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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?Page 5 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Incidentally, there is no need to dramatize. A bite on the nose and a few stitches, while never a good thing and certainly traumatic for the child, is not exactly a brutal attack. Any large, healthy adult dog is more than capable of killing a 3 yr old child. A bite like that is usually a warning to leave and never return, not an all-out attack. One more thought...if your child was hit by a car, through your inattention in not keeping a small child out of the road, would you then want to scrap the car involved? Or ban cars?

No need to dramatize? The situation described above is more aptly compared to a gun misfiring and just causing a flesh wound. Comparing an inanimate object to a dog is ridiculous. Cars don't have instincts they are completely controlled. I can let my kids play in a parking lot no matter how many big cars are there and I don't even need to chain the cars up. But there is no way in H$ll I'm doing the same thing with a bunch of rottis and pit bulls. Dogs have control over themselves. I understand that they are victims in the attacks as well but just because a dog doesn't know how to act in OUR society doesn't mean we say "oh well". We take action for the safety of ourselves and our children because OUR society isn't going to change to cater to dogs.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 6/28/2006 5:33:39 PM
Thanks Bulldog!! What a great post!!!

BTW: When my dog was teething I gave her carrots. She loved it!!
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 6/28/2006 6:09:20 PM
Oh, I also have to say that I know my American Bulldog and a Pitt aren't the same. EVERYONE tells me she's a pitt, but she weighs like 100 lbs more than any pitt I've ever met... so I get real defensive of that point... LOL.

I have raised Pitts and they were awesome. We had one, "6-Pack" (long story) that would let a three year old little girl walk her with her finger in her collar and not pull or chase a cat or anything, she was just an amazing dog. Her dad, King, would bark up a storm if a cop pulled someone over near the house and the person in the car got fly with the cop because we made sure to introduce him to cops in uniform so he would know that they were good... cops loved to pull people over by our house... LOL

Dogs have teeth. Dogs CAN BITE.... regardless of breed. And seriously, if that dog wanted to hurt that three year old, it would have been a LOT more than a few stitches. I know that it's bad, but it's true.

My Molly (AB) weighs about 50lbs more than I do. She doesn't pull me, she doesn't jump on me, she knows her place. If we go for a walk and other dogs are barking at her she looks at me like she's asking what I want her to do and when I tell her she's okay, she keeps about her business. When people come to my house she's either locked up in the other room, outside or on a leash sitting by my side until both she and our company are comfortable, or the company leaves. If you come in my yard and Molly doesn't know you, you can bet your sweet butt that she's going to be tasting it. If you are IN MY HOUSE and she is OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE, she will JUMP THROUGH THE WINDOW to get a taste of your butt. I don't need a gun, I got a dog.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/1/2006 9:01:55 PM
I have a Rotty....he's a big baby!! People can walk into my house without knocking and all he wants to do is lick them to death! ~lol~ Someone stopped at my house for directions once and he was outside. The man..never saw him out of his vehicle and the dog didn't make a sound..just tried to give the guy kisses! I was inside and had no clue anyone was even here till my doorbell rang! Is it really the breed of dog or how they are treated?????
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/2/2006 7:31:43 PM
well i dont think they should be banned...pit bulls or any breed of dog.....the dog's personality is what the owner has made it i believe any dog is capable of attacking a child......i do not own a dog nor would i allow my children near a dog i was iffy about that is my job as a parent. i am very sorry that that happend to your child and that is the truth....but that is how i see things on dogs.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/3/2006 2:58:37 PM
I have a pit bull and she is great with my 13 month old daughter. I'm obviously 100% against banning pit bulls. That story is strange that the dog was nice to you, yr oldest daughter, and than out of the blue struck yr youngest daughter. I've learned from Cesar Millan to not pet dogs right away, especially if you do not know them. Ignore them and keep a calm, assertive state. They need to know that you are dominant. My dog has never been aggressive until after my daughter was born and she is only aggressive to one group of people and that is the ladies that come and clean my parents house. I'm not very happy about this, but something happened between them and my dog that I don't know about that made her dislike them. She never had a problem with them in the past. I've been working with her and she is getting alot better. The thing is she has to learn that she is not dominant. I'm kind of for putting a dog down after they have bit someone and against it. Though I'm sure if my dog or any dog bit my daughter I would beat it senseless and have it put down. I wouldn't punish the whole breed for one dog. That's like this "baseline rapist" in Arizona he's gone on a spree raping, assaulting, and murdering women. Should we kill ever black person because this guy is being violent? At one point in time it was doberman pinschers people wanted banned, german shepards, rottweilers. Now its pit bulls, pit bulls are the ones getting the bad rap now. If you are going to own a powerful breed you need to know how to control them.

