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Joined: 6/29/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who''s cleaned up his act?Page 6 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
How many people here would juggle dynamite?


How many?

Dynamite is extremely unstable, and if its very old , could explode at any time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn''t.

Would you want to take the risk that the times you touch it, that it doesn''t?

And guess what? A stick of old dynamite can''t steal your TV, ruin your credit record and empty your bank accounts.

How is living with a former junkie any different from juggling dynamite? I''d argue that the junkie is more likely to blow up in your face.

There is so much crap people have to deal with in life already, why would anyone want to make conscious choice to charge head on into some real potential bullshit?
Joined: 4/15/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 7/7/2006 10:33:46 PM
no. once a junkie, always a junkie.

if it isn't heroin, it's coke, if it isn't coke, it's booze, if it isn't booze, it's prescription drugs...

even if the obsession became going to the gym, life would never be what you want with an addict, you will always be second

99.99% of addicts stay addicted to something their entire life

addictive personalities never go away, they just change focus.
Joined: 4/15/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 7/10/2006 7:10:57 PM
Most social workers are the same, in my opinion...and cannot feel good about themselves unless they are constantly in the company (professionally) of people who always need "help".

As a matter of fact, social workers are some of the most inept, incompetant people on the planet. Already-rose-to-their-level-of-incompetancy in their field, making ridiculous policy after ridiculous policy, social workers are a blight on our society, always almost getting the job done, creating programs that just do not work, spending our tax dollars on a bunch of losers who are milking the system and usually end up over-medicated and useless for their entire lives, or in jail.

Next, she'll be telling us that pedophiles can be cured.

The name refers to the drink... a kamikaze: vodka, roses lime juice, triplesec, ice.
Joined: 6/18/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 7/14/2006 12:28:31 AM
im clean now for over 7 years and whan im with a new partner she would never no i was on anything and never do un till i tell them and its been some time some times .i deal with alot of people thay never no or even think anything about what my life was when i tell them thay are like wow i would have never all im saying is people are not the same but when your done with that life you move on and grow you see things like your baby girl and say never will i let her see me that way.and let me tell ya i dont even think about then i think about whats next in my life .so what im saying is every one can move on and be just as good or even better then the next guy.i go with some one for who thay are then not who thay once were.and what went on in the past is up to them to share with long as i keep my family safe im doing my job.
Joined: 6/18/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 7/14/2006 12:39:35 AM
no a junkie is a harion addict as the word junk is one of its many names and junkie comes from that word.
Joined: 7/5/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 7/18/2006 9:14:43 AM
I happened accross this thread and decided to share a eulogy I had to write last month for a guy who was popular with everyone in his youth and abandoned by virtually all when he started to slide, but I think it is germane.

Robert XXXXXXXXXXXX. My friend, my brother.
>We found it ironic that our fathers had grown up
>together and lost touch as adults and that we met
>independent of them. And so began a friendship of
>three decades.
>Robbie was blessed with the ability to light any room
>he entered, and as generous as he was in every
>respect, the gift he gave most freely was laughter.
>Even as I mourn his loss, my thoughts inevitably turn
>to some humorous anecdote from our misspent youth and
>a smile comes through the tears.
>Fiercely proud of his Scottish heritage, as evidenced
>by our shameless ransacking of my parents collection
>of Kenneth McKellar and Andy Stewart recordings on
>many a night. Singing out of key and somewhat
>inebriated to the "auld scots sangs". Those evenings
>are among my most treasured memories.
>And yet no recounting of the man would be complete,
>nor would it do him justice to fail to acknowledge
>that in Robbie there was an inner struggle.
>Every soul has within its dark recesses, those
>whispered voices of self destruction and temptation.
>In Robbie those voices were pervasive and his battle
>was a long and arduous one.
>Too often we define victory in terms of success or
>failure. I submit to you that victory sometimes
>deserves a higher definition. I believe that victory
>can be defined as a moral decision to take up arms in
>a battle against a daunting foe without regard to the
>odds arrayed against you. And there are no greater
>foes than human weakness and self-doubt.
>So let us remember Robbie as a warrior. Let us pay
>tribute to his struggle. Let us salute his victory.
>And above all else, let us hold dear in our hearts,
>the memory of a kind and courageous man. And let us
>tak a cup o' kindness yet for auld lang syne.
Joined: 12/7/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 12/14/2006 6:55:44 PM
our country can debate this until the final sunset and nothing is gonna change. addicts and users can only get help when THEY ARE READY! until then it is all window dressing and self pity. for some it is after losing a couple years of their lives and they want to change for others it is lifelong. until a person can admit THEY phukked up and not their parents,not the government or rock music or michael schiavo or any other high society "cause" we can come up with. on the other hand if a person is the type that CAN NEVER BE WRONG and it is always someone elses fault,well then he or she can simply sit back and enjoy a wasted life of partying and doing drugs and consuming alcohol! this way THEY can always be right. the drug use and the wasted lives are not the sad part of this moden day scourge,what is really sad is the devastation it has on the loved ones around them. unfortunately they dont care about this as they dont care about themselves. OOPS wait a minute yes they do. actually thats all they care about is THEMSELVES!

