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Joined: 9/22/2008
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Summer. Avenue BernardPage 34 of 34    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34)
Curving graceful lines
two circles of perfect symmetry
upright, proud,
leather bound and
painted a delicate shade of yellow.
an urban bicycle
I ride with a smile!
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Summer. Avenue Bernard
Posted: 8/10/2012 10:59:53 PM
Tight, disciplined and evocative...the images are exact and so very tied together...intertwined. Nice one, Mr. Alyosha.
Joined: 8/12/2012
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Summer. Avenue Bernard
Posted: 8/15/2012 9:22:11 AM
This man sees the low branches of a tree when all we are taught is to look at the sky.
As simple as it seems to see a branch bow, it is where you are looking that counts.



I can feel myself slipping away
I can see myself as I was, now

I can see myself now

Conversations in my head
have become destinations

I am altering plans
to be alone

I notice blue neon numbers
and an hour has been added

I did not turn on the TV
I am just sitting

Talking to the voices

Where was I?
Oh yes, Me

Me is changing, changing
No matter, no matter


Dead brothers nod
they nod and they talk
and they are perfect

Dust, now, nature
they are now Nature

and all along
I have been told
'Nature is Perfect'

But I am nature,
And I am not perfect

Joined: 10/29/2007
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Summer. Avenue Bernard
Posted: 8/25/2012 9:43:41 AM
Wonderful couple of poems (I assume they're 2 separate ones) ClearAsClay. Thank you.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 515
Every Face I Graze with Love
Posted: 9/27/2012 6:56:02 AM
Every face I graze with love
lives on, like sentences
that make no sense
until every syllable
is in its place
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Every Face I Graze with Love
Posted: 9/27/2012 8:12:20 PM
ah....I copied this one down .....its so very, very nice. Yes.
Joined: 10/29/2007
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Happy People
Posted: 10/4/2012 9:03:05 AM
Thank you, 60, and here's a new on:

Happy people
out of doors
light the way ahead of them.
Civic misery declines
and the clouds
seem to pause
as if to refresh themselves
before heading off
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Happy People
Posted: 10/12/2012 7:42:17 PM
I needed to smile and have a little faith....I now do.... Good one....
Joined: 9/28/2012
Msg: 519
Happy People
Posted: 10/12/2012 11:13:24 PM
I don't mean disrespect...but this is an interesting thread.
Briefly paid attention. and i think thats what I said.
Tough to know what to say...
just thought maybe would show a little face.
:o) <--nosy face not knowin anything :)
Joined: 8/17/2012
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Happy People
Posted: 10/13/2012 6:36:14 AM
What happened to 2011?
For that matter, 2010?
Have I slept too long,
Only awakening now to find,
No one has passed me the salt.

Joined: 8/17/2012
Msg: 521
Happy People
Posted: 10/13/2012 7:17:35 PM
I can't hear unspoken words
Conveyed with feigned indifference
Displayed today
And for many days
Recently spent.

13 Oct. 2012
Joined: 3/3/2009
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Happy People
Posted: 10/13/2012 8:47:20 PM
French fried potatoes
Fried Green toematos
Tortilla Chip on my shoulder
Lightly sea salted as I get older
They say it raises the blood pressure
Well forget them and pass the pepper
Joined: 9/28/2012
Msg: 523
Happy People
Posted: 10/13/2012 11:47:37 PM
thanks for the salty snack. :)
Joined: 8/17/2012
Msg: 524
Posted: 10/25/2012 8:26:17 PM
No one noticed as she slipped out the door
On her way to no where special,
Except to the few who knew
Her way could only be found
On the long journey from here to there.

Did they question her intent
Or simply allow no thought to form,
In the circuitry of their own speculations
Of life in the world without her?

Sometimes words form and have meaning.
Often meaning affords no prize
To the thoughtless among us.

Yet she moved through their realm
Of commonplace dreams
Becoming uncommon in her pursuit,
Awaiting a chance most dream of,
But never realize.

So, she waits for the excursion
That beginnings are forgotten,
Remembering fortuitous moments
That drives her journey,
From here to there.

25 October 2012
Joined: 10/29/2007
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Posted: 10/31/2012 1:32:51 PM
Wonderful, VPS! How blithely you handle this sad narrative. Thanks
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 526
Capitalism 101
Posted: 4/4/2013 9:28:33 AM
The bigger the dog,
the more it eats,
the bigger it gets,
the more it eats...
Joined: 11/7/2011
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socialism 101
Posted: 2/3/2014 9:04:43 PM
the more you work
the more they take
the less they work
the more they get
Joined: 11/6/2014
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socialism 101
Posted: 6/22/2016 5:47:29 AM
The less you hold..
The more you push away...
The more you reminisce..
The more memories that invade....

Alyosha i miss YOU so much.... If YOU even remember me....
Joined: 5/30/2014
Msg: 529
Posted: 8/14/2016 12:03:23 PM
pass the salt
cellar, shaker
bring me cubes
of sugar later
coffee so dark
cream is needed
tea with honey
when you feeled
your own forehead
hot with fever
send me your love
it's all I've needed
Joined: 5/30/2014
Msg: 530
Posted: 10/9/2016 5:46:42 AM
she and he
both quite tiny people
emerged from the little MG
sporty thing
ragtop roof
close to the ground
feet like hoofs
horsepower beyond
unknown to their
this was her car
this sporty coupe
she kept the keys
in plain sight
for all to see
not in her pocket
no not there
not in her purse
not anywhere
Doctor Seuss
please help me please
she dangled those keys
in front of me
or so it seemed
as I amazed thought
this is her car
this sporty coupe
I with my van
felt spirits droop
but then as they say
at least some people do
(those of us who are not a fan)
two more windows
it'd be a sedan

Joined: 5/30/2014
Msg: 531
Posted: 12/1/2016 2:10:51 PM
I shan't worry
got my own coat
or as they call it
in the copy
in the ad
they were frolicking
a whole family
rosy cheeked
and so robust
in fleece-lined coats
as they call it
in the copy
in the ad
I pretend that
I am them
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