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As I said;

Dupont, who had an over supply of Aluminum Sulphate (a waste byproduct), which they were pushing as Rat Poison, changed it's name to Sodium Fluoride and sold it as a boon to dental health.

It is only for the $$$$, Dupont saw a way to make money on their garbage.

Also note a recent study has linked Aluminum with Alzheimer.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/6/2005 9:29:56 AM
Utility official sees wife's health improve since fluoride dropped
by Lesli Bales-Sherrod
of The Daily Times Staff

Janet Lail's husband calls her a ``water junkie.''

Of course, she is married to the district manager of the South Blount Utility District.

``My water cup is my constant companion,'' she laughed, hoisting the yellow jug into the air. ``The first thing I do in the morning is fix my water. I drink water all day.''

Drinking water is especially important to Janet Lail because she suffers from chronic pylonephritis, a kidney disease she was diagnosed with in 1978 and that has put her in the hospital every month for the past four years. That is, until last June.

Since then, her hospital visits have been fewer and further between. First she went 10 weeks without a hospital visit, then 14, then seven.

``I thought it was a fluke or something,'' she acknowledged. ``When you've been sick like that for so many years, you don't want to analyze why (you're doing better). I didn't want to talk about it; I was afraid it might go away.''

But her husband, Isom Lail, and her doctors were wondering what was going on. They looked at her medications, her fluids ... but nothing had changed.

Nothing, that is, except the water.

The South Blount Utility District, of which the Lails are customers, opened its new plant in June 2004 and started providing unfluoridated water. Isom Lail pointed out the change to his wife late last year, but she was reluctant to talk about it until now.

``I told Isom I am willing to show my medical records because I knew people would say I'm just saying that because I'm his wife,'' she said Thursday.

After all, it was Isom Lail and Plant Manager Henry Durant who recommended the South Blount Utility District Board not fluoridate the water. Lail insists his wife's health was not part of the equation, though, and she confirms that neither of them made the connection between the unfluoridated water and her improvement until many months after the decision was made.

``There's no regulation requiring (fluoride), and one of our promises to our customers was to produce the cleanest, safest water with the least chemicals required,'' Isom Lail explained.

Community and operator safety also was a factor, he added.

``As we did this, we looked at the pros and cons,'' he said. ``Just because everybody else does it this way doesn't mean we're going to. We're going to investigate it first.''

Janet Lail, who described herself as a ``massive reader,'' helped her husband with the research in early 2004. She read a book called ``The Fluoride Deception'' and decided to read a book in support of fluoride as well.

She couldn't find one, she said, and thought, ``That doesn't make sense.''

``Who knew?'' she asked. ``(Fluoride) was just something we'd always had.''

No benefit for adults

South Blount Utility District has come under fire for not fluoridating the water, but Isom Lail stands behind his recommendation to leave fluoride out. He noted that, according to the American Dental Association, fluoride is beneficial to teeth only for those between the ages of 4 and 14. After that, he said, it has no benefit, but has been linked to diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.

``We're not doctors; we're water providers,'' he said. ``By not putting it in, we may not be doing any good to the kids, but we are definitely not doing any harm to any of our customers.''

Besides, Janet Lail added, ``If it's so good and necessary, why is it not one of the things you have to put in the water?''

Despite her own feelings, she said she expected ``a raging debate'' over fluoridation and has been surprised at how little controversy it has generated. In March, the South Blount Utility District received five phone calls from customers wanting fluoride and 13 from customers wanting the water to be left the way it is, Isom Lail said.

``Probably less than 1 percent of our customers have been involved,'' he said. ``The majority really don't care.''

Counting the weeks

As South Blount Utility District awaits the results of a fluoride literature review being conducted by McGill Associates, the district manager's wife continues counting the weeks until she has to go back to the hospital. Right now, she's up to 10.

``Not having fluoride in the water has not reversed my condition,'' she stressed. ``I'm not going to get well, but I have stabilized.''

Isom Lail noted that at least one other kidney patient has reported an improvement in his health to the South Blount Utility District.

``We did not solicit this information; it was volunteered to us,'' he added. ``How many more out there are reaping the benefits?''

