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inspiered by miles davis album "B!t(h's Brew"

in a trance I dance to sharp percing sound of trumpets melodic blue suead feeling
drums beat the rythem heart thumps triumph over ground gravity is no longer a
law to be to me its a false interpetation of the way things should be
floating on flowing keys of harmony the grace of bass pumping generosly within me
i see a new way a new wave of comfort in a song so free
cymbols crash reality clash with the chorus of chaos in my mind redefined reanimated recreated
related to the way i move feel see hear touch the groove taste the satisfaction of my mood
soul infused with the bing bang boom
build me up and tear me down forward motion as time slows drown in the sound but don't be fooled by my expression now i just relay the message convayed dispalyed engraved portrayed in sense of present tense i've made
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 12/26/2006 11:29:13 PM
I feel old
my appearance is that of a newborn
but I have a soul,
that shriveled up like a raisin, feeling three times my age
as a whole

I feel old
the short years I have lived rivals a 100 yrs
to some may be bold
I suggest looking through my eyes
there you will see tarnished gold
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 12/27/2006 6:54:31 PM
...time my dear is relative to distance of which we both have much between us

I am on old soul that can be said with much truth but poetic I am not
have at it fellow fishes
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 12/27/2006 10:48:13 PM
I must say goodbye to old souls by coming here I realized that I am not an old soul, just a tired one.
Tired of the same old crap in life. circles of depresion anger and hoplessness. I came here to try and find some kind of poetic justice to this mess of emotion we call life but all I found were broken hearted souls of sarrow that wail and moan for someone to love them. I myself know this pain but I am not about to let it rule my life and way of thinking. Don't get me wrong though, we all get depressed and need to vent these feelings it's only natural, but don't drown in it. There is hope for love again but first we must learn to love again. You might be thinking right now oh yeah I haven't heard that old cliche in a while. Well it's a cliche for a reason. You can do this by helping random people or anybody.
You will actualy get high off it, wanting to help more and pretty soon you will start to feel good again and when you feel good then you can begin to recive good from others. People feed off of this energy unless they now how to create it themselves. Meditation and selfless acts of kindness are ways to create this energy. Your eatting drinking and physical habits can effect this energy as well in a negitive or positive way. Love yourself in this way by filling your self with this possitive energy and forgive youself for your past, move on. It is not an easy road but it is definitly worth the travel. I have strayed from it but I have been reminded of it's rewards. The emptiness we all feel is the lack of energy or chi if you well. When we get this back then we are whole.

May enlightenment love and happiness come to you all.
 Wild Heart
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 12/28/2006 6:14:41 PM
Hope this time of year brings peace to your heart and warmth to your soul....

To make the decision
Slamming the door on fixed opinions
Willing it to tear into two
Yet still craving to remain one
To give the lonely ones their due

Flying into the night
Tottering on the edge of sanity
By day, crawl into the mind's abyss
To be sound of mind
These days is a rarity

I've lost all design
On how to live among the consistent living
I'm holding on to the threads
Of a haunted smile
And none of its warmth will I ever give

A moment in time
Suspended by the disbelief
That you were holding onto in the dark
Eventually breathing a sigh of relief
Once the catechism is gone

Breathing in the foul air
Of a broken heart
How much inspiration does it take
To make yourself whole again
And able to make a new start
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/2/2007 3:19:37 PM
You gotta put a face pic back up....
certain faces have an honest glow
well, it's much harder to see our eyes in a sunset..sonnet?
and our glare is simply the Tru

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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/5/2007 11:21:21 PM
The Journey Home:

My heart is aching
my heart is breaking
knowing I cannot be with you
the universe has other plans for our lives
even though entagled together
we try to survive
I am drifting on a star far above the earth
and you are grounded knowing what your talents are worth
to the rest of the world
you attempt to become something more
than anyone else
You strive to reach the top of the mountain
beginning your climb at the lowest level
Hoping to eventually achieve greatness and reach the very top
where the stars and the heavens merge
and twirl and intertwine together
in such a way
as to say
You've finally made it home
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/6/2007 2:27:53 PM

It took be a bit
To understand
The way back when
The underhand
The welcome words
That you once got
In Kobolds key
That’s not forgot
In reading your thread
I recognize the style
In your words
An elapsed smile
Depths in layers
Unfolding without hesitation
In your writes
Is your presentation………..

Not done reading them all yet, but love what
I’ve read so far!!!

