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The Dark SidePage 9 of 25    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25)
What do you see???

Mirrors in bend
Distorted views
All in the words
That you choose
Tainted blades
Cut the same
All up in
Another’s game
Take a step back
Straighten the mirror
See the reality
Of what you fear
Broken glass
Shards of strife
Misplaced pain
On another’s life
What is it
That bonds the chains
Take back the one
In hidden remains

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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/5/2006 9:04:16 PM
Sense of mortality

Inhale my seduction
In the tender mist
Try to sort out
The things I twist

Feel my apparition
Inside your soul
Let me take
Full control

Of your dreams
I am the maker
I am Hell’s one
And only, Ticket taker

Come with me
Just take my hand
Let me lead you
Into temptation land

Drink my liquor
From my flask
Devour my nectar
As your heart I unmask

Smell the passions
I share with you
Scent of death
Your time is due

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The Dark Side
Posted: 2/9/2006 10:25:21 AM
Seems like this thread got lost in back the archives somewhere,
So I just thought I'd pull it up and vent, LMAO

Attempt or contempt

Tries to pull you down with them
Tries to take your final breath
Tries to pull you underneath
They try to cause your death

Tries to break you apart
Tries to lock horns with all
Tries to dig your grave
They try to create the wall

Tries to destroy you
Tries to suck you into their vortex
Tries to make the kill
They are known as your X

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The Dark Side
Posted: 2/11/2006 5:27:10 PM
Very Awesome write Kobold!!!!

Great to see ya posting again!!

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The Dark Side
Posted: 2/11/2006 7:14:50 PM
No camping there for me
But I want the very first ride
In the glass bottom boat
Upon the seaside

Take me away
To a far off place
Where there's only sunshine
Upon my face..........

Yeah I know it's not dark but hey it's where it had to go, LOL

Joined: 10/2/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/4/2006 10:44:56 PM
When the songs are playing
My mind feels more at ease
Even though they make me cry
And bring me to my knees
Careful contemplation
Of the tasks that lie ahead
Bartered with the images
That terrify my head
Listen to the rythm
Can't forget the rhyme
When the songs are playing
My tears are keeping time...
Joined: 10/2/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/4/2006 10:50:01 PM
Speculations on winters evening...
Is it over when it's over, is it finished when it's done,
can you surely say it's over when the darkness eats the sun.
Are we wiser cuz we're older, are we better cuz we've run,
from the hot and twisted metal that used to be the only one.
No more crying in the distance, no more tearing on the sheets,
it's the soul that gets the bruising it's the mind that feels the heat.
Does the blood go right on pumping, through a heart that's black as coal,
do we ever find the reason, ever stretching towards our goals.
Do you know how to start over, are you sure you'll overcome,
When the yelling becomes deafening and the darkness eats the sun

By the way, I eat cinnamon altoids by the box. Can I get an amen?!
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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/27/2006 9:13:11 PM
Hey stranger,

Hope you are doing great!!!!
I see you still have that amazing way of writing it!!!
Awesome job on that one!!!


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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/30/2006 11:32:05 AM

Lost in the woods
Soaked from the rain
It started as a chill
Now increasing in pain
Black surrounds me
I hear the voice
Death in nearing
Left with no choice
So many questions
So much I didn’t do
Now it’s foreseeable
My life is almost through
It whispers in the dark
It calls me to sleep
No tears to fall
No fluids to weep
It breathes on me
Its stench is nauseating
It’s pulling me down
It’s demonstrating
How easy it is
What powers it embraces
It holds no judgments
It sees no faces
It only wants one thing
My soul for the taking
But my will is strong
My spirit is not breaking
Like a tug a war
We battle for ownership
My belief is passionate
This, it can not strip
The dawn severs the night
The voice backs into the shadows
I lay there vulnerable
And no body knows….

