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That was the hardest thing I have ever had to read. Cripes, Go to school please. Maybe the people who reacted to you poorly in the past did so because of your obvious ignorance. Not because of being native? I understand you have some issues and valid ones at that but, They would be better understood if you could air them in a more understandable Language?
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/12/2007 1:57:27 AM
Hmmm, there are GOOD reasons for the stores acting these ways, but it should be done in a more sensitive manner.

In Lethbridge there was a convenience store on 3rd Avenue that was busted for selling alcohol without a liscence because a high percentage of their sales was Lysol.

A friend of mine worked at a Lethbridge supermarket and was deeply offended because management knew what the stuff was being used for, laughted about it and implemented no controls over it's improper use.

I was concerned when a clerk sold Lysterine to a scraggly looking person who was already drunk. It doesn't matter what race he was, sometimes it is obvious what it is being (mis)used for.

There was a guy from Coaldale who bought a case of mouthwash and took it to parties. He was of a white european ethnicity 'famous for being cheap.'

A man buying Lysol is perhaps a little suspicious - that is just not something we clean with. No super duper chemicals that nuke the caked on dirt. In your case it was stupid for the store to question, but retail people often are not experts in everything.

If these stores can prevent one person from drinking that stuff they deserve our sympathy and support.

If the vast majority of the people using these substances improperly are Aboriginals, we should work within our community to prevent it. People don't form negative stereotypes based on myths, but on personal experience. As aboriginals we ought to pressure those who enforce the stereotypes, not the poor whiteys who have to deal with the problems.

If we keep our noses clean, the problem of racism will be greatly reduced.

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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/12/2007 7:44:30 PM
One of my friend used the term Prairie N**ger once. It was because a common friend had been knifed to death by a group of aboriginal thugs.

I like the approach taken by Jarome Iginla in his GQ interview. He is the anti-Sharpton and has created the best stereotype of an Afro Canadian.

Again, we are the ones who can best change what the public thinks of us by our actions. People in my home community respected the Japenese because they are the most respectable and industrious people around. We could learn a thing or two from them.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/13/2007 8:49:41 AM
^^ which is a bit of a media-hyped stereotype in and of itself.

As to aboriginal racism, I've seen many sides of it.

I lived on a reserve off the coast of Northern BC and was constantly reminded by my native peers of how inferior I was because I'm half white (other half is chinese, BTW, but with my peaked eyebrows and a slight epicanthal fold they presumed the other half was Salish indian).

I've seen friends of mine - Cree, Dene, and Blackfoot - hassled by the cops for things that cops wouldn't look twice at a white person for.

I've seen thriving, successful bands in BC where they earn millions per year not through casinos, but by leasing out land to shopping malls, or selling Cowichan sweaters or bent-wood boxes over the internet for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per piece. And the band members are happy, confident, self-assured people living alongside whites harmoniously, but with a unique and colourful culture of their own.

I've seen corrupt bands where the chief and his family absorb the provincial and federal funds the band receives, while alcoholism and domestic violence rip through the poverty-stricken reserve... and whites blame the situation on the 'indian culture'.

And recently, when a native teen was convicted of hitting a gas station attendant with his car and dragging him to death, the court reduced the driver's sentance to 7 years including time served awaiting trial for, among other thing, his "aboriginal status". Now, the other factors (abused as a child, etc.) could be argued as a factor in why he didn't stop even as he left a bloody trail of his victim's flesh for blocks, and surely heard his victims pleas when he stopped at intersections... But racial status reducing a sentance? That has some very dangerous ramifications.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/17/2007 11:27:09 PM
Has anyone ever seen the movie "Quigley Down Under," which stars Tom Selleck?

Selleck's character was hired by a white Australian to help kill off Aboriginals, but once "Selleck" finds out what he's been hired to do....he ends up killing his employer.

Scenes in the movie include the Aboriginals being driven over cliffs by the whites to get rid of them.
How accurate is this to what actually happened during the genocide?

Very horrifying.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/18/2007 4:06:43 AM

Karma; I had a boyfriend who is half Haida- most people thought he was Japanese. He was even asked by some Japanese students where he learned such good english People definately make quick assumptions; the old 'judge a book by its cover' thing. People who get angry about racism when it comes to other races (other minorities) don't think twice when when it happens to natives; they even do it themselves. Why is it that its so accepted??

