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 Mr Bain
Joined: 12/6/2004
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What I've discovered is that women in general peak early in terms of maturity. They can still get wiser but, after a certain point, they hit a plateau.

Whereas if you're a guy, grey hairs and wrinkles add more and more character as you go along. I look forward to that day when I'll be a ragged, dirty old man who sneers at everyone and everything.

Right now, I'm boxed in.
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 9/26/2007 3:51:00 PM
I believe though sometimes the main people some women and even men are not attracted to people their own age has sometimes to deal with some don't know how to relate to others. The best example I faced in my life lately from some women is some don't want to connect with me because me having alot of friends. I believe it is important to have great people in your inner circle. Next year I turn 29 and it seems I get smarter and smarter each year and learned from my mistakes. I am a guy who is openminded to meeting a women my own age or older. I believe it is important to connect with others and relate to a person in a relationship. I believe there are great women all over and it is just hard for me sometimes to get to know someone because of whatever a person might assume about me without even knowing me or talking to me.
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 9/26/2007 4:50:50 PM
As a woman that has seen a few decades, I think your perception that we are all "hasbeens"
at just ridiculous.
I got a divorce at 30...and I assure you that my life really began at 35; yet prior to that I had at one time thought 35 to be old. NOT!!
I know that genes enters into everyone's degree of wrinkles....but if you eat a normal
diet the elasticity of the skin will hold wrinkles off for a long time.
I have no facial wrinkles yet......! You will do yourself a favor if you look a little closer at
people. And it sounds like you may be caught up in sports, etc. to the point that your interest in a woman is purely fun/physical as opposed to a lasting relationship. I hope you are a real CATCH...otherwise you may find yourself very lonely.
Joined: 5/21/2005
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 4:00:17 AM

without reading through all 200+ posts, i'm going to say yes you are too picky gimp. have you ever met those actresses, seen them pre-professional makeup artist's wizardry? without the magic of airbrushing and photoshop?

Good golly----is this silly old post STILL going on.......................?!?!?!

OP you're very short sighted which is quite obvious by your post and one has to think you have vitually no experience with real women in general other wise you couldn't even think such a thing as this. You'd have realized long ago that while we are INITIALLY attracted to the outside what's under that veneer is sometimes scary as hell or so beautiful we're stunned. Most likely you've let that candy coated shell shape and control you. Many times this insistance upon having someone "attractive" you're seen with speaks more of an insecurity, perhaps too concerned with what others think of you based upon the women you're supposedly involved with at the time. I think of guys who hire escorts in various capacities in order to project an image or a guy who'd date someone because his buddies will think he's stud.

Over my life I've known three women who were models of the tame type, modeling clothes or shown near fancy cars or otherwise intended to showcase something by first drawing a guys eye with a cute, well built and sometimes sexy woman. I'm NOT talking sleazy, slutty porn star type photos---stuff you'd see in "normal" places. On several occasions I'd accompany them to an assignment and watched their transformation from my buddy to a HotChick all dolled up with incredible make up, hairstyling and sometimes clothes that would cost me a years salary. What I always found so funny is that even while the photos were being shot they looked good---but not all that outstanding to the naked eye. Once the photos were processed and printed WOW they suddenly became women I didn't recognize but sure did want to "know better"! Point being things like lighting and the film used were all optimized to produce results that weren't 100% "true". The same thing happens in the movies or anywhere an image is recorded and intended to paint someone in their "best light"---probably where that term came from originally.

As hard as it is to believe Nicole, Salma and every other Hollywood starlet has their bed heads, bad morning breath, bloated days, grump days, baggy underwear they can easily scratch their butts in and every other thing "normal" women do. Like already said any woman who has a staff of 20 people working on them would look "beautiful" on film. There was once an internet site that showed these Hollywood chicks withOUT make up and OMG talk about a limp noodle. Some of them are just NOT that cute or perky with all the glamour scraped off---it's downright scary!

