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Thanks Kobold!!!

That last write of yours captures it all!!!

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Posted: 7/29/2005 8:14:54 PM

Who are you
That whispers my name
Who are you
That stakes this claim

How do you
Take away my breath
How can you
Crave my death

When will you
Release me and let me go
When will you
Say your name, so I will know

Why is your
Spirit forever black
Why is your
Plan for me, to attack

Where will you
Take my heart and soul
Where will you
Find you lose control

What will you
Think to say or do
When you suddenly find out
That I’m the one, which came for you

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The Serial Killer
Posted: 7/30/2005 11:49:27 AM

Love it!!!!!!

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The Serial Killer
Posted: 7/30/2005 1:27:49 PM
Longte, you forgot one point of view, so I just had too!!!!


One memento you forgot, my spirit..…
You left my blood to seep through the sands
Thought you divested my fingerprints
By severing my frail hands

You knocked out my teeth
And kept them as your rewards
Making sure they could not compare
Any of my dental records

You buried me deep beneath the earth
But not to deep for my spirit to follow
See what you left in the grave
Is now just flesh which is hallow

I’m sitting next to you as you eat tonight
Sweet revenge, first attracts you as gastritis
In time you’re spirit will be dammed
For my liver was raging with the deadliest hepatitis

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The Serial Killer
Posted: 7/30/2005 7:37:27 PM

My grave is shallow
Branches for disguise
My skins turned green
I’m infested with flies

The armies of insects
Have eaten my flesh
My legs still tied
With the plastic mesh

You took my life
But not my soul
I’ll haunt you forever
From out of this hole

I sit on the other side of you
While your food you consume fades
My sweet revenge is slow
As you die from the AIDS

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The Serial Killer
Posted: 7/31/2005 4:08:34 AM
Hiya hun hope all is well, finished this up today so thought it should be posted here....I am always lurking and reading, might not post, but I am always taking your words in and always will...

take care

You No Longer Win

When night falls you will find me
Sitting alone pondering what to do
My Mind is flowing with memories so deep
Memories of the life of me and you

Sitting on the old bench with a knife in hand
Wondering what I did wrong this time
The blade turns over and over
Finally drawing a thin blood line

Seeing the blood trickle on out
Makes my mind scream your name
Wishing that I wasn’t a pawn
In your wicked mating game

Point of the knife touching the line
Calling the blade to dig in
The fight is finally over my sweet
You must be happy you did win

You have my heart twisted again
With one word you have ruined my life
Stabbed me so deep it hurts inside
Like being stabbed with the knife

Don’t want to let you win anymore
One final plunge of the knife
Finally my mind is at ease
As tonight I end my life

Darkness falls but light shines through
I see and feel the end dear one
You no longer have control of me
Or of how I see the sun

So goodbye sweet one
My life is now my own
And one day you will reap
The havoc you have sown…….


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Posted: 7/31/2005 9:54:57 PM
Don't let it get you down!!


The angles sing the hymns
Angelic rhythms in your ears
Calming all your tension
Soothing all your fears
They’re calling out your faith
As your joining them in flight
Elegant rosy skies now turning black
Riding the wings of deception into night
Faced with the choices of your past
Rehashing all the wrongs
Plagued with bittersweet
And never ending songs
Sang in different lyrics
With a much deeper base
Singing of the future
In which your fate will face
When the ride is over
Will you see the blaze
Of the rising sun
Or of the fires haze

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Posted: 7/31/2005 10:43:57 PM
Joined: 7/17/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/1/2005 9:35:43 PM
Hi Kobold, just wanted to drop this off, I dont know on what to title it, but it's the darkest poem I got. lol.

I dress all in black and grab my gun,
For this night I'm out on the run,
No one stops me they all let me go,
This is going to be one bloody show,
I finally get to the spot where the others wait,
For the guards to cross in front of the gate,
We pick the lock quickly and run inside,
While we find a good spot to hide,
None of the guards saw us run past,
My adrenaline is flowing I don't know how I can last,
I grab my gun which is at my side,
As I creep out from where we hide,
I aim my gun at the guard on my right,
And I have his heart in my sight,
I pull the trigger and let the bullet soar,
THUD! I see the guard drop to the floor,
The other guard runs to his buddy on the ground,
And listens quietly to see if he makes a sound,
No sound was heard not even a gasp,
I still have my gun in my grasp,
The end of it smoking and quite warm,
The rest of the guards run out like a swarm,
We all stand up and shoot never missing a beat,
The guards drop right off their feet,
The lot was full of bodies and blood,
Some of it mixing in with the mud,
I searched the bodies for the key that we need,
To finish off this evil of a deed,
But to my surprise off in the distance,
Sirens a blazing we didn't stand a chance,
We run to the gate as quickly as can be,
But it seems already too late for me,
For I was hit in the leg by a guard's gun,
Making it extremely hard for me to run,
I see my friends make it through those iron bars,
As I take one last looooong look at the stars,
I am ready to die I put up one hell of a fight,
On this extremely bloody night,
I hear the sound of many bullets being fired,
Ripping through my flesh I begin to feel tired,
Blood pouring out from every wound and hole,
Allowing someone to finally to steal my soul,
My body gets cold as I drop to the ground,
I don't even bother making a sound,
As the darkness surrounds me.

