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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????Page 2 of 12    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
I dont have any stats but I cannot believe that this breed is an "aggresive" dog!!
Having had many dogs, mixes, Dobes, and Boxers. They are the least aggresive and the most affectionate. They take a hit because of their "look"

To whoever said they wanted a boxer. Get one. They are great dogs. But be warned they are not a sit around the living room dog. They want to be with you where ever you are LOL.
Thye dont live too long 10 years and can have many health issues but all in all a great breed.

It all comes down to the owners. You get what you put into it. We had the best behaved dogs and we got all the comments on it. If you arent willing to put in the time and effort into a dog you shouldnt have one. I dont care what breed, big or small!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 10/31/2006 10:36:39 AM
i have a killer boston terrier named redginald , if he wont get ya i will

dont beware of the dog beware of the owner! ........ hee hee hee
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 5/19/2007 12:21:05 PM
^^Yeah I had a chow before their pretty aggressive, my German Shepherd's were always protective but were easier to control.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 5/19/2007 2:50:27 PM
Ok not all rottweillers are aggressive, I know I had a rotweiller and he was afraid of his own shadow!!! he ran when he passed gas, and he thought he was a lap dog, the only time he bit someone was when they tried to come in the house to rob us!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 5/21/2007 8:05:42 AM
First - I believe training is essential. I am a siberian husky owner and she let strangers in the home and in the yard without ever moving from her sleeping position!

In no particular order:

1) German Shepherds
2) Chow Chow
3) Doberman
4) Pit bull breeds
5) Rottweiler
6) Malamute
7) Akita
8) Great Dane
9) Husky breeds
10) Saint Bernard

Male, intact dogs are more prone to biting.

Any other debates?

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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/6/2007 11:22:16 PM
Dingos are sometimes considered to be a separate species from other dogs. This view treats a number of different, similar breeds from around the world as Canis dingo, while most breeds remain Canis lupus [aka familiaris]. It is likely that many breeds and breed groups arise from separate subspecies of wolf. The idea that dogs are one species or subspecies is scientifically incorrect. The various wild species of Canis are called "dog", "jackal", "dingo", or "wolf", though very few domestic breeds appear to be derived from jackals or wild dogs.

That's the taxonomy, more or less.

