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Joined: 6/3/2008
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Hi this is me... is that you?:)Page 9 of 10    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Greetings everyone. It's Oct 10 and 19 degrees outside. that's pretty good.
Joined: 10/25/2008
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Posted: 11/1/2008 5:18:31 AM
Hello all who're using this site.I'm new but hope to connect with you so I can develop some friendships. I'm finding myself lonely even though I do enjoy my own company,so hopefully you will introduce yourself by my mail account.Sorry,but my connection is dial-up and therefore the IM is almost impossible.See you in cyberworld......
Joined: 10/12/2008
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hey there
Posted: 11/17/2008 9:18:24 AM
My name is Lee I am 29. I live in Sackville. I am very oppinionated but I also have a soft spot in my heart too. I am extremely stubborn when I make a decision. I rarely change my mind once I have the decision set in!
Joined: 5/4/2008
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Posted: 12/7/2008 10:44:15 AM
I've been on here a bit, but haven't really posted in the forums. Figured I'd branch out. :)

I'm Melissa. My profile tells about me: 29, divorcing, etc. I work in nursing. Love big burly men with a sense of humour. :)
Joined: 12/1/2008
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Posted: 12/11/2008 7:44:31 PM
Hi. My name is Dave. I am a recently separated male living with my 18 year old special needs child. I am a larger fellow, but I am working on it. I haven't dated in 19 years so this is quite new to me.
Joined: 12/13/2008
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Posted: 1/3/2009 5:09:22 PM
Hi.My name is Gary.I`m recently separated and I haven`t dated for 14 years .I`m looking for a down to earth women to go out to dinner and the movies with.
Joined: 1/29/2009
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Posted: 2/7/2009 5:30:59 AM
Hi there,
I'm Debbie, 45 year old woman, tried POF for meeting partners but really enjoy the forum discussions. I enjoy a good conversation.
Joined: 9/19/2007
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Posted: 3/4/2009 10:50:38 PM
Hi, my name is Heather. I'm 5'3", blue eyed. I moved here to Halifax about 3 years ago and just starting to get to know a few people. I've been to a couple POF events and met some good peeps. I'm open to meeting peeps from here if we seem to have stuff in common.
Joined: 9/19/2007
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Posted: 3/4/2009 10:51:19 PM
Oh yes, and I'm 41 :), never married, no kids, and enjoy travelling.
Joined: 11/20/2008
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Posted: 3/18/2009 11:28:28 AM
Hi there everyone. I'm a 55 yr old woman, recently separated, living in the Halifax area. Looking for a gentleman I can be a friend to and hopefully develop a realtionship with. I haven't had much success with this online dating so far. The men I have met online mostly seem to be interested in only sex. Although I am a very sensual woman and still love sex, that's not all I'm looking for. Makes me wonder if I should just forget about online dating altogether. I don't mean to sound like a whinner, but this truly is a very frustrating experience for me.
Joined: 2/14/2009
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Posted: 4/1/2009 8:21:30 AM
hey everyone , im 44 from springhill ,ive been single now for about 18 months, so i think its nearly time to get my feet wet again, im semi retired and have lots of free time on my hands, im willing to chat with any ladies 35 -50
 C xx
Joined: 3/22/2009
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Posted: 4/26/2009 6:31:47 PM
Hi- my name is C

My marriage broke down after 25 years and am now separated.. understandably I guess I feel a little lonely sometimes but most of the time I'm a happy go lucky fun sort of person. I genuinely like people and enjoy conversation, listening to people, and tend to see good in everyone...

What or who am I looking for? Just some friends for now but yes if I am honest I would like closeness and intimacy with a trustworthy, kind and intelligent guy......eventually