Joined: 3/31/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 5/23/2006 9:08:22 PM
I Know the Darkness

I know the darkness,
it is something I have been accustomed
to for so long.
I have been hurt more in the day time.
The darkness is my protector.
I have taken refuge in the abyss. .that
is the limbo my life is in.
I know the darkness. .
I am caressed by it. .
It is my lover.
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The Dark Side
Posted: 7/11/2006 5:45:38 AM
Beneath the weight of the mist
The air is thick and stale
The fog rolls in slowly
You hear the dying wail

It walks right next to you
Yet it can’t be seen
And there isn’t any space
Or safety in between

It’s breath is warm and moist
As it moves across your face
So close you can smell
It’s flesh that you could trace

Lifted into darkness
Your body loosing life
Twisted in your heart
It’s pearl handled knife……………

Joined: 7/17/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 8/6/2006 5:03:31 AM
Unwanted and alone
She sits crying in the corner
No one seems to notice
As she thinks about her life
And all the pain she went through
She gets up off the floor
With tears flowing down her face
She grabs a knife from the kitchen counter
And says "ending my life would end the pain"
As she looks at her wrist
Her heart going thump....thump....thump
She takes the blade and cuts her wrist
Feeling the sharp pain that followed
The blood pouring from her wrist
And the darkness closing in
Her breath begins to slow
As she collapses on the floor
Her heart beats one last time
Her eyes closed in a forever sleep
Never to wake
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The Dark Side
Posted: 10/13/2006 10:00:58 PM
Been a while since this thread has been on the front page!!


Fire fell from the sky
In tiny crimson droplets
Cremating all it touched
And settling old debts

Once was taken back
Before the spell was cast
But that was long ago
In a forgotten past

The world has since turned
So many, many times
And for all the good it did
There were just as many crimes

Tis the balance of the earth
The scale of good and bad
Like the sun and moon
To night and day we add

And so now the fire falls
Like snowflakes from hell
And what is left in its aftermath
Is where were left to dwell………….

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The Dark Side
Posted: 12/7/2006 6:40:12 AM
Nowhere to run

Light snow swirls in twisted funnel clouds
Across the cold deserted frozen lake
Giving off an eerie iridescent aura
Leaving phantom waves in its wake

A deep breeze in the dark of night
Sounds like a pack of starving wolves howling
Somewhere in the not so far off distance
Are their the shadows, grim and scowling

The moon rises behind the storm
The thunder begins to pound the skies
Suddenly within the edge of the woods
You can see the reflection of their eyes

There’s many more then first thought
Without warning they are upon you
Tearing away your flesh and bone
As blood spills out in a crimson hue

The last thing you ever envision in life
Is the moonshine bouncing off their teeth
And the mirror image of yourself in the pool
That surrounds your head as a scarlet wreath….

Merry Xmas to the Dark Side!!!
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/8/2007 12:33:09 PM
Before and after

The darkness of night fell upon us
The dampness began to carpet all
Shadows danced through the trees
And the moonlight covered as a shawl

Breathing became heavy
A large lump protruded in my throat
The swamp water was rising
Forming around me like a moat

A howling cried close to me
Through the woods around
It made my heart jump
It was an unearthly sound

Branches started breaking
I was running before I knew
Then out of nowhere
All was a crimson hue

Something hit my face
There was no air to inhale
No sight be seen through my eyes
All scent went cold and stale

Everything was after felt
Even bone crunching was inner heard
It took the beast to whisper, for me to realize
That my death had just occurred…………….

Joined: 12/27/2006
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/9/2007 6:32:10 AM
The House ©

In the park, I’d been all day
Reading all my time away
On a park bench did I sit
Until the sky became twilit

As light for reading began to wane
I heard the tapping of a cane.
And looking up, to find that sound
‘Twas an old man which my eyes found

Bent of stature, with shuffling gait
And cane helping support his weight
He moved toward me in twilight glow
The beard he donned was white as snow

His hooded cloak there in place
Hid from view his bearded face
But … he moved on steadily
And closer then he came to me.

My gaze shifted to my book
As his passage overtook
My presence and my train of thought
On that park bench I had sought.

Then, unexpectedly,
I found the man right next to me
The hooded shroud was still in place
Preventing me to see his face.

Without a word the man sat down
And to my face that brought a frown
This bench I wanted not to share!
Yet he sat down without a care.

In protest was I about to speak
When he raised his hand antique
And then his voice commanding low
“I’ve something you should know”.

By his voice was I hypnotized
My entire being was tranquilized
I stared at antique hands so pale
Then began the old man’s tale:

“You’ll find a house not far from here
Filled with loathing, filled with fear
And you might wonder how I know
My presence here makes it so”.

“The house, it sits on Wilsons’ Hill
All abandoned, cold and still,
Trees stay barren, grass won’t grow
And constantly do ill winds blow.”