Cautious of getting people's hopes up, Janet Lail said she considered going back to drinking fluoridated water to determine if that is really what has made the difference in her health, but her husband and her doctors told her not to. Instead, she said, her doctors will ``have to look at that'' the next time she is hospitalized.

In the meantime, she is enjoying getting up, getting dressed and generally ``having a life.'' But most of all, she is enjoying a reprieve from the pain she likens to rubbing a Brillo pad over scorched skin.

``It was the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep, and it woke me up every day for years,'' Janet Lail remembered. ``Everyday when I wake up, I ask, `Whose body is this that I'm living in right now?'''
 miss music
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/7/2005 12:27:04 PM
Oh Lordy. Let's not all go on the deep end about conspiracy theories and the poisonous nature of flouride. At the right dosages, flouride and chlorine have positive benefits. Go do some research before you freak out. Improving everyone's dental health in one fell swoop and eliminating water-borne diseases is a pretty good thing, wouldn't you say?

Like any other substance, you can get too little, too much, or just enough. Even common sugar is hazardous to your health. Just try eating pure sugar for one day and nothing else. You'll suffer diarrhea, dizzy spells, blurred vision, rapid pulse, excessive sweating, etc. etc. That is no proof that sugar must be completely banned or that sugar is bad for you!!!!!

And if you still think that flouride is hazardous at any dosage, you'll probably believe THESE reports too. (And you'll buy the lovely property I have in the Grand Canyon)


Mountain Dew causes penis to shrink

The horrors of Dihydrogen Mono-oxide

And if you really are freaked about toxins, here are a few more:

 Double Cabin
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/7/2005 1:05:45 PM
I think Flouride was discovered at Florissant, CO.
 miss music
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/7/2005 1:37:12 PM
There's a story about a Canadian town that decided to add chlorine to their drinking water. (I believe it was a small Alberta town, sometime in the late 1980's) Due to a mis-communication, the newspaper article gave the wrong start date for the chlorine addition. The actual start date was a week later.

Interestingly, the City received hundreds of phone calls from citizens on the false start date. These citizens claimed to have a myriad of physical complaints (dizzyness, dry heaves, rashes, etc) that they all blamed on the chlorine that WASN'T IN THE WATER YET! They even claimed to have smelled chlorine in their tap water. Amazing how they can smell something that doesn't exist

People are so darned gullible, they can even fool themselves. I have no doubt they experienced those physical symptoms. I have every confidence that it was all in their heads and yet another variation on the placebo effect. (In this case, you expect the water to make you sick...and thus you get sick after drinking the water)
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/8/2005 8:24:14 AM
Very interesting story Miss Music.Do you know where I can find it online?I am on an egroup that would find that story very interesting.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/8/2005 8:33:10 AM
unless they were adding the chlorine before, but nobody made the connection until the thought was planted in their mind
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/8/2005 9:49:18 AM
Has anyone read "Super Folks"?
A 1977 novel by Robert Mayer that tells the tale of the last survivor of the planet Cronk, the greatest super hero of his time, whose only weakness is Cronkite. However, the time of super heroes has passed, and he has retired from action. When a world crisis causes him to dig out his old and ill-fitting costume one more time, his powers have seemed to have faded.
But as the plot moves on we find that the Arch Villain has taken over all the Manufacturing on the planet and has over the years been adding a little Cronkite to everything they make. Thus slowly destroying the Super Heroes Powers.
 miss music
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 4/8/2005 10:20:45 AM
Taurus, I did a search and can't find a link to the story. Will e-mail some friends who may know.

Oh, and if anyone is worried about the risks of chlorine in the water supply, how about looking at what happens when there is NO chlorine in the water supply. Have you heard about Walkerton and the tragic e-coli outbreak in the year 2000? Not only did people die during the outbreak, many have horrible symptoms that linger on to this day and may never go away.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/28/2007 5:57:07 PM
Here are a few links that explains why westerners don't seem to care that their governments are so corrupt.
Time to start buying a different brand of toothpaste.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 10:00:06 AM
Flouride actually can naturally occur in groundwater and small amounts have been demonstrated to prevent tooth decay. The problem with flouridating tap water is that the amount consumed by the average person cannot be controlled ... thus running the risks of over-exposure.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 1:32:44 PM

So Dupont, who had an over supply of Aluminum Sulphate (a waste byproduct), which they were pushing as Rat Posion, changed it's name to Sodium Fluoride and sold it as a boon to dental health.

