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 Hello Kitty aka HK
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Hummmmm separated is still married.

I would take the chance to date a separated man If I felt confident the separation was final, he has his own place, has somewhat dealt with emotional issues; he was ready to move forward and not backwards. Refers to her as the EX not the wife.

As well as if I felt confident that the paperwork is proceeding and there are no loose ends except for the final divorce papers. I wouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever that I was helping him cheat on his wife. I would expect that a separated person wouldn't want to jump right in asap to another relationship so I would assume he has given himself time before offering himself to someone else like myself.

Separation is a tough issue to deal with for all parties involved and would depend on each individual situation, however being separated is still married.
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Is separated single?
Posted: 8/10/2006 3:44:32 PM
Well, I've changed my profile to "dating", rather than "Separated." Which is to say that I've found someone special who considers me single enough to capture her heart. When my one-year waiting period is up, I'll be filing for divorce. If any surprises come out of that (although there shouldn't be), my new love is going to be by my side as we work things out. Just as we'll be by each others sides as we get around other issues, such as cats and dogs/allergies, commuting time come winter, etc. Bumps in the road. But all small ones.

Looking back, I think my biggest problem with wearing the label on a dating site was that I trying too hard to allay fears generated by all the prejudice, when, in fact, to most people that I was meeting, it was a non-issue to everyone except me. That was a consequence of my choices in who to meet or who would meet me. The label weeded out the closed minded, who I wouldn't have meshed with anyway. In the unlikely event that I'm ever back here trying to drum up a date, I think I'll keep the 'separated' label just as an initial screening device.

Good luck to all!
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