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 Reservoir Dawg
Joined: 7/6/2005
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?Page 2 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I have a lot of prints from the artists Josh 'SHAG' Angle - I like them - they're retro and cartoony and real conversational pieces
 kamikazi Cruise Control
Joined: 7/12/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 11/2/2006 6:38:36 PM
I have some Soviet propaganda posters from the 1930's and WW2. Very cool and very ANTI fashion. Chinese cigarette ads from same time as well. Elvis Presley and the Redskins soul band from England posters.
Joined: 11/23/2005
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 11/3/2006 4:26:18 PM
The major stuff that I can see at the moment...

"Wrong Gun" by Gabe Lanza A late 50's cartoonish style work, with a cowboy protecting a damsel.

"Pele surfing with Kamohoali'i" and "Father Damien" by Dietrich Varez, a Hawaiian block print artist.

"Mystery Move" by Wiliiam (not Bill) Nealy. A well known kayaking cartoonist.

"Moon through the Trees" by Kathryn Darnell. A penciled illustration for a book, which I also have.

I tend to like artists that express something of whimsey. That probably explains most of the small sculptures throughout the room, as well.
Joined: 3/1/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 11/4/2006 7:26:09 AM
in my kitchen, i have a print of geronimo, a poster of johnny cash, a tapestry from ecuador (the cats love pulling it down), a single tree, a flower crown from solstice and a chart with raptor i.d.s. all these things make me smile when i see them.

in my bedroom, i have a valance over the bed (another cat toy), purple string lights and pictures of smarty jones.

i have some artwork that i don't really display because of the cat factor.
 kamikazi Cruise Control
Joined: 7/12/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 11/5/2006 2:28:44 PM
That sounds delicious.
Joined: 8/3/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 12/13/2006 12:35:00 AM
Most the art on my walls are hand drawn / painted. Its more like a huge mural still in the works. Just defining my life. All the things I have seen and done so far. As well as what I have been touched and blessed by. Everything from walt disney characters, japanimation, to car murals, graffitti logo's, to ideas what just come my mind.
Joined: 5/1/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 1/25/2007 8:00:36 PM
I have all sorts of stuff on my walls:
-A whole lot of posters relating to PBS where I do stuff (fundraising posters/gig posters/stuff like that).
-A few framed pics of my daughter, some framed pics of some of the bands I've been in.
-A framed newspaper banner entitled "Fat cat's drug raid" (with a pic of the man in the cat suit waving).
-A framed pic of an autographed Alison Moyet CD
-A collection of publicity photos of some my fave 80's bands
-And whole STACK of CD's I didn't like blutacked shiny side up onto the walls (I also have some very small mirrorballs hanging from window rods)

What can I say? I'm a big kid at heart

Toe knee :-)
 Ethereal 1
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 2/3/2007 9:46:39 AM
Art is such a powerful thing... and SYMBOLIC art even moreso! I don't think ANY of us truly appreciates the impact or impression, that the "things" we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with... have upon our heart, soul, spirit and psyche.

I personally believe, that one's sacred space should be carefully chosen and, be a TRUE reflection of the either where you are at... or where you wish to be on some level of your being.

I am not talking about supersticious or ritually based feng shui principles (although Feng Shui does has many merits), but a concept I prefer to term as "Placement for Prosperity" wherein a person, INTUITIVELY chooses their art, accessories and decor as a means of creating and manifesting their heart's desires... beit health, wealth, love, prosperity, inspiration, balance.... YOU CHOOSE!

We have ALL experienced this... places we NEVER seem to want to leave... or conversely those we would rather NOT return to. This is what I speak of here and perhaps, you will think about that before you drive that next screw into your drywall!! Does this give me joy... if not... why are you keeping it! Let it go!!

For me, whether it is a tiny treasure brought home whilst travelling, from a high end boutique, a dusty old antique market, a thrist store.. a shell or stone from a beach, or simply a cherished hand painted piece of artwork done by my 4 year old girlfriend's daughter... I somehow feel the TREASURE, FINDS ME... and the joy is in that moment of knowing... HEY... we BELONG together... it is like a love affair of sorts!!! A never ending journey of self discovery...

So the long answer to the question at hand is this..... is MUST speak to my soul!

Being somewhat of an tree hugging "earth cookie" and hopeless romantic...typically, I am draw the simple, rustic, casual and the understated. Where art is concerned... nature, bridges and pathways, water, legend, music, mystery, romance and nudity... and of course... the spiritual. Blessings all.
Joined: 2/4/2007
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 2/18/2007 8:37:03 AM
prompted by this thread, which i think is quite interesting, i just went and counted how many pieces of artwork, photographs, and prints i have on the walls here. the total comes to 205 approximately. i knew there was a lot, but never realized quite how many. and it is only a moderate sized apartment!

i would guess that at least 70 are photographs that i have taken. (i muck around with photography, selling odd pieces as prints or greeting cards.) the other pieces of artwork here are from various genres and artists...water colours, pencil sketches, charcoal, oil paints, plaster work, and numerous prints. apart from the original works, i would say that the mucha prints are my favourites. i love black and white sketches, and well done artwork of women. i enjoy oils as well because of the texture and depth the medium gives to the work.

my apartment looks like a rainbow. no wonder people walk in and sometimes just stand staring forgetting to close the door behind them! hahahaha :) my apartment has been described as "eye candy" by more than one person.

i have thoroughly enjoyed reading about what other people have on their walls. thank you for sharing!!