Interestingly enough, the reserve I lived on was a Kwaquitl one. There were many wondwrful people on that reserve, people who didn't judge by colour or creed. But a few were as racist towards Haida - or moreso - than they were towards whites.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 4/18/2007 1:47:43 PM
racism will always be around. As long as there exsist differences in the world such as religion, skin color, way of life. I think asking those questions or being told to ask those questions is quite rude and unethical. You should contact that stores head office and give them shiit.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 5/8/2007 8:52:31 AM
Hmmm....some businesses are looking for compensation for lost revenues because of illegal road blocks. The courts routinly award them to other victims, so I can see it coming. Sometimes it is the instigator that pays., the gov't garnisheeing wages at 50% until it is paid up. Perhaps the gov't could "garnish" tribal and welfare payments until the victim are compensated. This could go a long ways towards making others think twice before shutting down a major road.

Anyhow's....I figure that some "status" natives didn't share the wealth when they sold lands to a developer, and PO'ed the rest of the people. It is an "in-house" affair, that should never have affected the developer.

Hmmm....I could well be off base on that one too....ah well....
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 5/12/2007 9:09:46 PM
I can't believe this thread. I've been around more than a few abos and it seems to me they bring about 150% of their troubles on themselves!I've also seen a boong about 35 years of age soak a rag with gas and give it to a TODDLER to pacify it! I can understand why.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 5/21/2007 2:38:34 PM
NO VNE said

I've also seen a boong about 35 years of age soak a rag with gas and give it to a TODDLER to pacify it! I can understand why.

I know you can understand because the toddler was you.

You say you can't believe this thread, I can't believe your mother had any children that lived.

I am an aboriginal person and I can walk among the "newcomers" and listen to the jokes because they are unaware of my heritage, and then I start telling jokes that are directed towards their heritage. I find it funny when they become upset because I said something that they find offensive. I will then explain that I am a Native person and you shouldn't dish out what you can't take.

If I walked into a store and someone asked me what I was going to use the Lysol for I would say I needed to disinfect a certain body part that belonged to the offending clerks mother.

Native racism for some reason is tolerated. Just think of all the sports teams that have aboriginally racist names. Can you imagine if that went across the whole spectrum of races.

When people say the word Indian I correct them by saying "Indians are from India". The proper terms are FIRST Nations, AbORIGINAL, or Native.

Unfortunately aboriginal racism is alive and well.

They way I deal with it is to let the racists make their remarks and then point out my heritage and watch how their faces become redder than mine.

I have to go now and pick up my welfare check and head over to the bar to drink away my sorrows, then it's off to the gas station for a night cap.

Oh crap all my lysol is gone.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 6/4/2007 3:18:22 AM
Indians are funny, you basically say you don't want any help from white people yet you don't have any problem with collecting government welfare paid for by white taxpayers or coming to white owned hospitals for treatment, or buying white made goods that are tax free to you on top of it all. Also you claim to be interested in preserving the forest and fish stocks yet you want to fish all you want and chop down trees all you want when whites are supposed to have limits. Bunch of hypocrates.

I'm white, and I don't think I've read anything that offensive in years!! Unfortunately it proves that there is most definitely racism directed at First Nations people.

When I was a little girl living up in Fort McMurray, most of my friends were Aboriginal. I studied their history and culture, learned how to do the beadwork, made birch bark canoes for my Barbies and stuff like that. I found the history of the People to be fascinating and beautiful, if not rather sad.

My man is First Nations... a proud, honest, educated, hard-working Metis man. His father was vice-president of the Metis Nation of Labrador a few years back. A few months ago I mentioned to my mom that he was Aboriginal and she launched off on a rant about " useless drunken Indians, don't pay any taxes and only take and take from the Whites, get a free education and don't have to work, they have a hundred administrators on the Musqueam reserve and still they beg for more money. waaaah waaah waaah I have no sympathy for those useless b@stards."

I was absolutely disgusted at her comments. I was deeply offended. My Man was being judged solely on his ancestry; she'd never met him and she doesn't know jack all about who he is as a man. I called my own mother a "racist biatch".. and then I told her right off. It was nearly six months before we spoke again... and to this day she's accusing ME of "destroying the family because you insist on dating loser Indians; why can't you date a nice white boy?". I had to tell her that I'd been there and even married one, and that my "loser Indian" man was ten times the man any of them could ever hope to be.

