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Demonic Posession and ExorcismPage 2 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I don't know how much of a person a 'demon' can possess against that person's will. But I do know that I have experienced a person who was certainly not a normal, nice guy...
eyes red, physically hurting me, mentally trying to break me down. Many people died mysterious deaths around this person. He tried to kill me and did things I won't go into here.

I give God credit for giving me some sort of invisible shield against said person. The shield of spiritual strength.
I also thank God for my mom who taught me by her biatchiness to have the ability to let some crap go in one of my ears and out the other without sticking around in the middle.
I am very forgiving; but not forgetful.

Yes, some people are evil.... but possessed (by the devil) beyond their control - the jury is still out. I think our words and actions can be self controlled, except in cases where our brain is damaged.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 7/31/2006 2:27:23 PM
"We were talking about how a post hoc fallacy can be made by a believer. You still haven't presented one cogent reply. I don't expect one to be forthcoming so I guess you can resume your regularly scheduled Bible-school ramble"

you are right this conversation is not going far because, you have to admit it, you are a bit stubborned in your Post Hoc rational theory.......demons possession is real and its not a "visual mistake" this spirits do exist they are beings "not special effects" it doesnt happen to bad people only everyone, even atheists and non-believers are at risk but its very ,very rare and it doesnt happen only in remote Islands either...its just that we cant proove their existance scientificly today....its not because you havent experienced anything in your life that you can say that people mistakes everything for being supernatural, I told you before the WORLD ITSELF is supernatural...demons are being like insects or animals but we cant see them with our eyes, they are called demons because they are outcasts spirits who are most often up to no good...most spirits were made to guide humans but some chose their own path..some even chose to abandon their "normal habitat"...but of course all this make sense if you are a believer.....
you want proof about demons?: well for one thing, they are attracted by people who keep talking about them..(its very serious stuff) if you indulge long enough in the subject I would be very surprised if you dont experience it in your life! (but obviously its NOT something you should wish for)......
if you dont believe in God nothing makes unfortunately for you, if you want to understant ANYTHING at all you have to believe first...I dont care how good scientist are they cant tell you why you exist!
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 7/31/2006 5:23:03 PM
religion is a act of "faith" you have to believe in God and our goal is to SEEK him...but he will only reveal himself to those who have chosen to seek him...Even if God apears 2morrow in plain vue, people will still doubt him over the for demon possession it is litteraly a blashepmy to say that prayers could not work against demons....demons are afraid of threats in general but especialy when they are done in the form of prayers, because demons do not "see your threats".....but they "can see God whom they know"....there is a story in the Bible where a group of true believers had to explain why a group of non-pure believers failed to exorcise a demon, they told them simply: "the demon does not know you"...when you are pure of heart this is why often a good priest must be present, your prayers litteraly have the attention of God and his spirits....a demon will never stay in a place where this is occuring...but any threats done with very few doubt and a clear mind will scare away a demon.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/11/2007 9:11:03 PM
It is my opinion... that Demonic Possession is real enough for the Jesuits to assemble a team of scientists/physicists/clergy/physicians to monitor any Exorcism the Vatican has sanctioned. This "team" professes to religions of the world, not just Catholicism... However.....

The human mind is uncharted territory with respect to several afflictions that may beset humanity..... Over 75% of the brain is still a mystery..... May put things in a clearer perspective.......

Thanks for listening.....
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/11/2007 9:37:16 PM
The following information can cause frustration and desillution prepare yourself:

Demonic Posession is caused by microscopic fungus, here is the PBS link:
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/11/2007 10:07:10 PM
There was a kid in the high school youth group of my old church who was exorcized (or delivered) one meeting night. I wasn't there; I just heard about it. People said how happy he was afterwards, but, oddly enough, he stopped going to church after that night.

Things that make you go "Hmmm..."
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/12/2007 10:42:30 AM
I don't really believe it's real but...who knows. One of those things I'd have to see for myself to believe, I guess.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/12/2007 12:33:16 PM

Appararently some rituals in freemasonry are intented to cause posession. when i see people in power i some time see an unreasonable self assured aura and/or a totured look at the same time like their not fully there and i wonder

With respect, I would say you have a vivid imagination...but the last thing we need is more "spook thread" nonsense about the Freemasons and any implied occult connections - there aren't any. That has been pretty widely debunked.