Joined: 7/12/2006
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 2/21/2007 4:29:19 PM
I got my own art on my walls.

Cus I like it.
Joined: 4/13/2007
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 4/24/2007 8:41:39 PM
Let's see...I love the impressionist era, be it in art or music. I don't know that I can really pin-point just speaks to me. Artistically, I'm particularly fond of Renior and have three prints framed in my house. My seventh grade art teacher assigned Renior to me as a report topic and I fell in love with his work. I also have a piece of framed Christian art that I find quite beautiful and expresses the importance of my faith in my life, a black and white framed photograph that was a gift from my parents, and a couple other minor pieces that I lack the words to verbalize in a successful manner. A nude female Renior sketch is my favorite. Burgandy/copper color sketching on ivory with a gold it.
Joined: 3/15/2007
Msg: 82
The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 4/27/2007 11:04:33 AM
I don't have a single picture up in my 1800sq/ft home. Nothing, nada. No knick knacks either.
 Strange Days
Joined: 10/18/2005
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 7/18/2007 4:57:48 AM
Over my couch is a large print of "Daybreak" By Maxfield Parrish. (1922) It's so beautiful, I love the shading and the colours. I discovered him through his many book illistrations. Editions of Poe, Carrol, Mallory, and many others. Parrish was an American master, whose work seems to be forgotten. One of the girls who worked at the art store where I bought the print had never heard of him, or seen the image. It's a very famous image, Google it- I'll bet you've seen it before. She had an art degree too! What a shame.
I also have several group of Seven prints: Three Harris, One Jackson. Upstairs is a large "Waterlilys" print I haven't hung yet.
Art is relaxing and easy on the eyes, and ALWAYS worth the money.
Joined: 3/21/2007
Msg: 86
The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 7/22/2007 11:18:50 AM
My 'artwork' isn't really artwork. I'm a University student and my roommate and I definitely have a college apartment. It's all posters. In my room I have several Johnny Depp movie still posters, and glossy's of him as several movie characters. In the living room we have some random posters; My personal favourite being our poster of Jay and Silent Bob, of the Kevin Smith movies fame.

When I actually own a place of my own, I would love to have "The Scream" and "American Gothic" in it. I have no idea how and where I could incorporate them, but I love both of those paintings, and don't know why.
Joined: 6/13/2007
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 7/23/2007 6:26:32 AM
I painted one side of my living room wall with DC and Marvel heros superheros, but Im a comic fan. HEY i paint on canvases and bristle boards sometimes my ambition gets bigger then me and it needs validation. I think when you love somthing so much it feels like your going to explode and so I express that on my wall and in the end theres a sense of release mmmmm...sound like sex but its not. its taking an emotion of love that you have for something and expressing that in the only manner that you know how. I belive artists to be very sensitive people and they have emotions that are bottled up like anybody else, some sing and create music, some put it into there work and others excersise, ME? I draw and paint the subject that gives me pure joy comic books.
Joined: 5/24/2007
Msg: 98
The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 5/20/2008 10:05:24 AM
I have several wildlife prints in my house.
Only one of them is one i painted the rest are all well known artists.
I find this type of art nice for my house. It is relaxing and easy on the eyes, but if i am out looking at art i like more of the stuff like Salvador DalĂ­.
Joined: 4/21/2007
Msg: 100
The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 5/22/2008 9:04:09 PM
I love movie posters, but my collection is currently lacking bigtime.

The teenage metal head in me still has some band posters and/or art work I wanna put up, but I'm still not completely settled into my new apt yet, so I'll ruminate with that awhile.

The only actual art work I have on my walls are a really eerie but gorgeous painting of my grandfather and a painted version of my grade 1 or 2 school photo that one of my mom's old co-workers painted for her.
Joined: 4/28/2008
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The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 6/20/2008 9:47:08 AM
Framed photographs taken by me. Why? I have a photograph exhibit consisting of about 24 pieces & I'm currently looking for a gallery to host it. Until then most of it is wrapped up, but I keep a few hanging on my walls. Maybe it's time I swapped them for some different ones. If you're curious you can go to the exhibit web site. Just google supervaluredux
Joined: 9/14/2008
Msg: 109
The ART on your walls... and WHY?
Posted: 9/27/2008 5:57:21 PM
well i dnt have paintings by any name painters but i do have drawings i've done free hand of various tattoo artist's work that i've liked they vary from traditional to flash to japanese work etc...cept portrites they r really hard for me....
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