My son is adopted, and he is also Aboriginal. His birth mother has a full-blood Cree Indian mother and a Metis father. My son's birth mother became pregnant by a strapping blonde-haired blue eyed Danish man... my son has pale pink skin, deep round blue eyes, and white-blonde hair. But yet he is of First Nations descent.
I have made every effort to make my son-- he is 7 1/2 years old and is in Grade 2--aware of his Aboriginal heritage, and I encourage him to embrace it and celebrate it. My Man is teaching him about Aboriginal culture and history, and we read stories written by Native authors. I wish I knew more so that I could pass it on to him. My son is proud of his Aboriginal heritage, and I am glad to see that.
A few weeks ago they were studying multiculturalism at school and all the kids were asked what their 'ethnicity' was. My son proudly stood in front of the class and said " I am Aboriginal. I am one-quarter Cree and one-quarter Metis." ( I was sooo proud of him). His classmates responded " no way, you don't look Indian, you're lying". He was deeply hurt by that comment. He had enough intestinal fortitude to tell them that he was proud to be Aboriginal and that he didn't care what they thought, they could go to hell. I was sooo proud of him!!!!

Unfortunately, both my Man and my Little Man see racism on a regular basis, because they are both proud of their heritage. It saddens me greatly to see such ignorance on such a large scale.

peace out
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 6/13/2007 3:20:05 AM
^^^^^^perhaps your Grandmother remembers the days when Native children were forcibly removed from their families and then placed in Residential Schools? Perhaps your Grandmother knew of the atrocities that were committed upon these innocent children?

Your Grandmother loved you very much. But those days are over now. Celebrate your heritage!!!

Cheers, Raven
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 11/9/2007 2:31:59 PM
pof prize?

Yes you are entitled to your opinion, so won't bother trying to rebut any of it.

prize what?
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 11/15/2007 11:48:54 PM
Just a guess.. but I'm thinking that pof.prize's course of study at university is NOT English.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 3/28/2008 5:50:26 PM
hi..this one time when i was in shoppers drug mart. i was looking around and this man Comes up to me and says. what are you doing and i was looking at stuff . He yelled at the guys in the back room and said turn on the camra and i was like wtf. what did i do. . this other time we went to yorkton saskatchewan we went down to visit my brother and sister and we stayed at a hotel so then we decided to go the water sides and the cleark was being so rude to us like we did something wrong. they said we couldnt go as a family so then were ok. so my mom droped us off. so then we hardly had any money so then we had to wait for some money. so then my sister and my brother went in and me. so then as my sister was waiting for my grandma to come and give us some money so then were ok. she watched the lady at the desk she was being so nice to none native people who came by so then. she asked to speak to the manager. she noticed that the lady was being nice to her so we started to notice how racist the lil town yorkton is . even as we were swimming the none native people where Gunning us off like we were doing somthing wrong
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 1/8/2009 3:59:36 PM
^^^good post...but it also describes many other people, not just natives.
We can also look at it from another viewpoint, which has been validated already. Many tribes gained lands and populance by assimilation, war, intermarriage, etc. etc. This is historical fact right from the elders. A new tribe came along and did the same thing...a tribe called "Europeans". Just because their skin colour was different doesn't mean the tactics were not the same as those natives inflicted upon one another!
But...the past IS past and need not be addressed in ths forum. We already know that natives have to "go white" in order to survive in the 21st century. They cannot live as their ancestors did. They are way too acclimatized to "European" living and technology...including that computer you are posting with, the internet, the electricity, etc, etc.
The only way to gain these things are through working and paying for them. $$$ speak.
There are many people out there who can be included in the same boat as any of the problems you have listed. It reaches across skin colour and race and religion.
One "group" need not have "specialized" programs for them...all people need access to them. That is called "equality". Until we reach that, we'll always have problems, and people saying they are not being treated the "same" because of...pick a reason.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 1/8/2009 4:29:18 PM
yes there is racism..because someone described as 'native" in Canada will get 100% of their university or college tuition paid for by government, solely based on RACE..

while a (possibly brighter, more 'deserving' white/black/Asian person will have to work their butts off at part-time, summer jobs, etc. to pay their own way..)

that is racism..favoritism based solely on race..sure, you can explain to me why it's "really not" ?

also you didn't have to pay sales tax on your purchases, while the non-native person in front of or behind you did, buying the same products.? hmm, smells like racism? or pay any income tax on income earned on a rez? why? race, right?
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 1/8/2009 4:37:20 PM

The answer is simple. Picket the store and make sure other "Indians" or whomever DO NOT buy from it. Or try to contact his mangers/(corporation who run the store)...or sum sh$t (excuse my language). You could do more then complain, take some kind of action. In this day & age, local justice, has to be taken through the "correct methods", unless you don't mind being label psychotic.

