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Joined: 3/7/2008
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When I was on Spironolactone it hadn't been approved by the FDA for acne so I had to have my blood checked periodically

Now I take Desogen, a birth contol pill that helps with acne and use Pro Activ toner

(Yes, at 53 I still have to deal with acne)

Joined: 6/16/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/7/2008 5:14:37 AM
Fleur_de_Lis it is better to change your diet. Consuming coconut oil will help someone. Dairy products, sugars, too much meat, processed meats are food that causes acne. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and drink plenty of water. Also dry skin brushing helps also by opening up the pores, you can buy natural skin brushes at your local health food store.
Joined: 3/15/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/7/2008 6:11:43 AM
I would agree fully with the last post. I would have to say all the foods we eat cause this disorder in your skin. You see the acne is nothing more then your body releasing toxins out through your skin.

Toxins are what we eat, red meat, salt, caffine etc... you know what im getting at. So if you eat proper and eat what it is your body needs instead of eating what makes you full at the moment. Being full does not mean your giving your body what it needs. So when your body gets toxins in it, it finds ways to release it...Acne, coughing, runny nose, dandruff, diarrhea and vomiting.
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acne problems
Posted: 7/8/2008 7:27:37 PM
I used to get those really bad, big, deep pimples. My doctor reccomended putting polysporin cream on any areas that were prone to pimples twice a day and applying it directly to any pimples that popped up in other places. Along with the Equate Deep Cleaning Astringent for sensitive skin that I use twice a day, an oil free moisturizer with SPF that I use every morning and the biore blackhead scrub that I use every night, it's kept my pimples at bay for the most part. I've never had body acne before, so can't comment on that.
Joined: 6/16/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/8/2008 9:09:07 PM
Coconut oil can do what those stupid cream does but much better. Just simple clean he area before going to bed. Apply coconut oil and most of it will be gone at morning or in a few days depending how bad it is. But diet is the best way because it fixes the root cause of the problem.
Joined: 3/7/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/8/2008 11:33:39 PM
I don't just have pimples - I have cystic acne. Those big cysts that take a long time to go away.

I have started taking coconut oil but I have to be careful what I put on my skin

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acne problems
Posted: 7/9/2008 8:32:08 PM
rocket-man - I spent more than a decade trying to get rid of mine and went to many doctors and bought lots of products. IT WAS MY DIET! I know people will tell you thats a myth but it could very well be, it was in my case - I was lactose intolorant. These days I eat almost no dairy, but if I have ice cream I break out. Seriously, if you can't find any other answers to your problem try going on a detox diet ( might make it worse at first) and eat only "clean" foods for a while and see if it gets better. The other thing I know is - lack of sex can can sometimes do it too. good luck
Joined: 3/2/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/13/2008 4:35:42 PM
See a dermatologist not your general family doctor...believe they have no idea what theyre doing and mine ended up making mine worse. In the end a mixture of antibiotics (to reduce inflammation) and birth control helped for me...its really a individual thing. But definitely see a professional, because acne can be a longterm issue if not dealt with properly.
Joined: 10/10/2007
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acne problems
Posted: 7/15/2008 9:46:08 AM
Well, I don't have liek LOTS of zits, but get outbreaks once in a while.

Olive oil for topical treatment works for me (but it doesn't work for everyone).
Also works for me if I want to get rid of a spot wuickly--within one day--lots of direct application of rubbing alcohol to the spots dries them out.
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acne problems
Posted: 7/15/2008 7:12:04 PM
This can have quite powerful results: one teaspoon of turmeric in a small glass of warm water every evening (you can vary the dose up or down, try for others' experiences). I used it to tackle a persistent sore throat/throat infection and it pretty much dealt with the unusual 'teenage' spots I've been getting just the past few months. Yes it tastes horrid, but it's such a cheap cure. It's also supposed to be good for joint pain/arthritis as well as various other things -- worth a try.

