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I've thought about accutane a few times. I'll admit it is tempting.. But I sure as sh1t wouldn't trade the acne I have for a single one of those other problems.... It's sad that people risk so much to clear up their skin. And dermatologists really do jump the gun on that drug. I went to a new derm a few years ago (an older guy) and the first thing he did was suggest accutane, and gave me an attitude about my concerns about it. I was wary of taking it, but what really solidified my decision not to--and to never return to that office--was when he asked me to sign the statement that I was *either* religious OR would get on birth control. I wasn't even sexually active at the time. Hadn't been for years, wasn't for years after that visit.
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acne problems
Posted: 2/21/2010 2:37:11 PM
I've never had acne, an occasional blemish here and there. But some family members and friends have had severe acne, and here are a few things they have tried and worked.

My sister used Neem Powder. It is the powder from a crushed Neem Leaf. You can find this in Indian grocery stores. If you drink the powder down, tastes disgusting , but it will dry out your pimples. It's very strong, so this is for really severe acne. Anyways my sister used this for a year or two, after Proactive, Retin-A, and others didn't work, and her skin is a lot better now.

I recommend Spectro Gel, it is a cleanser and all dermatologists recommend it. When you use it, it feels like you are using lotion. You really don't think you are getting a good wash at all . It's so mild. My mom once bought this, and I thought it was a joke. However, any time I have used this stuff, my face has been glowing and clear. I always go back and forth on products. But if my face is oily, or dry, I start using spectro gel again, and my face is fine all over again. I recommended it to a couple of class mates who had really bad acne, within a month their face is clear. And they have been using it for years now and have gorgeous skin.
My skin is combination, it is usually clear but goes on random bouts of extreme oiliness or extreme dryness. Literally where nothing helps and I want to wear a paper bag. I decided to just stick to Spectro gel now. Google it and look at the reviews. I was on a website and it had 4/5 stars out of over 200 reviews.
Note, if u wear makeup, make sure to use a makeup remover as well, it's not strong enough to remove make up.

It is inexpensive, a large bottle can last you a few months and costs about $10. can be found at any drug store. I think it is a Canadian brand though.

Also I never pick at any pimples or acne, but I still scar. I started using fresh aloe vera , apply it to any scars or marks, and it removes them over time.
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acne problems
Posted: 1/7/2011 7:21:24 PM
apple cider vinegar...check it out...go to won't believe what apple cider vinegar can do for you...good stuff...been using it for years..."yee-haa" :o)
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acne problems
Posted: 1/9/2011 9:25:30 PM
Around my mid to later 20's, I started breaking out badly. . thanks to genetics. :P I tried every brand you could think of, department store, over the counter, and dermatologist prescribed topicals. Went through a round of Accutane, and it cleared it up, but the acne came back eventually, and a second round didn't work as well. In desperation, I started doing a search on acne. .and found the website. .read the reviews for this one product 10% alpha hydroxy acid. Basically, the website was started by this one man who suffered from acne, and came up with his own products, which are the cheapest and most effective ones I've come across. In between that and Retin A micro, and most importantly, cleaning up my diet. . no processed/fast food, limited sugars, big bowl of salad (spinach, shredded broccoli, tomatoes, handful of chopped walnuts, diced bell peppers, cilantro with sesame soy ginger dressing), and fish a couple times a week, along with brown rice or quinoa, skin has done a 180 turnaround. Instead of milk, I usually drink vitamin fortified soy milk. And of course, exercise 5 times a week, rest, and water. I'll definitely say some of the biggest changes came from changing my diet!
This maybe of minor help, but some hair products/shampoos could be causing the breakouts, too. I usually try and stick with natural shampoos. .try and buy products with ingredients I recognize and can pronounce like essential extracts of orange, (Trader Joe's citrus shampoo :) )
 peppermint petunias
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acne problems
Posted: 1/11/2011 3:13:26 AM
Hormonal imbalance, stress , foods..all contribute to acne.

A low dose birth control pill cleared many a face back in the its all about seems.

Some remedies that I have found helpful.vvvv

Cheap drying mask..Milk of Magnesia >As effective as a clay mask IMO.
Apply to oily spots, let dry and wipe with a wet cloth.

Organic Aloe Vera gel mixed with a few drops of essential grapefruit, lemon or orange oil to clean the face for oily skin.

Keep out of eyes.

Aloe and lavender oil for dry skin.
Coconut oil is great to remove deep dirt and make up of any skin type.

Tea tree is good to dry up an occasional zit but your skin may peel so I only apply to the bump with a Q tip.

During an outbreak..stay away from sugar as bacteria feed on it.

Always clean your face before a work out or sweat.
You pores open and the ick gets in.

As said before..... stop touching your face..

Unfortunately some of the the big cystic bumps that you can feel move under your fingers that are deep often require being taken out by a doctor.

Young acne is almost always hormonal in origin..Adult can be hormones or stress.
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acne problems
Posted: 1/11/2011 10:47:06 AM
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acne problems
Posted: 1/24/2011 8:25:34 PM
I suffered from cystic starting around age 36, nothing, I repeat nothing would help these terrible, painful bumps that would last for weeks and weeks. I went to the dermatologists who suggested Retin A at the beginning. That caused horrible dryness and flaking and for me did not seem to be clearing the problem up quickly enough. These cysts were unsightly and painful, they cause aweful scaring as well.

After a period of time and no real sucess with the Retin A my Dr. suggested Accutane! The first few weeks I seen minimal change in my acne, but after about 2 months the skin cleared up completly. Yes there was a lot of drying of my lips and I became addicted to chapstick, but the results were wonderful. I had no ill side effects from taking this drug, many have.