Joined: 5/12/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/6/2007 3:35:37 PM
marriage and I love you aren't the same
two totally different games
one has rules and the other doesn't
take your pick, best bet is to marry a cousin.

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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/7/2007 5:18:52 AM
I really hope I have found the right place to post my stuff...
I have a couple more I would like to share as well...
But I'll wait to see how this is received...

When I love...
It is with all my heart...
It is with complete honesty...
And acceptance...
Of all that is good and bad...
About the person you are...
I have no desire to change you...

It is without judgement...
Of what has passed...
Or of what is...
It is without malice, jealousy, pride or envy...
It is with all the strength and patience...
I have within me...

I share my love...
Through open communication...
Never fearing ridicule...
I share your joys...
And feel your pains...

I give my love...
Not for praise or reward...
But only in hope of it's acceptance...

For you are deserving of love...
And loving you means...
You, the person you are...
And that your happiness...
Is the most important thing...
In my world...

 Wild Heart
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/7/2007 11:15:32 AM
Naiveandwitty - nice to see some of that "old english", I always enjoy reading and writing with it.

Something old, centuries old....Take it as you like - vampire of legend or a vampire of a different sort?


Rap rap upon my lair,
The night whispers
"Angels beware"
Creatures under cover.

Sunset, sunrise,
Near the time is
For me to stir.
Ah, I was never his.

But now he will be mine -
His blood will flow
Just like a blushing scarlet wine.
My feast - My love.

The wolf at my side -
The lamb running far.
Still I can cry
The door of my heart still left ajar.

No time to be maudlin,
No time to waste.
Unslaked desire is calling
And my appetite has been whet.

I meet him in the darkened night.
Sees not in my eyes, the bloodlust
Only intense all knowing knowledge
Could I really hurt him as such?

Mayhap, I shall wait another night -
When it is not so silent
Or I feel some spite
Towards this creature (do I love?).

Ah excuses, excuses,
Upon these words I do feed.
The encounter so satisfying.
Then back to my asylum with utmost speed.

Rap rap upon my lair.....
Joined: 12/4/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/7/2007 3:10:59 PM
Just amazing you people are...
I am enjoying all your offerrings...

In the darkness lost love calls from the grave...
Whispering a whistful wish of happiness...

She calls to him to find an ember, emplores him to breathe upon it...
Reignite the communion of souls entwined...
Inexhaustible, the sharing of passions fueling the conflagration...
The sun pales in it's presence...
Is such a dream possible twice in one lifetime...

She whispers softly in his heart...
"It is. Do not let it die with me. It is a rare gift meant to be shared. Find her who would know you as I. Be gentle and let the flames frighten her not."

Before he can form the question she answers...
"You will know her, this angel of substance in a dimensionless world; with no more than her presence she will make your heart sing with joy, and your soul ache with pleasure. Her touch could cripple you; her kiss could kill. Have no fear. You are her pillar and her heartbeat. Now let me go. And live."

His eyes open and he smiles, remembering what the future holds...

Joined: 12/13/2006
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Old Souls....Only.
Posted: 1/9/2007 3:40:08 PM
your soul ache with pleasure. Her touch could cripple you; her kiss could kill. Have no fear. You are her pillar and her heartbeat. Now let me go. And live."

just wow
 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/13/2007 12:08:04 PM
Salty, your nose to the ground above made me think of this one... Reeper, your contribution definitely belongs here...

They came in clusters;
Defenseless and naive,
But ever so watchful
For that impending doom.
They grew in clusters;
Learning new things,
Seeing a world
Full of bright hope.
They bloomed in clusters,
Standing tall and proud,
Defiant, yet nonchalant -
Basking in their beauty.
They died in clusters;
A stranger stepped between them
Crushed their hopes and dreams
Causing their collapse and demise.
 Wild Heart
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/17/2007 9:39:05 AM
Have to surely agree with truth Ravin. "Wow" Read both a few times....
 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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Old Souls....Only.
Posted: 1/17/2007 1:49:42 PM

Wild Heart....
It has been a while....
I really enjoyed that one....
Almost sounds like there is a part II...
Thank you for stopping by.......

