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Joined: 4/11/2004
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thanks - one of my favorite pictures - your picture with what looks like blue and jelly like - i have seen before - very cool
 elvin chile
Joined: 6/22/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/2/2004 12:30:26 PM
YUp dogs are great... thier loyalty is a wonderous, they are so solid...
truely amazing.
I had a little kitten help me lots when i was hurtin.

And i think its lack of communication, jealousy, and lack of compassion that injures love... being let down .... that whole mars venus idea is great... we have to be cognizant of each others subtle needs and ways of communicating. Loss of individuality is a given but it only need be slight and it is replaced by other things such as being a couple.
Lust is the desire, you must refuse... lust for others who you meet in daily life that turn your crank.. knowing that you have at home someone who knows you intimatly and is willing and able to du u up fine.
 Strong Oak
Joined: 7/15/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/3/2004 6:14:50 PM
Hey Elvin, don't give up man. Bit the bullet big-style myself a few years ago in the biggest ever, most convoluted break-up-love-triangle-type-thing. But everything happens for a reason, and maybe you're too soon after whatever it was that hurt you. She's out there alright. I think where a lot of guys fall down is that we think 'Bitch ! They're all like that', when of course they're not, they're even more open for love than we are. Everybody's different, but we all want the same thing don't we ? Keep your heart open, man, and be cool with yourself - some girl will see that and see the strength within you, she'll dig it and make you a very happy man indeed.
Joined: 6/3/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/3/2004 6:28:26 PM
Re: Dragonn - "giving up ANY individuality is what KILLS love"

Dead straight on the nail !!!

No need to change anyone because of a relationship. That's what takes it straight to hell.
Joined: 8/3/2004
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I believe it does exist!
Posted: 8/3/2004 6:42:50 PM
You have to stay strong! the right man is out there for you:) there are good guys, hard to believe but there are, not that i have found one yet:P Just don't give up!

 elvin chile
Joined: 6/22/2004
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Re: I believe it does exist!
Posted: 8/3/2004 11:05:00 PM
Thanks Strong... I hope i can pull that one off.

It allmost looks like a good topic brewin...
"Is loss of individuality a couple-breaker?"


"pair today, gone tomorrow?"
Joined: 8/4/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/5/2004 9:17:15 AM
Well, there is a lot to say about this question.But the thing is "We have been trying to find what we usually called a perfect match, someone who care for us and like you said, someone who treat you like a lady or friend".
I believe that these qualities exist in any men wherever or he has been faced too in his life, the problem is to be honest and let somebody know that He care for her or for him whatever the case is.Everyone is a jerk some how, everyone is a lovely person some how and everyone has someone out there so closed to what he or her expect from a Lovely relationship.
Stop looking and focus your energy on making friend because to me, "We don't need to try so hard to find happiness in our lifes, we don't need to , Love is so closed to us and sometimes we are too busy looking for something else".When it comes to love, Nobody can defined it because it is a matter of Affection, Feelings, Sensation and I don't think that at that point anybody can really tell what somebody else got in mind.We only can guess,and we start guessing, we make a lot of sense of what we see, what is around us and what is happening and then we decided that, this is someone which doesn't fit to what I was hopping to have, what I truly love.Ideas for me is what make people believe that there is not such qualities in anyone.IDEAS KILLS WHAT WE HAVE, THEY KILLS THE BEST IN US AND THEY MAKES US BELIEVE IN SOMETHING ELSE THAN WHAT WE REALLY HAVE, "LOVE".
Joined: 8/7/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/9/2004 12:12:45 AM
hi theresa, im ivan, True love huh? love is something people feel in a different way theresa and everyone has a different idea about what true love is but unless you are happy with yourself,you cant be happy with someone else.there are gentleman out there who see women more than just a good time and are quite happy to share thier feelings and get all mushy.but some of them are scared that if they get too involved that they will no longer be in control and feel like puppets to which the lady can play with and thats one hell of a nightmare.everyone likes to be in control of thier emotions to a point whwere people dont get a chance to emotionally abuse the privileage of knowing how the feel,vulnerability is something we all feel but if its in the wrong hands its not fun and thats something everybody avoids.theresa my advice is to enjoy your life, have as much fun as you can,love yourself and the confidence will exuberate through your aura and other people will notice what a lovely person you are and you never know prince charming might be there waiting for you ,metaphorically speaking.. well i must go ,good luck and thanks for case you want to chat with me on msn heres my email
Joined: 7/21/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/9/2004 3:08:11 PM
True love does not exist on the human plane. I thought it did, but I was proven wrong. It only exists in the Kingdom of God. We mortals suck at love.
Joined: 11/11/2003
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/9/2004 5:57:36 PM
It does but it takes effort. Most people think it just happens and lasts. But that's when they lose the true love.

Though I don't know. I haven't been able to find love for a while. I beginning to think that I'll be a life long hermit lol...

Most girls I've met only want sex and not a relationship. Kind of a downer since I want a relationship. The sex should only follow after that.

Joined: 7/21/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/9/2004 6:14:21 PM
Illness took my true love of 12 years away. You can be the best man in the world, and it can all end in a day.