Otherwise, just drink plenty of water and wash your face in plain water: no need to buy anything expensive. Forget spot gels: load of rubbish -- better off with tea tree oil and an oily moisturiser to compensate for the extreme drying effect of tea tree, if you must use anything.
Joined: 6/1/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 7/17/2008 12:27:08 AM
toothpaste ~ crest is best. Also a great hole filler for your walls.

How did I come by this? Two teenagers here & always on a tight budget. Plus I always use to send them to the showers after sweating from outside.

Of course I am the type of girl who showers before & after the gym.
What can I say, Las Vegas is a desert & I am a fish (ie. Pisces)
Joined: 4/29/2005
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acne problems
Posted: 7/17/2008 9:30:26 AM
I have been using a product line called Acne Free for about 6 months and it completely got rid of the adult acne I have been suffering with for about 5 years. You can get it in Walmart or Shoppers and only costs about $30. Totally worth it. Stuff lasts like 2 months. Would never use anything else. Leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Geesh....sound like a commercial....but it's true...totally recommend it.
Joined: 11/21/2007
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acne problems
Posted: 7/17/2008 4:26:11 PM
I use glycloic acid 10%, and drink lots of water, and exersize almost daily
Joined: 7/7/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 11:00:30 AM
Old thread, but here are some new ideas:

For me, and for many others, caffeine is a trigger for acne. As much as I Iove coffee, I rarely, rarely ever drink it anymore. Instead, I drink 6-8 cups of decaf green tea (makes a huge difference.) Poor diet, lack of sleep, dehydration and stress are huge factors in acne. No matter what my regimen is, stress is probably the biggest culprit. The periods of my life when I felt "care-free" are the periods of my life when I was also acne-free. I don't think this was any kind of coincidence.

I drink milk every day and have recently switched to oat milk due to what I've been reading about dairy (I'm wondering if it causes weight-gain, however. I guess I'll have to wait and see.) I use ivory soap on my body and Nuetrogena Rapid Clear on my face (2x daily... and in the morning I put it on a face-scrubber pad and use it to exfoliate.) For a moisturizer I use Lubriderm Kelp hand lotion (they say not to use lotions intended for anything other than your face on your face, but this lotion seems to work the best. It's noncomedogenic and leaves a matte look.) Some say you should avoid makeup, but I use Neutrogena clear-skin cream powder that contains salycic acid. It seems to help.

I've heard zinc can help, but research that one because it can be harmful if you ingest too much, and there are other guidlelines to using it.

I just looked up turmeric and will be giving that one a try. What I read suggests ingesting it (mixing a teaspoon of turmeric and some black pepper into a glass of water and gulping it down) and also using it as a face cream by mixing it with yogurt or coconut oil and applying to the face for 10-15 minutes before bathing. I don't know if sleeping with it on would be a good idea unless you don't mind turning your pillow-cases and sheets yellow.

It's all trial and error, unfortunately. And it seems like what works wonders for one person is another's curse. You just gotta kep experimenting and finding out what ingredients to avoid or look for in products, food and drink.
Joined: 3/26/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 12:56:54 PM
I had acne when I was a teen up to age 22, and I thought nothing would cure it. Until I started taking a shower every day. Wow what a miracle. And when I washed my face with soap every night, the acne started disappearing. It's an amazing thing, you should try it some time.
Joined: 7/7/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 2:16:57 PM
^^^huh? It seems you're implying that acne is caused by not showering regularly, but that's a huge myth. I shower daily, but I still have acne.
Joined: 8/1/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 5:52:38 PM
Acne is a diet problem, with a diet change you can get rid of it. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugars, too much meat, fried foods, milk products and unhealthy fats. Coconut works the best to get rid of quickly. I suggest doing skin brushing, you can google for more information. Also a cold shower can help because it gets oxygen into your organs.

Medication doesn't treat root of the problem.
Joined: 4/12/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 6:30:49 PM
I know that birth control pills are perscribed to treat acne, but sometimes hormones are the cause of acne.

My girlfriend had the same type of acneic skin that I did, and I noticed that she had success clearing it up. Her complexion looks great now. When I asked her what she had done, she told me her skin cleared up when she discontinued her birth control pills. Like me, she had tried EVERYTHING, dermatologists, expensive treatments, home remedies, everything.

