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It does but it takes effort. Most people think it just happens and lasts. But that's when they lose the true love.

Though I don't know. I haven't been able to find love for a while. I beginning to think that I'll be a life long hermit lol...

Most girls I've met only want sex and not a relationship. Kind of a downer since I want a relationship. The sex should only follow after that.

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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/9/2004 6:14:21 PM
Illness took my true love of 12 years away. You can be the best man in the world, and it can all end in a day.

I had my longest cry about it today. Mental illness is kind of like a living death, the person you know and love can change so much, it is if they have gone, and someone else is living there now. I guess self-doubt is run of the mill for this and I will eventually get over it. I sure miss her.
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/11/2004 8:25:05 PM

I don't think true love exist. I think it is something made up by the women magazine industry
It is to little girls in Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales. I think a lasting love takes hard work by two people who are committed to the relationship. The hormones will only last the first four years of a relationship.
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/12/2004 8:54:47 AM
There are sooooo many different definitions of love out there. I asked my last ex if I was a one night stand that lasted 2 years... he didn't get it. He said no one noght stands last one night and I said no one noght stands are no strings attached no went quite...thats when I knew I was one. Ended the relationship right there....been single ever since and it is soooo frusterating meeting new people...

 New Guy
Joined: 9/5/2004
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TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:27:27 PM
...There are so many variables and permutations to consider.
...Thirty-two years! Boy, that's a LONG TIME! I'd hate to think of the emotional scars. Let me quote you: "All I want is someone who is loving, compassionate, and caring." I'm gonna assume that's a husband, and compatibility is your top priority. Log onto
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:41:30 PM
(Pulls out tissue)

Me don't believe in true love anymore ... not since walt disney on sunday nights closed down....

"One day my prince will come"

Now understand we all have gone threw split ups we have all gone threw seperations we have all gone threw divorce and nearly everyone says they thought they had a true love...

Smell the coffee.......

Conversation is now the lead into true love....... if you can keep up a communication in a relationship in bed or out of bed on top of bed around the bed under the bed..... then you will start a good mixture of cement for a foundation on love......

Time for this cat too watch "Cinderalla....

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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:55:54 PM
True love only if the female says yes to a F*****
 Modern-Day Romeo
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 4:49:42 AM
How crude boss! THAT ain't love THAT'S lust(at best).

H3LL YeaH, true love exists!!! What are we on this earth for if not to love? Love is not work, it's the relationship that requires work to maintain. Love, at least to me, is unfailing trust in someone. A desire to share thier company, such that it is an almost physical pain to be apart. Love is sharing in life those most intimate, dereams, desires, & fears which you can tell no one else except the one you love.
Joined: 6/27/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 7:56:18 AM
true love exists but its like a ghost..many talk about it, very few have seen it.....
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 9:50:55 AM
I have been in love many times, each time different in its own way. Which way was the right way? Is there a right way? Is True love different for each person, as different and unique and each of us? Some people see 'True Love' as being this earth shaking, rockets going off, soul mate thing. But sometimes the ''Comfy old shoes" kind of love can be the most satisfying.
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 9:44:59 PM
love that equation Chile....have ran that mile....a run that was worth running
 Modern-Day Romeo
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/7/2004 5:33:05 AM
Oh, man! Now THAT is what I was trying to say, if my thoughts weren't so muddled. Verry nicely put! Spoken from the soul of a true believer.
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 12/18/2004 10:58:31 AM

I dream that true love does exist. But I don't know. I look for a girl who is attractive, somewhat intelligent, funny, caring, and patient with a guy who works hard at his work and at his studies.

Sometimes I think I'll be single for quite a while and my chance to have children will pass me by. Though I'm a single 28 year old guy, so I guess I'm still somewhat young lol.
Joined: 12/31/2004
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 12/31/2004 6:03:21 PM
It exists everywhere people make it happen. It sounds like your marriage didn't have it. The best thing to do now is bring your past forward, combine it with some overtly sexual behavior found online, and question whether mankind has lost its way.
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 12/31/2004 6:47:29 PM
What is Love?