As per your enquiry:

The Kiss Part Deux
January 17, 2006

Rap, rap upon my lair....
Midnight's have long since passed,
Passed since I was aware
The scent that I wait for
The scent I yearn for

Dusty is my cape
Dirty is my soul
Longing is the only feat
Left waiting for
In this stale ancient heart

Feeding off the souls of the dead
And tiny creatures with no life
Long the time has been
Since I have partook
The taste of real life

Tormented am I
Those memories of those I may love;
Still those memories
Stop them cold
In the vein of their travels

Lady of the outside
Man with no past
How sharp of a cut
Do I need to make
To sever them from my life

Go deep into a past
Only a future can predict
Hold me in contempt
Of an act that I can't commit
When there's no one else to blame

Seasons past
Love's next to last
Time changes my situation
World's shift
And my tomb opens once again

Rap, rap upon my lair....
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/19/2007 10:24:34 PM
Full Circle a Story?

One evening while sitting at the table, sipping on my wine, a thought passed through my mind, “Why do we continue to struggle, what is the meaning of all this, this life which seems so meaningless?”
To me life seemed somewhat worthless, all my life I had experienced nothing but pain, and death. And now to top it off, I had discovered my wife had been up to her old tricks.
I should have been immune by now, the affairs, the arguments over her continual nagging about, religion, (She Had it, I did not want it), but no, I loved her and I had given my vows.
To me a vow is something tied to Honour, and a gentleman keeps his vows until released from them, no matter what.

I sat watching the candle flames rise up and twist, seemingly together, making a single flame instead of two. It was hypnotic, as if I was in a trance. The shadows disappeared, leaving most of the room in an eerie darkness, as if all the light outside of my circle had been suddenly switched off.

Half jokingly I said aloud to the darkness, “ Is there anybody out there?” Parodying a song by Pink Floyd. Suddenly the room became very quiet. I could sense that someone else was in the room, but though I strained to see past my circle of light, I could see no one in that void, I was alone.
I chuckled to myself, and leaned over to put out the candles. The wine was having the desired effect; I was starting to feel a little tired. I decided I was probably hallucinating anyway.
It was then that I heard the voice. It wasn’t a loud voice, but it gave me a start. I looked around, seeing nothing, and yet in the corner, I could sense what appeared to be opacity. I was reaching behind, to turn on the light, when the voice spoke again. It seemed to be coming from inside my head. It was a woman’s voice, musical, soothing yet filled with authority.
“You have asked me a question, and I have come to give you an answer.” I felt a slight tingle, as the hairs on the back of my neck seemed to be standing out. “Question? I thought to myself, which question?”
At that the voice came again, as if in answer. For some reason I felt compelled to listen and what follows is the narrative of what she told me. I have no doubt as to the content, because the following morning after I had awoken, I was of a mind that it had been a dream, that is until I entered the dining room and beheld the empty wine glass, the candles that had burned down to the candlesticks, and the clean sheets of paper. Sheets of paper that now had writing all over them.
I poured myself a coffee and sat down. Picking up the top sheet, this is what I read.

“To you who would seek the innermost longings of your hearts, I say to you seek only the truth. In seeking the truth you will find love, and in finding love you will surely find the God that dwells within you.

It seems so long ago, that I first walked amongst you, and my first tears mingled with yours amongst the dust of time. I have watched all that you have done; none of your deeds have passed unseen. I know of your needs and longings. I have felt all of your pain and all of your joy. My tears still fall, and my heart cries out for comfort, and a love that shall never be mine.

For how much longer am I to be plagued by the agony of that moment when, from darkness to light I passed in transition, to begin again the eternal struggle. A struggle to pass back into that warm comforting void, of darkness and security. Yes, your needs are known to me.
I have watched your struggles since the beginning of time, but now it would seem that your struggles have ceased. No longer do you fight with resolve, the doctrines of man, and a mankind that, even after all this time knows not its needs. You exist only to satisfy the needs of a society that would condemn you to a state of spiritual poverty and anguish. A society that has supplanted that which is really you, and offered in its place, a fraud. They have blinded you to your true self by creating a cloud of want and need, chaining you to your daily task, and turning your love into hatred. Only occasionally do they part that infernal cloud, Giving but little, but promising much. A promise that shall never be realised, for they promise that which is not theirs to give, they promise love.

When you struggle in your weakness, to rise above yourself, is not your success a mere shadow of your expectation? Yes in your misery and despair, you are lost in a never-ending battle for an equality you can never hope to attain.

But for all of your tears, I shall shed tenfold. Harken now to my words and open up your heart to my thoughts, for my thoughts are also yours.

Soon you will find your equality, for I am representative of all that is equal among men! Your pain that began in your mother’s womb shall soon be brought to an end, and I shall give unto you the rest that you seek.

