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Cheap thrill,
It's the Funerals that are expensive
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crystal meth
Posted: 10/30/2011 5:46:48 AM
Dunno if you were being sarcastic mate, but datura's ****en poison... Nobody should ever consume that shit. And Nasho's spraying mushies? lmao, dunno where you heard that.

As for meth, yeah sadly its around and ****ing people up... as it does. Doesn't seem to be as bad as a few years ago, whatever law enforcement's doing its working great as prices have pretty much quadrupled in the past few years preventing many from going as hard as they used to.

But yeah, still heaps of lives being ruined by this putrid shit. But can't always blame the drugs, its the people that CHOOSE to keep on taking it. Like yeah it may be addictive as hell, but that doesn't mean you have to keep taking it when its obviously turning everything in life to shit. Best not to take it in the first place, **** supporting those crim organisations.
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crystal meth
Posted: 11/16/2011 9:05:04 PM
yes meth is popular in aus it is really just another form of speed which everyone has heard of just with meth it is easier to smoke it with a glass pipe than normal so called speed because of the cutters they add in to increse it's size
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crystal meth
Posted: 11/19/2011 11:07:30 PM
Sure is, evil drug, expensive and so addictive my ex is a 'meth head' it destroyed our relationship he was the most paranoid insecure person i had ever met, he would go from being the sweetest guy ever to a crazy monster, over things that he thought i did, all made up in his head...he tried so hard to drag me down...thankgod its over is all i can say....
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crystal meth
Posted: 11/30/2011 12:51:50 AM
Crystal Meth... yep, I saw it, years ago... saw it being used by my friends, one of them was supplied by this by his brother, apparently he's selling it. When I saw it, I smelled it, that stink, I didn't know what the hell it is. I asked why they're taking it, they says it's great, helps them to stay away all night to talk and talk and talk... that's all all they cares about. (rolls eyes)... not me, I distrusted drugs, even mild ones... the only things I like is vitamins and minerals, at least, they dont' make me high, geez. I like my highs from natural causes, like pleasuers (you know), and happiness from reading books, chatting up nice ladies and the like.

I know what addictive personality is, I used to be a tobacco smoker, I smoked Drum Mild for years, since I was a kid reading horror novels and sci-fi novels and the like... I just loves puffing away and my mind in the grip of some stories set in faraway worlds... or countries or whatever... I pieces together the clues to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength... put it together and, like that, I did it, I quit smoking for good. I'm non-smoker 4 years plus, soon will be five years when the year changes from 2011 to 2012. I quit back in August 2007, and I really dislikes the smell of tobacco and the like.

Well, about five years ago, I was persuaded to go out, night clubbing with my friends, as I was heartbroken from a breakup with an older woman who I lived with for seven years, with her kids too... (she's a drug addict, uses dopes, as well as prescription drugs too, as well as booze, so I'm not unfamiliar with these drugs, I researched them and tried to help her get off them, but I learned that the only way to quit anything is for them to make the decision to do so on their own terms as I have done when I quit smoking... ), so I went with my friends, went nightclubbing, then ended up at a friend's place, and they gathers around the table and I'm on the lounge, my head tired out and my eyes sore, I closed my eyes, and I was wearing my mp3 player, with KISS Unmasked playing, I like it, blocks out the tinnitus... anyway I smelled this stink, it was like a knife slicing into my head, I openes my eyes and sees them using these glass things... toking up some sort of grey stuff and blowing out black stuff... dark grey stuff and I wondered what the crap is those, so I asked. I felt my head feeling like it'll exploded... they told me it's great, helps them stay awake longer, to chat and all that. They're like addicted to talking and talking all night long... signing and talking... my friends deafs, you know.

Anyway I says I'm gonna sleep, so I lays back, tries to sleep, but that stink was like knifeblade, it's really annoying. I thought I'd be patient and wati for them to finish, but it's like they smoked it all night long. It riled me up, so I shifts in my rest, trying to ignore the crap. I didn't know I was inhalling that stuff too, in a passive smoking fashion, it's why I felt annoyed, those stuff was affecting my brain... affecting my moods... I eventually fell asleep... but I kept shifting and in my sleep I was angry... though I kept control... I wokes up later one, hour or so sleep, and they kept saying, "Be careful! Alex's awake!" That kind of thing, like, I have this reputation for being a berserker and I've learned to control my temper over the years, but they, my friends, likes to pretends I'm like a firecracker, ready to go off at any moment... having fun... talking and talking and talking, signing, signing, signing... all night long... I eventually gave up and went back to sleep and woke up later on, they're tireder, and most of all, wired, still raring to go... I realised then, whatever that stuff they took, it bodes no good. So I refuse to touch it.