I don't understand why the dog had to be put down because it needed to be tested for rabies that makes no sense.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/5/2006 4:35:27 AM
I am not sure that certain breeds are dangerous. Any breed can have the odd agressive/dangerous dog. I will give you though that certain breeds are more likely to be dangerous.

A lot has to do with how you raise them. I have always had Akitas and some say they are agressive but personaly I have never had even a slightly agressive Akita. I would trust them with anyone. On the other hand if my dog ever attacked anyone I would not hesitate putting it down.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/5/2006 2:32:46 PM
I just love all the bleeding heart dog owners on here. Its good to see how your love of your pets has clouded your logic.

This is a simple situation. Dogs have instincts and they can be trained. In no breed can training completely override instincts.

Who is responsible? Dog owners are responsible for their animal. They need to know what their animal is capable of and its temperment. They also need to monitor their animal and restrict that animal to situations that its behavior can be predicted. People are responsible for themselves and their children. They are not responsible for predicting the actions of any animal but are responsible for ensuring that their children are safe which includes keeping their children away from untrusted animals.

Who is responsible for dog attacks? The dog owner is solely responsible. When a dog attacks its almost the same as the owner attacking because the owner is suppose to know their animal. The only mitigating circumstance is if the owner or his family is in danger.

These excuses for dog actions like "its the dogs house" ... crap. Its the animal owners house. If their animal attacks for whatever reason or instinct that goes through the animals head its their responsibility. This is where the bleeding heart dog owners logic goes wrong. They want to partially blame the person who was attacked to some degree or that persons parents for not teaching them how to handle dogs or something stupid like that.

If a animal demonstrates its "inappropriate" instincts or training then it needs to be put down ... the owner had their chance and society can't be tolerant of "bad" owners or their dogs.

It may sound cold and it is. But its part of the cold realities of life.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/5/2006 3:58:06 PM
LMAO ... bleeding heart dog owner logic. I understand that you are trying to portray the animals perspective and I think you're bang on in your description of their perspective. The pet thinks it owns the house but it doesn't (at least not from the human perspective). It may even act like it owns the house but then that's up to the real owner (pet owner) to either train out or put limits on. If that dog attacks then it has proven itself incapable of living in the human world either due to its overpowering instincts or its poor training. It and its owner need to be disiplined and for the animal that means being put down.

The same thing would happen to a den of dogs/wolves in the wild ... they even get hunted and killed for attacking livestock let alone humans. Bears that attack people are always killed. I don't think that any of those animals were acting out of malice (oh ya ... I get to attack a human) they were just acting looking for food, or defending their territory. But we (humans) rule this world and its our children and society that need protecting. If the animals and animal owners can't get along then society will take action and kill the animals and charge the owners.

Reality sucks eh?

You can always draw me a picture ... but I don't think it will make your point any stronger.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/5/2006 9:58:21 PM
hey i know what you mean. I'm a single father of one thirteen year old girl.
when she was seven she also was bit in the face by a pit bull.
ya know at first i didn't know what to think about it but i knew that the first thing i wanted to be done was to see that dog be put down.
i think if it did it once it could do it again,but i also think that some breeds require
more training and more socializing then others because some breeds are more protective.
i cant realy blame the dog because the owners should be responsible enough to learn how to train the dog if there going to have them.
also they say once a dog tastes blood it will want more.
in my mind why take the chance.
next time it could be life threatening.
on the other hand i had a rottie after that and i found that it was one of the most playful and loyal dogs that I've ever had or seen.
it toke a lot of training and time but his nature was good .
my daughter still just loves dogs today but she is a lot more careful with strange and big dogs.
she loves the rottie but we also did a lot of work socializing him with strangers as a pup by
walking him around people and disciplining him every time he was to act aggressive to anyone.

but to say that all pit bulls are bad is like saying that all salesmen are thieves.
good luck with it i hope she doesn't get a fear over this
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 7/31/2006 6:19:39 PM
if any dog that has teeth can bit put in the right spot i have rodys and to a lot has to do with the way you rais them we have had the real german rodys ares go to wodk with me a lot and on are boat pepol ask if he well bite hasnot yeat but i tell them he has teeth and for ther safty and mine pleas do not try to pet him any dor can get spoced and snar you
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/21/2006 4:52:52 PM
Well, I know animals well, and no matter what kind of animal it is, no matter how domesticated you think it is, deep down it's wild. It has instinct, something humans have a hard time understanding, and sometimes it just kicks in.

My boyfriend has a dog that is half Pit Bull and half Labrador Retriever and I have a six year old boy. Although I really like the dog and she is very friendly to me and likes me a lot, I won't let my son get near her. I've seen her be aggressive toward other dogs, and sometimes, I think dogs look at small children, or anything near their own size, as something they should pounce on.

