was the start of a tumultuous relationship.
her mood could change in a millisecond.. i suspect the sex with your girl is great, so it's up to you how long you can put up with her bullshit.
Joined: 7/20/2005
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I need sleeep <------- enough to kill a relatioship ?
Posted: 11/19/2007 9:25:05 PM
I think maybe if you had concentrated a little less on the idea that she's being "unreasonable" in not understanding your need to sleep, and concentrated more on whether she is feeling badly or not, then the two of you could have communicated better. You obviously saw that she was feeling insecure about the relationship when you told her you needed sleep, but instead of wanting to make her feel better, you just got offended that she didn't want you to get sleep too. From her point of view, it looked like you weren't too tired to go over and spend the night (presumably have sex) the night before, but when you actually have evening plans (like a date), then you call last minute and say you're too tired. Why shouldn't she wonder if your feelings are waning? That shouldn't be a big problem in itself. It probably is in how you reacted to her reaction that really brought things down. If you had been understanding and managed to reassure her of your feelings, and showed her the next day that your feelings were just as strong, then it would have all turned out. Was she suffering from insecurity? Of course. But that doesn't mean she's not worth dating. It's really not that hard to reassure a woman, and that's all she really needed. I don't think she needed you to come over that night. I think she just needed you to be understanding of her feelings. Apologize for cancelling plans, and being considerate of her feelings. Even from your post, it sounds like you feel like you are entitled to cancel plans if you feel tired. A lot of people don't operate that way, and will push themselves to follow through on their committed appointments and dates even if they are tired, or at least feel badly when they do have to cancel on someone. From her point of view, she was probably so infatuated at that point that she wouldn't ever be cancelling on you just because she was tired. She'd probably just want to relax with you if the tables were turned.
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