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I'm sorry you've had such a hard sad life with this person. I read once, "be careful who you marry, it's the single most important decision you will ever make."

It sounds to me like you are just too good for him and he knows it. Sounds like you are a very class act, good woman to me. He has a lot of problems. There is no easy answer how to get over somebody, all we can do is move forward and try not to think about it, though that's very hard sometimes. I keep telling myself I'm over my ex, am to an huge extent but fact is I did love the guy in spite of everything, it wasn't the kind of love I really want but it was love, you don't spend 7 years with somebody you don't love, I took a lot. I know what you are talking about.

People keep asking me why I stayed, that's why I stayed, I stayed because I loved him, wanted to spend my life with him, his Mother broke us up (long story) but he allowed it so I don't entirely blame her, I'm angry with them both and I try very hard not to think about either of them anymore but it's not possible all of the time. I know he still loves me and I could go back anytime but I'd only get hurt again and so would you.

I'll always have feelings for him though, care about him deeply still, would be out of my mind if anything bad happened to him but when it's not right you have to look after yourself and take yourself out of harms way. You weren't being treated right, neither was I, you have to give up and move on. You'll find better love.

The Camaro sounds nice. Everytime I tried to leave my ex boyfriend, he invited me to Florida for the winter, he used to rent us a condo on the beach but has a place now there and I love Florida and loved him so it was easy to say yes, hard to resist. I'm to the point where even that doesn't work. I have to let go.

Be strong and look after yourself first.
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