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Ballads and poetic stories please!Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
The entry below is an exchange between two veterans of indeterminate county. And ... they question why it was they fought and a way to help assure no others will again engage in the struggles of their experiences.

Do You, Nathaniel?©

Do you hear the guns, Nathaniel?
Lying there so loud within our memory.
Do you smell the smoke, Nathaniel?
Drifting in the air in memory to see.

Do you feel the wounds, Nathaniel?
Living in the pain of your reality
Do you see “the cause”, Nathaniel?
For which we fought oh so gallantly.

Do you feel betrayed, Nathaniel?
When we found “the cause” was not for liberty
Do you hear the words, Nathaniel?
That said “the cause” was really gluttony.

Do you still bleed, Nathaniel?
For loss of things that always used to be.
Do you still care, Nathaniel?
To reinstate our homelands’ liberties.

For if you do, Nathaniel,
Then it’s to the homeland that we both so love
We must provide involvement
To make the lion lay down with the lonely dove.
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The Battle
Posted: 2/5/2007 5:20:13 AM


The Battle

I have walked amongst you for many years
Observed the way that man has grown
I have shared your laughter shed your tears
Seen the day of your death, the day you were born

I walked among you at the dawn of time
When they say that the Gods walked on the earth
I was but a youth, a young man in his prime
When dark shadows of evil came ‘cross my hearth.

An Army of evil came down from the North
They had plundered and burned, all that lay in their path
Dark smoke hid the sun, when they rallied forth
To all they encountered brought horror and death.

At their head rode a General, a Demons black soul
On the back of a stallion spawned out of hell
His voice was like thunder, eyes glowing red coals
From his mighty great axe brave men died where they fell.

He came to the south with his great evil horde
Though mountains and valleys he slaughtered and raged
He did not take captives all fell to the sword
He unleashed his demons and Hellhounds uncaged.

He came to our Kingdom to the valley below
His black armies spread like rivers in flood
He called on our warriors their courage to show
He promised by nightfall fields covered with blood.

We gathered our Army just three thousand all
We took up our arms sharpened axes and swords
From towns and villages they answered the call
Deep in their hearts, they feared his words.

We faced his army come morning sun
Three thousand peasants stood against ten
Proudly we marched to the beat of the drum
We’d never surrender we would fight to the end.

The Evil came forward on his great demon Stallion
His black amour seemed to eat up the light
Behind him a roar from his great Demon Battalions
Shouting and screaming, eager to fight.

As they came forward banging their shields.
The earth seemed to shudder beneath our feet
It shook and it heaved crops swayed in the fields
From deep underground came a different drumbeat.

As the enemy charged across wide open space
A scream did arise from within the ground
A deep chasm widening spread across that place
They charged into that hole with a terrible sound.

Then with great roar as a great slamming door
The canyon it closed over their graves.
We lay there in fear our minds filled with awe
As we realized today we would not be slaves.

We returned to our homes our families and friends.
A great feast in the Mead hall ‘til rising sun
None could explain how the battle did end
Defeat turned to Victory in the bright morning sun.

At dawn I was leaving, the mead spun my head
I saw in a corner held back from the crowd
An old man dressed in white, a cowl covered his head
Ancient but, straight-backed, standing so proud.

He smiled as he saw me staring his way
He raised up his staff, the crystal it glowed
The light was so blinding I felt myself sway.
The Ancient said, “Peace”, he was gone nothing showed.

At the dawning of time, when Gods walked among men
When Magic, and wonder all men could see.
A great Demon Lord, was brought to his doom
A wizened old Wizard brought freedom and peace.

Robin A Spicer © June 1, 2004
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The Battle
Posted: 3/11/2007 12:25:57 AM
Deirdre 3/11/07

Her beauty was a legend from her birth
Cathbad the druid prophesied a war
to force three high born warriors from their hearth
all for her grey-green eyes and ruby hair

all this because Naoise saw her shining
washing her lovely face with morning dew
and ever after for her he was pining (this part is poetic liscense)
and so the fateful tale that would ensue

Conchobar had her brought up in seclusion
to marry him when she had come of age
but all his plans would come to no conclusion
when she eloped with handsome Naoise

His brothers sons of Uisnech with them fled
to Scotland, but they could never rest
the kings would kill to seek Deirde's bed
they hid upon an island they thought best

Conchobars trackers had their party found
deceitfully he welcomed them back home
safe conduct and an escort he sent round
then he sent spies upon the path they came

he asked if Deirdre's beauty had been lost
her nursemaid tried to save her and she lied
but Deirdres beauty still was Irelands boast
outnumbered, Naoise and his brothers died

Conchobar could not win fair Deirdres love
he gifted Naoises killer with her hand
but Deirdre managed still to rise above
and never did she wear the wedding band

Deirdre dashed her head against a rock
by leaning from her chariot aside
her death to Conchobar was a great mock
no longer was she anybodys bride

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The Battle
Posted: 3/11/2007 12:31:14 AM
The curates wife

the story of the love affair
that had terrorized the land
the confession that the curates wife
was killed by the bishops hand!

So long ago they found her dead
folk had near forgotten
if she'd only shunned the bishops bed
for he was truly rotten

'twas a long forgotten mystery
who'd killed the curates wife
but now it leapt from history
to wreck the bishops life

they sent him down to Londontown
to a jury of his peers
he'd been a man of great renown
too rich for petty fears

but now he'd pay for his own sin
the townsfolk threatened riot
the sherrif forced to bring him in
the courtroom deathly quiet

the bishop ran quite out of luck
they sentenced him to hanging
a noose would soon be round his neck
at end of gavel's banging

they came around for many a mile
than cold November morn
the bishop hung upon the hill
and so the tale was born

LS 1/26/07

This was made up, from first, last....on a sloooow night.....
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The Battle
Posted: 3/23/2007 9:37:50 PM
well, no one gets killed here, though dad's pride took a slight beating.....

Ballad of dad

I have a story about the wood
my dad wouldn't let sleeping dogs lie
though we warned him he probably should
he kept bringing it up, oh my

you just don't want to hear
about your dad's sex life
but he wouldn't be quiet I fear
because he'd gotten a young wife

but being the age he was
his tool wasn't always as "sharp"
we unfortunately knew this because
upon the damn subject he'd harp

he bought growth hormones from an ad
(on this he was mercifully silent)
eleven month later he was a dad
of a beautiful female infant

He was seventy May of last year
my sister just turned eight
and although she is a dear
poor dad has alot on his plate

mother nature always knows best
for reference just think of my dad
he should have given his woody a rest
and now he wishes he had

but my sister is such a neat kid
and on that fact we all agree
on retirement dad tightened the lid
and turned the house husband key

LS 3/13/07
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