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Joined: 8/16/2006
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Oh joy sings my heart refreshment for my soul. Just found this thread I too must now sleep but now so sweet I'm internally grateful
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 8/29/2006 12:52:36 PM
Finally a thread of deep thought in an otherwise endless sea of shallow self-serving dribble. The structure is only important to those that think it so. They lift a barren, dusty thought upon a trendy twist of rhyming phrase, so those that care for style not of substance can easily grasp its decaying gaze. Cry the lost and ancient tears for that which each within does seek. Often found within our grasp is often kept beyond our reach!
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There are in this world two sorts of masters
Posted: 8/29/2006 1:09:52 PM
There are in this world two sorts of masters. The one whose every lesson is "Me."

“You have much to learn from me,” he says, with loving wisdom on his face (but something else in his heart). “Study hard, attend carefully, and one day, who knows? You too may be as wise as me!” (But in his heart he doubts it.)

The other sort is often silent, for he knows that he has much to learn, from all of you.
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There are in this world two sorts of masters
Posted: 8/29/2006 4:58:18 PM
I am that which I am
I am the speech that needs to be spoken
I am the musket’s roar that brings down tyranny
I am the dawn of liberty
I am the obscurity that will be made plain
I am the chariot that brings the charioteer
I am the cloud that parts to reveal the sun
I am the wheel within the wheel
I am the vanilla interior between the chocolate biscuits
I am the last, the inner layer of the onion
I am the cherry atop the Olympic sundae
I am the lint in the Almighty’s navel
I am the Alpha and the Omega
I am the Beta and the Psi
I am the Gamma and the Chi
I am the etcetera and the etcetera

I have spoken

and I shall speak!
Joined: 4/12/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 8/31/2006 7:35:35 PM
Hidden Memories

I search my mind looking
For memories of long ago
Deeply implanted in a corner
Of my mind. Just waiting, lurking

A little girl peeks around
The corner. “May I come out?” she asks.
I tell her no, you have to stay bound
Hidden in the corner of my mind.

She means no harm. She wants to play
My heart softens,
Take my hand, come out today
She holds her head down in shame
Don’t be ashamed, and do not fear
For you my dear, took my pain
And hid it in the corner of my mind

Take my hand, I will protect you
You don’t have to hide any more
You did it for me, I will do it for you
She sits on my knee, and starts to talk
About the memories hidden in the corner of my mind
They are not pretty, it’s been a rough walk

We cry together when she is done
She wipes my tears and I wipe hers
Then she tells me, it’s only just begun
More hidden memories, waiting to come out
We will face them together
There is no doubt.

She returns to my mind, with a little more peace
Knowing she is believed, what a relief

Within seconds, another little voice appears
My name is Found she says
Was you lost my little friend,
Just hiding she said,
A tear dropping slowly down her cheek
Don’t be afraid it’s all in the past
Those hidden memories will be free at last
You can tell me for I am strong
I will protect you as you go along
Tell me about the pain you bore for me
Let it all out and we will be free.

Free to dance and play once again
Never to be burdened with
Hidden Memories
Joined: 5/12/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 8/31/2006 7:38:09 PM
I do stop in to read....often.
Silently enjoy myself.

Apple sliced and seed spread......
Madonna baking banana bread

the echo within me reverberates the same damn prayer
I don my dark glasses and don't stare
The aroma is always wonderful in the kitchen
Simply add soul to the soup to enrichen
Joined: 8/20/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 9/1/2006 4:01:51 AM
Old souls are like a palimpsest
that has been written over
and over so many times
that nothing of the original
or the subsequent messages
remain intact. A polyglot
of partial communications
shows through. “Love” may be
superimposed over “hate” over
“biscuit” over “Althea” over
“Bethany” over “Eli, Eli...”

Thieves, murderers and saints,
false and true lovers
(sometimes they are one and the same),
all have written their messages, all
struggle to speak to us yet none
can be heard distinct, not one.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 9/1/2006 8:54:34 PM
The truth will set you free!

The teacher does not teach only brings out something that is already inside
the pain is deep the fear is real and this I could not hide.I hit my bottom and hit it hard it was a devastating blow. I denied the truth and lived a lie and for this I could not grow. I wore a mask that was not me it was a mask of deception. I have the choice to take off this mask and that is through self-reflection. I always had a choice in life but let them make it for me. Today I choose to make the choice and not live in history. Stay in the moment dont dwell in the past dont look to the future and try to forecast. I ran from life driven by fear always turned to mental pollution. This came in the form of a drink or a drug it seemed the simple solution. Now I sit in a room full of people like me sharing there feelings and fears. I dont have to regret the things I have done or be scared that you may see my tears. I am proud today to be the me I thought I never could. I am proud today to be the me that knows that life is good. Today I live a simple life and it is based on honesty. I keep in mind to thy own self be true for the truth will set you free.
Joined: 8/20/2006
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The truth will set you free
Posted: 9/2/2006 4:26:23 AM
The truth will set you free,
perhaps, but first
you must find and embrace it
for fast as you write it
on a page or your skin
there are others
will try to erase it.
Joined: 12/20/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 9/22/2006 8:37:50 PM

<<< new here. I've been called one of these "old souls" since boyhood. Never knew what it meant. just that it often left me without, though I had much in front of me. Noone understood me(very few people if any still don't), and most write it off as just another trick to take advantage of others.