BTW, kobold, you got mail!!!
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/1/2005 10:45:18 PM

Living in the solitude
Sheltered deep within
Desperate to elude
All the pain and sin
Dangled before you
The temptations lure
Nevertheless you’re condemned
To a life alone to endure
Trust, honor, and respect
All broken in the past
Judgments curved on lies
In the shadows which they cast
No shades upon your windows
No doors attached to the hinges
Yet, lonely and empty still
Only the darkness infringes

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/1/2005 10:58:51 PM
Thanks Poet!!
It's kind of a reality awakening week for me.
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/2/2005 10:13:56 PM
Just had to do this one!!!!


So you have come
To date my daughter
Glad to meet you,
I’m the master of slaughter
I run my butcher shop
Right here from home
Where I am always
Free to roam
So far in the country
So it seems
My neighbors can’t even
Hear the screams
Of the animals
That I must kill
For, it’s my job
I must fulfill
So have my daughter
Back by eight
And do not dare
To be late
Treat her as if
She were made of glass
Or I’ll have a sale
On tenderloins, alas

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/5/2005 12:18:43 PM

All alone they sat in the dark
The storm had knocked the power out
With only one candle to light the room
Their imaginations began to sprout
Shadows from the trees outside
Danced along the inner walls
And every time the wind blew
They thought they heard the wolves’ howls
As thunder crashed and shook the house
They cuddled together in the bed
Wishing for their folks to get home
For, darkness was the thing they dread
Floorboards creaking on the porch
Must be a creature on the prowl
The draft down the chimney echoed
They were sure it was the wolfs growl
With blankets pulled over their heads
And their little bodies were just shaking
The storm had all the terrifying details
Of a horror story in the making
The as the children fell asleep
The wolf crept into their room
Jumping up onto their bed
Getting ready to consume
The children’s frightening ordeal
Of this nightmare had just begun
Fr the storm was gathering strength
And was nowhere near done
As the wolf smelled the children’s breathe
Another shadow stepped from behind the door
A shotgun fired in the night
And the wolf was dead on the floor
It was their father who had saved them
For, it was his same nightmare as a child
That followed him throughout his life
The same storms that brought out the wild

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/5/2005 7:31:05 PM

Devil in the doorway
Staring there at you
Never allowing life to go on
Always tempting what you do

Each decision made through life
Are the portholes to your past
So to make the decision of the doorway
Inner fears must be surpassed

Deep inside your heart
Lies the truths to console
To change the path of your future
You must except and free your soul

It’s fear that holds the key
But, only in your mind
See, it’s always been an entrance
A doorway of the redefined

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/7/2005 11:15:18 AM

Premonitions in your sleep
Dreams of evil in the night
Slithering into your subconscious
Yet, then to be forgotten in the light
Leaving their traces deep within
Each in layers, stacked in tiers
Endless imprints left behind
Unseen evils that mimic your fears
Like the web of deceit
These demons are spun
Spreading like wild fire
Never coming undone
Absorbing further than the unknown
Entering your dreams, devouring your heart
Infecting your mind and spirit
Tearing the purest of souls apart
Dreams of unearthly beasts
Visions of demons now invade
Lasting forever into death
Dark shadows that never fade
Like a movie that continuously plays
Drilled into and re-shaping your mind
Incurable infections have been contracted
The poisons of evil which intertwined
Each one has its own purpose
Then bleeds out through every orifice
Only after it completes the changes
Of your mental metamorphosis
Disguised as a nightmare
A gradual killer within
Lurking deep inside of you
Like a chameleon, with camouflaged skin
Dreams of tomorrow are now all past
For now, the earth has become your bed
And the fires of hell burn darker tonight
Crimson flames dance, now that you’re dead

Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/10/2005 12:09:10 AM

The man lies in bed
Sound to sleep
Into his dreams
The beast does creep
His bed begins to shake
The blankets wrap tight
Binding his body
He’s helpless to fight
Silently screaming
The beast reaches in
And pulls out his heart
And his soul from within
Held high to the moonlight
His still pumping heart
The beast is chanting
As the soul does depart
Lightning flashes
And enters the beast
Causing wings to spread
As the pumping is ceased
The beast is lifting
Now taking on flight
Out the window
And into the night
The nightmare is over
Yet, he remember some things
As he turns towards the mirror
On his back are the wings
Now unsure of the dream
He does not understand
If he was the body
Why is there blood on his hands

Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/10/2005 10:38:42 PM

Looking down I notice
My talons tapping on the floor
In anticipation of filling my thirst
Full moon tonight, glowing upon the shore

The pickings will come in many forms
Humans disoriented from Mardi-Gras
Enough to feed my entire flock
No need for having to draw straws

Easier to pick the ones that venture off
To the bay to walk the beach
I can already taste the warm flesh
They are so close within my reach

The young’ens are restless for their first kill
They’re scratching and biting in the nest
Practicing their abilities before tonight
Showing each other who is the best

As nightfall approaches I teach them the rules
For they must follow them to the “T”
If they want to survive through the night
And not to become the next absentee

For if this evening goes as planned
Each young that survives, will be a leader
And soon the world will become our land
As each young is in his own, a descendant breeder

One hour to nightfall………………


The time has come for the fearless flight
The feeding frenzy now begins
Like a blanket to the stars
Each young fly’s in a pair of twins

One thousand young, starting out
If all goes well, half will return
Each one breeding a thousand more
A plan of revelation for all else to spurn

Two by two, they pick the finest
The scent is the main attraction
The second one goes in for the kill
As the first one causes the fatal distraction

Piercing fangs enter and shred
Grinding the tissue ground
As the blood is swallowed in
The young’ens bodies become profound

The change is happening as they drink
The horns appear down their spine
Their soft skin turns to leather
The creases in their face seem to define

The transforming is underway
Into the stage of adult gestation
This is our world to now rule
First kill sets off this revelation

To bring again to life
My dormant species at last
From a million years ago
To a time now, finally to relive the past

The revelation is now………...........


It took less then one year
For we now, completely dominate
The humans are our slaves
Our food to help us populate

Kept alive merely for their blood
So weak, they can no longer fight
For they have all succumbed
To the rulers of the fearless flight

No longer is there day time
The skies now filled with wings
Covering the sun with black
Such pleasure this all brings

Once man destroyed us with fire
Now he is the main dish we feast
Mans perfect world is gone
Forever ruled by the fearless beast

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/11/2005 4:34:07 AM

Getting stronger there girl, well done...

take care.

Hiya Kobold hun, hope all is well with you, take care and we shall talk soon.

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/11/2005 9:31:12 AM
Thanks Miz!!!!!! You take care Too!!!!!!

Joined: 3/2/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/11/2005 11:00:21 PM
This isn't as dark as that one..but it certainly isn't the brightest of poems lol.

"Soldier of Truth"

I've watched their worst fears
I've seen them shed tears
I've seen every fighter in dred
I've watched every war
I'm the soldier of truth
And I want you to learn from the dead

But how can I make you all
Learn from the past
The mistakes that have plagued this world
They will happen again
Unless you begin
To mend these deep scars at last

So try to imagine
A lonely young man
Has been thrown in the hands of death
Torn from his family and all that he knows
And soon he will breath his last breath

Screams in the dark
Echo in my mind
When will this nightmare end
The water is red
With the blood of the dead
As the horror of battle begins
A tale of lies
Told before our eyes
By the ones who lead this world
Wealth is gained
Through sorrow and pain
But the strong will press on
And our time will come

So why are we here, and what do we serve
There is so much hatred inside
You have sold away, your sons and your daughters
And the price that we pay is our lives

Our past still haunts us
Our future's untold
Our greed becomes our god
The reckoning and judgment
We've yet to behold
Will bring a curse on us all
The reaper shall come
And hell follows with him
He seeks to gain our souls
His will and his power
Is not one that cowers
To a leader of flesh and bone

At night when the shadows come again
And I feel so cold and alone
I fight for my life, and I fight for my freedom
And I pray that I make it back home

There's no turning back
Fear lingers within
Victory must come at all cost
In the blink of an eye
Thousands will die
The Blood of the innocent lost
But when this is over
And simply a myth
What can be said of these times
Has God forsaken this earth and it's people
Is extinction the next thing in line
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/11/2005 11:07:53 PM
Kobold & Holloywood,

Excellent writes!!!!!!

