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Joined: 11/8/2006
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^^ you just joined. Give it time.

Nothing good happens over night
Or after midnight

Met someone here two years ago when I joined. Went through a lot
Of crap. Had shitty meets. Had good meets. Back to guy I met two years ago here. Lots of crap. He moved here. More crap. Got back together. Communicated like we did so long ago -now we live together.
It takes time. Lots of it.

Patience. Its a virtue you know.
Joined: 9/21/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/17/2010 8:26:20 AM
Ive also had several truckloads of initial convo, a good handful of dates...yet after a year or whatever its been im still here.
Joined: 7/17/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 11/9/2010 12:04:20 PM
Too many folk on here with issues and baggage...too many been hurt and are still bitter and scared to trust again....too many gold diggers and too many lunatics!!....other than that its ok and there is the odd diamond if you get lucky!...dont expect to find 'the one' though.
Joined: 2/21/2009
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 1/12/2011 6:13:32 AM
Crummy. I used to have a kick butt profile. I got at least one message every week. But I wanted a full inbox so I deleted it. I've never had that good of luck after that.

What it comes down to is the women have the power. I think this spoils them.
They make a profile and the men come to them like fruit flies to a fruit cake.
They can reject who they want, take who they like, and screw the rest. The men however HAVE to look and send mail. They get the short end of the stick.

Unless you know what you're doing or do tons and tons or research online dating as whole sucks.
Joined: 2/23/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 3/2/2011 7:59:23 PM
Too well. I can't keep up with the "expressions of interest" which I receive. While there are some "not so nice" people here on POF (and other dating sites), the good far out-way the bad, in my opinion. Lot's of nice people are here on POF to meet that special person - the challenge is to sort the wheat from the chaff. But this is true no matter how one meets people outside of dating sites, be it work, church, the super market, where-ever. Whether it be a special someone or just a new friend, we all meet lots of people - some we get along with and spend lots of time with; some become aquaintances and some we like more the less we see of them.

I do not have a picture posted; I rely on the written word. I am not a poet, nor a professional writer. I do think that with a little effort, a decent profile can be written. It has for me. I like to exchange a few emails, but I quickly ask for a "meet and greet" . I have been to many, and have never been "stood up". Am I lucky? In that, I probably am. But some are lucky in terms of winning lotteries - I never have. So... lady luck can be unpredictable and fickle.

As in most things in life - you pays your money and you takes your chances. Given that POF is a FREE dating site - one can always fall back on the old adage - you get what you pay for!!

Good Luck to everyone here on POF who is serious and good-intentioned!! Remember the old adage - with time, good things come!! AND - it at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again!!

Joined: 11/10/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 3/3/2011 12:24:15 PM
Wow...lots of rave reviews about POF...has not been my take on things...the "Matches" that they send to me...well not too sure where they are coming from....have been stood up couple of times and those that I have met have found that the pics that they send along are not their pic! Sorry to be a downer...just my take. So the million dollar question that many of you are posing right now..."Why stay then?"...Honestly I am hoping to meet that special guy and/or establish some friends . Wish you happy fishing and hope that your experiences are all fabulous :-)
Joined: 12/18/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 5/4/2011 11:17:16 PM
If your idea of fun is being treated like the elephant man, while you spend your precious time helping to stoke the egos of women who obsessively live on here night and day... You'll love it.
Joined: 4/16/2010
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 5/25/2011 11:55:57 AM
^^lovely, just lovely. And these people are breeding. People have no class. Is it that difficult for folks to just not answer the darn instant message if not interested?
Joined: 5/24/2009
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 5/25/2011 12:17:15 PM
Well, it took a while, but I'm smiling now.

I started seriously dating here in the summer of 2008. I ended up going on dates with about 50 different men. Most of them were just first dates. No mutual clicks, although I was interested in some and some were interested in me.

Lots of craziness and insanity. Lots of difficult learning processes for me. The forums helped me get through it.

Then I met somebody and we dated for a few months. It was not a good fit, but I ignored that fact. Lots of painful learning processes for me.
At that point I was so frustrated that I changed my profile name to FiftyFrogs.

When I was back to a more positive attitude, I started dating again, and very soon met somebody who has been a great fit so far. It's only been four months, but so far things are just amazing. No read flags this time. There only has been one time we had a real issue, and we were able to communicate about it and work it out with no major fallout.

So, again, right now I'm smiling.

I know this is all about me and my attitude, anyway. I had to get to the point where I was ready for a good man. I don't think I would have gotten there without all the other guys I dated, so thanks POF, for providing a seemingly limitless supply of practice dates.
Joined: 2/15/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 6/13/2011 6:24:51 PM
I wouldn't recommend the site to anybody. The picture rules can get downright lame and immature. A couple of disgruntled people can ruin your entire experince and the moderators are trigger happy dictators that close threads without discussion or valid reason.

All in all, a total thumbs DOWN!
Joined: 12/7/2008
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 6/15/2011 8:21:05 PM
not well,i cant seem to find anyone on here who would be actually interested in me. Like they say"dont judge a book by its cover" people look at me and probably think im a psycho because of my serious look or because i dont smile and automatically they dont talk to me.
Joined: 6/8/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 6/16/2011 10:59:14 AM
Well I have met some really nice people and then again I have met some nasty sex craved freaks even though if you read my profile it clearly says do not contact me if this is what you are looking for...Just dont understand do these men like hurting womens feelings and making them feel like dirt, pieces of meat??? This is not a joke to alot of women and could cause alot of problems to some...Im a very fun loving open minded and caring person and I give alot to people that i dont even known,,,Please men take this in concideration have a heart....

