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Joined: 12/24/2007
Msg: 76
Thank you Drea and BreathingPage 4 of 34    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34)
hoarse with eloquence, mad
with truth--words that beseech
or beckon or command,
can equal the touch,
in passing, of a friendly hand.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 77
Thank you Drea and Breathing
Posted: 2/12/2008 4:48:10 AM
Many thanks, Tom. I write a lot of poems - too many, I've begun to think & intend to concentrate more on quality than quantity, but that poem is one of the ones I'm proud of.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 78
Thank you Drea and Breathing
Posted: 2/12/2008 1:01:20 PM
Splitscreen: how I love the flow of your poetry, and in similar spirit:

Friday evenings, the onset of the Sabbath,
my mother would lay a white tablecloth
on the dining-room table,
set out our best dinnerware,
the Sabbath candle-holder with tall
white candle, place a doily on her head and,
her hands covering her eyes, would recite
Barukh atah Adonai E1oheinu,
melekh ha'olam,
asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav
v'tzivanu l'hadlik ner shel Shabbat"

(Blessed are Thou, Lord our God,
King of the universe,
Who sanctified us by His commandments
and commanded us to kindle the Sabbath light).

“We need to have something to celebrate,”
she told me once, “otherwise
every day would be the same....”
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 79
I grew up a bush kid
Posted: 2/23/2008 12:21:22 PM

I grew up a bush kid, outback, on the land,
milking and herding cattle, the scent of horses
making me feel healthy and safe, sweet sweat
as we moved the cows to the top paddock.

Rising before dawn to milk, then breakfast
warm, fresh cows milk on my weet bix
driving to reedy lake for a swim,
burning the leeches off when we got out.

Breaking horses, my pop's words remain
His pride in me, his love of me, the company...
Then the afternoon milking to be done,
back to the house after dark..the moon lighting the way...

How lovely! How filled with wonderful, visceral detail, as if this had been eritten not by your mind alone but with every inch of you!
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 80
I grew up a bush kid
Posted: 2/25/2008 8:19:39 AM
I sensed the letters that were missing!

ast w k I b ught a n w k yb ard,
s m f th tt rs had disapp ar d fr m min ..
but I c u dn't bring mys f t p ug
th bright, shiny, n w n int my c mput r?

Th n t day, as I put my d n away
I r a is d why I k pt it th r ...
It was my fri nd... tt rs w rn,
t bacc and ash fi d, win insid .

I r m mb r d th nights I had sat with it...
crying as if my h art was br k n,
t ars f pain in th s k ys...
as it typ d my w rds nt th pag .

W rds f rs , chats with fri nds...
n s I m t r that k yb ard...
aughing with th ir p sts n th pag s...
(h nc th win and ash!)

I r m mb r d a th w nd rfu p p
a r th w r d, that k yb ard r ach d th m...
car d f r th m, augh d and cri d with th m...
mad th m int pi c s f my s u .

S , I ha k pt that k yb ard t r mind m ...
t n r f rg t h w s m thing s simp
can r ach ut t simi ar s u s, th n s...
wh r a h art....

Only put them back and you'd have what you need!
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 81
I'd really like some feedback
Posted: 3/2/2008 5:13:49 AM
on the following, especially whether the final two lines make any sense whatsoever:


Says Moses to Jesus:
“In the future it will seem
as if we were practically
contemporaries...” Says Jesus,

“And yet we lived
in such different times,
which made us who we were.”

“But we were always,” Moses answers,
“what we were meant to be:
saviours, brothers.”

“No,” Jesus says, “you saved
one people from another. I was intended
to save all of them
from themselves.”

“He who saves one man,”
quotes Moses from a later text,
“It is as if he has saved the entire world.”

How many Saviours does it take
to change a light-bulb?

Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 82
Snapshots: IV
Posted: 3/12/2008 7:39:05 AM
A woman stops by my table to greet me,
to offer me the chance to invite her
to join me. It would take me
the better part of the day
to decode the expression on her face.
There is a note of Save me from my loneliness
and an undernote of Of course you won't.
Like all the other men you look for younger women
with bigger breasts and lax morals

and there's a side note of Figure me out if you can!
No one ever has, or will.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 83
Snapshots: IV
Posted: 3/12/2008 4:01:57 PM
If I were the guy at that table,
Chatty Miss, I would surely invite you to join me
and after being reminded that you have
a boy-friend, I'd conceal my disappointment
and offer to talk with you about
Hillary vs Barack...
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 84
Snapshots: V
Posted: 3/13/2008 2:33:30 PM
Entering the café I catch sight of a guy I know from another café. I catch sight of him just in time to pretend that I haven’t seen him. As inconspicuously as I can, I slither my way to my usual spot at the counter and seat myself, my back to his profile.

Someone foisted him on me once on the grounds that he was Jewish and a writer and ever since then, whenever I was there and he arrived, he would seat himself at my table without asking if he could. But I found conversation with him so painful that eventually I stopped going there. He was on side or the other of forty but as far as I could tell, he had no job. As far as I could tell because, about his private life it was if he were the last, loyal member of a long disbanded Maoist party.

He did refer once to the fact that he had done his MA in literature at McGill University. “What was your thesis topic?” I asked.

“Do you know anything about Henry Roth?”

Yes, I said and recited the main things I knew about him.

“It wasn’t about him,” he answered. “How about Daniel Fuchs?”

I’d heard the name but confessed that I knew nothing beyond that.

“Oh,” he said, with a pleased smile.