C xx
Joined: 12/11/2006
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Hi this is me... is that you?:)
Posted: 7/13/2009 6:06:46 AM
Hey, not really sure how to post so I'm replying to the latest post. My name is Stephen and I am 21 years old and live in Mahone Bay.
 OB Piper
Joined: 8/30/2009
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Posted: 3/29/2010 8:05:15 AM
I am Robert Burns, long residing in the countercultural community of (The Peoples Republic of) Ocean Beach within the City of San Diego, California. I honeymooned in C.B. with my fiddler wife in 2000, enjoyed it immensely, and determined that should the marriage ever be undone (unfortunately, it did), that I wanted to be in relationship with a Caper lassie and find a way to live in CB some or a lot. I found this forum out of frustration in finding Caper or Scottish lassies anywhere, something that has become a calling with the years spent playing Celtic music (lots of it learned from CB musicians), gaidhlig, and with the Bard's poetry and song. Now what's with the rule censoring us from using our private contact info?!?
 OB Piper
Joined: 8/30/2009
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Posted: 3/29/2010 8:06:17 AM
PS: I see no clue as to how to post a picture.
Joined: 12/9/2008
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Posted: 2/10/2011 2:36:15 PM
Hi, my name is runrig31, and I'm new to t he forum. My interests are European sports,
tin whistles, and classic comedies (such as Archie Bunker and Hank Hill).
Joined: 1/9/2011
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Hi Im 29 Live's in Nova Scotia
Posted: 2/10/2011 5:23:52 PM
Any one want to come over for a Beer?or 20....Females Males Cat's Dog's ...Bring them all them good Looking woman all over the world, Guy's bring the Beer if you want to join in on the action."Rome wasn't Built in a Day but if the World's actually going to end i want to go out in Style yo " So if you want to have sum Fun with a Lil King than find me sumhow and come Chill.....:)Im waiting .......
Joined: 11/6/2006
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Posted: 2/11/2011 11:32:53 AM
How are you? I'm kevin I'm 24 male who recently moved to cole harbour(about 3 months ago) I have lived coast to coast as my parents are both milatary! I enjoy walks,coffee date and just getting to know people:) I was just wondering if you would like to chat and see where that goes! Feel free to message me back:)
Joined: 3/10/2011
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Posted: 4/16/2011 7:23:10 PM
Hello,I'm hawqeye.I'm 60(not my IQ),gray hair,5'8",170# and retired.I've been here for about 3 weeks.Be seein 'ya.
Joined: 12/11/2010
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Posted: 9/17/2011 8:01:58 AM

My name is Teri (Wynsheart) here. Looking for a man who is willing to take things real slow. I'm not well experienced in this thing called 'dating'. lol.
I'm 39, a pisces, live about 20 minutes outside Parrsboro. Live with my mom & 6 cats. I love animals & just want someone to grow older with.
If you're interested, please message me. My fingers are cramping from all the messages I'm typing & getting NO RESPONSES! What is up with that?.....

lol. Good luck fellow easteners. xo
Joined: 5/14/2011
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Posted: 10/11/2011 4:02:43 PM

I'm Richard. 27, originally from TO now living here in Halifax.
Work in IT and love it but think it's about time to find some balance between work and everything else.

Stats: 5'11" ,
200 lbs
driven but relaxed
Joined: 9/18/2011
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Posted: 11/2/2011 8:24:10 AM
Hi, I'm 59, retired and returned to Halifax after about 40 years of living in various locations in Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia and currently live in Clayton Park. I have a wide array of interests, many named in my profile. I currently don't own a vehicle due to ownership expense, need and income but have been driving since age 16 and still driving today. Pub crawls, meetings at bars, etc are of no interest to me as I find those locations too noisy to really hear and meet people. Now if I knew the person or group, going to a bar and going dancing would be fine with me. I'm 5'11", about 170 lb, very clean, blue eyes, dirty blonde/grey full head of short hair that I cut myself. I don't respond to POF emails that say "wants to meet me". I like the direct approach... I email those I am interested in getting to know more about and like those who email me who want to know more about me. Anything else you like to know, please just write an email and send. I will answer all. Good luck fishing everyone.
Joined: 7/19/2011
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Posted: 11/15/2011 10:23:29 AM
Hi, I am almost 46 and live in the heart of Cape Breton. I have been on POF off and on for quite awhile and have met some nice people but either I wasnt their type or they werent my type. I love to read and watch movies, and go out to listen live music ( mostly celtic ). John Prine is also a favorite of mine.

It seems that many of the men dont like to put up a picture. I had a pic up but I took it off because it doesnt seem fair. I have no problem sending someone a picture if they like but it is only fair to return the favor.

Happy Fishing
 Mac Stevens
Joined: 8/2/2006
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Posted: 12/23/2011 2:18:04 AM
Hi Carolyn,

This is the forum for introducing yourself. I'm thinking if you need some help resolving this problem you may wish to post this message in the help forum/section

It says that "Nearly all questions can be answered by READING THE HELP sections first." but if you can't find the help there that you need, you can submit a form for personal help here:

Hope this helps. Merry Christmas to you too!

Joined: 1/15/2012
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Posted: 1/21/2012 3:53:45 PM
Hello im Daryl 47 from Kennectook. Been on/off POF 3 years now. Feeling isolated and have yet to meet my special somebody. Taking my GED in Kennetcook and hope to finish by June. Not a whole lot of people on here from Kennetcook it seems. Anyways ... Still Fishing :)

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