In terms of aggressiveness, it is found in both dingo and wolf breeds, though the worst all seem to be among the wolves. Some breeds seem to be prone to this, but there can be bad ones in any breed. The worst do tend to reflect largely upon the owner or breeder. It's a bit of a "chicken or egg" scenario: some breeds appeal to the worst breeders and owners, and they in turn increase the number of bad individuals in those breeds, both genetically and behaviorally.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/7/2007 2:40:12 AM
With eight pages, I perused many of the comments, but have not enough time to read them all, at least right now. I am learning about dogs as I go and experiencing different breeds, and for some of the breeds that everyone mentions, I sincerely believe that it is how they are raised.
A lot of the smaller dogs actually bite and nip more than many of the larger breeds mentioned, so techinically that would make these smaller breeds more vicious. Chihuahuas bite a lot, but they do not take off arms like a Pit Bull Dog can.
Pits were bred to fight in the pits, and they are very powerful and can be unpredictable.
I am biased towards Rottweilers because I adopted one, and I have met some vicious ones that were not raised to be pets. You will never meet a sweeter dog, and the woman at Pet Supplies Plus told me today that of all the dogs that come into the store, he is her favorite~makes a dog mom proud! Rottweilers were bred as working dogs: they herded the cattle to the market, and then carried the money back wrapped around their neck; they are known to be protective of their owners.
Aikidas were bred to be (Chinese?) fighting dogs. Chow Chows can be unpredictable and are also larger with a bit of power about them.
Jack Russell Terriers are very smart, they are very loyal, and they can do some damage in a fight.
I think in today's age of domesticated animals, that the real vicious animals are the owners and not the beasts! A lot of people say that they are just animals, so they could turn on you at any minute.
Don't get me wrong...I would never allow my dog to be unsupervised around children or strangers, but I trust him completely. He is child-friendly, dog-friendly, and even cat-friendly with a curious edge, and people-friendly.
I am sure that some dogs, just like some people, have a bit of a psycho gene and thus are a little bit psycho. But as far as narrowing down the most vicious breeds, I think you have to take into consideration in-breeding (similar to cousins breeding and perpetuating negative traits and recessive genes) and how the dog is raised.
My opinion might be a bit skewed because dogs and I have an affinity for each other. I am partial to the larger breeds, but the other day I met a deaf Pekinese guy and we totally fell in love.
I think Yorkies and Chihuahuas are more aggressive, but the bites of a Dobie, a Pit, a Chow, an Aikida, a Rottie, a Husky, and so forth, will be much more severe. I believe you need to differentiate between vicious and powerful, and then still, you have to not blame the breed but blame the owner.
Pits are by far the most dangerous, because if they turn/snap/attack the victim is toast!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/8/2007 12:32:53 PM
Re: Mssg 185:
When those dogs have to be put down, I think the vicous owners should also be put down. At some point, there is no rehabiliation.
Yesterday, I encountered a man walking a lovely lass, as I could tell by her body language, and I try to look out for dog people. She was part pit bull. The problem with Pits is that if they become protective or snap, they can do so much damage because of their power. But they are intelligent, loyal dogs, if raised properly, with no inbreeding.
I rolled up on him in the police car, and asked him if his dog was a Pit. I read her body language. I fed her cookies, with his permission, petted her, while I advised him of our local animal ordinances.
I allowed this young dog to give me puppy kisses in the face, which also helped to socialize her with both people and uniforms. Unfortunately, the first action of most law enforcement officers would be to prepare their guns, and act of aggression to protect against aggression, and critters sense energy.
I told him what the laws were, and he thanked me, probably mostly for being nice rather than anything else.
This dog was a sweetheart, and then some!
On the other hand, there was a family fight about a month ago, where three family members got bit by their Pit Bull pet when he got agitated because of a family fight. The mother's lip was hanging after she got bit in the face while trying to restrain the dog from attacking her son.
At our City Kennels, any dog with any Pit will be put down rather than adopted.
If you will look at, they list dogs that are not good with other dogs, not good with other people, not good with children, not good with cats. They have personalities and much depends upon their socialization.
Last night, my dog (Rottweiler) went after a stray cat, and the poor thing was terrified. To my Riley, it was an object of curiousity. He relented right away when I intervened. I give him a lot of hands on time, though.
 Bridge Jumper
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/10/2007 2:31:49 AM
Depends on the owner. Watch out for Huskies...nasty.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/10/2007 2:51:44 AM
Tonight, I met a female Pit Bull Mix puppy (under one year) who was very friendly. She was so excited that she pee'ed , almost on my lap, but she fortunately just missed, and it landed on the porch. I gave her doggie cookies. She is obviously being raised with love.
However, as she continued to jump on my and give me puppy kisses, here was a powerful dog that really did not know her own strength. With her jaw strength and her excited state, she could have accidentally hurt me very badly, and she is still a big baby.