You name the treatment, and I have tried it. From chemical peels to retinoids, to toothpaste to benzoyl peroxide, and everything in between.

It wasn't until I had been off the birth control for a year that I noticed great improvements in my skin. I hardly ever break out anymore, not even before my period.

My skin is beautiful now, it's the first time since I was twelve that I am actually happy with it.

Be careful what you put into your body.
Joined: 3/13/2008
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acne problems
Posted: 8/14/2009 7:15:00 PM
See a good dermatologist.
Joined: 7/7/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/27/2009 3:18:42 PM
^^^ I haven't met one yet...

Update: I gave the turmeric a try. I've been ingesting 1-2tsp of it a day, and have used a turmeric face mask/exfolient twice in the past 7 days. It's too soon to tell how well it really works, but my skin is beginning to look slightly smoother and my acne has been drying up.

For the face mask, I mixed a couple teaspoons with a few drops of olive oil (only organic oil I had in the house, but I'm looking forward to trying it with coconut oil.) I smeared it on my face and left it on for 20 minutes, then washed it off in the shower. But before I rinsed it off, I took a small amount of face wash and gently rubbed it around my face to loosen up the mask and to exfoliate my skin. Then I stuck my face under the water and tried to gently rinse off as much as I could. Then I used more face wash to get the rest off, rinsed and repeated with the face wash. (This stuff is NOT easy to get off your skin! And you will most likely be left with slightly yellow blotches until your next face wash. I guess it's just the price you pay.)

The website where I found the reciper for the face mask suggests applying it on and around your eyelids, but I avoided the eye area. Turmeric has a gritty texture when mixed with the oil (hence, its usefulness as an exfolient) and I don't think it would be a good idea to get it in your eyes.

Turmeric will easily dye your clothes, so be very very careful when applying it your skin. And I imagine it will probably stain your teeth yellow after a while of ingesting daily, so I'm taking precautions by ingesting it right before I brush my teeth and rinse with a whitening rinse.

Anyway, it's only been 7 days. I'll keep posting to let you guys know if my skin continues to improve or if I finally decide to scrap the turmeric routine.

And boy do I hope I don't jinx myself by posting this!
Joined: 8/12/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/28/2009 12:03:44 AM
Absolute best acne medicine is benzoyl peroxide, do NOT use salysitic acid treatments they are useless.

Also make sure to drink lots of water and get your omega 3 fats(fish oil, flax, from certain nuts) Omega3 fats are used in the creation of new skin cells, people who eat lots of omega 3 have healthier skin. I didn't just copy paste this its from years of research I did trying to find ways to stop acne.
Joined: 6/30/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/28/2009 9:14:17 AM
tetracycline if your doc will perscribe it. i think it has to be serious acne though.
Joined: 2/25/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/28/2009 3:37:18 PM
Tetracycline is only okay if you're an adult

If you take if as a teen or before the side effects do terrible damage to your teeth ~ bad discoloration
Joined: 7/7/2009
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acne problems
Posted: 8/28/2009 6:20:23 PM
^^^ and you eventually grow a tolerance to it and it no longer works at all. That's my experience with it.
Joined: 10/22/2007
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acne problems
Posted: 8/29/2009 11:22:08 AM
hi.. taking drugs like BC pills and topical solutions may clear up the acne but the side effects are not worth it... diet and exercise play huge roles in skin health... our skin is a large organ and sometimes the body uses this as an exit point for toxins... dairy is a huge contributor to acne as is salt and sugar... tumeric and esp black pepper are too irritating to the delicate lining in our digestive system and taken every day can cause issues for us that are worse than acne... eat virgin coconut oil and put some on your skin... eat raw fruits, veggies, greens and some raw nuts and seeds... limit meat for many reasons.. avoid vinegar products... drink only pure water and do not drink it with meals, 15 mins b4 or 1 1/2 hr after meals... blessings for good health
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