I am truly representative of your innermost needs and longings. I am that for which you have longed, from the time of your beginning, when I was a witness to your first birth. When you cried as the cold air greeted your beginning, it was my tears that mingled with yours upon your mother’s thigh. When you suckled on your mother’s breast, I fed upon the other. When the first pangs of love pierced your breast, filling your whole being with warmth and longing, my heart beat with yours. And when she passed beyond your vision, such was my sorrow your tears became mine.

When you passed from among the living, I was a witness to your passing. When your loved ones wept, my tears also flowed, but as a river. I wept, not for your passing, I wept for those you left behind. For I was privy to a secret, I was a witness to your rebirth.

I wept in my state of helpless sorrow, for I could tell them nought. I could not tell them that ending is also a beginning; I could not turn their tears of sorrow into tears of joy.

How many times must I bear witness to your coming and passing? For how much longer must I wear your chains of slavery, and how much longer must I hear your cries, shed your tears, know your joys and feel your sorrows, before finally, with joyful relief the circle is ended.

When the Wings of death finally enfold me and I become one with all, I shall embrace you, and all of your longings shall be fulfilled at last. In the last moment of eternity, as you re-enter the darkness of the Earth Mothers womb, then rising into the light, you will know me, for I am you. And you are the manifestation of the God's greatest creation, which is LOVE.

Love created you, love bore you, my love fills your very being, and my love will once again embrace you.

Cast off your chains of slavery and receive my love for I have little else to give to you, but all that I have is yours.

I put down the sheets, and pondered on what I had read. To this very day, I am still not sure if it wasn't a dream.

Robin A Spicer (C) 2003-02-07
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Posted: 1/23/2007 3:04:01 AM
Everything is broken.



Broken flowers in the fields
Littered across a sea of green
Broken spears and broken shields
Mark the place where the Warrior has been.

Broken bones beneath the sod
Spectral sighs come with the breeze
Brave men die for some sacred God.
In battle died some King to please.

Broken Armor, broken Guns
Litter the ground once again
Broken Daughters, broken sons
New bloods fertilize the grain.

Battles fought across the years.
For different Gods and different Kings
Different mothers shedding tears
Fearing what the next year brings.

The shifting earth will cover all
Evidence hidden from history’s eye
The valley awaits the next trumpet call.
New Battles fought new Battle cries.

R A Spicer (Huntingwulf) © July 28, 2004
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Posted: 1/23/2007 5:49:44 PM
I wasn't to sure where to put this. Hope it fits.


Lest we Forget?


He shuffles down the windswept street
His burden heavy on his back.
Ancient shoes, on ancient feet
His worldly goods within the sack.

Upon his head a ragged hat,
Flops and covers greying hair
His ancient face is lined with pain
Stained with tears of his despair.

He stops to rummage in the bin.
He seeks to ease his appetite.
What treasures will he find within?
Among the refuse we cast from sight.

A sandwich, missing just a bite.
Some chocolate milk, it smells O.K.
He quickly shoves them out of sight,
Then bows his head, shuffles on his way.

He sits and dreams upon the grass,
Of better days so long ago.
Remembering deeds of long years past,
He wonders how he came so low.

He fumbles for his half cigar
Breathing deep, he savours the smoke.
His eyes are fixed in a far away stare,
He does not see the passing folk.

He’d answered his country’s call to war
His youthful life he had set aside.
He’d given his best, and given more.
When he’d returned, he found they’d lied.

No Hero’s welcome, when he came home.
Upon his chest no medals hung.
His young brides heart, cold as the tomb.
No Sagas of his deeds were sung.

Abandoned to his dreams and fears,
Of comrades who had fought and died.
He wept at their memory, despairing tears.
And of how he'd been, just cast aside.

He wandered back towards the street
His coat pulled tight, against the cold.
He limped in pain on aching feet,
Cursing the day that he got old.

He sleeps within a cardboard box,
In an alleyway, not far from you
In ragged clothes and threadbare socks,
He jealously guards his pack and shoes

Tomorrow he’ll go back to the street,
You’ll see him and quickly look away
As he rummages to find a bite to eat
And dreams and weeps over better days.

Robin. A. Spicer © 2003-09-08
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Posted: 1/24/2007 8:24:45 AM

In the words of Voltare, "Man who fails to learn from History, is CONDEMNED to repeat it."


