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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and videoPage 2 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I have suffered from incredible horrible nightmares most of my life. I remember being about 14 and getting panic attacks knowing i would have to go to sleep soon.I always felt that someone or something was coming to me at night and putting nightmares in my mind.A black shadow i once pictured...This is for him.

My Nightmare
You know I'm afraid and still you come. You know I can do no harm to you and still you come.
It feels like some kind of game, how bad can you make me wanna wake up and run away, how much fear can you inflict on a poor girl.

All these visions in my head at night. I'm innocent, I should'nt have these thoughts, these pictures, these words, and feelings.

You haunt me, showing me things no young girl should ever see. You trick me into thinking what i see is real, that what has caused fear for so long can actually come and harm me.

Please stop, please go away, I cannot stand to see anymore shadows, anymore death anymore harm. These things you show me are from the darkest deepest pits of evil's soul and I cannot bare witness to them anymore. This should be done.I am afraid. Afterall that is what you wanted..wasn't it?
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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and video
Posted: 7/27/2006 11:55:31 PM
I really like your poems...these ones are soo creepy but i can't stop reading...I can't wait for me..I'm addicted now! haha

ray--yours are really creepy as well and can't wait until you post again...

this is exciting..i've never liked poetry this much before..
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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and video
Posted: 1/14/2007 10:27:03 AM
I've posted this on another thread, too ... but think it may "fit" here better ...


Words of Darkness©

My words are birthed in this their womb
But if they’re read then ‘tis your doom
Your eyes’ mind-portals open wide
And invites their rancidness deep inside

Once therein the slime does ooze
And festers there, in changing hues
Then, in time, the rancid clots
You’ll feel the pain as your mind rots

All your thoughts what e’re they be
Turn into malignancy
And your being will be maligned
With normal thought all declined

By all means, read my words
They’ll become the dark stewards
Of all the things malcontent
And breeders of your torment.

I’ll remain here in this womb
As doors are closing on your tomb
And as the darkness round you girds
I’ll infect new souls with rancid words.
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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and video
Posted: 1/14/2007 10:30:01 AM
This entry, too, is posted within another thread ...

The House©
In the park, I’d been all day
Reading all my time away
On a park bench did I sit
Until the sky became twilit

As light for reading began to wane
I heard the tapping of a cane.
And looking up, to find that sound
‘Twas an old man which my eyes found

Bent of stature, with shuffling gait
And cane helping support his weight
He moved toward me in twilight glow
The beard he donned was white as snow

His hooded cloak there in place
Hid from view his bearded face
But … he moved on steadily
And closer then he came to me.

My gaze shifted to my book
As his passage overtook
My presence and my train of thought
On that park bench I had sought.

Then, unexpectedly,
I found the man right next to me
The hooded shroud was still in place
Preventing me to see his face.

Without a word the man sat down
And to my face that brought a frown
This bench I wanted not to share!
Yet he sat down without a care.

In protest was I about to speak
When he raised his hand antique
And then his voice commanding low
“I’ve something you should know”.

By his voice was I hypnotized
My entire being was tranquilized
I stared at antique hands so pale
Then began the old man’s tale:

“You’ll find a house not far from here
Filled with loathing, filled with fear
And you might wonder how I know
My presence here makes it so”.

“The house, it sits on Wilsons’ Hill
All abandoned, cold and still,
Trees stay barren, grass won’t grow
And constantly do ill winds blow.”

“Birds won’t fly, dogs won’t walk
Stray cats don’t even stalk
Across or near that House of Hate …
Listen now … ‘fore it’s too late!”

“From deep within that house at night
Emits an eerie, glowing light
Oh, that light … I know it well,
It’s emitted - straight from Hell!”

“Once a man of youth was I
Having aspirations to the sky,
And senses of immortality
And those of curiosity.”

“‘Twas one summer long ago
On a dare I was to go
Walk inside that House of Hate
Then return to re-instate,”

“Our belief and then decree
The house contained but normalcy.
I took the dare … I walked inside,
And since then I there abide.”

“Now, ’tis only once a year
That I’m allowed to quickly veer
Outside it’s walls, and rusted gate
And find someone to share my fate”

“To embrace the horror I’ve endured
To expand the evil I’ve assured
To return with me and be my mate
And share the Evil House of Hate.”