That was five years ago. Over the months I saw how it affected them, how they changed, how even the girl, my friend's new girlfriend, originally they was just friends, but, somehow, they became together through that... anyway, her beat up her little brother, and so on and so forth and all this alarmed me, so that every time I sees them, I chat with them, and catches up on old news and so on and then I meantioned that I wish they'd not be on drugs, it's not good, it's a waste of money, bad for health, and so on... they keep ignoring it, still insists they're fine, and so on. I knew then, they'll have to learn their lessons the HARD way... no other choice. I accept it, people will always do whatever they want, no matter how far off track they goes off... they'll either learn their HARD lesson, or they'll die and never knows it... (sighs)...

After I quit smoking tobaccos, I was wired, happy, gloating that I beat the doggone tobacco sticks... my friends came over, the friend with his new girlfriend, the ones who was friends but their uses of the meth made them lovers and so on... well, they came, and we chats for about an hour and they noticed I don't reach for the tobaccy pouch... they asks me when they took out their ciggy packs and offers me one, I refused the white ciggies, and I says, casual-like... I quit two months ago... I loves it, I feel FREE of the smoking forever... my nose clearing up, I can taste foods better, more flavours and so on. They was impressed, asks me how I did it. I said, first, I made up my mind to do it, second I figures out a method that helps me to do it, and third, a childhood memory of when we never smoked, that day, bright sunny day, pure fresh air, green grass, white clouds scudding on the horizon, a droning plane in the distance, and a barking white dog who looks like a husky down the back yard, and I'm on the unpaved driveway, a dirt track on the side of the house, playing with my cars, beauty red chevy and the like... breathing pure fresh air deep into my lungs... well, I brought that memory back from that day to this day, and I use those methods, and I did it, I quit smoking for good. I told all this, and I told them.. before, I used to think it was hard, but now, I realised, it was not that hard, it was actually easy. Because I decided that this was so, I decided that it's not that hard, that it is easy, and just a matter of making it through from ten minutes at a time to an hour at a time, then to a day at a time, then a week at a time, then a month and then I knew when I done my two months that it was EASY!

I urged my friends to try it, but they says they'll think about it and looks uncomfortable. Sad to say, after this, they spoke less and then left. I never saw them again. I still wonders how they are, especially as they have a baby boy, and I think a girl baby, too. Not sure now. I have not seen them, and I don't know where they live anymore. Oh well.

But I know one thing, crystal meth are dangerous... for I found out what it does, when I saw that documentary on SBS and then read up on it on the internet, read abotu a bloke who fried his brains and now goes to school to school trying to show the kids the aftermath of his mistakes... memory problems, and all sorts... No matter what we think, we can never be in control of drugs, not even one little thing... it shouldn't be a crutch...

AS for the drugs companies... well, they created this thing, they can pay for it too, for one day they will. When all people wakes up and heals themselves and walks away, then the drugs pushers, oh, I'm sorry, companies, will go out of business.

The thing with drugs, they should be treated with caution, not with lassez fair attitude, like it's the normal thing to do,

like conformity and all that jackshit.

I've seen my dad taking doctors advice and ended up with diabetes, because of those pills, whatever those are. I warned him, be careful of drugs, no matter how innocious they seems to be, no matter if the doctor can be trustful, they are not to be trusted, for they're working for the drugs people too... the most untrustworthy scumbags I've ever read about, I read the book Drugs Industry and all the others and always the underlying motive and agenda hidden throughout, money, money, money, is the aim, the destination, of these scumbags...

(My dad's dead, beause of the very things. He passed away a few months ago.)

I read how Rockefeller sells petrols as a tonic! He'd sell dead oil claiming it will help with anything, ailments, etc... he didnt' care, and thus he came to make heaps of money and thus he owns the oil industry, the so-called medical industry and the hospitals and finally, the FDA... he owns them all, he does, that old scumbags.

