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 Smart Lass
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The only profession (other than those that would qualify as illegal) I would ever be very hesitate about becoming involved with again is a musician. Due to some profession and personal experiences with musical artists, as much as I admire their talent, their ego is just something I cannot deal with. For me it is just not a good fit.

Edit: Now this opinion would all go out the window if Chris Botti shows up at my door. Hee hee.
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What professions are a turn off?
Posted: 2/28/2009 7:10:54 AM
Turnoffs ,

Professional Gold diggers
since i have 2 amature ones here at home
but we call them Teen age Daughters

But seriously those who work for the right one dating service
good thing I checked them out on consumer reports
yea right Im gonna fork over 3500.00 for 10 dates over a years time
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What professions are a turn off?
Posted: 2/28/2009 7:36:47 AM
yourstillhere, Shawney999, xeotide ..... Just to explain my "list" a little ....
It was just a question .. "what professions are a turn off?". By answering it, I was thinking of personality traits that are usually associated with the "profession", that I would have a hard time with.

yourstillhere ... it's certainly not that I think I am too good for any of the above-listed. Truth be told, I'm sure it would be the opposite way around. (and yes, I do know many types off the list).

So, before taking any offence to my "list", also consider that I am just a simple "hick" who likes a very simple life ...who does not worship money, power & status...and what it does to people.

Just to explain a few of the less obvious -
morticians/medical examiners ... death and cutting people up disturbs me.
police officers ... moreso than the arrogance and possibility of abuse of power, .... is the constant worry if they will come home alive every night.
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What professions are a turn off?
Posted: 2/28/2009 7:45:01 AM
"well, realtors are generally liars, so I count them number one"

So, me being a realtor qualifies me as being a liar?? that is hilarious...If someone is a liar they are a liar...just because you sell houses for a living doesn't automaticaly make you a liar....Yes, true...there are liars in real estate...but if you have to lie to sell a home, it'll come back to bite you in the ass down the road and trust me, I know realtors who did lie and cheat to make a living and they are no longer doing this and they have lost their licences forever so...

I can understand some people wouldn't want to do a certain job, that's cool with might not be for them....but if a woman tells me she is a salesperson, or whatever else it is here that turns you all "off" that's her wouldn't turn me off from HER, she could be the sweetest girl alive but if she cuts up dead bodies or sells people something, how does that change HER???
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