I asked the owner if she was planning on getting her dog obedience trained, because I am an advocate of training, and I know it helped my dog immensely. Something in my gut told me that if this dog does not get some training, she has the potential to be very dangerous, more because of her power than her temperament.
I realize that I cannot save the world, but I try to make the corners that I walk through a little bit of a better place. That is all I can do, really.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/10/2007 12:18:45 PM
Love Akidas,
I apologize for my previous misspellings of the breed.
I just looked at the link you provided, and it brought tears to my eyes.
So many of these animals are mistreated, beaten, and starved, only to be placed into a fighting ring.
Yet, people still want to blame the breed!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/10/2007 10:32:19 PM
As the owner of a Rottweiler and a dog lover, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the feedback on this post.
Once there was a sweet Pit Bull that had been beaten by her owner, and I insisted on taking pictures of her injuries and writing a Cruelty to Animals report. I went behind the fence alone with the dog to photograph her injuries, and my panicked boss said, "Okay you got the pictures, now will you get the h*ll out of there!"
I am thinking that most dog people will navigate towards a favorite breed. Mine has become the Rottie, though I pretty much love them all.
Most police dogs, I once read, are Shepherds imported from Germany, because they are of superior intelligence? I may be incorrect.
I am a smaller woman and a first time dog owner, so maybe adopting a Rottweiler (strong-willed and strong) was not the most practical decision. It is working for us, though, thanks to obedience training and a dog with a very good temerament who has always been very well socialized. It was love at first sight, mutually!
He has a big bark, but most likely if he is galloping towards you, he just wamts to say hello! These are not exactly the most reassuring words for the person being approached by the dog who is dragging his owner as big as she is, whilst she hollers, "He is just wanting to say hello!"
If one were to break inside my home, I have no idea what would happenA well-raised Rottie or any dog really is priceless, and better than any alarm system out there. I can actually sleep without my AC with my front porch door open, because of my anti-theft device that would awaken me to grab my gun (I live on the first floor).
He has a girlfriend named Zena, and after the first time I met her, she has never even barked at me. My postal carrier and my UPS driver love my Rottweiler.
Owners need to be held to a higher degree of accountability, but you cannot put an owne down for inhumane treatment of an animal, because that would be inhumane!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/23/2007 4:04:52 AM
My neighbor tried to rescue a Chow/Lab mix destined for the pound. The dog was really a sweetheart, but I learned a little too late that my neighbor was not really equipped to be a dog owner.
For the slightest infraction, he would beat the dog, thinking he was teaching it, but the dog had no idea why it was being punished. Mercifully, he took the dog to the APL.
He beat the dog for running across the street to try to find my dog, and for chewing his lighter when he did not puppy proof his place, I found out after the fact. I wish I had known about the abuse while it was happening.
Jefferson is a very sweet dog, and all he really needed was a bit of obedience training, which is actually more for the owner than the dog, and makes both much happier. My dog and his used to play and run and tire each other out, and all I ever got from Jefferson was puppy kisses.
He was only about 9 months-old when he wound up at the APL. I am hoping that this little sweetheart got adopted into a good home.
Nobody will ever be able to convince me that body slamming a dog is the way to teach a dog who is the Alpha! Maybe these dogs cower towards their owners, but maybe that is why these so called vicious dogs are so aggressive to others? PEOPLE can be so ignorant!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/25/2007 2:42:00 AM
My Rottie really is a very gentle giant. I live in a first floor apartment and he is such a very good dog.
A couple of days ago, he was very agitated because of a lot of commotion next door. I have an elevated, enclosed porch.
The house next door is in foreclosure and has been sold, but before the title can be transferred, the realty company has to clean up all of the garbage that the previous tenants left inside (including like 100 empty bottles of oxycontin!)
I tend to sleep during the day, and usually my dog doesn't bark that much, or only for a moment at a strange passer-by. He was going nuts. From my pillow, I was telling him to settle. The next thing I hear is the oxy addict screaming to me to get my F-ing dog. If I had wanted a confrontation, there were a lot of things I could have said, but I kept my mouth shut. I thought of some mighty fine words though! The realtor people were afraid he was going to jump off the porch, which he indeed looks like he will but he won't. They asked me to put him inside, and I promptly complied, as a courtesy.
Then one of the realtor people told me that the oxy addict's son almost had a bite taken out of his arm. Under "parental" supervision, as if this kid gets any supervision, he trespassed into my yard, and reached up onto my elevated porch, and my dog reacted, defending our home.
I spoke with our Dog Warden afterwards. I learned that there would be nothing criminal, but that I could be sued civilly.
Isn't that a shame that a person can trespass on your property, instigate your dog to bite them, and YOU are the one at fault?:
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/25/2007 6:49:22 PM
"The ones that people often think are, like pit bulls, staffies, mastiffs, rotties, dobies, etc..., are only trained like that, otherwise they are awsome family dogs and tend to get along well with kids. /"