Uh, no. Aluminum sulphate contains Aluminum and Suphate. And no flouride. You can't "rename" chemical compounds.

The flouride in toothpase and water is Stannous flouride. "Stannous" is the latin name for "tin" which is a chemical element.


You're supposed to be able to smell chlorine in tapwater if you have chlorinated water. That means it's working. If you can't smell it that means it's dissipated before it gets to you. If you don't like the smell get a carbon filter, either one that goes in the end of the tap or one that goes under the sink. That will remove the chlorine. Brita's (et al) work very well too, and also remove heavy metals, which carbon alone won't do.

You can't measure chlorine with a pH test kit, but you can measure it with a chlorine test kit that you can get from any pet shop. Mardel makes the most accurate one that'll measure down to 0.5 parts per million. You get a bottle of 100 tiny paper test strips and jsut dip it in the water.
You shoule expect to see about 1ppm of chlorine, although anything 0.5 - 3ppm isn't unusual.

You may or may nor get a legitimate answer from the water poeple. A lot of times they'll add extra chlorine to the water supply the day the inspector comes by.

Chlorine is being phased out. The problem with it is it combines with organic subtances to make lignotannins which are highly carcinogenic.

What they're using instead now is Chloramine which is a molocure of chlorine bonded with a molocule of ammonia. This stabilizes the chlorine so it's non-reactive and the lignotannis issue is mitigated.

LA did this in the 80s. Everywhere will do it eventually. You can't smell it. Carbon will remove it.

Chlorine is not particularly harmful to fish, but chloramine will kill them instantly. There's a product called "Amquel" that removes it used in the pet fish hobby and trade.

There will be a quiz later. You at the back, stop talking.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 1:44:04 PM

this thread got godwin'd already!

I know Mike Godwin. He stole this from me. Where's my royalty checks?

Aspartame - Omg I drink diet-coke, I'm soon to die from that.

Epileptics and migraine sufferers cannot tolerate aspartame. Most people can.

TAP WATER - Are you kidding me? Tap water is bad because of fluoride

American and Canadian tapwater is the safest and cleanest in the world.

Tuna - I eat tuna fish, mercury poisoning here I come.

The mercury in tuna is measurable, allegedly there's "only" twice as much in a CFL lightbulb but I haven't seen this substantiated. It is very hard to get mercury out of your system and it's really not good for you. But you'd have to eat a helluva lot if you're an average person for it to be a problem. How's your memory?

But then nearly all fish contains mercury these days.

The list of uncontaminated foods is very very short.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 2:29:26 PM
Fluoride is a natural trace element that occurs in water. Probably one of those that you can't do without. The fact is that in areas with naturally high levels of the substance , they found lower levels of tooth decay. I think the benefits speak for themselves. This tired old chestnut still here after at least 30 years of discussion. I would have voted to have it deleted as redundant.
Without chlorine in your water- which disease would you like to get? You can have an impressive A- Z choice from Amoebic Dysentary, Bilharzia, Cholera, Delhi Belly, E coli- and onwards to Wiels Disease. Can't think of the last 3 letters but I am sure someone else can.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 3:13:52 PM
Funny Colorado Springs Colo.

Natural Floride, 50 years old no cavities no fillings, along with most of my buds I grew up with......

Problem some have mineral stains.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 3:38:02 PM
Three words purity of essence.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 3:45:40 PM
Why add floride to our water for our teeth? Most water is used for washing things, bathing, etc, not just drinking, and then is absorbed back through the sewers into the earth. If it is good in small quantities but not large, why do that to the earth? why waste money on it going into other water uses other than drinking?
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 4:18:32 PM
I think everyone should stop complaining. A hundred years ago or less, the average life expectancy was around thirty years old. They didn't have the modern things we have such as medicine, surgery and easy access to nutricious food. OK some of us will die from cancer because of stuff that shouldn't be in the our senior years, which for most of us will be into our late seventies or eighties, not our thirties or fourties like our great great grandparents.