Give me a woman who looks great with bed head, can jump into sweats or something frumpy and still get my blood flowing any day. They're beautiful to me because I've spent the night in their company and if all went well I helped making them that morning mess. From just what we shared I find them irresistable and can't wait to once again create another messy morning girl!
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 4:16:30 AM
Who cares? He likes what he likes....or should I say, in the words of the immortal Todd Bertuzzi, it is what it is. No one can deny that youth is more appealing on a physical level...anyone that does so is in denial or pushing their own agenda. However, attraction is much more complicated than the lure of a simple is based on the sum of many intangible traits - at least for us humans - that we are capable of overcoming the simplicity of "nature's green is gold".
Joined: 2/21/2005
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 6:04:27 AM
I totally agree. I too find that men my age or even in their late 30s to early 40s are exactly the way you describe the women in your age group to be. They don't have it "going on" and they let themselves go physically and mentally - they become old farts! That's why I stick to dating and having relationships with men in their early 30s!
Joined: 8/30/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 6:23:01 AM
those women that you think to not care how they come off as...
Those are the women who have matured and who no longer dress or act like men expect and want them to. At that age, women have been maturing and are being their own person, not who everyone else wants them to be. They are proud of who and what they are and don't starve themselves and dress like hookers to please men like you.
Women grow to be more comfortable in their homes (bodies) and happiness creates self worth and confidence. Which comes first, I think is different for every woman.
So, when you see these women that are in their 30's and 40's that weigh 10 pounds more than a teenage GIRL or a female in her 20's, don't be so judgemental. Know that there is a LOT more to her than her weight!
Just in case you didn't know, check out airbrush, cosmetic surgery and cropping, you will learn a lot about what those tv and magazine stars REALLY look like.
I'm in my 40's and have never been happier with what I look like. I even weigh more!
I would choose to stay in my 40's over the 30's or 20's over and over again. I love it here!
Joined: 9/14/2005
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 11:06:02 AM
Downhill..........sounds like were dropped on your head at some point.........look around........your in a mindset.....come on now.....that comment was just ignorant.......downhill after 30.........please
Joined: 5/20/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 11:06:03 AM
I think it depends on what your opinion of "attractive" is. I've seen plenty of women of all ages that are attractive. Unless you are looking for the Hollywood Model types, there are a lot of qualities that make women attractive to different people.

Qualities like hair color, height, weight, eye color, hygiene, their smile, their charisma, and lots of other things that aren't physical attributes, such as lifestyle, ie: city/country, type of job, family values, etc.

Perhaps, OP, you need to re-evaluate what you find attractive and look there. If you are looking for only Hollywood models, then none of us will ever make it up to your expectations...

Chapman, Kansas
Joined: 6/22/2006
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 11:07:45 AM

I think you probably offended every woman on here - good luck finding a date now.

Sadly, as the OP has been here since 2005 and is still could be right, Tony.

But a greater reason could be the OP's glass-half-empty philosophy, in his believing that most women his age are wanting. Basing someone's entire worth on a photograph is dangerous indeed. How many wonderful women have passed him by with this approach to online dating?
Joined: 10/21/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/28/2007 11:12:33 AM
after 30 women and guys for that matter just start getting less attractive its a natural thing. you get old and wrinkly

Maybe you get old and wrinkly! I may be 51, but I am in way better shape than a lot of guys out there in their early 20's.

Take care of your body kids, it's the only one you'll ever have!
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 10/29/2007 7:51:28 PM
You go kid26 you got it what will the people who date only younger do? Re-place their mate every 7 years? A very costly divorce for those who can afford it. from his littlemiss thank you girl...those insults by men whose image is a 5 are not worth reading..../ I don't mind those men my age dating younger women...It is easy to seperate an old fool his or her money

Since you're 45 and looking for men between the ages of 29 (yikes!) and 50, how many men have seperated YOU from your money?
Joined: 10/16/2005
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/6/2007 12:24:17 PM
Hahahaha. You're comparing regular women to celebrities? Are you kidding me? And I'm sure that you look just like Brad Pitt too. Plenty women that are half the age of those celebrities don't even look that good. Know why? They're not real. Anyone can look good if they have hair, makeup, stylists, good lighting, photoshop to help them out. Give me all that crap and I can be on the cover of a magazine, but I could never look like that everyday. People (women too) have to stop comparing women to the false gods that they see in magazines. It offers a terribly unrealistic sense of reality. It's what gives little girls eating disorders and issues with self esteem. The average supermodel is 5'10 and weighs 115. The average woman is 5'4" and weighs 140.

Time for a reality check, kids.

Also.. You don't have a photo posted.. But, if you're not attracting women that you find attractive, maybe you should look in the mirror start critiquing yourself.. Start with the inside first.


There's enough proof to prove to ANYone out there of the quanity of hot / good looking women available! I bow to all of you who take the time & effort to workout & watch what you eat etc in order to continue looking the way you do. There are some women on pof pushing 50 - and some beyond who still look very hot! No need for all the fake images/mirrors/plastic surgery/touch-ups the celebs. use. Everyone will age - thats a way of life. One needs to appreciate the women (and men for that matter) who do what they do so others can drool LOL (kidding)
Carry on ladies!

Thanks! Will do!
Joined: 11/1/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/6/2007 12:36:11 PM
The OP is 39. I have seen plenty of women in their 40s that are still attractive. Not just famous celebrities, but women that I see at the gym, in my neighborhood etc. There are even some women in their 50s that are still fairly attractive. A good diet and proper exercise can help a woman maintain much of her beauty.
Joined: 8/21/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/6/2007 3:20:36 PM
52 must seem like a dinosaur to you!!! Are you God's gift to women or what?
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/6/2007 11:39:14 PM
^ Wow, I can understand why you would take this thread so personally, but no need to get so defensive. If you think that upsetting people means you're "doing something right", then it's no surprise that you're divorced. Unfortunately for you, I wasn't one of the men you supposedly upset. I just like to call out people on their idiotic posts. Don't let your anger cloud your judgement.

