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Joined: 8/11/2005
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Hey, Ok I may be taking a risk here but what are the benefits of Christians sharing the Gospel?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
^^ That is nothing new. That's not even my point. My point is that you make it sound like a believer can have a very heavy-handed, confrontational, and ultimately ineffective approach to sharing the message, and it will absolve one of having "blood on his hands."

Then when we're all dead, that believer can look down into Hell and say, "I tried to warn you, but would you listen? Noooooo! You treated me like I was the weirdo. Hope you brought some hot dogs with you. Good luck!"
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Joined: 7/24/2005
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Hey, Ok I may be taking a risk here but what are the benefits of Christians sharing the Gospel?
Posted: 11/3/2005 5:05:12 AM

You aren't sure of anything-that's why you don't know the truth. Unfortunately, are probably so far may never know come to know it either.

"Rainbows, lollie pops and moonbeams.............."

And another thing-i see that , in many, many Christian forum/ are always,lurking about to try to discredit Christians views and beliefs and opinions. Whys that? Apparently, you are working for satan and you just don't know it. It seems, you do a lot more cramming then us Christians.
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Hey, Ok I may be taking a risk here but what are the benefits of Christians sharing the Gospel?
Posted: 11/9/2005 5:29:34 PM
It's the Holy Spirit in us that compels us to share the Gospel. I love doing so! But too, since I have a sinful nature.....sometimes, I'd rather not. Sometimes, I feel I shouldn't for some because, most don't listen. I quit,....but only to find myself starting over and continuing. I run to others to share the Gospel but, instead get side-tracked. Then, I avoid others because, I feel sometimes "Whats the point?" I feel pulled into 2 different directions...perhaps, 3, which is including my own way.

I want to please God. I know i do. But, other times, I feel how could God possibly even stand to look at me? Every moment, it seems-is a struggle. I hate me! I like me! I love and need God! But sometimes, I just want to run and hide! Out of fear, shame and anger I mock Him and tempt him, shout at him and raise my fists! Others times, I find myself asking for more acknowlege, grace, help, forgiveness, guidence, mercy, love-towards myself and others. I want to grow in the Lord, have strength in the Lord and give glory to the Lord! ALWAYS! Sometimes, I just want to give up and have fun like non-believers do. Why can't I do what i am suppose to do? Why do I love what I hate? Most of what I love to do, I don't. Most of what i looks so wonderful! Why didn't i speak to that person about God and the Gospel? Or, why did I waste my time again,on that same person-who hates God and us Christians? Just throw them the Bible! No, share with them what the Bibles says.

I need that Rapture to get my out of here! This world is horrible and I want to get off it! But, I want to stay and bring as many people to God as I can! My faith is very strong! But, so too,......... are my doubts. Only the Grace of God, maintains me and his promise to me is to restore me. And I know that's true because,..after all my many falls......i'm still standing,............and it's not by my own power either.

Satan may win the Battle-But God will win the War! And then, every knee will bow-even Satans.
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Hey, Ok I may be taking a risk here but what are the benefits of Christians sharing the Gospel?
Posted: 11/13/2005 7:22:44 AM
The benifits are good I suppose if the people want to hear of it. If not i think its horrible and dishonest because in alot of cases if someone will not listen they get: Your're going to hell or some other condemnation of similar calibur. Why I say its dishonest is the people whom do theese little condemnations usually know nothing about the people that they are condeming, nothing about who they are and how they live and love and thats not fair of them at all. They should know that when they point a finger there is always one pointing back at them.
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