Has never left me. Never think it will.

Here is my introduction.. hope it fits.

..To snatch a crumb ...flutter away.
...just like that sparrow.

..Shiver tense when the rain comes
... just like that sparrow.

...Where is my place to rinse my tired wings ?
..just like that sparrow.

..I sing a song noone knows.
...just like that sparrow.

limbs so intimidating, you run away
...just like that sparrow

Noone knows the home to which he goes when he gets old, noone knows what he knows when storms get cold. Watch with me won't you...
...Watch..... just like that sparrow.

To build an abode for your mate.
... just like that sparrow.

so obscurly beautiful the plumage
....Just like that sparrow

Soon the gleam dims from your eye....and you can't fly as high.
suddenly you find yourself on your side.
...just like that sparrow.

The chirps grow feint.... soon you realize life is lived by all
..... just like..... that sparrow

This is not a downer poem/writing at all. I think it's the epitome of an old soul's song sung.
I always find myself coming back to it, when there's a world out there that just doesn't understand.

Hope this touches any fellow fish as it has been my hearts' tissue when ya can't stop the internal weep sessions....
Thanks for my five minutes with the microphone.
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/10/2006 8:28:24 PM
Just a thought...
Am I an old soul? or a young soul?
Perhaps a soul not quite yet whole
Who knows? Just pick a direction and then go…
Am I a wise woman? or a foolish one?
Perhaps I’m fighting a battle that can’t be won
Who knows? We all live life under the same sun…
Am I a wild child? or a silent child?
Perhaps both titles fit my style
Who knows? I seek to know that which beguiles…
Just a thought.
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/10/2006 8:39:08 PM
Perhaps i'm not certain of the age of my own soul but...

The oldest soul on earth I know
speaks with the voice of the wind and the rain
cries with the water that washes us clean
I know so little about her.

This oldest soul whom I claim to know
thinks with the wisdom of the earth and the seas
sees with the vision of the breathing sky
she knows nothing about me

Yet this oldest soul whom I claim to know
smiles with the beauty of the rivers and the plains
laughs with the luminosity of the stars
thus knows everything about me

Yes the oldest soul on earth I know
waits with the constancy of love and stone
listens with the sheltered patience of the trees
I love everything about her.
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/11/2006 7:24:46 PM
A little bit of magic anyone?

Merry are the dancers as they tumble round the fire
Sweet the simple songs that burst forth from lip and lyre
Dark the night that cloaks them and bright the stars that shine,
Dance with me tonight, sweet lad, and let thy love be mine.

Jovial is the laughter as it spills with careless ease
Impish are the faces that peer forth from ’mong the trees
Sweet the wine that fills them and so quick the time has sped
Drink with me tonight, sweet lad, and share my earthen bed.

Quiet are the dancers as the fire’s embers die
Soft they wander off now, with deep contented sighs.
Bright the moon that watches and gentle the ground below
Come with me tonight, sweet lad, and let thy world go.
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/12/2006 6:03:05 PM
She dances in the rain
when no one else can see
it washes off the pain
she has outlived.
She sings into the silence
that no one else can hear
it bears her hopes and
carries them away
She listens to the wisdom
that no one else will heed
it infiltrates her being
and her soul
She sees into the veil
when no one else will look
it sheds a shining beauty
on her face.
She offers up her life
which no one else can give
it wakens her to love
and all that’s bright.

Then she dances, bathes, laughs, sings, listens, sees
in a whole new light.
Joined: 5/12/2006
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Who have you been?
Posted: 10/14/2006 4:42:30 PM
Satin words
Smooth when they touch me

Silk underwear
The pulsation of a jet....

I testified at the trial
in my incriminating style

everyone hate's lawyers

taste this melon that I just picked
spit the seeds upon the ground
otherwise swallow that seed....
It won't make you swell...
What the hell?
I bet you you've swallowed more than one...
Choked on a sunflower seed
Peach pit speaks for noone
Dates are just an overswollen raisin...
Minute maid just doesn't cut it
I have an orange tree in my yard that is bitter
The wood smokes awesome ribs
A new branch opened

old souls flourish in the hearts of the young
tasted daily with lips and tongue be young again....
the fountain of the youth of knowledge
Response de leon and a game of bridge
yeah....we got old...
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Singing Drum
Posted: 10/17/2006 5:50:52 PM
She sings aloud instead of beating her own drum
and the rhythm still stands strong
she holds up her morals instead of standing on them
and it does not seem she’s wrong
she rides on a horse bought with beggars wishes
and it’s the finest steed I’ve seen
she lives in a house built of straw and glass
and it’s the prettiest place I’ve been.
Her tangled life’s web contains truth and not lies
and it has not trapped her yet
she embraces the fears that set others to run
for she is as brave as bravery gets
she finds her own purpose has no purpose at all
and fate has not ruined her soul
she follows wild footprints instead of paved roads
and the journey has made her whole.
Joined: 9/17/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/21/2006 10:56:01 PM
Hi I am as per your request....a little bit out of practice with this though so bear with me, here it goes.........Brother