From talking with people who own or spend a lot of time with pitbulls and staffies, the comment that they are trained to aggressive is not the actual truth. The correction would be that they learn aggression towards humans. They have a reputation for being naturally aggressive with other dogs because that's what they have been bred for.

As for Rotties, I've actually seen them on a Top 10 list of dogs for families. There are exceptions, but all the rotties I have seen have been really good with children. The problem is that all the bully breeds have really strong personalities and need firm and consistent handling by an experienced owner and to be introduced to obedience classes very young.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/26/2007 12:50:56 PM
Thank you for all of the words and advice, Paws!
Our legistature is working on a Castle rule that means that if there is an intruder into your home one doesn't need to articulate the fear for one's safety and is justified in deadly force.
I did leave a post on "I'm thinking about getting a dog. I hope you read and comment, because I think you have good words to share!"

Warmest wishes,
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/26/2007 9:42:11 PM
Dog Mommy,
A chihuahua is one of the most aggressive dogs I have met. but they are much less intimidating, so they get much less slack.
I watched my stoopid dog jumping like he would jump off the porch, barking, to protect Our Home.
He didn't jump, scared the bad people away, and is now asleep at my feet.
I believe the pit that was taken last night had been beaten by a macho man (such as Michael Vick), But in a female household with a lot of love, she could have also been a very good, loving, and loyal pet. If we could put ignorant dog owners down alongside the problem dogs they have raised, a portion of Society's problems could be solved, and there would be more tax dollars for better uses, assuming the politicians did not vote themselves more raises in pay.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/26/2007 11:02:18 PM
Of the list in the original post, I'd say the Chow is the most aggressive. They may be small, but they're complete ***holes.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/27/2007 4:46:03 PM
Not long ago, two Pit Bull Dogs attacked two small children in the presence of the family's Jack Russell Terrior. The children were unharmed as the dog valiently protected his family. His injuries were so extensive that he had to be put down.
Pit Bull Dogs can be outstanding pets, depending upon the inbreeding factor and their upbringing. I have met Pits and Rotties that have scared me, and some that are sweethearts.
When I was at the Kennels the other night offering biscuits to the inmates, some were friendly with wagging tails, some growled, and some hovered in the farthest corner of the crate.
People are the real monsters! Just look at our prisons! Supposedly humans are bestowed with intellect; yet this is the most vicious animal around, because in addition to everything else, they have the power of calculation to factor into their actions. However, to put a human down is considered to be inhumane!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/29/2007 9:05:18 AM
I'll skip the comment on humans.. since this thread is regarding DOGS.

I have a German Shepard and always have, the one I have now is probably the sweetest dog you will find. In fact people laugh about how friendly she is... but she is getting older and more attached to me so I do have to be careful of "certain" people.

I had a Ridgeback... was not aggressive but she was not friendly towards strangers either, she did nip my old b/f when he drove up on his harley.. hmm.. should have listened to her. I've also had a Rottie.. he was a sweetie too.. but very protective! I've had many dogs over the years and it really depends on the dog. I do not like Chows because I do not trust them, they are a very sneaky type of aggressive to me. PEOPLE can make dogs mean or can train them to be nice. But some dogs (just like some people) just have the make up to be aggressive and mean. I personally will never own a bull dog and will not let anyone on my property have one. That is my choice, and my right as the owner of this property. Some of the most aggressive dogs I've been around and protective are LABS..... You can go by different lists.. in the UK they do not allow bulldogs (terrier type). And it seems all over the USA they are banning certain breeds.

Some owners should not own any type dog, especially the ones who have a tendency to be aggressive. I've had people brag about things their dogs have done thinking it would impress me.. NOT... it's sad but once dogs are ruined.. they usually have to be put down, too bad we can't do that to the owners too.

One thing that has not been mentioned is that the BREEDING has alot to do with how a dog reacts to things. People get so greedy they do not care about breeding for temperment.. only for the $$ part of it. The rottie I had was actually BRED for a gentle temperment. None of my shepards have ever been aggressive. My Ridgeback while not at all aggressive was very protective, I could be talking to someone and she would sit between us on my FEET!!!
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/30/2007 4:59:51 PM
Give Fishbait a big hug from his Aunt Debbie!!! Sasha is in heat, so I'm going to try and breed her, of course poor little Peanut is following her around with his tongue dragging the ground!! LOL

When discuss the jaw strength I have read that is one thing about the pit bulls, and why when they do clamp down on a dog or human something in their jaws literally "lock" I'm not sure of the medical terms but it's very very scarey. I think people with vicious dogs should be held responsible.