His kind is trying to force people to take his shit so we're not alowed to determine what is rigth for ourselves, no, he's trying to force us. Me, I don't give a shit for him adn all his drug lackeys... they can kiss my arse...I go the natural route, that God gave us, foods as medicince, medicine as foods, organic foods, from grasses to fruits to vegies, that's real foods, full of minerals and vitamins, and those are the ones that HEALS us, helps our body clear out dead stuff and absorbs living stuff, for life makes life, not dead make life... thats' how it is. It's NATURE and God made Nature. It's that simple.

The fact is, I never trusted doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and the like, they're all one and the same, scum of the earth.

I know one thing that makes people well, eat real foods, not empty foods, that industrialisation has caused. It's that simple.

I read all this for over ten years, researching WHY all this have to be. WHy the need for drugs? Why the need for this or that? What is the deficiency of this or that. And so on. I am satisfied that real Grade A foods, rich with vitamins and minerals, makes people well. When they're well, they're not exhibiting crazy behaviours that we're familiar with today, no. But here's the thing, when deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in foods occurs over a long period of time, first generation will exhbits mild sypmtoms... second generation, much worse, third generations, even worse. Their IQ levels drops, generation by generation.

This is how it is, the facts speaks for itself. Doctors cannot whitewashed this, nor does the pharmadruggiests can cover this up. I saw it with my own eyes... it's proven over and over... but money will always blinds people so they'll ignore it and who cares if a child is suffering, they'll ignore her and worships their god, Mammon, the money-god, not knowing that the worship for money is a sin. Money itsself is neither good nor bad, but the worship IS.

So there we have it, people will do anything for money, in order to find their pleasures, in drugs, in all sorts of ways. Poor saps.

Personally, I find them stupid, too. Drugs are for idiots. They can have it, and find themself either burned up or dead.

Nothing I can do about it. They made their choice, they can have it. One thing I won't permit, them trying to drag me down with them to hell. I refuse to be dragged down ever again. I'll use my fists and boots if I have to, to beat them off. So far no one has tried to force me to go. Good thing. They have no idea what it's like to mess with a tough old deaf man like me, mon! I protect my life, and the lives of my famiiy, no matter what.

I always wondered why pushy morons would pushes their shit, like smokers used to do, "Go on, this'll make you feel good!"

"No!" I says.

They get a wounded look in their eyes. And still they insisted: "Go on, it'll make you feel good!"

"NO, I said, NO, NO, NO!" I push them away.

"Then you're not cool!" They says.

"I don't care! I don't give a SHIT!" I says.

They go off, shambling, rot already spreading in their brains and messing up their insides... rotting from the inside out... idiots.

Why would I want to copy them, become like them, stupid and fried in my head? No 'effing way!

And most of all, THIS IS MY LIFE! I wanna be CLEAR in my head! I likes being CLEAR in my head, no hazy mind. The only time I like being hazy, dreamlike, is when I sleeps, period!

It's the same with smokers, boozers, and all kinds of morons doing moronic things thinking it'll make them feel good.

Sheesh. Run a while and you'll get high. Swim, and you'll get high. Sex is great, it'll make you high, too. So I fail to understand the need for extra-pleausre, for I kow one thing, the body is built with limits, and when you reach limits, that's far enough, time for a rest, not break on through to fried-brains-land... sheesh! (sighs).... but then, people will have to learn this, the easy way or the HARD way. It's their choice. For us, though, we have to repeatedly say to them, NO! when we're offered these junk, and if necessary, we'd have to FIGHT them off if they thought they can forces us to take it.

Sheesh. They can be morons at times.

Oh well, there you have it. My thoughts and some memories.

I'm glad I don't smoke anymore. I absolutely hated going outside every ten minutes or so to have a smoko. It's so annoying!

By now, I'm happier, cleaner, and msot of all, I saved heaps on the money, channelling it towards better foods, and the like, saving up for stuff I wanted for a long time, and most of all, achieving it all faster, saving up faster, and so on.

All around, a better life than before... Only one tiny little regret... I wished I done it sooner... oh well. that's okay. Better late than never. That's a horrible thought, though... to be still smoking in my 60s or 70s or 80s... or however long I managed to live, coughing and spitting up brown stuff. Ugh.

