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Joined: 7/21/2005
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Hearing his voice is very important to me. I am more drawn to southern accents, as a southern woman,,, that is just a part of my "comfort zone"
Speaking is just part of the process of getting to know someone, without it,, I doubt that a real life relationship can ever develop. Even the most well written e-mail doesn't take the place of a few soft-spoken words, late at night, just before falling asleep. Pillow talk anyone??

Joined: 12/19/2005
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attraction to the voice
Posted: 8/6/2006 6:47:55 PM
i agree with you on the english aussie also been told i have a good voice maybe cause i dont smoke cheers
Joined: 8/19/2004
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attraction to the voice
Posted: 8/7/2006 3:23:45 AM
I definitely notice accents. Although I am a native of the South and have a distinct Southern accent, I usually prefer male voices that do not sound Southern. I am 49 (today), and sound as if I am about 25, but am told that I have an attractive accent and an infectious laugh. I work as a speech therapist, so needless to say I will notice someone's voice.
Joined: 7/23/2006
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attraction to the voice
Posted: 8/12/2006 12:13:42 PM
Well, a nice melodious voice is always a plus, better if the voice is deep. sends shivers down by back just thinking about it....
Joined: 6/11/2005
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attraction to the voice
Posted: 8/13/2006 12:22:43 AM
A great voice can really a huge magnet for me. I once went out with a guy whose physical appearance was so beside the point, I fell for HIS VOICE. Whoa when he spoke to me, or over the phone I was in a swoon. Now I wouldnt base an entire encounter r/ship on it, but if its there, its a definitely a bonus to me
Joined: 4/25/2005
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attraction to the voice
Posted: 8/14/2006 9:44:33 PM
I would love to have James Earl Jones read me the phone book. No accents please.
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