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Tumeric works wonders as a face mask; I use it mixed with e.v olive oil. I apply to my skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. It can stain so be careful. When I've experienced a light stain with mine I use a light scrub. I love the neutrogena rapid clear but it can be harsh for some people.
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 4/28/2012 10:04:54 AM
For the busy or those like myself who want a clean product and do not want to play with home brews can't beat Buts bee's most of the products do double or triple duty making them very affordable ... Miracle salve and Rescue ointment are must haves..
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 4/28/2012 10:21:55 AM
The best thing that you can do for your skin is to remove makeup, wash and moisturize your face daily.

A good tightening mask is whipped egg whites. Apply and let dry you will feel it tighten up..

Once a month wash your hair with vinegar and it gets rid of all products that collect on the hair.

To keep my feet soft I put petrolium jelly on them and wear socks to bed...Like a babys butt..

It's best to start taking care of your skin at a young age. My mom taught me at 12. She's 63 and had the most amazing skin.
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 9/4/2013 10:10:10 PM
Adding on to this thread instead of starting a new one:)

-if you want to save money on top dollar masacara, keep an old tube of the expensive one and dip the wand in a new, cheap mascara (the mascara is all about the wand NOT the mascara)
-mascara drying out and can't afford a new one yet, bring it back to life with a couple drops of saline solution or eyedrops
-if any powder makeup (ie blush, eyeshadow, powder) crumbles, pour a little alcohol in the crumbled powder until it has a paste consistency, smooth with a butter knife, let sit overnight and viola-like new!
-need your nails to dry immediately? Spray Pam cooking spray after polishing and they're instantly dry
Bonus: tie fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus onto your showerhead and your hot bath/shower will smell amazing
 Irish Eyez
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 9/5/2013 10:46:49 AM
To cleanse hair from oils, creams, gels, foams etc., add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo. Your hair will be squeaky clean!
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 9/8/2013 3:16:58 AM

AHA to cleanse in am * cheap at the drugstore*.Never soap for sure.
I still need witch hazel/acne products for oily spots

If you have serious issues with wrinkles and blotches then retinol over time has been proven to help many.

I just use organic natural oil based 7 dollar lotions and add a bit of essential oils on the non oily spots and neck.

Orange oil added to basic lotion brightens.
Clarysage balances ( good for oily and dry)
Lavender for sensitive
Rosehip seed oil, kukui nut ,carrot seed are all fabulous oils to add to any basic organic lotion /product for daily use.
These also help scarring.

Some wrinkle, some sag. Face shape/sun/ genetics/lifestyle seems to play a big role in which you will have worse.

Im more of a saggier person than wrinklier if you look at my sister and mother. I see it coming , so surgery is the only fix for that with such a square non fat face.

Eh, I'll do what I want to do if it gets where I can't stand the mirror.

I tried one of the new fillers a few years ago thats supposed to last 6 months to fill out thin spots. It looked great 30 days. Won't try that again. I found it a huge waste of money.
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 9/8/2013 7:37:21 PM
I use olive oil in my bath tub, in my hair, and of course I cook with it. That's my go to natural beauty product!
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 10/9/2013 2:55:38 PM
Manly Beauty Tips from Rissignol [yours truly]

Shave with hair conditioner, not shaving gel.

Put Pepto Bismol on as a mask for an hour while you enjoy your favorite manly TV show ... (Once Upon A Time counts as manly, right?)
Gets rid of oil and acid deep in your pores.

Sleep on back to avoid wrinkles, on a silk pillowcase. As long as the pillowcase isn't pink or purple, it's still manly.

Coconut oil on the ends of hair to prevent split ends.

Use essential oil instead of cologne.

Tweeze fine facial hair instead of shaving to avoid 5 o'clock shadow.

Haha, that was fun
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 11/18/2013 9:24:45 AM
how about bleach?

Bleach: Potential Anti-Aging Skin Treatment?
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 11/19/2013 7:41:33 AM
^^^Funny< I read the article. Cracked me up at the end..."The mice did not appear younger."
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Beauty Tips and Secrets
Posted: 11/20/2013 3:45:37 AM

you have to be really careful and use a SMALL amount of CO, or your hair will be greasy as hell (and I have dry hair)

You do have to be careful but it sure puts the shine in and tames a frizz.

I find if I just moisturize my hands and rub it in really well first,THEN hit the dry spots it works better.
You can always do it twice.

Bleach?OMG to funny

I'll save for something else..More permanent.

As far as we pale people. Eyeliner takes years off if put on the top only.
The bottom you have to go lighter in shade and hand, if at all.( saving for night usually)

Big eyes and full lips look youthful along with no red spots on the nose/cheeks.
So if your lips are thinner, go paler with color and focus on whats the best feature on your face.
Spot cover the red ( usually capillaries).

The thing is, it's the whole picture put together.

Body, hair, dress, face, attitude.

Remember aunt Bea on Andy Griffith? She was about my age when she played aunt Bea.
Matronly figure, old lady dresses, grey hair in a bun.

Thats not today's 50 something.
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