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Joined: 8/12/2005
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Body size--men this timePage 5 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I think men have a lot easier time when it comes to dating regardless of their size or looks as women don't seem to worry as much about looks as men do.
Joined: 8/12/2005
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 7/20/2006 4:55:36 AM

Pujakama..i respect your opinions but i have never read such a load of blabbering nonsense in my life quite frankly.

I agree. The two things aren't remotely the same.
Joined: 9/3/2004
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 7/20/2006 5:27:31 AM
This isn't something I've ever had to really worry about. I'm 15 - 20 pounds heavier than I think I should be but I never get much heavier than that. Just seems to be where my body stops putting on the pounds. I used to be a 12-pack guy when I was younger but when I was like that people used to think of me as "the skinny guy". Thinking I'm one of those people that look better when I have a few extra pounds. If I loose that extra weight it tens to come ogg my face first and I just don't look good.
Joined: 8/12/2005
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 7/20/2006 5:38:23 AM
But they are. Your choice in your sexuality is just the thing you are attracted to. Most guys like girls... some like guys. Its because they are attracted to these things, not because they made an descision to be one or the other.

If the supposition is that "your ONLY looking for the inner person" and the physical dosnt matter at all... then sex, size, color.. ALL these are superfical and wouldnt matter. Women and men have the same chances of being worthy and lovable... its just that not everyone is attracted to the same thing.

Someone who isnt attracted to midgets isnt shallow or unworthy of a date because they dont want a midget for a lover. Neither are they shallow for wanting someone slim. Theres plenty of folks out there who dont like slim, and would rather a plump mate... these people are also not shallow.

I am not going to argue the point, but you gave exactly the response I thought you would.
Whatever floats your boat, but I will never see dating an overweight person or not dating them as the same as not wanting to date a member of your own gender.
Joined: 10/17/2005
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 7/20/2006 12:19:28 PM
I'm just of the view that i want someone to be with you for who you are and not for how slim or fat someone is.
...i'm unworthy of ever getting a date am i?
Unworthy? I don't hear anyone saying that anyone is unworthy of getting a date based on their body type. What I do hear is that some are saying they prefer this or that. The key word is “prefer”. That’s called a preference and it does not mean that a person is being shallow for voicing their preference.

If you have a weight problem and believe you are being passed over for a date because of it but are happy with the way you look, then don’t complain. However, if you are not happy with your weight problem but refuse to do anything about it, then you’ll just have to hope and wait for a woman who apparently doesn’t mind being with an overweight, out-of-shape man.

I pass up the overweight, out-of-shape men because it does not appeal to me. I don’t have an unsightly gut and have no desire to look at a man’s unsightly gut … be it clothed or naked. YUK! I physically have a lot of energy and it’s been my experience that overweight men do not. So getting hooked up with such a man would not be fun or appealing to me.

Additionally, most men who are overweight and out-of-shape tend to have sexual dysfunctional problems. I am still interested in having a lively sexual relationship with a man. Still another reason I find these men not appealing. I'm sure there are many women who could care less about that unappealing issue ... so I know I do not speak for all women with that statement.

OT: Do I think overweight men have more or less difficulty getting dates than overweight women? I believe that for one reason or another, overweight men probably experience problems getting dates, but probably not quite as much as overweight women. For some reason, there are a lot more women out there much more willing to accept overweight, out-of-shape men than there are men willing to accept overweight, out-of-shape women. It appears that just will never be a two-way street.
Joined: 6/24/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 7/23/2006 6:00:47 PM
mmm i can travel 100 meters in under 13 seconds ,world record is 9.6 .i am a small male not much to look at realy,but i can walk 4 city blocks on my hands.I dont mind a few extra pound on a women, my grandmother told me" never marry a small skinny women" because if there is a famine she will grammother was pinned down in a root cellar durring WW1 and watched her bother get shot by advancing german troops. she was a very specail women who had a lot of knowlege.she could speak over 7 languages and never complained about any of the tragadies she witnesse during her life time.including the loss of 2 of her sons to gun fire. I find a lot of larger women to be tighter an have on ocasion not been able to get it in so to speak because of size differences,i am a normal guy and dont have a moby****by any means .so what give. my most frightening experience i was unable to with draw we were stuck to gether for hours and the pain was excutionating.
Joined: 6/29/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 8/4/2006 8:39:00 AM
If any guy has money, power and fame, he is going to get laid period.