I have stood upon the desert floor
Seen the ruins of ancient man.
Great statues to Gods, that are no more
Crumbled to dust, returning to sand.

I have stood before the Prophets Tomb.
Preserved remains for all to see.
Equality spoken, brought only Doom
Fear of oblivion to you and me.

I have stood before the Satan’s Throne,
His screaming voice you still can hear.
Where have all his Worshipers gone,
There’s nothing left but widows tears.

I have walked upon a windswept plain.
Walked in the ruins of man’s inhumanity.
Ghostly sounds of tears and pain.
I walked in the ashes of man’s insanity.

I have stumbled through the jungle green
Felt fear reach out and grip my heart.
Seen Brave men die for goals unseen
Grieved for souls that did depart.

Men still fight for Gods of old
They have not learned from history’s page.
God against sinner, so the story’s told.
They just need a scapegoat for venting their rage.

Empires will rise and Empires will fall.
They’ll raise their sword in some God’s name.
The flower of their youth, will answer the call.
No Glory but Death, it’s always the same.

Should I return in a thousand years?
Stand on another desert floor?
Shed another ten million tears?
When darkness comes, and man is no more.

I’ll gaze on the monuments, ruins all,
To Gods forgotten, passed into the night.
New Gods will have risen, standing tall
Again darkness will reign, disguised as the light.

Robin.A.Spicer © 2003-07-09
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/28/2007 9:54:06 AM
Been walking trails
of floating kisses
Never quite touching the ground
Don't get bored in
places of old.
One learns a lot
from listening
to the voices from the past.
I prefer the light of
a full moon.
Lots of stars
so bright
you can see clearly.

Sitting and staring
into the night
letting time pass
without much ado
as I watch dust fairies
dance in the air...
Will I have a vision?
Will I get I clue?
I just want to get
to the point
of no questions asked
just completeness.
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 1/31/2007 5:07:48 AM
Very nice work!!! moving
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 2/8/2007 5:27:57 AM
will give it a go ......


Old souls,
hmm old souls in my children,
wiser older than their years,
unsure as yet where the son fits in,
maybe he is the holding factor.

Once told we are the same three,
souls entwined lives,
one carer ..... one mother ...... one elder
grand mother, mother, and child,
in a repeating loop ........ hmmm?
........... Angela


The creativity never stops,
sketching, painting, crafts,
unceasing work with hands, eyes and mind
the unceasing thoughts that run
through ones mind, soul and heart.

The eyes are deep and full of wonder
deep pools of opal and ivory,
the thoughts of life, mate and love,
the smile and eyes that melts ones heart
destened to be one, always apart.

Holding ....... craving that eternal love and lust,
the binding of souls that are destened to meet
one life ....... one love ........ one heart,
forever looping and finding each other
through time, space, distance, and doubt.
.......... Angela


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Old Souls......only
Posted: 2/8/2007 6:47:10 AM
Don't know if this "fits" in but it's something I wrote awhile back...

Someone has left me
Gone forever to the Promised Land.
Someone who holds a very special place
in my heart.....
A place God created for her
to exist within my life.
A part of me
seems to have died with her
A piece of my life's history---
I'm missing you already.
By the Grace of God,
her pain & suffering is no more.
my selfishness regrets her leaving me.
That last day I saw her,
she looked so old and frail,
A big heart in a paper-thin shell.....
She held my hand, o, so tightly....
"I love you too" she whispered.
So many memories
turn back the hands of time....

You taught me the simple joys
of living.....
How to make tuna fish sandwiches just so,
coffee ice cream sundaes
and whole dill pickles....
Gentle fingers rubbing my back
so I could sleep at night....
A dog named Oh No,
a game called Spite.
You were the coolest grandmother
I knew....
You liked Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird"
so much you borrowed my album
and never returned it......
Your free now......
free as a bird to fly high......
my freebird...
You will never know how much
you taught me in my
childhood years.....
I guess I expected you to always
be there....
even when your memory
got to that place where
you didn't remember me anymore...
Still, in your heart
I was always there....
and now you've taken a piece of me
with you to that special place
we all belong...
Leaving behind many a sorrowful heart,
with blessed memories
of me and you.

Dedicated to my Grandmother ME91"
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 2/8/2007 8:14:41 PM
~~Bubblez~~ you write such beautiful, intense stuff....I can relate so much to your "She Stands alone" poem it is unreal....thank you for writing what I feel....
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