“ Five feet of heaven and a pony tail. The cutest pony tail that sways with a wiggle when she walks.” Ok. You know where my socialization process started.

Leo Buscaglia (my favorite author on the subject of Love) asks us to consider the following.

"I believe that Love is a learned phenomenon.

Each of us lives Love in our limited fashion. We do not seem to relate the resultant confusion and loneliness to our lack of knowledge about Love. Most of us continue to behave as though Love is not learned but lies dormant in each being and simply awaits some mystical age of awareness to emerge in full bloom. Many wait for this age forever.

If you wanted to become an auto mechanic, you would study diligently about automobiles.
If you wanted to become a gourmet cook you would study the art of cooking and perhaps attend a cooking class.
Yet, it never seems as obvious to us that if we want to live in Love, we must spend at least as much time as the mechanic or the cook in studying Love. No mechanic or cook would ever believe that by “willing” the knowledge in the field, they’d ever become experts in it.

There are those who will dismiss Love as a naïve and romantic construct of our culture. Others will wax poetic and say “Love is all,” “Love is the birdcall and the glint in a lover’s eye on a warm summer night.” Some will be dogmatic and say that “God is Love.” And some according to their own unique experience , will say that “Love is a strong, emotional attachment to another…” etc.

You may find that some people have never thought of questioning Love, much less defining it, and object, violently even, to the suggestion that they think about it. To them Love is not to be pondered, it is simply to be experienced.

I believe it is true, to some degree, that all of these statements are correct, but to assume that any one is best or all there is to Love, is rather too simplistic.

Consider the following premises:

“One cannot give what one does not possess.
To give Love you must possess Love.”

“One cannot teach what one does not understand.
To teach Love you must comprehend Love.”

“One cannot know what one does not study.
To study Love you must live in Love.”

“One cannot appreciate what one does not recognize.
To recognize Love you must be receptive to Love.”

“One cannot have doubt about that which one wishes to trust.
To trust Love you must be convinced of Love.”

“One cannot admit what one does not yield to.
To yield to Love you must be vulnerable to Love.”

“One cannot live what one does not dedicate oneself to.
To dedicate yourself to Love you must be forever growing in Love.”

What is Love? Love is an energy extension of Beauty. It is an almost automatic emotional (emotions are powerful energy transmitters) response to things that we perceive as beautiful. Truly, each of us has our own ideas about what is beautiful, yet the characteristics we ascribe to them are very similar.

It doesn’t really matter about specific characteristics, what does matter is that we focus on those characteristics to the extent that we begin to feel that euphoric attraction to the object of our attention. We began to feel Love for that beautiful rock, or tree, or animal or person. Expanding on this feeling (and getting very vulnerable here) we begin to give and receive Love Energy through our focus. We connect in a way that is almost orgasmic.
A connection of the Spirit and through this connection a conduit opens to the Universal Source. “Whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name, there will I be also.” (Sorry, I like to be legitimized! )

We give Love with no thought of receiving even as we realize that others may still be learning and that this, too, is wonderful. We focus on their Beauty and awaken them to their own self worth even if they move away from us. This is True Love.
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 12/31/2004 8:51:42 PM
Of course true love exists - you cannot universalize all men based upon your past choice patterns of selective mates - or your past experiences.

There actually are good men out there - I'm one - you'll never know if I'm sincere unless you've actually had a relationship with me - but just give me the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Now most women are inclined to go for "ALPHA" males. These are men that have the following characteristics:

#1 HANDSOME (Pleasing to the eye)
#2 AMBITIOUS (Wants the biggest and best)
#3 AGGRESSIVE (Forceful and unyielding in what he wants)

Now these traits - and the inbuilt desire for MOST women to obtain them in a mate - are genetically programmed attributes developed in prehistory to allow our ancestors to survive and propagate in a harsh primitive world.In prehistory - it was necessary for the alpha male to have a ''harem" of females to insure not only the best qaulity of offspring - but THE MOST offspring possible through each gestational and generational cycle - which insured the survivability of the group.The alpha male hoarded nearly ALL of the females - and less subordinate males had fewer mating opportunities.In order to insure the survival of the group - the alpha male could NOT possess the following attributes:

