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what worries me is the hours i work....( 10 hours a day ) paying for it and also my son is special needs as well. i have considered it like crazy my in laws look after them since infancy but it gets a bit out of control sometimes.

Ever since my ex hubby and I broke up 4 yrs ago they still insist to watch the kids...they didnt want strangers looking after them.They do a good job but in the past few yrs my business is thier ex and i have a tiff...she gives her opinion ect...

I think once both kids are in school full time it wont be so bad. Only mornings and evenings they will need to be watched.

I was on the full year mat leave and i went insane out of used to being busy ect. Some days i miss the kids like crazy and sure i get jelous of the moms i see with a flock of kids at the mall on a sucks to not be able to be a stay at home mom.I feel like im really missing out.

But in society today its next to impossible to maintain a family and live comfortably on one income.
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Is Daycare Bad?
Posted: 7/29/2006 6:47:16 PM
My younger son found two of his best buddies at day care and found they are starting Kindergarten with him at the same school!! He would not have that experience or social connection without day care. It also took me 3 tries to find one that he was truly happy at.

Now for my older son, who is 9, and does not socialize well, day care is not suitable.
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Is Daycare Bad?
Posted: 8/30/2008 4:20:10 PM
some people can honestly not afford to stay home with thier children. plus daycare is a good for socialzing your children before they go to school, which is somethiing all children should have
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Is Daycare Bad?
Posted: 8/30/2008 9:51:52 PM
if i had the choice... i wouldnt send my son to daycare untill he was able to talk. but i didnt have that choice. single working mom... hes been in daycare since he was 2 months old. i missed his 1st steps, his 1st word... the daycare lady had to tell me that he had teeth comming in. (but he never cried so i didnt know... he was and still is an awsome kid).. theres so much that ive missed with him... because i am the working single parent. on the other hand maybe it has made my son more social. he gets along with just about every kid he meets. hes well mannered and well behaved...(hes 9 now) but i think that comes from me raising him not weather hes been in a daycare or not.
but you never know what goes on in these places. especially when your child cannot expess themselves. your gambling with there life and there sanity really. i thank god that nothing exteemly terrible ever happened to my son while he was not under my eye and couldnt speak for himself.
and the people you send your kids to... daycare facilities.... those people could care less... they dont get payed enough to care in my own personal opinion.
and even if they have a good record and rapport with people... doesnt mean that something can and will happen. think of the people that abuse kids and its never reported until 10 years later or when the crap hits the fan... but they had a clean record when you checked em out right?
not to mention that your kid gets sick more when they go to a daycare... if one kid has something... there all going to get it. seems like when my child was young i couldnt even work a 40 hr week because he was constantly sick... didnt fly well with my employer either....
or think about other kids.... yeah the ones who bite and hit and do all of those things. how ticked off was i when my kid came home with his 1st bite marks or what have you.
lets not mention the cost... a lot of mothers will only make just a little over what it takes to send there child to daycare
im jus saying.... looking back on all the things ive been through... and if given a choice.... id have been a stay at home mom until my child was able to speak clearly.

jus my 2 cents... good luck and God bless
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