Look at David Koresh, the guy was a religious whackjob, but after he got his mug on TV a couple of times, then he got a ton of fanmail from women who wanted him. Look at Scott Peterson, who is a relatively good looking guy, but the fact that he was in the public eye so long gave him some fame, now they say he has a never ending supply of women who are writing to him in prison. Danny DeVito is maybe five feet tall, hes got a beer belly, he's balding, he's ugly, and he's got that grating voice. But do you think he's going to have a problem getting laid by hot women if he wanted to pound some tail tonight?

Overweight guys aren't getting laid because they often have nothing in their lives that can make a girl overlook the weight factor. I assure you, if you found the heaviest guy on POF and made him a cast regular on CSI, then there would be a line around the block of people waiting to blow him. So for the really fat guys, either go to the gym or get on TV, your choice.

As for the acceptance of fat women over fat men in America, well more and more people are getting fat. It's either handle the idea of sometimes sleeping with a heavy woman or not having sex at all. If a guy has less to offer, then he's going to have to accept he'll probably end up with a heavier woman. I think American cars are horribly made vehicles. Poor quality control, bad design and cheaply constructed. But if next year, every other kind of car was banned in America besides American made cars, then I guess I'm driving an American made car eventually. You still need and want to drive, you just might not get a wide selection of cars to choose from. That's whats going on with men and fat women in America.
Joined: 10/17/2005
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 9/19/2006 12:54:54 AM
It's been my experience that the heavier older gentlemen have a lot more sexual problems than men the same age who are not as heavy. I'm speaking from my experience as a nurse and not from personal experience with overweight men.

I'm not attracted to "overweight" men and so have basically no personal experience with them except for clinical experience when they admit their problems and are seeking treatment.
Joined: 7/20/2004
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/10/2006 9:49:45 PM
O.K., I'm the right weight for my height. I'm nine foot six. Well, maybe if they put me on the rack. I've been overweight to some extent most of my life; sexually? Back in college (first time around) I found out that most women don't come from intercourse alone anyway, so what's the big deal about stamina? Other than intercourse, and I can last till you start to get sore, what really requires stamina? My tongue never gets tired. And I learned all the other skills. Never had any complaints. Only one one night stand, the rest all lasted a year or more. Did my weight affect what I could do sexually? Well, yeah, if you're looking for someone who can hang from one arm on the light fixture while doing you at the same time. But for the most part, even at 50, I can still do what I could at 20, just not as often. And I'm still overweight. No, I can't 'sprint' for half an hour, but I don't know anyone who could run like that, ever. It's more like a marathon pace. And I always thought slow and steady was more enjoyable anyway, isn't it? Or have all women been lying, and what you really want is just lots and lots of fast hard thrusting and forget about everything else? I know that's what they put into the movies, but it doesn't connect with reality.

Beyond that, yes, there are health issues, so if you're looking for someone to survive into their 90's with you, maybe overweight people aren't for you. But one thing we have, is learned to live with what we are. And what you are. We know we're not for everyone. But, surprise, surprise, neither are you. No one is attractive to everyone.
So why am I on POF, you may ask. Simple. I'm an agnostic. In the past five years, every single straight woman I've met has been what I prefer to call a 'true believer', christian or jewish, definately believe in god and all the rules of organized religion. I don't have a problem with that, but they seem to have a problem with me. So here I am, on the net, looking for like minded women. I have ads on several sites, and occasionally get a nibble. Might take a while, but I will find someone. Even if I am overweight. 'Cause I'm cute, too.
Joined: 8/3/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/11/2006 10:02:14 AM
I have no problem with large men as long as they are healthy. I'm sure most of you understand what i mean.
I'd be a hypocrite if i did because i have bits of fat on me and I dont excercise so why i should only go for thin ones? Its the state of mind and soul that is most important.

However there is something else that is important to me and quite vain. The face!

He must have the face.. its what where i look at the most to watch him talk, smile, laugh.. its the face that i kiss and touch, etc. Its the face that i see grow old with me.. all the wrinkles and grey hair but the sparkles in the eye forever there sparkling with happiness and contentment.

So i say.. let not those pounds bother you.. focus on that face.
Joined: 8/19/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/19/2006 5:43:33 PM
I think Woman have a harder time getting the dates if they are heavy because alot of guys like perfect skinny girls. I am talking from experience, I am not that big, but I am on the heavy side and I have a hard time finding a guy who likes me the way I am.
Joined: 6/21/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/20/2006 5:17:08 AM
I'm overwieght, and Don't seem to have a hard time finding a date when it boils down to it.
I find that this is the beautiful thing about women, they tend to be more into the persons character and seem to look for someone with panache.