#1 MONOGAMY (Having only one mate).
#2 PASSIVENESS (The willingness to calmly yield)
#3 CONCESSION (The willingness to readily settle for second best)

If he had possessed these attributes - mankind would have become extinct in it's infancy - hence:

Now - ironically - it was the BETA MALES (Prehistoric nerds,geeks,scrubs,and homely guys)
who possessed the qaulities that the females did NOT respond to favorably - these were

The alpha male has always had more opportunities to mate than beta males - hence - there are FAR MORE OF THEM! Because most women screw themselves in their mate choices - they automatically assume the fault lies commonly with ALL MALES.

These are today's ALPHA male archtypes:
#1 Rich or well to do handsome dudes,
#2 "Bad Boys"
#3 "Sports Heroes"
#4 "Players or Play Boys"

These are today's BETA male archtypes:
#1 Nerds / Geeks / Dorks / Trekkies
#2 Ughly Guys
#3 Sqaure Guys
#4 Poor Guys / Un-Employed Guys/Guys who still live with mom and/or dad.

Women tend to complain that they do not possess that which they pathologically and habitually reject - thus - they either become nuerotic messes,lesbians,or cynics.

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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 1/1/2005 12:04:06 PM
I do believe true love does exist, but define your idea of true love, sometimes we think one thing and really need and want another. Just don't have to high of expectations, and just don't base your wants and needs around your past relationship, learn from it and move on, but really sit down and wonder what true love means to you.
Maybe its having someone around that knows what you need before you say anything, someone who you can sense before they walk in the room, maybe true love is the best friend ....decide and let things take its course, it will find you....
Joined: 12/29/2004
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 1/1/2005 3:56:00 PM
Oh Buzz I have to say that I disagree....
Love has a tendency to sneak up behing you, totally rearrange you're life and moves you to make changes you never thought you could make. Once you are hit with this sometimes devistating impact... you are changed... moved beyond words and you couldn't forget it if you tried.
Joined: 11/3/2005
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 11/30/2006 8:38:52 AM
And, yet, another person actually does a 'search' on a topic rather than creating a whole new thread.

Look at Harry and Sally, Princess Leia and Hans Solo, etc. If they can find true love, by gosh, so can any of us. They're just regular folks.

My friends try to tell me those are only movie characters, not real life. After I give em the 'how dare you' look, I goes ta rantin' and ravin' till they finally admit I'm right.

True love... yes, yep, sure as shootin it exists. But.. it takes what the words in the song 'Walk The Line' state.
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/11/2007 8:19:21 PM
True love does exists!!! Usually love happens when you are not looking.
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/11/2007 9:42:05 PM
YES IT DOES. It took me 3 years after my divorce to find it but it was worth the wait. I did find true love on the internet. I found someone who live 2 mile from my house I might not have ever meet if it were not for being on line. Now to keep it you have to be willing to work at it. Love is like a garden that always need tending. If both people are willing to work at it it will last forever.
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/11/2007 10:10:21 PM
Yes - True love exists! It might take brief pauses in our lifetimes - but I know it exists.
So keep your eyes and ears wide open because sometimes we are so wrapped up within ourselves that we don't even see it for what it really is!
Joined: 1/27/2007
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/12/2007 3:34:24 AM
I believe true love is out there for everyone. I think I have one too, but I haven't met him yet. But I've been talking to him for almost a week now. He seems very, very sweet....Who knows, you know? He may BE the ONE...
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Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/12/2007 3:50:24 AM

BUt is a gift From The Lord and we have to work very hard all of our lives to keep it from being stolen from us...
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 2/12/2007 6:02:06 AM
True love is an action, not a feeling. Peopel get caught up in the emotion , which they equate to being " in love". true love is the way in which you treat and react to the person who is the object of your desire. if you treat them like crap, talk down to them or about them, is that "true love"?

People don't really know what LOVE is.
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