As far as Canada, I wish they would reenact the death penalty. There are so many people who kill in the states then run into Canada so they won't get executed. Sorry but I believe in a eye for an eye. At our animal shelter the inmates are who take care of them and clean up around them. I've also heard about inmates training dogs now.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/31/2007 2:32:43 PM
^^^^^ awwwww how sweet.. just to let you know... most of us dog owners appreciate when someone pays attention to our dog first. I for one has much rather see someone see my dog and start smiling and enjoying petting them and my dogs being all ovre them too (I have friendly dogs)... I'm on my way to a friends house. .she has a female and male rottie.. they are both sweeties... the goose however you have to watch out for!!! My rottie was a male.. and I could tell you stories of him and children that are very cool!!! Ok folks.. later...
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 7/31/2007 7:58:04 PM
Rottweilers get a bad rap. Thanks for the kind words since by some standards I am a vicious dog owner.
The people at the pet store all smile and greet him.
He is a social butterfly and a ladies' man.
The last time at the pet store, he just had to go make a new girlfriiend, but all was okay when they gave each other tender kisses.
Rotties are one of the breeds that are known to be very protective of their human and thier home. I can olny just imagiine that my big wiss of a dog would tear an intruder apart. Fortunately, his big bark would probably suffice and it would never come to bloodshed! At least I hope!
He is a pampered pooch. When he completely refuses to responded to "Come!" then I lure him with peanut butter.
He is kind-hearted and gentle and sweet and loveable. I wish he didn't drag me to say hello to other dogs, but that is the only really bad thing he does.
Dog owners with non-dog -friendly dogs don't much appreciate his friendly greetings though.
I guess there is a bunch of give and take and by raising a very friendly dog I am automatically going to face some judgementalism that I would not encounter if he were a poodle.
Did you know that a couple of years ago the Dog of the Year was a Rottweiler?
He helped teach kids to read, and turned pages with his snout and his paws, but mostly was just there to support the children.
 camillia blossom
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 9/4/2007 7:48:18 AM
PEOPLE ,PEOPLE, PEOPLE,it is not the dogs fault it is out own... We as humans have manipulated the wild wolf to extremes.
We created these monsters.
It all goes back to selective breeding... let me explain.
In the way back days of early man, we tamed the wolf, became his Ali, and pack leader.
But he was unpredictable, aggressive, and when it reached sexual maturity , it would either challenge for leadership of the pack or, it would take off to establish a pack of their own. The Challenge for leadership of the man's pack becomes a biological imperative when they are allowed to breed, in the wild, only the alpha dogs are allowed to breed.Thats also why neutering pets is preferable.
IN smaller breeds it may show itself in seemingly passive aggressive shows of dominance like peeing on your shoes or furniture, like my Pomeranian piece of %$#*!!!. just like Rottie's, pit's Shepard's, and many other so called aggressive dog breeds
they are frustrated and are looking to take over A pack, resulting in unpredictable behavior, random attacks,UN controllable biting, OR IN MY CASE URINATION !

For decades science has tried to figure out how we got so many different variety's of dogs with there almost infinite combinations of colors ear type's snout, tails, body shape,fur types, etc. but yet there all descended from the wolf, how did it happen?
Well a Russian geneticist stumbled on to the answer.
He was asked to help breed gentle foxes for the fur trade, make them easier to raise and kill for there beautifully red coats.
he started breeding the best natured foxes to the best natured foxes from different litters, and with in just a few generations he was successfull in breeding a fox that could be handled more safely, making it easier to kill,(despicable) BUT!!! something strange started to happen, suddenly there were foxes with ears that flopped instead of being perky, foxes with white collars, and feet, like boarder collies, flat coats instead of thick luxurious, double layered fur.
Variations in colors were the next fly in the breeders ointment.( cant sell mottled coats,)
So the geneticist started to look into why this was happening, bu looking at their D.N.A. and as it turns out the gene, on the D.N.A. strand in all cannids, that keeps the out ward appearance stable, looking alike generation after generation, is right next to the gene that determines how much adrenalin the wolf /fox/ dog's body produces, making it more or less aggressive.
So for hundreds of years we had good natured mongrel mutt's running along side man, then we started trying to make them look the way we wanted them to.
But the more we bread for the looks we wanted back into the breed, the more aggressive they became is UN avoidable , that the more standard the breed the more adrenalin it has the more aggressive it becomes.
We are in a sense breeding dogs back into becoming wolves again, and expecting them to continue to live along side of us as usual.
Experienced dog breeders used to know, but failed to pass on to future breeders the secret to keeping there dogs sociable, is to breed into the line a mutt from time to time to keep them from becoming inbred, yes in-bread, the practice of breeding dogs closely related to one another to achieve a certain look.