heart brutalized by blackened love
mesmerized by deceptive doctrines of hope
tortured by the tormented screams of stolen faith
riddled with images of fallen dreams
unrelenting onslaught of the mind
this blissful misery of ignorance.........................
cast off the shackles of conformation
follow the light within your own heart
be one with the conciousness of the one
find the miracle within the soul
step back and witness life's beauty
free from the boundaries of religious confinment
no matter the madness which ensnares the day
the answers always lie within
the soul hold the answers to life's mysteries

follow your heart
ask your soul
listen to the wisdom from within
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/27/2006 11:05:39 AM
Nice Zen turn to that SS! Thanks
Joined: 8/20/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 10/28/2006 5:05:10 AM
Neseemo and Rainbows End, what a blessing
to see the spark of friendship struck,
the tinder ready to be lit,
the night that is always somewhere
around us about to be warmed
and brightened by the hearts
of two enkindling souls...
Joined: 9/26/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 11/1/2006 9:22:32 PM
Joined: 9/17/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 11/4/2006 8:33:48 PM
blinded by the darkness within
deafened by the silent whispers of fate
quelled by mayhem's serenity
love's hatred breeds death's warlords
dismayed by war's traitorous alliance with peace
freedom's solitude brings elated misery
misguided by truth's leadership
judgement by sin's advocate
Joined: 10/17/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 11/28/2006 3:09:18 AM
Am I an old soul or a fool
because my youth is faded and
the grey hairs appear......
Often I ponder, the days of yesteryear
to the times of my youth
when I was careless and free
wild nights spent cruising the roads
drunk and disorderly,
rude and obnoxious,
selfish and annoying....
not caring about anyone but me
believing I would live forever
and die at the age of 30...
with a drink in one hand
a joint in the other
and a man between my legs.....
"Sigh" those were the good ole days...
Age of 30 went and passed....
on the brink of divorce, a little boy in tow
angry words thrown
drunk and disorderly
hating all men.
Ten years have come and gone
seeing what I have left behind
brings a tear or two to my eyes
as I feel my life is fading faster
than I can keep up......
Today I have wisdom
and seek knowledge for more
wanting to forget the past
make new tomorrows
slow down....appreciate the way life is today....
being grateful I am alive
and able to endure
life's simple pleasures
one day at a time.
 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 12/2/2006 10:26:16 AM

Is there a warmth hiding inside
The love be stolen, kept safe
Still feeling the cold
Summer ends and the winter bites deep
Into hiding I will go
Into my displacement will I stay
Curling into the chasm
That has begun to rule my life
Though dark shall it be
Light still shines through
Mona Lisa smile
Touch that awakens the sleeping heart
I hold hard to the darkness
To understand from where it comes
So I can welcome the light
That pulses beneath, waiting to emerge
 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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Old Souls.....Only..
Posted: 12/9/2006 3:42:32 PM
Nurse4u - enjoyed your prose...thanks.

Here's another one. There is a bit of rhyming and stanza in here as it was originally intended to be a song. Never got around to the bridge or a real hook though....

Deep in a place
At the centre of your soul
He had said
They whispered what she had been told
And she held fast
Never knowing if her heart was in or out
She became bashful
And soon felt out of place
Always hiding her heart
Always keeping it in
At the start
It's all the game (in the end)
Hide and seek
They whispered what she had been told

Always keeping warm with her cape
She thought it kept her heart covered
Was there even a time when she felt safe
Behind her locked doors
When it was late
A candle to light the room
Blankets to cover her state
Dishevelment, her dark eyes
Waits for the morning
Cannot see the sky
Behind her feelings and
Shaded eye
They whispered what she had been told

The knocking on her door
Could only be her real life calling
Even if she does not know what for
And like a fool ignores the sound
She goes back
Back in time
Yet still she is still playing
Always hiding her heart
Always keeping it in
At the start
It's all a game (in the end)
Hide and seek
They whispered what she had been told
They whispered
She had been told
Joined: 11/29/2006
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Old Souls.....Only..
Posted: 12/9/2006 9:04:26 PM
I am new, um, I am old, no really, bodily I am old. The soul has been clinging to me from the begining. So it's got to be aged, too. Have I done this correctly?
Forgive me if I've errored,


Grumble Quest

This is hard
stiff and irritating
I am in this place
and it isn’t soft
warm or comfortable.
not the fit that I wanted
like toes squeezed
into someone else’s shoes.
Only this isn’t just a short dance
this is a marathon
a race I am feeling doomed to lose.
Because I can’t stop limping
each step a torture.
Worse yet,
this path is not going
where I was compelled to go.
There isn’t a place to turn around
and resting along the way
is just making the road longer.
I am feeling pointless
and everyone is pointing at me.
If I must endure
one more smile,
one more encouraging word,
I will surely burst into flames.
Then, of course, in the end
I will be expected to sweep up the ash.

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