While there are "speculative masonic" organizations that borrow some traditions and methodology from Masonry like the Golden Dawn or OTO (chicken/egg/whatever) the A.F.A.M. nor any other mainstream Freemasonic brotherhood do not practice any "posession" rituals, period.

The speculative masonic organizations that practice occult ritual may have such things going on but they are not connected in any way to the Freemasons.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 4/12/2007 2:29:16 PM

u think they would be told by the higher ups in freemasonry what the rituals are about come on guy there are 33rd degrees in freemasonry (thats official)

Official to what branch? You've been reading too much conspiracy site nonsense. You probably believe Truman dopped the bomb so he could transmute matter to energy as part of a 33rd degree "matter to energy" ritual

Considering that most of the so-called "secret information" of the Masonic Orders have been published over 100 years ago, with the exception of lodge specific material, the cat has been long since out of the bag...and you would have a helluva long way to go to produce evidence for such an extraordinary claim.

meaning stages different masons are at different stages i think it can be keep largely a secret. the masons being secretive with people in positions of power and the rituals these things combinned make me think there are dark things going on in lodges. debunked i dont follow the majority i am as suspect to the offical as the unoffical

If you don't believe that there are plenty of common everyday people who routinely achieve these high degrees in Masonry as a part of their daily lives and do it as a part of belonging to a fraternal organization in their community, for reasons OF community and brotherhood, and would rather believe in things that go bump in the night, saucer people, reverse vampires, and that The Eel-Lumen-Nutty are out to get you, be my guest...just don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

See this thread:

To quote from message 10 the poster, littletwin2000 writes:

As freemason i read these post and i dont know if i sould be offended or laugh my butt off and furthermore i predict someone who is not one will tell me i dont know what i am talikg about( I love that one) I am twice past master of my lodge i am past high priest past thrice illustrous master past emminent comander in the york rite bodies i am 32 degree in the scottish rite past grand chapter president of the widows sons masonic riders acc. and past president of the hopkins county shrine club and current potentates aid for rizpah temple(shrine) for kentucky ive studied and read just about all I can find about this order and with theese qualifications I can tell you this is a load of horse s**T including the part about drinking (at least in the state of kentucky) where do you people get this stuff and why do you even think for a minute this is real I hear it is the 33rds that run everything I know many 33rds most are elderly and poor living on fixxed incomes i know several active 33rds who are officers in the supreme council and i dont see how a retired insurance agent could demand anything of our world leaders Im fixxing to give you some information that may surprise you who beleive this crap here it is
#1 Elvis is dead
#2 there is no Santa Claus
#3 there is no Easter Bunny

as well as an explanation of the hoaxes, nonsense like the above, and what Masonry is really about from real practicing Masons, some as high as 32nd degree, Scottish Rite. I myself have met 32nd degree Masons and wasn't stricken dead, turned into a newt or driven insane from the experience...mostly LOL

Mason bashing, like Catholic bashing is a popular pastime for some but is mostly driven by bigotry and fear and is generally a pretty pathetic pursuit against a fraternal group that does nothing except allow men to publically meet and bestow charitable gifts upon the community.

For more info about anti-masonic nonsense and why it smells... consult

Now unless you have some case specific information that could show knowledge of the specifics of possession, occult ritual designed to create such, and a connection to the Freemasons, you may wish to retract the claim?
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/3/2007 11:12:16 PM
I have not seen the movie about emily rose......but I have seen possessions......
and why can't they happen in this day and age?
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/7/2007 9:19:52 AM
I want to start off by saying I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian.

Catholic priests are involved in the portrayal of exorcisms because when you see them in their robes you automatically know they are a priest. A normal preacher in any most other denomiations usually wear just a suit and tie to church.

Demonic possesion is possible, but you have to invite the devil into your life. Usually the people who become possessed are involved in some sort of devil workship.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/7/2007 1:49:43 PM
I would like to suggest a couple of books to anyone interested in this subject.

