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Joined: 7/16/2006
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Gay Pride ParadesPage 2 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
These parades do not represent the majority of our homosexual population and simply give the right-wing something to feed off of. They are a disgrace to mainstream gay people and simply another example of freedom of speech being misused by extremists. I particulary hate their characterizations of the Catholic church in these parades, but so be it. This is America afterall, and I find these parades to be no more "out there" than the policies and actions of the current whitehouse administration.
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 7/27/2006 4:50:17 AM

You are confusing the grey area as to when sexual maturity is achieved and out right molestation

I'm not confusing anything. Alaska made the statement that what homosexuals did in the Roman Empire was considered pedophilia. I simply corrected him. At the time, it wasn't considered pedophilia since the people were considered "adults" at much younger ages.

If gays are going to turn to ancient Greece or Rome as a gauge to measure their freedoms

I really don't think gay people will ever turn to any ancient civilization to "guage" their freedoms. I simply pointed out that Alaska's statement didn't hold much water. I strongly think his opinion is based more on assumption than fact. As a matter of fact, he is now claiming that homosexuality was preferred over heterosexuality amongst relationships. I am sorry, but that simply isn't true. If it were, there wouldn't have been such a huge population.

You're probably much more tolerant of those two words than you think

There is a time and a place for everything and sometimes you are simply not in a position to correct or reprimand someone for their racial or sexual ignorance. With that said, I have asked family members to leave my home because of racial slurs. If I here a coworker using them I will try to correct them. It offends me to no end, and I don't mind telling someone that it does.
Joined: 1/16/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 7/27/2006 10:11:20 AM
Hey Swindol, you are most definetly not reading my posts for as I answer your questions from research I did to find you an answer. I did not say in any post that the Roman societies used the term "pedophilia." I said that is what we call what they were doing.
And I know now you have not did much research into this matter. Gay historians/activists do use the gay cultures in Greece and Roman cultures and in the Catholic church's past especially, to point out how long the gay life style has been acceptable to the public at large at different times. They present this information like it happens in our time era. But the sad fact is that recorded history shows that gay men loved their stuff as young as it could be in Greek and Roman cultures! We are not dealing with the history of two societies of gay people that were all of the same age catagory. Their out look on sex with young teens and children was so different than our own thinking now!
And you are misquoting me again. State what I said, not what you want it to mean. I said a gay web site made a statement that the gay life style was actually more prefered to the hetro in the Greek societies. That does not mean their were no bi or hetro folks doing it. You need to do a search on Greek/gay societies and learn some history.
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Gay Pride
Posted: 8/2/2006 3:39:07 PM
I love living in Montreal! We have the best gay village outside of SF. (look it up we have the largest gay pop outside SF) Have the Gay Games this summer. Gay Parades every summer, and Gay marrige is legal here. Hell i am proud of that, and i am Stright. Yes the Parades are a little over the top at times, but it is fun, more for adults then kids.
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 8/3/2006 8:02:58 PM
Went to dinner at in a gay household last week and have to say that between the two of them - the couple... one was "normal"; the other wasn't.
Why must a gay guy bite a straight guy on the man boob? Whasssup with that?
It was fine when he admired my shoes, but jeez it just got a little outta hand with the biting thing.
Who wants someone else's sexuality played on them? Quite frankly, when I left I felt that that one guy in the couple was our "entertainment" - and not good at it. Next time - hire out.
As to parades... Not something I would take a small child to. Maybe go for laughs.
Joined: 7/17/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 8/3/2006 9:29:17 PM
I dont agree with the 'gay' lifestyle.. so.... no 'Parades' for me.
Joined: 3/8/2004
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 8/4/2006 6:14:40 AM
I have had some heated discussions with some of my gay friends about this very issue.

My perspective is that, due to the way they are most often done, they marginalize gay people in the eyes of most of the population. Montreal has one of the more flamboyant ones, and the footage I've seen is always of an almost sterotypical gay type.

There are the inevitable Monroe-style characters, guys wearing only leather chaps, the ever popular gold and silver Speedo's.... It's pretty much your standard freak show.

Were straight people to stage a mock gay pride parade dressed like that, I'd imagine a lot of gays would be quite insulted.

I told one of my friends that I'd be really impressed if I turned on the news, and saw 20,000 gay people pretty much dressed like anyone else. That would allow the straight community to see them as who they really are - ordinary people, with a different sexual orientation.

That entire "We're queer, we're here, get used to it" rallying cry is easily offset when it's delivered by a six foot four hair covered Marilyn Monroe wanna-be who then suddenly bursts into a baritone version of "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend" as a follow up.

