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Joined: 3/15/2006
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What do you do with a cyber stalker?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Well obviously she did not make her point clear enough to the guy.

No, means NO! Once is all it takes to say "I'm not interested."

This is the reason why sites like this are a joke because of the way people like you think.

Then people like you shouldn't expect to find anything worthwhile here. Because it's people like you that make people like me worried about communicating with others. You just don't get it. If I tell you once I'm not interested, that is that. No need to "chew me out" ~ MOVE ON.

The OP like you probably view most guys on here as bits or virtual people and could careless of anyone's feeling. Respect and caring are two different things and if you do one without the other then that is where trouble begins.

Whoa there buddy. You know nothing about me. I respect everyone who writes to me, unless they deserve NO respect. XXX rated contact and the inability to move on when I politely say "I'm not looking for what you are looking for" is not appropriate. For me or anyone else.

Chewing someone out does not mean that you are being nasty with them, it's just being very blunt with that person. If the OP called me a stalker, which is a rude and nasty remark regardless if it is true or not, I would have defended my actions as justified (not that I would stalk anyone but if I were accused of that I would defend my reasoning). I'm pretty sure somewhere down the road of them two talking she began to lead him on and probably did not know it (but this is highly unlikely) as most girls do it.

Chewing someone out/being blunt is unnecessary. OMFG! Yes, we all lead you on. How's this attitude working for ya???

this is why I said in the beginning that this stalking is not really the point

Then why don't you start your own thread and get to YOUR point? You're in a thread dedicated to cyber-stalking. Period.

READ HER PROFILE. As I stated before its a jungle of ironies, oxymoron's, loops, head games, and other stuff that just contradicts her making this post in the first place. I'm not even going to get into her profile right now but if you read it, you can see that; her profile is the ype that is welcome doormat to “stalkers”

I have read her profile and quite honestly, if you want to see oxymorons and a bunch of BS, read MINE. That is MY business and whoever isn't happy with what I say ~ too bad!!! You know, you just don't get it. That's entirely up to you. You are missing the point of this thread and just want to get your woman-bashing opinions out here. You've now done that. Feel better? Should you want to discuss her profile or my profile, feel free to start a thread regarding such. Otherwise, get back on topic and voice your opinions on how we all make up cyber-stalkers for some unfathomable reason. Some of us would like to read posts about stalkers.

Edit ^^^

But legally its' not stalking.

That is not correct. You may want to revisit your local and state statutes. Knowingly approaching someone at their home or place of business or any venue providing direct, univited contact can be legally termed stalking. Overanalyzed/overgeneralized or not, stalking in any form is now taken very seriously. Stalking via the net is the second highest rising crime in the US. I know you aren't of the mindset that stalking is appropriate, but for your own info, you may want to research said laws. If you don't have access to legal statutes in your area, is a site where you can view case law for free. Otherwise you can google for statute law in your state.
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