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Home remedies Upset tummiesPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
mint settles a dogs stomach as well...
there was a posting earlier about removing ink stains...with the way the controlled substance laws are changing now i dunno if this stuff is still available...i used to use it for removing ink stains from wood when i did furniture refinishing...but its oxalic acid...the same acid found in rhubarb leaves..i used to dissolve the crystals in water until no more would dissolve...paint the solution on the ink stain...let it work overnight...a light sanding the next day...and poof...gone
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Home remedies
Posted: 7/7/2007 9:42:44 PM
I never tried this, but was told (at a wine tasting at a restaurant I was working at by the sales rep) that if you spill red wine, just pour white wine on top of it and they cancel each other out.

Not being one to waste one drop of wine, I wouldn't know . . . .
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Home remedies
Posted: 7/10/2007 10:08:32 AM
All this time you've just been putting bounce in the dryer! Try a few of these:
use a wet bounce sheet to wash the bugs off the car
- put a sheet in your pocket or belt loop to keep bugs away
- eliminate static electricity from your television or computer screens & keeps dust
from resettling
- dissolve soap scum from shower doors
- put a sheet in your vacuum cleaner/ or where you need to eliminate odors
- keep mosquitoes from my dog I take a sheet and attach to his collar
- collect cat hair by rubbing a sheet over area, it magnetically attracts loose hairs
- clean baked on foods from pans by placing sheet in pan, fill with water, let sit overnight
then sponge clean,
- wipe up sawdust from drills or sandpaper, a used sheet will collect sawdust like a tack

hope you try these and if you know of any other uses for bounce would like to hear from you

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