No, I'm glad I did it, just took me some time to sort it all out and then make the decision and then I did it. Hell, I wrote up an ebook about it and published it. So far some have read about it but no one wrote to me that they tried it and it helped them get off the smokes, who knows. I hopes one will do it, one hearing will do it and becoem free of the crapsticks and will let me know. Oh well. There's still time enough for more people to find it and use my methods and become free!

No worries! It's all good!
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crystal meth
Posted: 11/30/2011 7:22:36 PM
Went to a forum about meth labs recently... put together by the Qld drug unit. Never thought I'd see the day when I had "Meth Labs, 9am" written in my diary. So...apparently Queensland is a very popular location choice for tourists, and people setting up meth labs.

Even if the meth producers manage not to blow the place up (a meth lab did blow a rental house up in Brisbane recently and the area had to be evacuated), the chemical residue from the cook remains present in the residence they used...on walls, in carpets...and it's toxic and highly carcinogenic. And normal cleaning does not remove need professionals. When the professionals go in to clean, they wear those protective hazard suits etc. They test everything within a certain perimeter of where the meth was cooked, and if chemicals have been tipped into the yard, they remove a certain perimeter and depth of soil and dispose of it safely. Carpets and curtains have to be destroyed. Sometimes major reconstruction is necessary to get anything out that has absorbed the chemicals, and it varies, but sometimes neighbouring properties may be effected. That's how toxic it is.

My concern is for the unknowing victims of meth. If someone uses a rental house for cooking meth, and if they go undetected and eventually move on, and only normal cleaning is done...that means the next people who move in are being exposed to those dangerous chemical residues. Kids crawling around on carpets. People touching walls. Very bad health outcomes ahead for those people.

And if it is detected...massive costs for the landlord to get the property back to a rentable condition. Plus the fact that it's now a stigmatised property and people may not want to rent it, or buy it, leaving them with a big white meth elephant.

And if the rental agent is unlucky enough to turn up to do an inspection when a cook is actually happening, the fumes can kill them within minutes of walking inside. Holiday apartments are being increasingly used for cooking meth...putting cleaners and staff at risk.

Recipes are available on the net...and the ingredients are everyday things that are readily available from shops. ....Scary, innit.
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crystal meth
Posted: 12/1/2011 12:51:43 AM
Did they say anything about the repecussions on the cooks in these meth labs subjected to those fumes ?

I read abook once about sas hunting cooks in coco factories in columbia and how they were as much mules as the guys running it threw mehico..
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crystal meth
Posted: 12/5/2011 6:22:37 AM
^^^ They said that (unlike the people who might wander in inadvertently as part of their job roles without having the slightest clue that the place is a meth lab) apparently those doing the cooking normally know enough to go out as soon as they start the cook, and not come back til it's done. Although one of the presenter's powerpoints showed a photo of the dead body one poor ba$tard who either didn't get out fast enough, or was foolish enough to go back in to get his sunnies or something. (Gawd, whatever happened to putting basic dot points and predictable clip art on powerpoints. :s ) Apparently he just dropped and died.

As for the cooks being exposed to the residue after the cook...given the toxicity levels, it would certainly be no better for their health than for any other person not wearing a bio-hazard suit. I would imagine they suffer for it at some point. Apparently though they don't live in the places they use, so they aren't sleeping and eating there, and they certainly wouldn't have their toddlers in there crawling around etc … unlike joe average who moves in to a home in all innocence with no clue they have just moved their family into a former meth lab. And I guess the police can't really know how aware the cooks are of the risks they are exposing themselves to by going in after a cook, or what precautions they take, because it's not exactly the sort of thing regulated by OH&S.

Maybe we'd all be a bit safer if we took the criminal element out of it a bit more. Portugal, decriminalised all drugs in 2001, no exceptions. You can have up to 2 weeks supply of anything at all on you, and there are absolutely no consequences. Instead of punishment, offenders are offered rehab...but they don't have to. When they first did this, they were warned by other governments that their population would end up with a massive drug problem, and that druggies from all over the world would move there. Apparently though, it's gone well and drug use has actually declined.
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