The old man then turned his head,
And as I looked with growing dread
His hooded shroud moved in place.
At last I saw his bearded face.

Within two hollows black as night
His eyes were embers burning bright
And just before he cast his spell
In those embers I saw Hell.

Reaching forth his ancient hand
Whose touch would be my deadly brand
I jumped backward, as I screamed
I was quick, but slow it seemed.

I grabbed his cane, swinging hard
And caught the man quite off guard
I heard the thud, and filled with fear
With his status now unclear

But … for all the things I feared
I found the man had … disappeared.
No shoes, no cloak … it was plain
Left remaining: His walking cane.

Many years of time have passed
And I can tell you now … at last
‘Twas the cane the held my fate,
I live now, in the House of Hate.

So now ‘tis I, who lonely stride
Through that park and take a ride
On a soul of someone there
And you, dear reader, need be aware.
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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and video
Posted: 1/14/2007 9:54:19 PM
Card Tricks©

It was a party like most, I guess
And not a “fun” one, I must confess
But our hostess I adored
And I just couldn’t say: “I’m bored”,

So, I milled around, and said “Hello”
And tried to fake a “party glow”.
Through my third glass of cabernet
I tried of something “cute” to say,

To those persons I’d never met
And find a place for me to set.
In my search for a seating place
I glimpsed an unsettling face

The man to which that face attached
To me appeared most mismatched
With the rest of the guests milling ‘round
T’was from his presence that I frowned.

His forehead high, his hair was dark
His eyes in-set, his skin pock-marked
His cheekbones prominent in their place
And sunken cheeks in his hollow face

His mouth was wide, his lips were thin
And he possessed a jutting chin
His jaw-line strong and not discrete
But that made his face complete.

From ‘cross the room this man I watched
My impression? “The man’s debauched”.
Then I thought: Absurd! ‘Tis the wine
Which makes me think the man Vulpine!

The hostess produced a deck of cards
For playing card tricks and canards
And for tricks, she performed a few
She was skilled, accolades were due.

The cards then she handed to
The very man that I had viewed.
O’re the cards he quickly pawed
His card skills were great and awed

With manipulations lighting fast
Everyone watching was just aghast
And I’ll admit, I was too
Until at last the man withdrew.

I started to light a cigarette
Then realized I would regret
For filling this crowded room with smoke
A chastisement would be invoked

So … I walked out to the patio
To have my smoke … but didn’t know
The man with the hollow cheeks stood there
And held my eyes with his calloused stare.

Tho’ not a single word was said,
His thoughts were transmitted through head
“There inside while you watched
You thought me to be debauched”

“And I am, and as you shall see
I’ll verify that painfully”.
Then cards he held out in his hand
I knew I must do what he had planned.

“Pick a card, any card,
As you can see – none are barred”
I saw my hand as it stretch out
I picked a card – in the middle, about

As I touched the card there was a singe
An imperceptible tiny twinge
Between my finger and my thumb
I began to be overcome

As I looked into that hollow face
A vision I wish I could erase
His transformation from manly form
Around my being began to swarm

His eyes sunk backward in his head
The whites of them turning red
With burning centers of yellow hue
‘Tis then I knew my doom was due.

I watched his evil face contorted
By oozing running sores exhorted
Evil retched rotting worms
As back into his nose they squirmed

And in my assaulted mind the pain
Was already driving me quite insane
The last thing I heard – his yell:
“You’ve just met the Prince of Hell!”

And now tonight I’ve met you,
Let me you show card tricks I do
Don’t worry it isn’t hard:
“Pick a card … any card …”
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Poems based on bad dreams and horror related words and video
Posted: 1/20/2007 10:48:01 PM
The Cost©

Now I find underneath your veneer
For what I’ve been searching: ‘Tis fear that I hear.
As you’ve been reading, there’s been growing doubt:
The words you’ve read in … might not get out

You don’t want to believe, but still there’s mistrust
‘Tween your logic – and my words of disgust
For it could be, the stories are true
And that is what is bothering you.

For you to know with all certainty
If the stories be true, or just a “could be”
‘Here within my musty shadows you’ll find
The answers, but … it will cost you your mind.
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