By the way, you must be either confused or delusional...I would never IM you since you don't fit many (or most) of my criteria. Nice try, though. It was good for a laugh!
Joined: 10/5/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/8/2007 11:14:59 AM
With no photo and a name like "The Gimp" - um - maybe Nicole Kidman is aiming a bit high?
Joined: 1/31/2006
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/8/2007 11:24:35 AM
I always get guessed for ten years or more, younger than I maybe dude needs glasses...had your eyes checked lately?

Well I just took a long look in the mirror...I look just fine for 38...Thank you...but who ask you anyway...I get all the compliments and dates I need from guys in their early to mid 20's...and men my age too.

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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/8/2007 11:28:29 AM
@ travel the world:

Wow, what a whack job you are!

Tic toc you directly used my quote..., so yes your were talking to me. You said I date men 29 years old...and that is not funny or correct

It's in your profile, nutbag. It doesn't mean I talked to you. Duh!

Take responsibility for what you post and who you insolt,,,,ok man, you think , when a woman is divorced woman is always her fault?

Hmmm...there is a thing called reading comprehension which you so clearly lack. The statement was quite obviously directed only your way, but I see how you want to twist it into a gender issue to deflect from your own idiotic statement. This is, however, ironic coming from a person who states that by upsetting men, she must have a valid point.

Wow you are not the brighterst or most compationate man are you?

This coming from someone who can't form proper sentences or even spell the most basic of words.

Look out ladies I would not date this one. Would you? He has the foot in the mouth!
Cyn he probably looks like micky mouse

How old are you, again? From your picture, I'd say you're in your 40's, but from your posts, I'd say you are in your early teens.

By the way, I think Cyn was referring to the OP, not me. Or is that not obvious enough for you?

Well, hope you had fun coming out today. Remember to take your meds because you are definitely one of the most spaced out characters that I've run into on here.
Joined: 11/1/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/8/2007 12:19:19 PM
I'm a year older than the OP. I would consider fairly to be fairly attractive. I exercise and have a good diet. I know what looks good on me. ( Clothes, hairstyle, makeup etc ). I know some women who are 5-10 years older than me and still are great looking.
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/8/2007 8:01:22 PM

TIC TOC another spelling Nazi that has never been out of the US. You are an Idiot Tic Toc...
I know you like to make assumptions (always dumb ones), but I don't live in the US. Sorry to burst your bubble.

are you sure you are not 80? Let go of your over-inflated ego and have some fun. So I am a foreigner who speaks 3 languages, how many do you speak? Oh yes men who think like you don’t speak more than one and have never even think of seeing outside their country or their box… I think most women including me, like worldly, educated, smart, loving and friendly men. Of course you would not know anything about that.

Wow, you almost make this too easy with all your crazy and wild assumptions. Hehe...and you're wrong on every count, but please continue. It is most amusing.

Congrats I am a family therapists and have counseled 6,000 people and never met a bigger jerk than you. Not ever.

You're a therapist?!! Wow, talk about letting an inmate run the asylum! No wonder there is a abundance of dysfunctional personalities in the US.
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/10/2007 1:06:21 AM
Oh grief...stick to topic...or go fight somewhere else..both of you have a lot of growing up to do!!!

:modhammer: :modhammer:
Joined: 4/7/2007
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/10/2007 6:47:19 AM
Your only 38 ,think your not looking hard enough...theres alot of beautiful women on here in your age group
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/10/2007 6:55:42 AM
Often more mature ladies are slim and have a lot of style- or why not go for someone younger then?
Joined: 3/2/2006
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I'm not attracted to women my age.
Posted: 11/10/2007 8:11:49 AM
personally, i think women in the late 30's-mid50's group are the most beautiful. they know who they are, where they are in life and what they want in life. i find that confident maturity to be oh so sexy. take the time to talk to one of those women you're dismisseing, to get to know her, to smile with her... and when her eyes light up, all of a sudden she'll become the most beautiful woman in the world to you.

YAY! to guys who have discovered that the real beauty in women who are ...... *cough*.... over the child-bearing age .... is our independence and confidence in knowing who we are and what we want out of life.

The OP's thread gives me the impression that he is of the Peter Pan mentality. Thank goodness his mindset is in the minority of guys in his age. Chronological age has little to do with the essence of a female. I've seen some 20/30- something females who have allowed themselves to fall into the "frump" category. How a person ages is mostly hereditary and partly environment.

I join the others here who wonder why the OP chooses not to display his photo. Could the reason be an esteem issue? I wonder if he is looking for a female with the looks of a celebrity because in his rather limited thought process and tunnel vision having a glamorous female at his side would somehow enhance his physical appearance...
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