The Federal Laws now require potential female users to not only sign a agreement and prove that they are on the pill or have had a tubaligation, but females using this drug have to go in for a monthly pregnancy test, plus there is an online test you have to take every month requiring you to read about Accutane and take these little tests in order to pass the monthly screening and recieve your confirmation order via online so you can present it to the pharmacy for reorder, without it you will not get your next months script. Very rigid requirements to obtain this drug, but my skin is clear and cyst free since 1999. Not even a blackhead.

There are many who cannot tolerate this drug, many women have started taking this drug and then found out they were pregnant! This drug can and will cause severe birth defects in unborn children, you are informed of this over and over prior and during the course of the treatment, that is why there are so many strict requirements for women considering the use of this drug. Some younger individuals I have heard have suffered from severe depression and even suicide from this drug as well. Be informed, this drug is really a "last" resort for people suffering from severe cystic acne.
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acne problems
Posted: 12/3/2011 9:19:22 AM
my kid had really bad acne, we tried all kinds of creams and cleansers..... a friend said never let the kid use fluoride toothpaste..... which i thought was insane advice since the acne was all over the face and back. We had nothing to lose.... we got some Toms natural toothpaste, fluoride free(make sure to read carefully, they make both types and look similar). We tossed out all the other toothpaste.... and I swear after a month the kid is at least 90% clear. It makes no sense at all but it did work for the kid! I know everyones metabolism and biology is different but you cant argue with results!!! The stuff cost about 5 bucks a box. might be worth a try. I also acknowledge that diet, stress and lifestyle will have an effect too!
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acne problems
Posted: 12/4/2011 7:08:23 PM
I made a full write-up/article on this for another site before, but I'll just give you a shorthand version:

Vitamins A, C, D, and E.
Shower once a day, at most.
Remove as much dairy from diet as you can--especially milk itself.
Drive with the heat on as lowly/little as possible.
Oral hygiene.

Acne is an internal problem--not an external problem.
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acne problems
Posted: 6/13/2012 9:19:44 PM
try this and get rid of acne
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acne problems
Posted: 6/26/2012 11:32:35 PM
Skin care is my profession...
there are many treatents, external, and also the way we nourish our bodies that can help acne.
But for the severe acne that is described here I recommend that my client goes to a dermatologist or family dr to be treated. Usually they will try Retin A and in the worst cases Acutane (sp?)
The patient must be well informed about Acutane before taking it. It has helped so many people.
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acne problems
Posted: 6/27/2012 8:22:16 PM
I was put on Acutane as a teenager and it worked for me (I had severe cystic acne). I have little to no scarring.

But really, who knows what the side effects really are or will be? A lot of information has come out since then.

I'm not for or against it, but Melody is right; do your homework and ask the questions before going on that stuff...
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acne problems
Posted: 6/30/2012 2:25:16 PM
hello try a lemon its good for acne and scaring also it takes some time but works....
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acne problems
Posted: 7/3/2012 8:00:57 PM
Good question! I want to know because nothing ever works for me! I had to take Accutane when I was in Jr. High because my acne was so horrible. My parents took me to the dermatologist for 2 years before I was put on Accutane. Nothing else worked. I still have moderate acne and I just wash my face regularly in the morning and evening.
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acne problems
Posted: 7/5/2012 7:38:36 AM
My experience was the same as yours, PhotoGirl. I started with the dermatologists the summer going into 8th grade and they tried every kind of prescription chemical, both topical and oral, until they finally caved and gave me accutane.
My acne persisted into my early 20's but went away and now I pretty much get a black head or two.

I would say:
- Don't wash your face too much. Twice a day is fine. When I washed three plus times per day my acne just wasn't getting better.
- Think about nutrition. Eat lots of veggies. Cucumber skin is rumored to be good for your skin, so wash your cukes really well (if not organic, use soap as that wax is almost impossible to remove without it) and don't peel them.
- My wife also had it and continues to use Proactiv products combined with healthy eating to deal with hers. Since we've worked on nutrition more (well rounded, not "here and there" foods and whatnot), our skin condition has improved.

Good luck!
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acne problems
Posted: 3/27/2013 2:45:06 PM
I feel sorry for the people especially teens they have their faces full of acnes, I hope I can give some knowledge that I knew and that is helpful to these people or parents they have their kids with acne problems

In most cases of acne problems, people are having too much "HEAT" inside their body, this HEAT comes from the few cooking methods that you use for your food, they are mainly deep frying, frying, baking, bbq (over fire). So, roasted peanuts will make acnes worse while boiled peanuts is OK, deep fry chicken like from KFFC for sure will stir all the acnes to a more painful level while chicken in soup is OK. This HEAT may cause acne to some people, constipation is also commonly caused.

Acne problem is commonly known by all chinese medication (herbal) doctors who have to take years in university and practising in hospital in China or Hong Kong. Its not possible to avoid deep frying food or bakery, we can just do the cooking more lightly, NEVER OVER bake or deep fry or grill food.

Its hard to introduce the exact herbal tea here, but I have one very easy way to help remove this HEAT, or at least lowering it. Take Ginseng root teabags (THE GINSENG ROOT MUST BE FROM NORTH AMERICA LIKE US OR CANADA, NEVER FROM ASIA, KOREA). Ginseng Roots works like the oil change of a car !! (if you want to know which brand is work the best, inbox me. I am not spokeperson for any brand)

p.s. hot/spicy food/ingredients like curry, pepper, ginger roots will make acne very bad
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