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 Uncle Fist
Joined: 12/18/2006
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Black metal... Page 4 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
I agree that people seem much more interested in arguing what's really black metal these days than actually focusing on the quality of the music.

Quality black metal has always been hard to find, though. Even in the glory days. Many of the originators were horribly overrated in terms of actual musical value. They paralleled with some of the original punk pioneers in the sense that a lot of them were really more known for their off stage antics than for the music they made.

It's not like Burzum or Mayhem were actually good bands. The members just led interesting off stage lives.

Now Emperor, on the other hand, were quality. I wish more bands from the tr00 era had taken the same approach to their music that they did. They still did all the crazy off stage stuff but not at the expense of their music.
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Black metal...
Posted: 7/18/2008 3:13:32 AM
black metal rox
Joined: 4/4/2007
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Black metal...
Posted: 7/18/2008 6:28:00 PM
99% percent of black metal has failed to even interest me in the slightest. Terrible screeched vocals with music that sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box= no thanks.
Joined: 2/22/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/22/2009 7:14:25 PM
What I like about Black Metal, was not only the music but the ideology that came with it.

Black Metal is supposed to be AGAINST what is popular, hence why it is very unbearable. But even the equipment wasn't suppose to be on purpose because at the time that is all what bands can get a hold of. Not many people knew what it was and it was made fun of.

The less people listen to Black Metal, the better. It's better to have a small base of people that understand and appreciate it than people who listen, because it "sounds more evil" and try to look cool.
Joined: 5/16/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/23/2009 1:01:41 AM
I find that I have to be in a really specific mood to listen to black metal, a mood which doesn't come about very often.

I like how black metal artists use the low-level production to create an eerie atmosphere. So, Sorg, I don't know if the bands necessarily had only crappy equipment at the time. The bad production is on purpose, at least that's what it seems to me. Just listen to bands like Burzum, Darkthrone, and Mayhem. If you take away the bad production, the atmosphere would be nowhere near as eerie. You could say that the bad production is one of the defining features of black metal.
Joined: 2/22/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/23/2009 10:41:47 AM
I do listen to those three bands. Yes, it does play a huge role in atmospheric sound, at that time death metal was on the rise and a lot of people didn't know what black metal was and it was made fun of quite a bit.

But with also getting that sound it also signified not going with trends. Most BM artist's consider a very well produced album crappy. It's not only the atmosphere but the feeling that goes into the music. Mayhem's early stuff was good but now I could care less for it. Darkthrone now is into crust and metal. I do like Burzum a lot and in my opinion that is how Black Metal should be (according to the early records, ofcourse).
Joined: 5/16/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/23/2009 12:17:33 PM
Agreed. Burzum definitely has a lot of emotion behind the music and is a good representation of traditional, raw black metal. This is going to sound cheesy, but I can almost feel Varg's pain and anger in his vocals. I'm usually bad with song titles but one particular song, Spell of Destruction, always seems to satisfy when I get into the "black metal feeling."

I also personally don't mind black metal being fused with other styles. For example, Dissection and Emperor are two bands that play black metal but fuse it with other elements. Dissection takes a melodic approach while still incorporating the atmosphere of bad production. Emperor has the same black metal atmosphere but with symphonic elements. They may not necessarily be as "kvlt" as other black metal bands, but they sure pull off some great sounding music.
Joined: 2/22/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/23/2009 1:02:59 PM
At the time, (before all the media press) Burzum was/is special since it drew alot of Tolkien influence. If you knew LOTR then Burzum was very special to you because you knew what people don't know about it. Personally, Hvis Lyset Tarr Oss (album) is my favorite.

Emperor was a good band, they showed that there is similarities with Black metal and Classical music due to musical composition. Sad they are no more but Ihsahn's solo project is good. Another band I like is TAAKE, I really like Ulvhedin's work, even when he did vocals for Ragnarok.
 odins throne
Joined: 2/7/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/12/2009 7:56:06 PM
i believe that you can't stay sounding the same forever, it shows lack of imagination. look at the hair metal scene in the 80's as a prime example, all the bands looked and sounded the same, it became stagnant. some people may not like cradle, dimmu or satyricon, but bands have to challenge themselves as musicsians to take a chance and further push the boundaries of what they play. too much emphasis has been put on genres latley, lets just enjoy some godamn heavy metal and quit griping about it. would you all rather listen to britney spears than dimmu or cradle? i think not ,enough said
Joined: 2/22/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/13/2009 4:07:54 PM
You can stay sounding the same if you like. It's just a matter of choice.. Would you rather A.) Use the same sound and style and keep a small but loyal following or B.) Evolve and adapt with each album while loosing old fans and gaining new ones at the risk of tarnishing your name?

This is where the line draws between BM Elitists and regular Metal Heads..
 WS Wilson 4 Hire
Joined: 3/11/2007
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/13/2009 4:39:28 PM

'nuff said.
Joined: 10/8/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/13/2009 6:26:07 PM
I implore all of the Black Metal fans to google "Until The Light Takes Us," and check your local papers for possible showings.

Also, I am a bit of a fan of the newer Darkthrone fan, whereas the started to implement more of a punk element in to their sound.
Joined: 2/26/2008
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/20/2009 9:02:22 PM
Black Metal is as bad as White Metal - too much preaching.