clean and sober NOW and dont miss any of it..........thx
Joined: 7/18/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 1/16/2007 5:59:44 PM
Sure, but I would exclude anyone who uses "Your honour I rest my case..." with every closing.
Joined: 8/18/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 1/16/2007 9:08:59 PM
Interesting subject here.... Would I date a addict??? Not again... Been there, done that... I dated a crack addict for 4 years and it turned into hell.... Our relationship was long distance and today I am embarrassed to say that out loud..... He never told me much about his drug past and I was too naive to ask.... Many months into the relationship he disappeared for a couple of days..... Told me he used cocaine when he returned... I asked about crack and he denied it.... We carried on after he said it was something he'd never do again.....I was pretty clueless about it so I believed him..... 6 months later off he went again.... After that, the times got closer together that he would take off..... I got to the point I was afraid he'd die, so I stayed.... the "I can save him" syndrome......Of course it turned out to be crack.... I stuck by him through being left in an airport while he did drugs, his out-patient rehab, than his in-patient rehab.... Than his relapses after that, which included a 6 day binge.....The longer he stayed clean after, the worse his personality got...

So no, I wouldn't date a drug addict again.....
Joined: 12/4/2005
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 2/19/2007 5:44:19 AM
Are junkies only men? Not that I would but today most AID victims are junkies or reformed junkies and the partners they hooked up with. So you date one, now you have their forever lasting gift & now you get to share it with someone else Get real girl clean up your act
Joined: 7/23/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 2/21/2007 5:29:45 PM

Just wondering if anyone out there would date an ex-junkie thats cleaned up their act or if there are any ex-junkies out there that a relationship has worked out for?

I wouldn't. If a person had used some illegal drugs, no problem. If they were casual users of pot, I would not care. But prior addictions, no, I would not feel comfortable. Almost everyone I have known that has had a prior addiction still seems to have some issues either related to that, or just their addictive personality. I would wish them the best and I would support them as a friend, but I would not date them.
Joined: 7/6/2005
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 3/12/2007 9:36:15 PM
Life goes on. Now if they return to their habbit, then you should get out of there quick.

I would considered it one strike agaisnt them, but they should still get 2 more strikes.
Joined: 12/12/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 3/12/2007 11:07:56 PM
I wouldnt go near an ex junkie, no matter what.
once a junkie ALWAYS A JUNKIE....
Joined: 3/16/2007
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 3/24/2007 1:24:11 PM
I think an ex junky could be hellped by a woman who does not worry about the past of someones life who has changed for a better life.recovered addicts are not the only people that had to change there lives to better them selves.even the best men and women had to bury there skelotons so the bad from yesterday can stay behind them.You should look at a person the way they are today and learn more about that person tomorrow not yesterday.yeaterday is dead and tomorrow will be here soon.we cant let yesterday bother us fo today or tomorrow.We all need to bury yesterday with all of our skellotons so we can move on tomorrow.
Joined: 7/8/2008
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/29/2010 8:24:22 AM
No I would not date an ex junkie ,who went in drugs /booze /porns addictions, because their mind is already impaired ..