Despite all the things everyone complains about, we are all only imortal for a limited time and the average lifespan is INCREASING, not decreasing!

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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 4:21:46 PM
I had a molecular biology instructor once. This guy knew his stuff. He was a person that would read papers and (dis)approve them for printing in professional medical journals and such.

When it came to government, he was the flying "It's all Bush's Fault" liberal. When it came down to genetics and such. He called BS to a lot of things.

"It takes me about three days to fill out the appropriate paper work, to get a rat that I must document everything I do to it. Pay for a vetrinarian to come inspect it once a week and a boat load of other expensive procedures. Yet I can put my boat in the river, pull out a salmon and club it in the head? If I beat these two plants together and get them to propgate the genetic patterns I want. No Paperwork needed. For me to do it manually....oh lord the sky is falling." -Excerpts

His favorite line in the class however was "DNA makes RNA makes Protien. You do not consume protiens. It will not hurt you."

I laugh every time I go into the "Oraganic" food section and see tangerines. I laugh everytime I see the "Government and corporations are trying to poison us" crowd eating tangerines. Excuse me. Did you know that Arsenic is one of the 500 approved pesticides for organic crops?

Everybody freaks out about Mad cow disease. There is no evidence that we can even get it. Of all the claimed people who have died from it, that number is about 160. 160 out of 6 billion. Oh what terrible odds.

The mercury in my great grandpas filling were "probably" killing him.

We're living longer than ever now. 50 is the new 30. When social security first came out; retirement was 65 and the average person made it to 60. Now we're living to 80 and the retirement age is 67.

Water treatment plants are not set up to remove caffien from our waste. Reports are now showing fish with caffien in them. Is that a bad thing??? I have no idea. Lighten up everyone.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/29/2007 11:30:44 PM
Just want to remind everybody that this thread is about flouride, not chlorine.
Chlorinated water is a necessary evil. Flouride is unnecessary.
Where is the bona fide science that says flouride is good for our teeth?
I'm no scientist but from what I have read flouride is a poison that attacks our nervous system slowly much like lithium and has the effect of gently placating us much like a gentle tranquilizer.
Why do we have to have it rammed down our throats so to speak. Is it not enough that you can choose to buy flouride in your toothpaste if you want.
It doesn't cost the government anything if you have tooth decay. Its not contagious.
Dental insurance is all private.
Is it not enough that it is in toothpaste?
Why is it mandatory that you must ingest this poison?
Why are so many people such naysayers that must poopoo on anything that challenges their idea of the status quo? Why such closed minds people?
I was taught to question everyone and everything until I am satified with the answers.
I never accept anything at face value.
I'm not hurting you by challenging the establishment.
Why must you feel so threatened that you have to take such a closed minded defensive posture?
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/30/2007 1:26:41 AM
I love Fluoride! I love estrogen in my milk! (I love my man boobies) I love hormones in my meat too. It hasn't effected my mind................ BUSH IS GOOOOOOOD
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/30/2007 2:03:40 AM
If you don't like flouride in your water and it's actually in it (they still do that?) then move. Or drink bottled water.

In rural areas you'll have your own well.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/30/2007 5:30:55 AM
Flouride is known as the apathy drug,that explains a lot does it not? it had the desired effect on the jews,and looking at todays populace it makes sense,to those engaging in this type of sabotage of human rights.

Chlorine is one of natures cleaning chemicals it simply slowly dissolves organic matter,it is not good for drinking water at all period. one of the things chlorine does, is it kills the benificial bacteria in the lining of the gut,allowing bad bacteria to make a home,thus bringing on chronic illness.