I saw somebody mention Cradle of Filth - from the UK. Ever hear the story when they went to the Church of England and made a scene at Canterbury Cathedral. The Church didn't care and they left. The Church of England doesn't care about Metal Music - to them its entertainment like horror movies.

Cradle of Filth had to go to the Vatican in Rome for someone to get upset - even then they CofF are a tongue-in-cheek band.

Go listen to Akercocke - they at least sound sickening if you are looking for that thing.

Bathory is also thrash & Viking Metal - not true Black - Quarthon couldn't keep it up it's so stupid a genre - really worship of the Devil is so dumb.

 secret of the easy yoke
Joined: 8/11/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/21/2009 4:14:59 PM
i'm a huge fan of black metal that's heavily influenced by early Burzum. so unsurpisingly, i've become a bit of a junkie with "dsbm" (depressive/suicidal black metal). bands like early Ulver, Brocken Moon, Wedard, etc. i really like a lot of the stuff coming out of the middle east and central asia. while it's rarely that impressive musically, the passion these bands have is INCREDIBLE!!! when you live in a country like Afghanistan (like Taarma used to), Lebanon, or Iran, chances are good that you're going to be angrier and more depressed than most people in Europe and the USA. and it definitely shows up in the music...

while i love the lo-fi super-atmospheric, poorly-produced stuff, i really like when black metal is effectively mixed with other genres; Anaal Nathrakh (which throws death/grind and operatic vocals into the mix quite well...), Njiqahdda, Velvet Cacoon, Wold (raw black mixed with harsh experimental noise), etc. i especially like the fusion of black metal and shoegaze. and i really feel that there needs to be more raw black/experimental noise bands...
Joined: 2/26/2008
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/21/2009 5:00:44 PM

Anaal Nathrakh (which throws death/grind and operatic vocals into the mix quite well...)

British Black is tongue in cheek at best - NORWEIGIAN BLACK is what all Black Metal is the standard. Like Dimmu Borgir is the standard for all Black Metal - I can't stand them or anything like it - crap.

The original Black Metal bands were:
Angel Witch
Mercyful Fate

I'll listen to any of them b4 any of that Norweigan Crap.
Joined: 8/11/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/22/2009 10:45:29 AM
Number one, CoF is the stupidest band ever...period.

Here's a list of my fav Black Metal bands; enjoy!!!

Nokturnal Mortem
Amon Amarth
"old" Bathory
Celtic Frost
Impaled Nazarene
I do appreciate Dimmu Borgir, and Satyricon.
Joined: 8/9/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/1/2009 3:26:56 PM
I think Alcest, Velvet Cacoon and Wolves In The Throneroom are all proving the longevity and varied styles within the genre. Though my favorite will always be Nocturnal Depression with haungting vocals and just bleak and varied acoustic guitar styles.
Joined: 2/26/2008
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/14/2009 9:36:53 PM

There are also bands who combine Death and Black metal very well, like Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is from Sweden, where like the UK - Black Metal is Tongue In Cheek and Campy and not true Black Metal.

True Black is from Norway only - oooh a land that is opressive and the Christians are Tyrants... Uh no - opposite Nice People, Fairly Open Minded and no Religion is running anything, kind of nice place to live.

You want a true classic Black Metal band -

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - they rule ........Awesome ......

Joined: 2/23/2007
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/19/2009 11:50:36 PM
Wolves In The Throne Room
Judas Iscariot
Satyricon (old)
Satanic Warmaster

are some of my current favs for BM.
Joined: 9/19/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/26/2009 6:54:35 AM
Limbonic Art
Obsidian Gate
Joined: 9/9/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/27/2009 11:14:18 PM
It's definitely not dead. The problem with black metal is its about the message, not so much the music itself, but that does not mean I don't respect that they do. I personally listen to music for its musicianship, not the lyrics unless its cannibal corpse.
Joined: 9/13/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/30/2009 7:45:05 PM

I appreciate BM and it's stance against the negative influence that the Semitic religions have brought to Europe.

The antireligious stance is probably the one thing I don't like about black metal. Thankfully, there are some black metal bands that have better things to write songs about besides ****ing about Christianity. Since I'm a fundamentalist Christian, perhaps I shouldn't be listening to black metal? Nevermind. Forget it.

What I'd like to ask you all is, which sub-genre is your preferred style - death or black metal?

Personally, I'd say death metal was better up to 1996, black metal is better from 1997 onwards. That's not to say BM was crap pre-1997 (Bathory in particular were awesome) but I think the likes of Emperor really moved the scene forward, whereas DM has stagnated (those that didn't evolved. Some disappeared up their own arses, like Paradise Lost and Anathema, but the likes of In Flames and Dark Tranquility have done well, imo).

I agree. Seems to me that it was when Emperor put out "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" that black metal started to progress and death metal started to stagnate. There are still some pretty good death metal bands though. Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Behemoth, and Nile are all putting out some consistently good stuff if you ask me.

But for the most part I agree that black metal is much better than death metal these days. Particularly the more atmospheric bands like Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Slechtvalk, Crimson Moonlight, 1349, and Naglfar.
Joined: 2/26/2008
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Black metal...
Posted: 9/30/2009 8:44:26 PM
Just remember that Religious Authorities in NORWAY, and FINLAND are so repressive....

Joined: 9/12/2009
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Black metal...
Posted: 10/4/2009 1:16:30 PM
Black metal has been's gone.
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