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To start, I'll say that I think money's great. Money provides a proportional amount of freedom. That being said, I find it really sad and telling about society's priorities when people won't consider a partner because that person is in the middle of financial hardship. Imagine your dream partner, somebody with all the personality, looks and qualities you want in a man or woman. Now imagine that person without a job. Would you really reject them based off of that?

Not having a job and not wanting to work are different and not WANTING to work is very indicative of a person's motivation and drive, which is an inherent quality of their personality and a completely justifiable reason for rejecting a person. Not HAVING a job is really just a matter of circumstance and gives no indication about the type of person they are. Why they don't have a job is more important.

I graduated from college in 2008 with thousands in debt and couldn't find a job for the life of me. After about 6 months, I ended up working part time as a cashier for minimum wage taking the bus 1.5 hours each way to and from work. Definitely putting my two bachelor's degrees to good use. Finally after a year, I got a much better career oriented position and I'm making more than double what I used to make. I have a car and once I'm done paying off my student loan I'll move into my own place.

Money has never equated to a good time for me. Milkshakes on a park bench while talking for hours are some of the best memories I have with my ex. It didn't work out, but money wasn't the issue. When you're unemployed you should definitely make it a priority to find a job but to throw out dating completely doesn't seem fair to yourself and if anything might just kill your confidence even further.
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