I had my longest cry about it today. Mental illness is kind of like a living death, the person you know and love can change so much, it is if they have gone, and someone else is living there now. I guess self-doubt is run of the mill for this and I will eventually get over it. I sure miss her.
Joined: 2/15/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/11/2004 8:25:05 PM

I don't think true love exist. I think it is something made up by the women magazine industry
It is to little girls in Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales. I think a lasting love takes hard work by two people who are committed to the relationship. The hormones will only last the first four years of a relationship.
Joined: 7/29/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 8/12/2004 8:54:47 AM
There are sooooo many different definitions of love out there. I asked my last ex if I was a one night stand that lasted 2 years... he didn't get it. He said no one noght stands last one night and I said no one noght stands are no strings attached no went quite...thats when I knew I was one. Ended the relationship right there....been single ever since and it is soooo frusterating meeting new people...

 New Guy
Joined: 9/5/2004
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TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:27:27 PM
...There are so many variables and permutations to consider.
...Thirty-two years! Boy, that's a LONG TIME! I'd hate to think of the emotional scars. Let me quote you: "All I want is someone who is loving, compassionate, and caring." I'm gonna assume that's a husband, and compatibility is your top priority. Log onto
Joined: 7/30/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:41:30 PM
(Pulls out tissue)

Me don't believe in true love anymore ... not since walt disney on sunday nights closed down....

"One day my prince will come"

Now understand we all have gone threw split ups we have all gone threw seperations we have all gone threw divorce and nearly everyone says they thought they had a true love...

Smell the coffee.......

Conversation is now the lead into true love....... if you can keep up a communication in a relationship in bed or out of bed on top of bed around the bed under the bed..... then you will start a good mixture of cement for a foundation on love......

Time for this cat too watch "Cinderalla....

Joined: 8/30/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/5/2004 6:55:54 PM
True love only if the female says yes to a F*****
 Modern-Day Romeo
Joined: 9/1/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 4:49:42 AM
How crude boss! THAT ain't love THAT'S lust(at best).

H3LL YeaH, true love exists!!! What are we on this earth for if not to love? Love is not work, it's the relationship that requires work to maintain. Love, at least to me, is unfailing trust in someone. A desire to share thier company, such that it is an almost physical pain to be apart. Love is sharing in life those most intimate, dereams, desires, & fears which you can tell no one else except the one you love.
Joined: 9/3/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 7:48:15 AM
hmmm. Yes I believe true love exists. Then again I am a hopeless romantic and a realist.Bad combo - I realise its hopeless. LOL

Joined: 6/27/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 7:56:18 AM
true love exists but its like a ghost..many talk about it, very few have seen it.....
Joined: 7/3/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 9:50:55 AM
I have been in love many times, each time different in its own way. Which way was the right way? Is there a right way? Is True love different for each person, as different and unique and each of us? Some people see 'True Love' as being this earth shaking, rockets going off, soul mate thing. But sometimes the ''Comfy old shoes" kind of love can be the most satisfying.
 elvin chile
Joined: 6/22/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 9:56:54 AM
well love exsists. When you believe that you love then you do. Its a description of a feeling of joy towards some person... i believe it is not a sexual thing.
The true love in the story books seems to be something that is as a force that immediatly occurs between two ppl and is unbreakable and pure and defeats all.
That could exsist if it springs to life with you and another, but i would guess its rare... and perhaps ppl can have something akin if they experience, a high level of attraction plus all the right words, timing, compatibility... for each other.
I would believe "true" love is when you have love and then you both decide that you are going to take on the world together and totally agree to allways be for each other... and you take that in the good times and bad... devotion: so for you it exists...
Trouble is, humans are flawed. we change. we grow possibly apart. If that happens and the "true" love is broken... does that mean it wasn't true?

So true love exsists, for those who believe. It is rare in the story book form but for those who people that love romance it may be a possibility, then it rests in fate, and the ability of those involved to want it and be able to sustain it forever...
love + compassion + luck + emotional stamina
Joined: 6/27/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 9:44:59 PM
love that equation Chile....have ran that mile....a run that was worth running
 Hui Ching
Joined: 7/15/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/6/2004 11:03:28 PM
If you believe there is, there is. True love is about giving, about sharing unconditionally. You are happy if your other half is happy. You are sad if the other half is sad. Everyone has expectations but when you find the one you loved, you will accept who and what the other half is. You do things with the other half in mind and you cherish the moments together, reliving over and over again the things you do together.. You will forgive and forget. Of course there will be quarrels, there will be misunderstanding etc.. but when you made up, it will be sweet.. So keep an open mind and a positive attitude that you will find true love and eventually you will. Don't brood over the past, its unhealthy and heavy to carry the emotional baggage, just move on.. I do and it took me 15 years to find one and I am happy to share with anyone of you..
 Modern-Day Romeo
Joined: 9/1/2004
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Re: TheresaF - Yes, true love exists, but...
Posted: 9/7/2004 5:33:05 AM
Oh, man! Now THAT is what I was trying to say, if my thoughts weren't so muddled. Verry nicely put! Spoken from the soul of a true believer.
Joined: 6/2/2004
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Re: Does True love Exist?
Posted: 9/7/2004 7:10:29 AM
Love is hard work, but it's worth it. There is always the initial attraction, then your everyday life steps in, getting to know each other can and should be a slow process, spending time talking, caring about the other's life.
The internet is a great place, but it's also a dangerous place, a place where lies run rampant.
I had 28 yrs of marriage that just fizzled away. He was used to being away from home, I needed more.
I think while we are all searching for love, we may just stumble across it, not even knowing it at first.
If we are meant to find it, it will happen, but some I have known have issues stemming from childhood, that prevent love from happening.
All we can do is be ourselves, there's got to be someone out there that's right for each one of us.
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