The dog is put on a cable when my son visits.

I agree that some breeds are more aggressive than others, but I'm sitting here looking at a scar on my right hand that was caused by an attack from a little weenie dog! I unknowingly sat next to his toy on the couch, and I was in his territory!
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/21/2006 5:29:11 PM
I recently got a JRT. Quite a lucky find on my part, I had been searching for a great pet for my children for some time and found her at a local shelter. The owner had abandoned her due to her "circumstances". The shelter advised me if I had children udner 6 years of age, she would not be a great choice, because of JRT's being very hyper and playful. I do not have children that young, so she was our "pick" so to speak. She is very adorable, never agressive, loves her sisters and brothers (the children) :) and her Mommy. Sweetest thing, always watching in the window when we leave for school and work and pull up in the driveway in the evening, she is laying in the window sill waiting for us. No accidents in the house with the exception of the first week, due to getting used to new surroundings. Has been very easy to get on a schedule (going outside, etc). She doesn't get into things while we are away from home, alerts me when someone is coming to the door before they even knock so hey. I know she hears well. Just like a baby, so spoiled. lol I have had a Pit, a Poodle, a Shitzu and a Shepard in the past. JRT's from my experience are the best.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/2/2007 6:58:31 PM
my sister got a dog from her sister in law, they had to get rid of it because it had bitten the neighbours kid - the understanding is that is that it (a) didnt get on well with kids or (b) was provoked - i forget which. So she gave the dog to my sister and her boyfriend as an alternative to putting it down. It had been quarenteened and tested for rabies and found clean. But since it bit a child, and she has a child, she got rid of it.

My sister babysits my son, and brought him to her home. He'd been around the dog a few times before and seemed perfectly fine. One day when my son was playing it with it he leaned over to give him a hug and the dog bit him in the mouth. Almost ripped his cheek right in half he too has a scar. They quarenteened again, even with the previous history, and checked for rabies. When it came up clean we were told by our vetrinarian that we couldnt legally put the dog down without justifiable cause because we'd be fined. They kept the dog a while longer, it later bit my sister and her boyfriend. It was after it bit her boyfriend in the same spot as it bit my son, they tried again to put it down. And the vet refused. So went and cleared it with the police and had it put down.

I know where you're coming from. I was working when I received the message, I made my way to the hospital as fast as I could. Nothing could prepare me for seeing my sons mouth torn open at the corner, or the shock he went into just from the fright it gave him. Worse than the injury for me was the tears. I was mad. But I left my sister to deal with the dog as she would.

I don't fault the dog or her though. Even though given its history she should never have brought my son around him. I do blame the previous owner though. Maybe not her sister in law, but someone else. I can't blame the dog for its training. I don't believe in dangerous breeds. I believe that animals have learned behaviours. If an animal is abused, it will react. Some dogs don't play well with children of certain ages, some of them become cranky as they age and need distemper shots. But all of these come back to responsible ownership. If you have a moody animal get it treated, if it doesnt play well with kids, dont let it around them, and for godsakes above all dont mistreat it.

Your friends abviously weren't responsible in caring for their pet. The fact alone that they wouldnt take responsibility for it and allowed it instead to bare the punishment for their stupidity is cruel.

I also believe though that if an animal attacks - especially more than once- it should be put down. Or put where it can't harm people, but how can be sure of that. Especially dogs, some dogs once they get the taste of blood will become addicted to it. This particular dog was a hunting dog and perhaps thats where the problem was.

I feel for yourself and your daughter. I hope shes as resilient as my son though, and that it wont color her judgement on other animals. I was afraid for the longest time that my son would develope a fear of them and so far he hasn't thankfully.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/2/2007 7:46:43 PM
Uh oh, here goes the posts from pit bull lovers...I agree and sympathize fully with the OP. I don't see why anyone needs a frikken pit bull,but for one thing,to do harm to other dogs or to other people. There are too many other dogs that someone can have that are the same size,same color,but not dangerous around kids. Unfortunately,it is the owner's fault as to why these dogs are vicious. I pity the poor animal in a way because I am an animal lover. I would never put a dog above my family though, so don't let you pit bull in my yard or it is a dead one.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/3/2007 6:07:33 PM
sos,don't act so stupid,you know which breeds of what kinds of dogs can be aggressive the easiest...I am not going to debate with you about "pit bulls" being evil,but I ain't taken no chances if the dog has no tag,it walks in my yard it will be dead before it gets MY kids. You chain your pits and I will protect my kids. P.S. "One breed took away one good quarterback" ie:Michael Vick
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/3/2007 7:22:34 PM
Never said anywhere Michael Vick was a victim,you missed the point...if pits were so precious and so innocent...then why would anyone use them to fight with?...They are a fighting breed and anyone that thinks otherwise has their head in the sand. I don't care how sweet and innocent someone might think their pit is,I don't want them near my animals or my kids.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 9/3/2007 11:29:13 PM
There aren't dangerous dog breeds, only dangerous dog owners.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 1/6/2014 1:46:41 PM
If your neighbor where to come up to you and go "AGGGGGH! AIIIEEEERG! NNNRAAARHHH!!!" every day it would be straight to the funny farm.