I will date a disable person as long as his mind is healthy...
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Joined: 7/29/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/29/2010 10:27:35 AM
yes i would, i know this woman who was an addict, she is clean, and sober, and she is one of the most wonderful , passionate, creative, beautiful person i know
Joined: 1/17/2009
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/29/2010 12:59:34 PM
No, simply because there is the risk of relapse. people are not 'ex-junkies'; they are recovering addicts.

I'm not a social worker in my professional life and I choose not to be one in my personal life either.

whether it would 'help' someone or not is immaterial; I don't owe it to anyone to help them with their problems. Not a social worker.

There is no reason for me to date junkies or ex-junkies and find them stealing money and things from me for their habit, and constantly lying.

Too much drama, I think most are addicted to DRAMA as much as anything . the 3 a.m. phone call from the police holding cell, jail, or the hospital emergency admitting room, etc.

I can get plenty of dates from among the non-addicted crowd, so why go there? why should I take the risks?
Joined: 11/8/2006
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/29/2010 1:59:50 PM
Wow. Just wow.

Not all of us are liars and theives and full
of drama just waiting to find an excuse
to use again.

Alot of us have struggled very hard and
are sober and plan to remain sober for
the rest of our lives.

I would rather be an ex addict any day-
have my shit together,work on myself
everyday and eat and keep healthy from
this day forward then be a judgemental
tunnel visioned ass who would rather
pass judgement from past behavior
than give someone a chance.

We don't need your chance actually and
all your drama. There are many out there
willing to give us a chance.

One more thing- some of us don't
and have never stole. Yeah- some addicts
can actually afford thier habit.

Have a nice day.
Joined: 9/2/2007
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/29/2010 7:00:46 PM
An addict no...I had an addict close to will lose against the addiction...they'll have to want to clean up on their own...a recovered addict...who is committed to bettering his..absolutely!! From what I've's seems it's actually the really good people that fall into addiction...unfortunately.
Joined: 1/17/2009
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/31/2010 2:17:37 PM
YES, I am judgmental.

"Hello, my name is Bob, and..I'm a judgment addict"

See? you can't blame me? I'm addicted to judgment!! I can't help it, it's part of my condition!

"SJS", Severe Judgment Syndrome" know that no-one , anywhere is actually responsible for their actions, it's all aresult of one's upbringing, or environment or something in the air, or water.

so STOP being so judgmental of me for being 'judgmental'..!

in reality we all make judgments and are 'prejudiced' to one degree or another ; otherwise it would be impossible to function in a complex world

I f any one says they are totally without judgment, no degree of being 'judgmental' , I call BullShite
 Annie was here
Joined: 3/12/2010
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/31/2010 3:37:41 PM
No because once the taste is there for whatever substance they were
addicted too it will always be there. There are some things I just don't
want to deal with.Addicts just happen to be one of those things.I know
that many people successfully clean up their lives and go on to become
productive citizens,but many more relapse multiple times.Many times
relapses happen years after they have gotten clean.

I don't think addicts are "bad people" they are just dealing with issues
I have no desire to have in my life.

Hmm interesting thread.People judging other people for being judgmental.We
judge apparently.
Joined: 3/27/2010
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Would you date an ex-junkie who's cleaned up his act?
Posted: 5/31/2010 5:38:41 PM
As difficult as it is to overcome an addiction of any kind it is a daily battle. For those people who do overcome the addictions and never go back to their habit, it takes tremendous strength and discipline and they will have to maintain that strength and discipline for the rest of their lives.

That being said, it also takes a very understanding sole to be with someone who has battled with addiction. It takes a lot of love and hard work and some times the addiction is really the love of their life. Yesterday, I was at a barbeque and three of the guest were ex smokers, and they were talking about how hard it was to give up smoking, one woman said, "it was like my best friend." While smoking is not drugs or liquer, I do sometimes wonder if that is what an addict feels about their addiction, is it their best friend too?

For me, I have known two people who have been addicts, both friends and each of them have had relapses. I see what it does to their families and their friends and how many lives are affected by the choices of an addict. I also know how hard it is for each of these individuals to deal with the stress of everyday life which worries me as well.

Addictions of any sort are bad, but some can kill you, if I were to meet someone and they had overcome an addiction, first I would give them credit for being honest with me and then I would take it day by day. However, if there ever did come a time when it was clear that the addiction won and it was the love of their life, I would leave and not look back.
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