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Joined: 9/6/2009
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I have never read it before, nor am I attracted to ****y women. They tend to come off as controlling freaks and perfectionists. Although I do give them credit for speaking their minds and being very direct.
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 10/14/2009 3:46:38 AM
Havent read the book, but I can tell you men do not like ****es. When I can see **** come out of someone, I will either leave and let her fume in her own stew or I will tell her to go drop dead, just what she deserves for being such a a$$hole.
Joined: 7/2/2008
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/6/2009 8:56:08 PM
If I had a problem with the word cougar - CUNNING OUTSTANDING UBER GREAT GALS ASTOUNDING REPUBLICANS (see? Anyone can make an acronym) then you dam well know that such a title would not go over well with me no matter how good the book.

And why does men have to like it anyway? Men have shown time and time again (and women lament) that men don't like nor appreciate *****es* (as this title indicates) because they are too independent, too confident, too assertive, too picky, not docile enough or catering to their man, too loudmouth, too issues-laden, too WHATEVER!

and now all of that is turned on it's head to say that men like '****es'. Yeah right.
They like the name, but what it's suppose to stand for appeals to women and women only - BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES WHO BUY THESE DAM BOOKS! and line the authors pockets. It's been pretty much proven that guys don't really read these books about relationships and men and women. Majority are read by women and that's who making the authors money. And I'm not impressed with the reviews because all of these books got great reviews at one point

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
He's Just Not Into You
Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady

this one is just one more in a line of books, lies, and videotapes to make women think they are lacking something and if they buy this book (or magazine) they can find out what it is, improve themselves, and men will like them better and flock to them.

Oh well. They don't call it 'self-help' for nuthin. Wish more men would peruse the self-help section and better themselves.
Joined: 10/14/2006
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 9:40:29 AM
Because ****es are tailor made for one night stands.
Joined: 10/19/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 9:54:44 AM
Because in the case of b!tches = WYSIWYG, unlike the seemingly nice ones who turn into b!tches once you let your guard down.
Joined: 8/19/2004
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 11:36:32 AM
Is she is good looking to the man she can probably act any way and get away with it.
Joined: 5/6/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 11:56:26 AM
Hey I love you description of ME! LOL I do not find men can handle it though. They seem to want someone who will need them or take care of them. sometimes they don't care for the straight forwordness,and openness part of me.
 Svetlana Blue
Joined: 6/23/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 12:01:20 PM
SUNRISE you have it all said right there. 99% of the time, I am told I say it how it is too much. I am too blunt. And I am not a "yes girl" so it makes me a ****. Like I told the last one, I would rather be a **** than stupid. What I do not get, is people who "****" that they are with women who cannot speak, think or act for themselves then when they meet one, they have NO clue what to do with one!!! Oh well. :) To me it is a compliment, not an insult. Let them have the whiney ass women who take take and take. At least people know where they stand with me. Always.
Joined: 10/22/2007
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 12:03:07 PM
Sounds like a great title for a book!

Seeing how many pages there are in this post, 16 and counting, looks like the title really is working.

That's it... my next book will be:

**stards and the women who love them!
Joined: 8/24/2007
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 12:04:55 PM
Not a big fan of ****es. Perhaps, I have a different view of what a **** is. I believe anyone who treats others disrespectfully has little respect for themselves. Being a strong and independent or confident person has nothing to do with acting like you're above someone else...that personality trait alone is a sign of insecurity.

From what I've noticed, a lot of ****es and the typical "jerk" have major insecurity problems that they hide behind delusions of grandeur.

Being down-to-earth to me is a lot more attractive than someone who thinks they're all that.
Joined: 8/19/2004
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 1:13:39 PM
I am just relating what I have heard from more than a few men.
To me it is a reflection on the man when he will put up with a woman who has a caustic, witchy personality because she is hot to him . Yes, any woman can have a witchy personality, and attractiveness of physical appearance is subjective. Being an average looking woman to most men, I have heard my share of comments from men saying that I was wise to make sure that I have a good personality, since I would not go far being a witch as I am not good looking enough for that.
Joined: 5/25/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/7/2009 1:17:30 PM
I read it. Very good book. The word "****" could be replaced with something less offended to get the picture across to some people. But the message was simply that having what is considered to be "****y" traits, attract and keep men because....
And these ''****y'' traits were simply being your own person, being independent, confident, not needy, well calculated etc etc
Its a good book
Joined: 11/12/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 11/30/2009 6:00:46 AM
Let me start by saying that 90% of the female population are ****es, maybe not all the time, but its something every woman has in them, some are just better at hiding it...
Personally if a woman is a **** all the time, I wouldn't put up with their shit, the only guys that want a **** are boys with no backbone......