“Birds won’t fly, dogs won’t walk
Stray cats don’t even stalk
Across or near that House of Hate …
Listen now … ‘fore it’s too late!”

“From deep within that house at night
Emits an eerie, glowing light
Oh, that light … I know it well,
It’s emitted - straight from Hell!”

“Once a man of youth was I
Having aspirations to the sky,
And senses of immortality
And those of curiosity.”

“‘Twas one summer long ago
On a dare I was to go
Walk inside that House of Hate
Then return to re-instate,”

“Our belief and then decree
The house contained but normalcy.
I took the dare … I walked inside,
And since then I there abide.”

“Now, ’tis only once a year
That I’m allowed to quickly veer
Outside it’s walls, and rusted gate
And find someone to share my fate”

“To embrace the horror I’ve endured
To expand the evil I’ve assured
To return with me and be my mate
And share the Evil House of Hate.”

The old man then turned his head,
And as I looked with growing dread
His hooded shroud moved in place.
At last I saw his bearded face.

Within two hollows dark as night
His eyes were embers burning bright
And just before he cast his spell
In those embers I saw Hell.

Reaching forth his ancient hand
Whose touch would be my deadly brand
I jumped backward, as I screamed
I was quick, but slow it seemed.

I grabbed his cane, swinging hard
And caught the man quite off guard
I heard the thud, and filled with fear
With his status now unclear

But … for all the things I feared
I found the man had … disappeared.
No shoes, no cloak … it was plain
Left remaining: His walking cane.

Many years of time have passed
And I can tell you now … at last
‘Twas the cane the held my fate,
I live now, in the House of Hate.

So now ‘tis I, who lonely stride
Through that park and take a ride
On a soul of someone there
And you, dear reader, need be aware.
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/9/2007 8:22:31 AM

Dark Testament

I am cast as flotsam on the wind,
Disused abused and tossed away
While those around me are as blind
Hide the light that would show the way.

My soul is black and marked with sin
Slow destruction of that which was me.
I dream of the past and what I have been.
Loathing that, which has become me.

There is no sin that’s not marked my being.
Commandments fall at my very hand.
I have torn the veil that hides what you’re seeing
Wreaked havoc and pain across the land.

Soon I shall leave you, my testament made.
From planted seed my crop you shall harvest
From land laid waste from my bloody blade
My pain and death shall lay you to rest.

Soon they shall rise to take me away.
Dark shifting demons from ‘neath the earth.
I shall not fight them I will obey
And I shall return at my time of rebirth.

Shed not a tear when you hear of my leaving
Let not remorse darken your day.
For deep in the ether my web I’ll be weaving.
And on my return over earth I’ll hold sway.

© Robin. A. Spicer

7th December 2003 2.40 am
Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/9/2007 10:23:23 AM
Ugly & Hunting,

Awesome writes ya'll!!!

I'm sure Kobold will agree as soon as he is back from his break!!!

Keep them coming!!!

Sam ( the naughty twin is peeking through again), LMAO
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/9/2007 6:03:36 PM

As an avid reader of the King, Koontz genre' ( I started life reading Poe), I would place this work as being up there with some of the best.

An excellent piece. Thank you for sharing
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/10/2007 6:55:55 AM
The Beast Without


What lurks within our dreams?
Is it real? Or merely our imagination?
You will never know

The shadow moves around the room
Sheilded by the dimming light
Surrounded by the evening gloom
It slowly shimmers out of sight.

It glides across the polished floor
And with a diabolic laugh.
Goes into the night, though oaken door.
Around its face is wrapped a scarf.

Slithering through the misty night,
It sniffs the air to find it’s prey.
Espies a porch light, shining bright,
A beacon through the misty grey.

It stands without, wrapped in it’s cloak,
Of glamour, hiding its identity.
You would not see, though you may look
Behind the mask, this diabolic entity.

Enshrouded thus it gains the Porch,
Enters swiftly deep within.
Through darkened rooms it needs no torch
The scarf, it hides the evil grin.

Moonbeams shine through windows clear,
As it gazes on the sleeping forms.
For while they sleep not knowing the fear,
That crawls within like coffin worms.

The fearsome beast, falls on it’s prey
Absorbed within it’s peaceful dream,
Knows not the terror that holds it in sway.
No chance to awaken with a scream.