Perhaps it's inevitable in the curve of any oppressed people, but I do think that it really is slowing down the acceptance of gay people in general.
Joined: 7/24/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 8/4/2006 10:34:44 PM
When working at a movie theatre downtown Toronto a few years ago we would have all the big parades pass our theatre. I remeber watching some of them, St Patricks, an Aboriginal Parade and Gay Pride. It was really pretty interesting watching them, though I will admit Gay Pride is something that people offended by nudity might not enjoy. I never thought about if the parade does much to liberate people in any way, but alot of people come to together and have a good time and learn a little about themselves and other cultures and beliefs and I think that can't be a bad thing. My big complaint about parades would be the traffic jams they create blocking of all the main routes.
Joined: 11/26/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/20/2006 12:56:35 AM

gay and lesbian people dressing crazily like any normal people do


Joined: 10/25/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/20/2006 11:21:02 PM
let them do what they want to do.
Joined: 7/18/2005
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/21/2006 12:51:00 AM
Being gay is an accepted life style.

If that was the case, would we be having a thread on such 'life style'?
Specially one where they are being called freaks because of it?

I can almost guarantee that if they weren't dressing as girls and girls as boys, you'd find some other reason to justify your disapproval period.
Accepted life style?
Spare me…

Quite unfortunately for you, homosexuals don’t give a beep anymore about what you and I. think.
I respect and admire that quality in anybody. The guts to be who you are stand for what you believe, in your house and out in public, it’s a beautiful thing…
You should try it sometime!

Why can't gays seperate themselves from their sexual preferences when doing a parade? Why can't they just dress normal in a parade that supports what they believe instead of dressing to advertise the fact that they are screwing each other in the asses and sucking each others**** and slits? Why the graphics?

You are not serious are you?

Let me ask you this, if you see no need for their display of sexual preferences in a graphic sort of way. Why oh why you see no problem in describing in a very eloquent manner what these are?
I have yet to see a couple of homosexuals doing in public what you very publicly have described above; you must have visualized it… That doesn’t bother you?

At the beginning of your post you said that you should stay away from threads like this.
I don’t think so; I think all of us are entitled to voice our opinions.
But you may want to read first what you write then think about what you are saying before posting anything…
Just a thought...

Joined: 7/19/2004
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/21/2006 9:45:54 AM
I'm thinking if I don't get laid pretty soon I'll be marching in one myself...I think they are all right my best pal is a dyke and I'm not talking about myself although I consider myself a bit of a dyke too...I had a girlfriend once two months after we broke up I saw her marching in a gay parade on T.V. I just about died.. What's that tell you girls?
Joined: 12/11/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/21/2006 1:45:38 PM
Let them have their parade. Let them have each other. What harm is it doing to anyone. I am sure they really dont care what I think and I am to worn out to worry about what they do. I once brought up the fact that sex was for reproducing as God intended it. I have since then thought of something else. Sex is also fun. Not trying to be grose, but a man and a women do weird things together that cant result in reproducing. So if gay people cant do their thing, why should straight people be allowed to do theirs.
Joined: 9/4/2005
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/21/2006 5:28:06 PM
mkara, nicely said. As a totally straight woman, I am not threatened by gay parades. Gay people are people just like anyone else, and did not ask to be born gay. I vote yay on gay pride parades. After all this Irish American woman has her own Irish pride parade on St. Patrick's Day!!! Irish and proud of it & also proud of my gay friends.

Joined: 12/10/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/22/2006 6:50:40 PM
I'm totally for it and I'm very happy with the progress my country has made for the gay community.

Pride isn't JUST for the gay/transgendered community. I mean at face value yeah that's what it is, but the symbolism in the concept is for everyone of every walk of life to come together and just celebrate and be sexual and open and love each other.

I won't lie though, on an 'equality' level...It's not like there's ever going to be a White History Month, Hetero Pride campaign, White Pride campaign or Hetero parade. Basically straight caucasians lose out on the fun.
Joined: 9/4/2005
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/22/2006 6:53:38 PM
We straight Caucasians lose out on the fun because we are the majority in this country. Oh, well. That does not give us the right to be mean spirited to those in the minority.

to those bigots who want to ban gay marriage!!
Joined: 12/10/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/22/2006 6:59:26 PM
It's already been legalized, contested and put to rest here in Canadialand lol.