A Real man wants A real woman who's got some class and saves her ****yness for only certain scenarios which is acceptable..
Joined: 10/3/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 12/1/2009 3:42:49 PM
You are correct in some of what you say. However, you obviously haven't read the book. There's a big difference in being "****y" and being a "****" in the sense that this book explains a ****. A real "****" wouldn't tolerate the bad boy. Ever. He'll shape up or she'll move on. Period. Read it and if you find a women in your life that fits the description as in the book, I guarantee you'll respect her, never take advantage of her and more than likely find her a very attactive package. Bet that.
Joined: 3/7/2011
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/13/2012 11:54:32 PM
Definately agree.
Joined: 5/8/2009
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 12:37:33 AM
Most man find ****s are easer to deal with then your girl next door.
Joined: 4/17/2012
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 5:05:09 AM
^ Thats cause we put out, tell it like it is, and if people dont like it, they can take a hike.
Theres no false pretense of might vs. will. We just play by our rules until we meet someone worth the compromise.
Joined: 9/11/2011
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 5:14:19 AM
It's not that men love ****es. Men love physical attraction and a lot of attractive women have learned that they can be ****es and get away with it because of their looks. So it's the look and not the attitude. People think men love ****es because they see women abusing men and they take it. Some men take it because they don't want to lose a person they are physically attracted to. What men really want is a sweet woman they are attracted to.

This same scenario applies to women loving bad boys. It's not the "bad" that they are attracted to it's the confidence. Women would rather date a confident bad boy than a wimpy nice guy. What they really want is a confident nice guy?

Reading a post above says the definition of bitch in the book is "a woman who gives a guy a tongue lashing whenever he try's to pull something underhanded".. well that is not a bitch but a woman who doesn't take crap. Men do respect that. No one likes a push over and every woman should behave this way when they are disrespected. That is not bitchy and so the title of the book is purposely misleading to sell books.
Joined: 1/6/2012
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 5:55:55 AM
BIt@hes are exciting and a challenge, they keep you guessing. Some men don't think they really deserve to be loved.

It varies and if a women is too submissive it's too easy to take her for granted, as in power corrupts most people. Really depends on how bIt@hy and the guy involved. It a guy is too submissive, then that isn't very good either.
Joined: 4/17/2012
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 6:32:03 AM
^Bingo! I date men that are confident or assertive enough to tactfully put me in my place.
I like an exciting challege myself and I am far from an easy catch. Most dates dont get a second one.
Its the nerds that ask and think I owe them an explaination as to why I said no.

If anything I do or say makes me a bytch then I embrace that side well.
Joined: 10/6/2011
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 10:11:20 AM
Jesus, what a load of crap.
There's being a little bit mean, and there's being a biatch. If a woman is one with me, she can hit the road. I don't have time or patience to play stupid idiotic games with people playing hard to get. I'm worth a helluva lot more, so a girl playing the biatch to me can go waste some other idiot's time...
Guess that makes me a b*stard then huh? Funny how ALL women avoid b*stards.....
Joined: 2/23/2012
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 11:49:15 AM
I must confess, I DO love them.

Then I leave them.
Joined: 5/19/2005
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 11:51:53 AM
I don't really know what a **** is. I think it's all in the interpretation.
One guy's **** is another guy's angel.

I suppose I should have read more of this thread.
Maybe it's referencing the book? In which case, they apparently
marry ****es as well.
Joined: 9/17/2011
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 12:16:10 PM

"B.I.T.C.H. Babe In Total Control Of Herself... Great book....about being in control of your life and yourself. The name gives it a negative connotation.

Yes, some marketing "genius" figured out that a book titled "Why Men Love Women Who Are in Total Control of Their Lives" wouldn't be a runaway bestseller, so they gave it a controversial title to generate publicity.

Haven't read it.
Joined: 7/12/2006
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Why Men Love Bitches
Posted: 5/14/2012 12:54:43 PM
I don't think this is true for most men in general.
But it is true as to advertising.

Certain product photo ads will feature an attractive lady looking mean
to move the product. The obvious message:
"I'm way too good for you. but if you buy this...maybe not."

That's why I don't read men's magazines.
It's annoying to see all those mean looking models scowling
at me from the ads.
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