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/13/2005 12:45:22 AM


Our species was so overpowering
Thought no other could take us down
I am the last ruler of this earth
For, I wear the golden crown

Mans buildings are all gone
Skeletal ruins is all that remains
Obsolete in this ill-fated time
On hushed and stilled dessert plains

No rain for 10 years or more
All beds of water at their last
Thunder patterns exhausted
No clouds to form an overcast

As soundless storms roll over
This, which no one understands
The earth is now renamed today
It will forever be known as the Dead Lands

Thought we conquered all
Yet, Mother Nature is the queen
She holds the wrath of destiny
Which should have been foreseen

Man is all but dead and gone
Our food supply is diminishing
With thirst not only for blood but water
Our stand here may be finishing

Deadly plight inescapable………


As we track our flights to better grounds
This deadly plight is inescapable
We begin to feed upon each other
Ignoring the hunger, we are incapable

The flock is dwindling by the day
What took a century to complete
Will take only weeks to wipe out
Our species will soon deplete

Hearts of the beasts were strong
Now vengeful here at best
Eating the very ones
That wrestled in the nest

Last day of life for us, the worst
The last could not bare to fly
The ending of my victory was so ironic
For I was the last to die

Crawling into the shadows
Of the deepest darkest cave
Trying to preserve
My bloodline, for to save

Revival the call………


As I took my final breath
A raindrop did fall
Man emerged from the cave
This was the revival call

Deep beneath the earths crust
Man had hid so well
Living without sunlight
In darkness he did dwell

Surviving on the rodents
That lived down there below
For, a greater power elsewhere
Was sympathetic to bestow

Yet, in a million years
A scientist will say
I think I found a brand new
Prehistoric DNA……….

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/14/2005 1:03:36 PM
Inspired by a picture I saw!!!


The air was turning cold
In the cemetery, all was gone
I sat alone doing rubbings
On the stones, to which I was drawn

Dusk was setting in slowly
My charcoal getting damp
From the mist falling
Time to pick up camp

Out of the corner of my eye
I noticed a young girl standing
At the bottom of the steps
Outside on the crypts landing

Motioning me to come over
I stood to see what was wrong
The aura she emitted
Was eerie and strong

Her color was transparent
She spoke in a channeled voice
Deep and hollowed
Her only method of choice

She walked me inside the crypt
There was another girl there too
They needed help to finish a search
They couldn’t leave until they followed through

To prove who killed them
And make it known
To help find the evidence
And help it be shown

So I agreed to help them
So over they could pass
All of this knowledge
To me was in a different class

I had to go and read up
On this so called energy form
To see just how they work
And how it is that they perform

I went back to hear their story
It was a sad and tragic tale
They were murdered by their neighbor
And the proof would now prevail

He took them from their beds
And brought them in the woodland
He tortured them for hours
Why? They didn’t understand

He had his way with them
And silenced them to death
All doing this
While he was getting high on meth

He took their matching bracelets
To keep for souvenirs
Tucked away somewhere
For the last 5 years

To find them was the answer
To prove he was the one
The man that took their lives
Now the manhunt has begun

We start to devise a plan
To draw him out into view
For the cops to see
It was time for him to pay his due

I let the cops in on my plan
They were eager to solve this case
They set up surveillance on him
Excited to see his face

I put myself in position
Outside his house today
When he walked outdoors
I sent a smile his way

He wandered over to talk
Asked me to go for a drive
Out into the country
I said no, to stay alive

I wore a bracelet
Which shined in the light
To grab the attention
Of his sight

He took the bait
And that night he came for me
Right there in front
Of all the police to see

They took him down
Fast to the ground
And in his pocket
Two bracelets found

After the trail was over
And they sentenced him life
They celled him in with Buba
To increase his final strife

Back at the crypt
The girls were waiting there
To say goodbye for good
To say thank you and take care

Then in a split second
They burst into light
Floating upwards
Into the night……………

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/14/2005 3:20:29 PM
well done reminds me of this one I wrote, your words are getting stronger and are flowing more freely, very nice to see...

take care..

Hiya Kobold hun, hope things are well with you, drop me a line..

Alone in her bed....Crying in her sleep
Haunting images surround her....Pulling her in deep

Images of death.....And murderous plights
Of lost lives and loves......Suicides at night

These images haunt her.....Hearing the souls cry
Hating the way they had to leave......The way that they did die

Haunting her mind at night.....They seek her help to find
The way to the light.......And peace of their minds

As a seer of all things......Her fate has been cast
To help the lost souls......Find peace at last

Draining of her strength......This journey will be
But it’s her fate calling her......Her destiny

So at night in her dreams.....A separate life she lives
To save a lost soul....Part of her soul she gives

Death surrounds her.......Pulling her in deep
No more having a soul.....No more life to keep....

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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/14/2005 6:11:00 PM
Hi Miz,

Powerful write there hun!!!!! Good to see you writing again!!!!!
Talk to ya soon!!!
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