The flashing of a blade of steel
Across the bed a darkening stain
The Horror takes it’s evening meal
Death so swift would give no pain.

It swiftly moves from room to room
Till life within exists no more
It laughs with pleasure at their doom
Then it glides in silence out the door

Upon the porch the light still shines
Reflecting the stains upon the door.
The mark of talons, four jagged lines,
Bear witness to what has gone before.

The wraith returns to whence it came
The hunt is over for this night.
But come the morrow, twill be the same.
It will wander again the misty night.

Robin A Spicer © 2003-08-17
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/10/2007 2:49:47 PM
Mari Sam & Hunting:
Thank you for your kind words - I'm pleased you like'd the entry. I must say, too, that what I found here within "The Dark Side" posts, when first I found this thread, was obviously placed by some very gifted writers - not the least of which are the two of you. Most enjoyable reading ... and I hope to read more of your inspired efforts posted herein.


Below is a frequently modified version of another entry ... I hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing it ...

The Computer Screen©

Of the items in the store,
All were second hand
An old computer did I buy,
With a broken stand

One side was badly scratched
Two knobs were missing too
But that’s not the story
I’m about to tell to you

T’was about the second week
Of the ‘puter at my place
Sitting there against the wall
Near the old staircase

I recall the night was late
As I readied me for bed
When I turned my computer off,
The screen … it turned blood red

The appearance caused a start
I gasped a gulp of air
I couldn’t turn my gaze away
I stood right there and stared.

Then a low murmuring
From deep within the set
Cold chills ran over me
I’ve not forgotten yet

A voice, low and menacing
Containing graveled rasps
I could not then stop again
My involuntary gasp

I stood there mesmerized
My gaze remained transfixed
Emotions racing through me
And all of them were mixed

The Voice on the other side
Of the blood red display screen
Issued a command to me
So ominous and mean:

“Place your hand upon the screen
And repeat these words to me:
“Where you are right now,
Is where I need to be” “.

I felt my arm move upward
Powerless to resist
I felt a burning in my palm
As the display screen it kissed

I heard a voice and realized
The speaker it was me:
“Where you are right now,
Is where I need to be”.

As the words transmitted,
I could feel a change
Overwhelming me.

As I stared in disbelief
My hand – it disappeared
Absorbed into the blood red screen
As the burning onward seared …

Through my wrist, up my arm
It’s hotness I could feel
Inward was I screaming
Not believing this was real!

In reflection from the screen
I was being pulled into
I saw a face, and screamed inside:
“That horrid face is YOU!”

The rapid assimilation continued then
All feelings were extinguished
And all was calm and still

Now here I sit deep inside
This computers’ display screen
If ‘tis disturbance that you feel
Oh so sharp and keen

Just place your hand upon the screen
And read these words to me:
“Where you are right now,
Is where I need to be”.
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/11/2007 6:56:29 AM

Just place your hand upon the screen
And read these words to me:
“Where you are right now,
Is where I need to be”.

Nah! It didn't work, I'm still here. I think I am anyway.
Joined: 12/27/2006
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/11/2007 7:20:04 AM
HA!! Yeah, Hunting, I tried it too - just as a test. But ... I had to think about it for a while first. (Now I've a palm-print on my screen!) LOVE your offerings posted herein!
Joined: 11/11/2006
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The Dark Side
Posted: 1/11/2007 7:59:49 AM
Hey I'm new here I hope this isn't too bad for some.

Suicide Note

Pills lay strewn across the table and floor
A smokey glaze fills my eyes
Remebering past friends long gone
The talks, the happiness of those times
Taken over by harsh pains that have long been dreaded
I think I feel tears coming down
But I don't care anymore
My hand is holding a gun
Ready, incase the pills take any longer
Forefinger on the trigger
Waiting to take this poor **stards life
Shadows of past demons aware in the wings
Stalking, for when the time comes they will strike
When Death comes
It will take its prey from this lifeless shell
Take it to the abyss and let it be devoured in darkness
Anyone that ever listened to the words I gave
Forget them for all time
I was never a good person
Just a petty and dismall human being
Words that I thought were Truth, Hope and Wisdom
Were nothing more than selfish Lies, Condemnation and Stupidity
The Darkness is now getting heavy
But still not fast enough
The gun at my jaw I say these last words
May the truth reveal itself to all
Because this Liar will neve speak again
It's Time........
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