I agree with you though totally.
Joined: 12/22/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/27/2006 3:14:40 PM
i work on davie and denman in vancouver pretty much the heart of the pride parade here in van, so I hate it simply cause it drives too much business to our restaurant haha, but overall its great, gay men and women really enjoy expressing themselves.
Joined: 11/6/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/27/2006 4:41:19 PM
Yeah, I think we should have all kind of 'sexual preference parades';

gays, bi-sexual, S & M, People with foot fetishes, People that are into threesomes, People who just like it up the a$$, people that just do it with farm animals... let the freak shows begin...

 Hell Gibson
Joined: 12/5/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/27/2006 7:41:24 PM
I think all parades are ghey and don't watch them or take part in them. It's due to gheyness not gayness that makes parades suck.

The Gay parade is probably more interesting than most others though and I hate homophobes, so I say Yay for the gay parade even though I don't care to attend. I don't care to attend because it's a parade, not because of the gay people.
 Hell Gibson
Joined: 12/5/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 12/28/2006 2:53:40 AM
Just thought of something. I would go to a gay parade if I had a bee bee gun and there was a float of Rosie O Donel's big fat head there. Nevermind my crappy aim, couldn't miss it. To see her huge lug nuggety watermelon head slowly melt and descend on the voguing people in horror as Spice Girls, Madonna, or some karaoke fan from American Idol's so called music/crap plays would give me a boner ten stories long.
Joined: 10/23/2006
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 2/6/2007 7:11:55 PM
Hooray for this statement!

I'm all for equal rights to all, that is why I think we should be alowed to have straight pride days.

Equality = No two people are treated differently. Impartiality and fairness are both accepted by all parties, because preference is neither given to or taken from any person. (Wikipedia)

I get soooo sick of people complaining that they are discriminated against for sexual orientation, race, etc etc If you want EQUALITY that means we are all treated the same! If you want a Gay Pride Parade, then Straight Pride Parade's should also be welcomed and tolerated, as should any and all Religious Pride Parade's.

I personally think that these parade's do nothing for the gay community other than focus on their flamboyancy and differences. No, not all homosexual people are flamboyant, but these parades most certainly are! It only cements the bias' and perceptions that people have of the gay community.

I know some wonderful homosexual and heterosexual couples alike who don't feel the need to shove their sexual orientation in my face every chance they get, and appreciate that consideration alot more.
Joined: 7/18/2005
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 2/10/2007 8:13:51 PM

To each his own; given the inability we all have to live and let live, some people may just try it to piss you off and the ones who think like you...
Now you know the reactions would be priceless!

Let me ask you all a question; why do the actions of others embarrass you or offend you?
Explain the logic on that one to me, because I sincerely do not understand it...

Joined: 3/8/2004
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 2/10/2007 9:29:38 PM
Let me ask you all a question; why do the actions of others embarrass you or offend you?
Explain the logic on that one to me, because I sincerely do not understand it...

It's not that I am embarrassed or offended at all. It's just that I think it gets in the way of many people seeing gay people as ....people. As I've told a few gay friends of mine, if straight people turned on their TV and saw 25,000 "normally dressed" people walking in a parade, it would allow them to be seen as people far more easily.

Watching a few floats with guys wearing only chrome Speedos (or less, in Montreal) gyrating to the Village People tends to marginalize the entire gay world into a stereotype that reinforces a certain percentage of the straight population into thinking that they are all "freaks".

That doesn't help the cause of gays being integrated into society and accepted as equal citizens. For many straight people, those gay pride parades are one of the few times they will "knowingly" see homosexuals. If that's your only frame of reference, then I don't blame people for getting the wrong idea.

Instead of "We're here, we're queer, get used to it", I'd prefer "We aren't that much different than you are." That type of "in your face" reaction makes sense at the start of the movement, as the most radical people will always be a part of that.

It's a bit like the "Black Power" movement, or any other social movement.

Once your foot's in the door, it's time to start showing people how similar you are - not going out of your way to get attention by putting on a "freak show".

I actually know some gay people that stay away from those parades for the same reasons I mentioned.
Joined: 7/18/2005
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Gay Pride Parades
Posted: 2/21/2007 4:43:48 PM

Watching a few floats with guys wearing only chrome Speedos (or less, in Montreal) gyrating to the Village People tends to marginalize the entire gay world into a stereotype that reinforces a certain percentage of the straight population into thinking that they are all "freaks".

There shouldn't be a damn thing anyone can do to justify being called "freaks". I do mean anyone.
Truth is, if it wasn't parades, there will always be those who no matter what homosexuals did, the same would still find their very existence as offensive.

It is a nice thought, but we haven't come that far at all, some of us just tend to speak somewhat diplomatically…

I have never understood labels of any kind for anybody. There is that and I sure as hell can't blame them for liking the very same thing I do…

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