Joined: 3/16/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 6/25/2011 11:47:50 AM
i have met a few on her eok i think the sirte is a good idea yet like all ideas there are some bad apples , i have found that there are alot of females in her ewho loike mindgames and want flings and also want mr perfect yet they are not perfect lol unrealistic expectations, but there are alot users and yet i have met some greta friends also , i was dating a gal i thought was my match and found her still leaving and online on pof when we were eexclusive and she wa stlaking to guys and seeing them i found out , and told me she wasnt , and then i caught her , she still couldnt come clean and be truthful, , so buyer be ware ,
Joined: 3/10/2009
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 7/3/2011 1:34:38 AM
It has proven the market demand of the product of me has no domestic value at all.
Happier abroad
done Fishing, thanks for the two year reaffirmation that life is better overseas.
So long and thanks for the Fish
Joined: 3/24/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 7/15/2011 1:11:51 PM
It's certainly entertaining...
There Are some real potential matches, here....B U T....
If there's more than 50 miles between you...99 of 100 will either discard any
'Note of Admiration' or reply with: 'You're Too Far Away!' (*w h i n e ! *)
As far as 'Treatment' goes...(I'll just keep my Big Mouth Shut..... )
Joined: 10/9/2008
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 7/16/2011 2:05:51 PM
I used to make fun of people who met others online, thought how nerdy...after a few 'doozies' I've met on here, I met the man of my dreams and couldn't be happier! Thanks pof!
Joined: 3/31/2008
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 9/26/2011 6:46:28 PM
A lot of these men on this site are jerks, they are all players, and what they place on their profiles are all lies. they are just looking for sex, they arent looking for a good woman!~ and some of them are so stuck on themselves. i met a couple, one was a sexist pig and another was a big liar. one i talked to was a psycho and i probably should have reported him. I think everyones best bet, is to go to a singles dance maybe? i just would like to meet a funny honest guy!!! and then you send a nice message to a guy that isnt even good looking and ya email them again and they block you............ lol what do they think their all that? i dont know if online dating is for me. it is all so phoney!!
Joined: 7/9/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/3/2011 1:07:45 PM
I have no current complaints being this site does mirror the dating world IRL, just magnified by millions of people spread out from sea to shining sea. I have better luck shopping for useless junk I think I need in sweats at a local discount chain store.
At least I get to post my poetry and get entertained by the forums.
Joined: 8/29/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/5/2011 1:39:03 PM
I met several guys off of POF and ALL of them had something wrong with them. lol
Guys who were:
--Scorned - Mad and upset by an "ex", so he felt as though he would punish ALL women.
--Liars & cheaters- Lied about their status (one guy i met was married with children, smh shameful) One tried to cheat on me with one of my friends.smh x2
-- Smothering- planned and Wanted to move in with me after a month and 2 weeks of knowing me.
--Immature and Manipulating.

And thats dealing with all types of men,(the "homebodys, dorks/nerds,shy men, Manly men")Oh well... its a learning experience.
Joined: 5/22/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/6/2011 5:37:49 PM
Thi site is nothing but a ****ing joke and waste of time
Joined: 7/17/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/6/2011 11:23:04 PM
It's been pretty ****ing shitty so far but I'm not the type of person to give up easy so will see what happens. It has been full of people with fake pics or pics taken at the "right angle". If there going to hide that what else are they hidding?. It has been full of delusional women with some self entilement to a guy that doesn't exsist a lot of time wasters. The site is full of shallow ,prudes, pretencious, intellectually unstimulating, arrogent, conceited women. They like to complain about all the guys that are pervs but when someone real messages them they wouldn't know it if it slapped them in the face... well thats the end of my rant about this site I remeber it being a lot better a bunch of years back maybe its just the downward trend of society?
Joined: 10/5/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 10/12/2011 11:30:54 PM
well ive been on here i think for a week or two and its not really been my cup of tea.
Ive meet a few guys and talked to some through texts. Most that i have talked to though seemed alright til i got to know them through a few days.Bad experiences so far.
Everyone says just have faith and hope.That things will get better and the right one will contact you.
my issue is i get the ones that ignore me after so many days of texting.One because they have family affairs to do and two because they have kids.So their personal life stops which includes getting to know me.
So i am happy for those who have had better luck on this web site. as for me im still waiting to see what is going to happen.
Joined: 10/6/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 11/14/2011 8:04:00 AM

With that in mind, it's very interesting to me to note that at least 50% of the unsolicited messages I get are from women who are older than my mother. Seriously.

Course not. Only evil men sollicite younger women for sex, us disgusting perverts. Women are blameless and would never do the same thing for booty....
Joined: 8/21/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 11/20/2011 4:57:31 PM
At least the poster above get messages, I only got 2 since being on this sit for 4 years & they didn't even say anything when I responded back. These sites are a waste of time.
Joined: 10/17/2011
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How has plenty of fish treated you?
Posted: 11/24/2011 10:14:46 AM
I've been messaged about a dozen times since I signed up. about 1.5 months ago. I've only bothered to reply to 3 of them, since the rest put no effort into their profiles or the emails were awful 1 liners. I don't understand this double standard, I think its sign of total ignorance on the woman's part.

That said, there are some really nice people here & most will certainly appreciate a down to earth person. You don't need to have a great job or fancy car, just be yourself & they may or maynot become attached.

Most of the women I've messaged are older then me, Im certain there are some that would appreciate the affection of a younger man, but usually they are seeking something more meaningful "I suspect financial security". can't blame them though, looks don't last forever.

BTW, Some women are just soo attractive, why they are still single? Boggles the mind.
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