1) An exorcists tells his story
2)An exorcist: more stories

Both of these books are written by Father Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of the vatican (now retired). Within the last 50 years - he and his assistants have conducted over 50,000 church approved exorcisims (the catholic church will not allow an exorcisim to be conducted unless sanctioned by an arch bishop, evidence must be provided showing that something supernatural is taking place, doctors must also say they cannot help the subject by any other known medical means).

Fr. Amorth is always accompanied my medical professionals who are open minded to the notion of possesion - to monitor subjects and help dicern natural disease from supernatural affliction.

If you're a skeptic or just curious - check the books out. Even if you don't believe the content, it sheds light on a subject that many people only recognize through movies and stuff.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/8/2007 8:26:44 AM
I love this sort of crap! This is a plea for help I recently sent out on this very subject.

This vent will be noticeably different than the usual pearls I hock-up. It doesn't contain my normal references to our obvious differences in politics and religion and is more of a fact finding inquiry. From the email and otherwise intellectual material I receive, it's obvious there are many beacons of wisdom that are waiting for a chance to shine, so consider this that moment in time.

The woman I live with is hardly recognizable today from the person I met a few years ago and after exhausting expert therapy from me, she seems to be getting worse. After much consultation with my esteemed colleagues at CRAWFORD BAPTIST MEDICAL SCHOOL OF INTELIGUNT DEZINE there seems to be only one valid treatment left and that is an exorcism.

After considering her particular case and maladies and the fact that her "starter husband," the first of her experimental marriages was a Catholic, and as everyone knows, only Catholics can be inhabited by the devil, made the diagnosis obvious. A holy team of baptized doctors concluded, her first pregnancy was actually paternal twins, one normal boy and the other, a tiny devil that chose to remain behind and grow meaner decade after decade.

In desparation, I sent off for the Pope John XVI, autographed, Do-It-Yourself Exorcism Kit direct from the Vatican Gift Shoppe/Boutique. It was complete with genuine Holy Water but when I sprayed the devil's hostess it created such a huge vapor cloud that we've experienced a monsoon ever since. If you're sitting in ankle deep water while reading this, please accept my apology. However, the holy water did turn out to be a great wart remover.

A team of Inteligunt Dezine PhD's were quick to point out that devils are powerful things and can be extremely harmful to the unqualified. Only Catholic priests who are both legally and morally ordained and are faithful to the teachings of ancient sacred scripture as understood by the authority of the church and who remain spiritually sound should attempt an exorcism.

I trust some well-read Catholic will correct me if I misunderstood but I think that says there could be complications if the priest is a sex pervert, deviate or child molester, so know your priest if you recommend someone.

The little devil was originally conceived in the Chicago area so an exorcist from that area might speak our devil's language a little better than say, a priest from Alabama.
Joined: 7/30/2007
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/8/2007 8:42:29 AM
Spiritual possession usually consists of altered states of reality. We label it as such since it is too difficult for the human mind to fathom. This is because unless we label something it is more difficult to conceptualize the abstract. Possession is not necessarily "demonic" nor is it always a bad thing.

In many cultures, there is what is known as Invocation where you pray and fervently believe that you will be possessed by some higher spiritual intelligence - i.e. God, a saint, an Orisha, Tao, etc. - and that your consciousness will extend to a higher mental state. For example here in the US, the Chrisitan sect of Pentacostal believe in Spirit Possession by God and this they believe results in glossalia a.k.e. Speaking In Tongues.

If you believe that each one of us has both a good and evil side (or light and shdaow sides if you must) then you can see that there is always that dark side of our natures ever present. Thus the old adage to be on guard against the Devil.

Real Spirit Possession is rare. For it to be real there has to be some sort of proof of it. In African based cultures, this can be such things as drinking a fifth of liquor into which hot peppers have been steeped or taking a burning brand and extinguishing it inside the mouth while possessed or levitating in front of everyone or some other unique and thrilling example. Why? Well one can say they are possessed by the Gods and be lying. But when one walks over, picks up a burning brand and shoves it into their mouth, extinguishing it with NO visible burns or discomfort, then that is something.

