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Joined: 5/8/2012
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hello everyone :) just checking this out
Joined: 8/29/2012
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Posted: 9/5/2012 1:12:20 PM
Hello " admin" I recently posted what I thought was a new thread about poly relationships , I cannot find it , was I in violation of a rule I overlooked ? please help clarify .
Thank you
Joined: 10/2/2012
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Posted: 10/11/2012 10:16:15 AM
Hi, i have been on here for a week after a 5 year relations ship eneded three weeks ago. I send out nice messages to men i am intrested in and i never get an answer back what gives? This is very discouraging for me...Anyway My name is Lynn and i will see ya around..
Joined: 7/25/2012
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Posted: 1/13/2013 11:40:02 PM
[west island]

Hello, I'm new to this site.
Didn't know there was a forum on here, lol.

I don't know how to make a post without quoting someone else, sorry.
Joined: 10/4/2012
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Hello everyone !
Posted: 9/10/2013 8:35:12 PM
My name is Eddie. I arrived in Montreal over a year ago after spending many years in Europe.
I'm currently working at downtown Montreal. I hope to meet some interesting ladies on this site. cheers !
Joined: 2/17/2013
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Posted: 10/4/2013 7:55:15 PM
Hi, I'm Alain and I'm from the town of Ste. Therese, just 20 km north of Montreal. I'm in to nature, history, I love to travel, hiking and photography. I love music, alt & indie rock in particulier. I'm also a beer geek, not snob, so I won't make fun or put you down if you drink Bud (more craft beer for me).

I'm looking for a long term serious relationship, but with a lot of fun in any form imaginable.
Joined: 11/25/2013
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Posted: 1/20/2014 7:05:50 PM
im looking for friends, maybe more with the right girl. casual according to me doesnt mean it can't be casual and long terma t the same time.
Joined: 3/25/2011
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Posted: 1/28/2014 10:32:55 AM ladies of montreal plz view my profile.
Joined: 4/27/2013
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Posted: 4/2/2016 9:08:48 PM
Strange I didn't even know there was a POF forum lol. Ran into by accident.

Well Hello Everyone. :)

It seems a little dead in here? How come there is no link on the POF site?

Anyway Name is Shawn, Nice meeting you all! Good luck! :)
Joined: 2/21/2016
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Posted: 4/5/2016 2:34:30 PM
Just wanted to say hello, my first visit, hope to meet some people and connect on a friendly level first and see what happens.
Joined: 9/6/2017
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Posted: 2/1/2018 6:34:23 PM

I'm a 46 y/o guy from the Boisbriand (20 km north of Montreal).

I'm into hiking, taking pics, visiting historical site and museums, nature parks and I love travel. I'm also a bit of a beek geek.
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