Hu rah! for the lowly mutt, so now science knows how the dog, we all know and many love came to be, and thanks to a Obscure Russian geneticist, we know why the more uniform the breed of dog the more aggressive it is. want a sweet natured dog go to the pound, get a MUTT and save a life.
just in case you wanted to read the same article, look for the
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC JANUARY 2002 addition, cover story WOLF TO WOOF, the evolution of dogs. enjoy.
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HELP!!! Top 10 most aggressive dogs?????
Posted: 9/4/2007 11:49:09 AM
Thank you for the reference to the article, and I intend to check it out. I checked out your profile when I attempted to send you an email with a dog question, and you seem like a very neat Lady! I hope you find what fulfills your fairy tale, but I wish that for all of us, especially critter lovers.
You seem knowledgeable about canines, and I have about three and a half years experience, two and a half as the dog owner of a "vicious" Rottweiler.
My cousin has a pit bull that is the most affectionate and most gentle of her three dogs. Her female pit and my male rottie (both fixed) play together wonderfully.
The neighborhood children all love Riley, and he delights in playing with them, but never without my supervision. The neighbors that know him love him, too. They do not mind his bark, even at 3 A.M., and even our Councilman refers to him as the neighborhood watchdog!
I rescued him from City Kennels after he was taken during the execution of a search warrant and the owners were arrested (he was around 8 weeks then, and had the most beautiful temperament, which he still has today, but with a much bigger bark and more intimidating presence.) The vet says he clearly had good breeders, because of his temperament and the quality of his hips, etc, but they give me credit too for the good care I give him.(I have nothing against mutts, and I just love friendly dogs. The dogs locked up in the City Kennels and all of the shelters just break my heart! I have a substantial amount of overtime, and on my next paycheck, I am going to the pet store and getting two twenty pound bags of dog biscuits for the critters in the Kennels. When Kennels Officers are working alone, I often assist them.)
The woman that lives upstairs from me has a mutt. Riley and he met the same day she moved in to our four unit apartment building. They have gotten along from the very first moment, which is a good thing. Riley is significantly bigger than Luther. Luther has also always loved me. Leslie fed Luther milk with a dropper, because he was born on a hillside in El Salvador while she was in the Peace Corps, the mother did not have enough to feed her babies, and she rescued him and brought him home. He responds to commands in Spanish.
Luther has never been aggressive towards me nor Riley, but he is awful towards the neighbor's dog (on the other side of the chain link fence) who is an absolute sweetheart, and he has a tendency to nip at people, especially men.
My neighbors across the street have a mutt that they rescued. He is around two years-old. They went to obedience training, but Guiness is continually trying to establish dominance over them in their home. The ladies are both a little bit older, so they are stay at home persons.
They fear for the dog around children and they are frustrated.
Riley is a social butterfly and a gentle giant. They all love him at Pet Supplies Plus, and other customers readily make his head swell with compliments and affection and treats. He does have an air of entitlement about him, because he is well socialized, and to label him vicious is ridiculous. Same thing with one of his girfriends, a Rottie named Zena who is several years older than he.
Riley and Guiness were playing in their fenced yard. Guiness decided to try to exert dominance over Riley by climbing over his neck. Riley "told" him to back off. Problem solved, until a few minutes later when Guiness did it again, and then again, and then again. Guiness is less than half the size of Riley. The last time it happened, Riley low barked Guiness into his place, and Guiness got in Riley's face. Everyone was afraid, because of how Riley would have reacted if Guiness had bit him first.
I got between them and broke it up, grabbed Guiness with one hand and Riley with the other, and had them open the gate, whereupon Riley marched out on my command.
Riley has never ever gotten into it with another dog, and the neighbors are constantly complaining about his aggressiveness, and they are concerned about him around little ones.
I told them that I believe that perhaps Guiness needs a home with no other pets and no children.
This dog came after my dog, and my dog told him in no uncertain terms that he was not the dominant one. My dog has never gotten into it with any other dog before, loves other dogs, and everyone thinks he is a doll.
Do you have any opinions for my neighbors on their dog, and on the interaction between my dog and him (the fight) versus no fights with other dogs? I take him to the dog park and he rather even polices the fights.
In our home, lately, Riley challenges me sometimes with basic orders like come, as he is in his terrible twos. We struggle, but eventually almost like a fierce arm wrestle, I finally win. He doesn't like to be anywhere except by my side, and I am still not sure that he considers me Alpha, but I know he does consider me higher in the Pack, because I am the food source!
Thanks for your input!
If you are inclined to email me privately, I have no blocks. Shoot! Half of the time it takes me a couple of weeks to answer any emails.
If you have any wisdom to offer, I am trying to learn all I can both from reading and others' knowledge.
Warmest wishes!
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