Now of course modern psychology states that the potential of the human mind is infinite. Think about that for a moment! Infinite in learning and understanding as well as unlocking dormant parts of our brains that may contain processes which will allow us to do (seeming) supernatural feats. And I'm not talking about mere spoon bending but other interesting things such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and other natural psychic talents.

These abilities are real and they do exist. Dr. J. B. Rhine did a LOT of testing over the years proving that humans have psychic potential within their own minds. Further Dr.'s Putoff and Targ proved that Remote Viewing is real and viable enough that the US Department of Defense took it seriously for years enough to fund programs during the cold war - as did the Soviet Union.

The mind is an amazing tool and when it is allowed to interconnect with the universe at large, beware of what you tune into because you may not always like it.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/8/2007 2:27:10 PM
I think the only way to exorcise your demons is to find and forgive yourself all you would call sin... I believe a paranoia of sin causes some people to feel and act possessed...
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/9/2007 8:57:15 AM
When I first started learning about meditation and then began activly practicing putting myself in trance, I started "seeing" things even when I was just sitting on the computer or... whatever. Of course I was freaking out.

Not too long after this was happening, I had a dream, and durring the dream I felt my physical body go rigid and I thought that something from the outside was trying to come in to "see from my eyes"... this also freaked me out, and I told it no and fought it off.

Once I got past the initial fear reaction I took to heart that 1) meditation w/o greounding and centering = bad, 2) the "feeling rigid" was just a side effect of still being "concious" while the body was sleeping. Sleep paralysis can be terrifying if you're awake!

I think possession is real, and I do think that the stronger a person is spiritaully the easier it is to fend of such an "attack" if it happens.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/9/2007 8:29:04 PM
I don't believe in demonic possession. Therefore, I think exorcism is unnecessary.

Anyone who seems "possessed" is mentally ill and should be referred for appropriate treatment.

The only demon I believe in is the adorable little car that Dodge made back in the early '70s.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 9:03:36 AM
I use to live in a very dark world,until I was baptized. I meesed around with the spirit world,so to say.I got really stupid and got involved with the ouija board...very big mistake, ...that literally scared the crap out of me!! Demons are very real..nothing to mess around with.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 9:15:21 AM
I think demons are people that claim others are possessed and want to perform exorcisms on them.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 9:23:28 AM
Rockondon,have you ever messed around with the oiuja board? If not,I wouldnt suggest it,That is how I found out demons exist.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 10:21:36 AM
Sure, I believe that, I think people are possessed these days - and they come in the form of multiple personalities (i.e. personalities of various spirits that inhabit them), or perhaps some destructive habit that has a spirit behind it.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 12:19:05 PM
I think a lot of people who still believe in demonic possession first need to brush up on a few things first before making snap judgements. Read Carl Sagan's book, "The Demon Haunted World", learn a bit more about mental illness, and a basic text on philosophy...some neurophysiology...

Yeah that's a bit high expectations for a lot of you I'm sure. But if you can wade through King James English in a half assed way, the above should be easy.

Then if after all of that, you still manage to find a case of someone that still seems to be possessed I would be more inclined to take it seriously because then we would have eliminated all but the most blatantly supernatural seeming causes...because frankly unless they are telekinesing things around the room, or themselves, or spontaneously combusting objects, or causing others to mass hallucinate, or speaking in foreign tongues that there is no possible way they could know, you know the whole Linda Blair thingmabobby, unless they are doing that, it's all within the realm of the human psyche and not anything worth calling "demonic"

That sort of stuff you can chock up to post hoc fallacy...just like ouija boards.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/11/2007 6:30:27 PM
Off Topic Posting removed. Address the topic and not other posters. Thanks to those who remained on topic.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/12/2007 1:39:34 AM
Demons are normally known to attack the weak people with bad childhoods drug abusers and so on.
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Demonic Posession and Exorcism
Posted: 8/12/2007 12:44:06 PM
A poster mentioned multiple personalities as being a symptom of being "possessed." Perhaps in biblical times people would have thought this because they didn't understand psychiatry or mental illnesses. There is a psychiatric disorder that causes people to manifest multiple personalities, and that comes from somewhere in that person's brain, not from some imaginary "demons."

I think I'll go for a ride and go shopping for a cute little green Dodge Demon
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