I don't know if it is harder for non-slender women to find dates than us guys, but if it is, then that is a sad statement about us men.
Joined: 10/13/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/20/2006 5:30:02 AM
I have dated all shapes and sizes and those considered drop dead cute to those thought of as well, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The personalities and how they treated me in the long run is what stole my heart. Yes, attraction is important, but jerkiness takes away from that.

Big Teddy-Bears are fine with me.

Joined: 2/8/2004
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/20/2006 11:02:31 AM
dollycham (OP),

Men have it easier, in my opinion. We're more genetically designed to have more meat on our bones anyway. A guy can be big, overweight, but still work out time to time with weights to keep his shoulders broad, etc. Essentially, a guy can carry a lot more *unnecessary* weight better than a woman. It all depends on how he handles that extra weight, of course. A guy doesn't have to lose as much fat to look decent, I think.

I also think, more importantly, an overweight guy can be seen as a protector for a woman -- being "bigger". Many men like women with curves, and many don't mind a woman who's a little overweight as we get older. But a woman who's summarized as being "overweight" will have a much harder time getting a real date than a guy who is proportionally just as overweight, as some of them will just be summarized as being "big". There's no uniform judgement about it all -- I just think more men can be cool being just as proportionally overweight than women!
Joined: 6/2/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/26/2006 5:01:47 PM

very thought said the most thus far!!!!
Joined: 10/13/2006
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 10/27/2006 10:41:46 AM
Look in the mirror before you judge others, the reflection that you "think" is so pretty, may not be. But what do I know, I have a Jalapeno on my head.
Joined: 10/17/2005
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 3/10/2007 3:05:50 PM

how about the other end of the do UNDERWEIGHT men fare in getting dates???
I'm not attracted to a man who weighs the same as me ... no matter how tall he is. I've met men who are a few inches taller than me and weigh only about 10 to 15 pounds more ... I don't know why, but I'm just not attracted to men built so small.

I don't like "FAT" men, but I don't like it when they look "undernourished" either. That just doesn't appeal to me.

One thing you all have to keep in mind is that even when an obese person loses weight, they have already set themselves up for problems by letting themself go in the first place. An overweight person can become diabetic due to the weight problem. Even if they lose the weight ... they will still be diabetic ... there's no going backwards on that one.

Same with the heart problems one gets from being overweight ... you clog up your arteries and sorry to say ... there is no "drain snake" they can run through your body to "unclog" that crap out of there ... so you set yourself up for problems even if you do manage to lose the weight and keep it off.

Some folks just don't want to get involved with that and I don't think it's shallow for them to avoid people who don't take care of themselves. I don't think I'm a shallow person for not wanting to have to deal with it ... I consider it a "preference" ... I "prefer" not to deal with it.
Joined: 1/25/2011
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 8/30/2011 5:26:27 PM
I actually am attracted to men with a large frame and that are of solid build but there still has to be that spark ,glint in his eye oh aye he has to have his own beautiful teeth are there any of you out there?
Joined: 3/29/2010
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 8/30/2011 6:24:59 PM
overweight women typically can IMO get more dates than overweight men...

but I would believe that most of these are from guys who are looking to make a bum rush and hit it and quit it...and/or the ones that wanna experience a fat girl just once...

they wanna ""go hogging""

Not sure too many women have a fat fetish for dudes.

a heavy dude has GOT to have his sh1t together and/or really have his game on point...

of course, some girl I have known will settle for a fat man cuz they wanna feel safe that he won't cheat on them and they finally want a nice dude...
Joined: 3/29/2010
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Body size--men this time
Posted: 8/30/2011 7:55:34 PM
^^^my opinion of all those ""height/weight" ratio charts are not for folks who are weight lifters, body builders, etc...

forget about that stuff...

go back and look at an average NFL roster in the 50, etc back before weight lifting became a craze...

the men on those rosters were essentially the largest/strongest men of their era, right ?

given that you failed to showed your pics on your profile- I see you show yourself to be of average build...

I would say at 6'2 at best average would maybe go up to 240 or so without being cut athletic and 220 or so being athletic...

addtionally- based on they way we have worked as a society the past generation or so- we have begun to work less and less and less with our hands and bodies...

I can imagine a man who was 6'2 and 185 pounds who had been a real working man his whole life would indeed be very strong...a lot stronger than a 185 pound weight lifting type- strength as in real world strength...

additionally- you must have some REAL ape hangers if you can get your arms around that piano enough to get enough leverage to get it up them stairs man !!! lol
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