Aspartame has a shockingly negative effect on the short term memory! very damaging!
studying the memory of Goldfish it was revealed that a Goldfish has a memory of exactly three seconds,Aspartame was brought into our food supply,by Donald Rumsfeld under what name??? you guessed it! PROJECT GOLDFISH.

and it is in thousands of foods and softdrinks.

judging by the news this week,where the government openly admitted in mainstream news they want to assasinate the Iranian president and install a more war freindly leader so they can then go to war with them,and literally the next day,then turning around and glowingly speak about how they are having talks, and that it is the first peace talks in 25 years shows how the majority of peoples short term memory is not working all that well,enough to see the unfolding Hypocrisy.

observe the the general abismal reaction time to a green light the next time you are stopped at an intersection.... to see what i mean.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/30/2007 7:43:49 AM
^^^aspartame...people just seem to love this stuff in their sweet n lo, their nutri sweet, and of course pop.

there is a long long long controversy world wide about this little product: lots of links for anyone that wants to kow about what their putting in their coffee and tea to supposedly watch their weight

Aspartame has been the subject of a vigorous public controversy regarding its safety and the circumstances around its approval. A few studies have recommended further investigation into the possible connection between aspartame and diseases such as brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma.[1][2][3] These findings, combined with alleged conflicts of interest in the approval process, have engendered vocal activism regarding the possible risks of aspartame.[4][5]

Known effects
In 1995, FDA Epidemiology Branch Chief Thomas Wilcox reported that aspartame complaints represented 75% of all reports of adverse reactions to substances in the food supply from 1981 to 1995.[6] Concerns about aspartame frequently revolve around symptoms and health conditions that are allegedly caused by the sweetener. A total of 92 different symptoms and health conditions were reported by physicians and consumers.[7]

Questions have been raised about brain cancer, lymphoma, and genotoxic effects such as DNA-protein crosslinks, but these questions are primarily not based on reported case histories.

The sources for reported symptoms and health conditions that have raised questions include:

Reports and analysis of case histories in scientific journals and at medical conferences
Symptoms reported to the FDA and other governmental agencies
Symptoms reported to non-governmental organizations, researchers, and physicians
Reports of symptoms and health conditions in the media
Self-reported cases on the Internet.

There is debate in the scientific and medical community as to whether or not these symptoms are caused by short-term or long-term exposure to aspartame. Some human and animal studies have found adverse effects[8][9][10] and some have found no adverse effects.[11][12][13] It is not only the results of the research that have been questioned, but the design of the research that led to specific outcomes. For example, in human research of aspartame, the aspartame is usually provided in slow-dissolving capsules. But the concentration of aspartate in the blood from ingesting aspartame using slow-dissolving capsules is much lower than that from ingesting liquid aspartame (such as in carbonated beverages).[14]

.....FDA approval process

The head of the FDA, Jere E. Goyan, who had not approved legalization of aspartame, due to the brain cancer in rats issue, was fired on the first day Ronald Reagan was president of the U.S. (1981). Reagan hired Arthur Hayes MD (FDA Commissioner 1981-1983), who legalized aspartame a year later. Reagan supporter Donald Rumsfeld was president and later CEO of G. D. Searle & Company from 1977 to 1985.[74][75] Arthur Hull Hayes MD was a defense contractor before he was head of the FDA. In November 1983 Hayes was under fire for accepting corporate gifts. He quit and joined Searle's public-relations firm as senior medical advisor. Searle lawyer Robert B. Shapiro, renamed aspartame NutraSweet. Monsanto purchased Searle. Rumsfeld received a $12 million bonus. Shapiro later became Monsanto president.

Several members of the FDA board left their jobs after Stevia (aspartame's main competitor then) was banned in 1991. They were all hired at Nutrasweet in higher paying jobs, according to national records. Dr. Michael Friedman quit the FDA when Jane Henney was selected to become the permanent FDA commissioner (1999). Friedman elected to sign with G. D. Searle as a senior vice president at a purported $500,000 a year. He later accepted a position with Monsanto.

In February 2007, Page to Pantry, a radio program on the public radio station KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles, reported that aspartame was refused approval by the FDA for eight years before finally being approved under the leadership of Arthur Hayes. Immediately after, Hayes left the FDA and went to work for the artificial sweetener industry. This so-called "Revolving-Door" policy seems to be very common in the food additive industry.
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flouride? what's the deal
Posted: 5/30/2007 11:56:24 AM
Here's a video about it:

listen to a radio program about Aspartame and MSG and flouride here:

It answers lots of questions
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