But keep in mind that this is NOT your problem UNLESS you CHOOSE to do something about it, understand? So unless you're going to picket the store, call the manager...or such.....*......then lay it down, their "way of thinking" is not YOUR burden. Just experience it for the time being, settle it, catalog it in the back of your mind and continue. But don't look to self-soothe. They (the small minded owner) isn't worth it, ok? Unless of course you're going to do something about it.

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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 9/29/2011 4:47:14 PM
I thought I'd bring this one back up instead of starting a new thread. I recently found that racism can come from Aboriginal people as well.

I'm currently working as a project manager for a house construction company on a remote reserve in northern Manitoba.If you watch the 2011 season of "Ice Road Truckers" you'll see some of these reserves. We build and renovate homes for the population here. There's about 500 people here,and less than 2 dozen whites.

I tend to treat people as equals,and it's been no different here. I treat everyone with courtesy,dignity and respect,especially the elders of the rserve. Because of this I've made a lot of friends,and even the men working for me consider me one of the guys and are always inviting me on fishing and hunting trips.

One big problem I have is people wanting building materials. What makes it worse is when councillors make promises to people,and one councillor is really bad for it.

Last week a man came and asked me for kitchen cupboards and a countertop. I told him I didn't think I had extra. On Monday he cornered me on a job site and asked when he could pick up his new kitchen. When I told him I didn't have anything he got mad and said that a councillor had promised him a new kitchen. I said the councillor had no business making promises with materials that weren't his,and the man drove off mad.

Later that day I was summoned to the band office. The man had written a letter saying my exact words were,"That effing councillor had no effing business making effing promises!"
Swearing at a local resident is the worst thing a white person can do up here,and some have been ejected off the reserve for doing so. I then had to explain my acxtions and defend myself,which was pretty hard.

Luckily the homeowner had been a witness and backed me up instead of agrreing withe letter's author. But even several of the guys working for me were called in and asked if they'd ever heard me swearing about anyone.

I feel I was the victim of racism. The resident knew he could have me kicked out by saying I swore about a councillor and tried to do it,all because he was angry that I wouldn't give him what he wanted. Now I realize this was just one incident,but it's still upsetting.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 9/30/2011 12:46:00 AM
You know... I never bought into stereotypes as a teenager, I thought all these things were fabricated. Then I grew up and moved to the city and was shockingly surprised at how often I saw stereotypes being fulfilled. Gay men with limp wrists and lisps, drunk natives, black men speaking what could only be considered english in a very very loose sense of the word, a large percentage of homeless people that were actually drunks/junkies/hookers. I still don't believe acknowledging the truth in stereotypes makes me racist.

However, making assumptions or judging an entire race because of those stereotypes would, and is wrong. I have heard though(especially in neighborhoods where there are a lot of homeless people) that some grocery stores refuse to sell lysol and other similar products on their own, or without a minimum cash purchase of a certain amount.
 vlad dracul
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 9/30/2011 2:30:38 AM
well living in scotland i can also say that the native people here
usually do not do well either

all the stereotypes are trotted out about drunken, toothless, deep fried mars bar eating,
junkie, wife/husband/partner beating scot constantly in the press and on tv

new comers who have corner shops look at us with disdain and reach for the white lightning cider (£1.50 for 2 litres what a bargain) as soon as you enter their shops

and who really cares? not i. not a lot of the population

the very precious ones get all upset and angry and write letters to publications


anyway did you hear the one about the scotsman, the englishman and the irishman...........
 want to travel
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 10/2/2011 12:09:45 PM
In CANADA it is a really huge problem,and we are building the museum of human rights, something really wrong here
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 10/3/2011 9:12:16 AM

definitely against the law in the US.

What happened to the OP was outrageous, and there's nothing wrong with being offended by a remark directed at your race. But the remedy is not to do business with the offender, and to advise your friends to do the same.

Canadian law may differ, and I don't know offhand if that comment would violate any federal law in the U.S. But if so, it shouldn't. The constitutional authority for prohibiting private discrimination is very limited, as it should be.

The U.S. government has no authority to play the white knight, charging around to right wrongs everywhere. That makes this country *less* free, not more. In private matters, I support any racist's right to be just as racist as he pleases.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 10/3/2011 11:16:07 AM
yes of course it is..along withe ever other type of racism, against 'blacks', against 'whites', against 'Asians', etc.
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aboriginal racism....still happening today?
Posted: 10/3/2011 3:22:10 PM
Interesting...ever since I've begun taking a mandatory class on Race and Ethnicity, I've had more than one dream about white genocide. Not sure what it means. I don't think it's the answer. Not sure what's ever going to make situations such as the OP's better.
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