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Joined: 6/30/2005
Msg: 111
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Well hello all my name is Elena i'm 29 from San antonio,TX looking to meet people to chat with .If you are interested hit me up.Untill then stay sweet!
Joined: 3/3/2005
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Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 7/26/2005 9:51:43 AM
How do you like Texas, a bit hot for you? I would rather be in Canada, I have never been but it is one place I would love to see.

 love, lies, and blood
Joined: 9/7/2005
Msg: 149
Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 9/8/2005 7:47:54 PM
Hey im new too! im from abby, its a lame boring little hole just like blanco . . .almost everything about me is in my profile and if you have any questions msg me:) have a good one. . .
Joined: 10/15/2003
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Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 10/4/2005 7:55:45 PM
bla i'm just some dude from plano i'm 23 years old. read my profile if you want to know more.
Joined: 10/21/2005
Msg: 170
Hi to my fellow Texans
Posted: 10/24/2005 2:02:07 PM
i'm in Dallas till Wednesday morning. want to hook up?
Joined: 10/21/2005
Msg: 171
Hi to my fellow Texans
Posted: 10/24/2005 2:03:26 PM
i'm in Dallas till Wednesday morning. want to hook up?
Joined: 10/30/2005
Msg: 179
Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 11/1/2005 6:56:04 AM
hello, i'm jesse i live in wichita falls. i'm 44 and divorced. i raise cattle for a living. not sure what else to say right now, howdy.
Joined: 11/22/2005
Msg: 185
look'n for a friend
Posted: 11/22/2005 11:08:07 AM
howdy, im a chef in San Antonio, 36, polite, considerate..... potty trained. Im looking for a woman whos got a sense of adventure, and humor. Can ya see the positive side of things? Do you like walking around crowded areas and make up lives for those around you, cool, give me a howdy right back. It's nice to see ya, to see ya nice.

Joined: 1/6/2006
Msg: 194
Single Again
Posted: 1/10/2006 7:59:34 PM
Well Well what to say!! does it matter any way? Only one can judge but we may pick and choose the ones that put a smile on for the night or to hang your a** out to dry before first light.Come on people let's get real here everyone is here for a reason or two . Looking for someone to make thier dreams come true or to just spend a night or two.
Me myself, I like to say , I do not like to run away. I'd like to stay and hold your hand but please don't cook me Green Eggs&Ham. "OK I made that part up some of it "
On a serious note I'm looking for a wonderful woman that can take me as I am ,or a friendship that will never end.
Joined: 9/26/2005
Msg: 197
Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 1/25/2006 1:54:07 PM
Hi I'm Eddie looking to fine my Ivory Queen or new friends I am new to Texas from Michigan and looking to meet new people and if I found my lover as well as a friend so be it. So if there any Big White BBW out there looking for a good black man let me know.....Thanks
Joined: 1/3/2005
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Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 2/14/2006 8:10:17 PM
I am newer to Texas. I left everything I couldn't get into my Neon and moved from Missouri down here with my two boys and my poodle in 2004. The poodle has died since then and I am on here looking to find a friend to talk to and if "the man" shows up then fine otherwise I am just hanging out and blowing some time.
 johnnyboy:down not out!
Joined: 3/24/2006
Msg: 224
New again in Houston.
Posted: 3/27/2006 12:59:13 AM
my name is John, i'm 37 years old, and live in the DFW area. Looking to meet new people and hopefully find MS. Right for Me....
Joined: 3/29/2006
Msg: 228
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Posted: 4/5/2006 7:11:49 PM
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