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First off, never send money, money orders, or checks to anyone on here, no matter how long you have chatted with them, there are con artists all over the place, and they will sucker you in a heartbeat. Stay on your toes, and don't believe ANY sob story.

There are also people who get their rocks off by luring people to meet them at bars, clubs or restaurants and seeing if they can get them to show up. They sit in the back and laugh while you sit at the table for hours waiting for them to show. Yeah it's a horrible thing to do, but there are some really cruel people out there. How do I know this? Because it happened to me. The difference is, when I showed up at the club, I recognized the guy sitting with a group of his friends across the bar, when he was supposed to be meeting me AT the bar...his friends ratted him out that this was his standard procedure and they all usually got a good laugh out of it. He got a right hook this time. I think he learned a good lesson, my fist was sore for several days.

Don't agree to drive hours and hours to meet anyone. Make plans to meet face to face only after you have talked on the phone for a good length of time, and you have eliminated any red flags. Pay attention when you listen to them, a lot of times you can pick up on a lot of things that just don't seem right. And never put yourself in a dangerous situation. Remember, people on here can lie about anything and everything. Don't trust people blindly. Be on your guard at all times. Don't be so closed off that you are afraid to get to know someone, but be wise and wary. There are some wonderful men and women on here, but there are some batshit crazy ones on here too.

Good luck,
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