If you are an owner of a dog like this then it is a sign you lack social class whether you're rich or live on a council estate, your are lower class and your acceptance of your dogs behavior is a reflection of you.

Nobody tells you this because they have more class than you and can stomach it to keep diplomacy, whereas I'm on the internet and don't live next door to you.

There aren't dangerous dog breeds, only dangerous dog owners.

There's a lot of mental gymnastics. Here is an example...

Dog eats owners eyes while she is KO drunk. Owner thanks dog for stopping her from drinking and puts dog down.

Unsurprisingly in Germany deals with it better.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 1/7/2014 4:58:46 PM
ljrdg37- There are dog breeds known to be more aggressive and pits are among them, but banning an entire breed is not the answer.
There need to be tougher regulations to adopt a dog to begin with. Responsible ownership is the number one factor in whether or not a dog will be aggressive.
People who neglect and/or abuse dogs should be banned from ever owning one.
I will never understand why people adopt a dog and then leave it chained up in a yard, neglected and it shouldn't be allowed.
Also, if you do adopt a dog, they should be socialized as puppy's to be around children, that drastically lessons the chance they will attack because they will be used to the behavior of children.
Parents should also teach their children how to approach and/or pet dogs and never, EVER allow your child to pet a dog it's never been around before. This isn't a conflicting statement, you just spend time with the dog and watch it's behavior before you have your children around it.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 1/28/2014 11:16:18 AM
Breed banning is the same as racism. Just because one dog of a certain breed bit someone, doesnt mean every dog within that breed will bite.

The work needs to be done at the front end for people adopting dogs. Mandatory training should be imposed. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and sadly, many humans have no clue the amount of time that needs to be invested to ensure thier dog is capable of fitting into society and playing by the rules.

In my area, spaniels and sheperds bit the most in recent years, but when a pit bites, they just happen to have more powerful jaws and can do more dmage in same amount of time as the other breeds. But make no mistake, pits are not in the top ten of biters, it is mostly small dogs that dont get reported to authorities because the bite was so small.

I have a****r spaniel and a bullmastiff. My bm is just as gentle as my spaniel...however, I would never leave any dog with any child under the age of 13 without adult supervision. To do so, is not responsible. The dogs are still 'just animals' and even the best trained dog can be impulsive and react badly to unknown stimuli...and there is nothing more stmulating then a young person, full of energy and play and spaztic movements. Any animal is going to pick up on that energy and react to it. Supervision required at all times! I cringe whenever I hear people bragging that thier dog is kin a babysitter. Trouble waiting to happen if you ask me. Too much responsibility for any animal.
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 1/31/2014 6:18:15 AM
Eliminate the human factor in the equation and the "dog" problem would be solved wouldn't it?

Who was the one that came up with the idea that dogs should be domesticated so that they can be comforted and not lonely?

And now, who are the ones that are deciding that "some" of those domesticated animals are "dangerous" because they are acting the way we think they should?

Humans aren't very bright are they?
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What do you think about dangerous breeds of dogs?
Posted: 1/31/2014 7:37:07 AM

And now, who are the ones that are deciding that "some" of those domesticated animals are "dangerous" because they are acting the way we think they should?

Yes and here is my grow list of things so people need to know about what might be dangerous or other wise….and please add to the list with your fav's.

Hot coffee is Hot ! But no one told me that….sue^^^^
Killer whales Kill. The show must go on…..
Thin ice is Thin.
Poisonous snakes are poisonous…..
There are sharks that swim in the ocean. omg….
Airplanes take off & land at airports. I bought a house near a airport & why is there so much noise…no one told me!duh….sue
Animals in the wild are wild.
And animals in carnival acts are still wild…just as those 2 jamokes in Vegas...
Trains go down railroad tracks and blow their horns at crossing...
And certain dogs are dangerous to others cuz thats what in their blood.

Yet for some owners they are clueless in proper care & safety of these types of animals. Cuz it is just a nice pet to them …..
imo, its the owners who are responsible not the animals….as they the animals are doing what they are supposed to do..
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