I’m uncomfortable sitting there, ignoring him, wondering if he’s caught sight of me after all. Eventually I become aware that he’s getting ready to leave and I watch to see in which direction he will go. He looks east, takes a step west, then alters direction and heads north. I feel as if, poor orphan of fate, he’s at the whim of the faintest of intentions.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 85
Snapshots: V
Posted: 3/20/2008 4:08:30 AM
Many thanks, pickles, always happy to see more of your mordant wit!
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 86
What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/24/2008 2:39:34 PM
The latest statistics show
that the richest folk in the USA
live 4 ½ years longer
than the most poor.

But what do they do with those
extra 4 ½ years?
Do they dance on the graves of the poor?
Joined: 1/13/2007
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What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/24/2008 3:09:04 PM
some classes don't have teachers
we sort ourselves
into groups
how we live
what we do
saving or spending
some drink more than water
others can't wait to swallow
go right for the veins
right past the thought
that maybe that isnt wise
so if we group everyone
in piles and mounds
sort by what makes us happy
to be right about being superior
then we sing another ode to Mr Twain
he of "Lies,damn lies and statistics"
Mr twain it seems your letters from heaven
are still arriving
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 88
What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/25/2008 7:24:33 AM
Ah, Transcend, you've risen above mere statistics. Perhaps, in fact, you don't believe in the "poor," that's just a fiction. And if there are any of those it's perhaps because they're too lazy or have chosen to live that way?
Joined: 1/13/2007
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What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/25/2008 2:24:13 PM
believe in the poor? i grew up in a family of 7 and we had weeks where meat was a rumor.. I was 16 years old before i had a meal in a restaurant.. poor isnt a fantasy or an imaginary place to visit.. not knowing your circumstances perhaps you have knowledge of poor that isnt second hand , if so you certainly write about it like you have forgotten the air of constant desperation that turns life into a struggle just to make it til tomorrow. i don't blame people for being poor but i don't think its a destination to be sought or enobled by being treated like circumstance can't be turned around.. out of the 7, 5 are still alive and we are all far from poor.
Thats the US where those stories are common, you know the US , the place you sometimes seem to be overwrought about?
No place is perfect, man isnt a perfect social being.. but poverty should be temporary and those that work to make it so are to be honored , those who want to make it grist for their own grinding, need to find another subject , perhaps one they really understand... firsthand.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 90
What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/26/2008 7:10:06 PM
Transcend, I don't get what your beef is with me? This started out with you doubting the veracity of the facts mentioned in my poem. And I took that to mean you objected to the thrust of the poem which is that the poor in the US are robbed of 4 1/2 years of life.
Joined: 1/13/2007
Msg: 91
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What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/27/2008 1:13:22 AM
No beef .. it isnt about doubting veracity, its about understanding that statistics without context are worse than useless..they lie in ways that damage ,distort in ways that lead to fallacious conclusions.. wait, let me give you an example

Until a couple of years ago , hormone replacement therapy for women generated the largest single reimbursement expense for insurance companies in the US. An Insurance sponsored grant (bought and paid for is probably the term a realist would use)funded a statistical analysis of thousands of women comparing those post menopausal women that used the therapy vs those that didnt. In the first paragraph of the final report it was mentioned that there was no statistically significant difference in the data reported yet.. there was numerically a few more cases of cancer among those women who had been on HRT. These numbers were leaked to the media and driven by a group of hungry lawyers ( is there any other kind?) suddenly we have a panic of idiocy, lawsuits filed and thousands of women fleeing to their doc's for an alternative.
The result? in one year billions in profit for the insurance companies as the reimbursement fell to half the level of the year before. Meanwhile the women helped greatly by the therapy either suffered without or else used the therapy and worried.
There has still not been a statistically significant analysis that concludes HRT increases the risk of cancer. The media participates in this type of manipulation
Do we have to dance to every tune? Do you?

As far as the difference in living and dying between income levels..lets look at whatever study generated that data..did it mention that the rate of smoking varies or alcoholism or drug abuse? what factors were factored out? have you seen the study itself? The internet does make most things available

My concern with anyone that quotes data to prove a point is always going to be
"Are you allowing your desire to make "your"point overwhelm a reasonable test of evidence?" remember that no one does research unless they are paid.. who funded the study and who benefits from the conclusions and what conclusions did they make?
without understanding we can end up trying to compare an apple and an avalanche
thats poetry ..not a nugget of truth to treasure
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 92
What do they do with those extra 4 ½ years?
Posted: 3/27/2008 1:26:10 PM
Yes! You are back and as unmistakable as ever... and how I wish you had me in mind when you wrote the other one you left on my other thread, which I'm going to go and see if I can respond to with a poem of my owen or at least an acknowledgement.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 93
Snapshot: XI
Posted: 3/31/2008 6:20:45 AM
Pan-handler at the corner.
His usual post.
This time I take the long way around.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 94
I am Daisy and I am mad
Posted: 4/3/2008 7:30:02 AM
I am Daisy and I am mad.
I used to believe I was Not-daisy
but she was every bit as mad.

It would be hard for me to describe
my madness any better
than a cod could describe water.
The best I can do is to say
that it consisted in believing
that things were as they are.

That is, that the road was a road,
rain was rain, and love was
--well, love was what everyone knows
but no one can adequately explain.

People have died of it, or
thought they did. People have died
without it or at any rate
lived miserable, anguished lives...

But I have learned to live
with or without love
by calling it by some other name:
felicity or arrowroot biscuits,
wantonness or the second gate
from the right.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 95
I am Daisy and I am mad
Posted: 4/3/2008 4:33:19 PM
Many thanks to you, r

Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 96
Human for Dummies
Posted: 4/11/2008 5:04:55 AM
This is the way it works, when it does:
in falling in love with him
she discovers a vein of loveliness
deeper than what she had seen at first
which enables her to open up more of herself
to him, seeing which he discovers
more of himself to offer her,
which leads her...

But you see how it goes?
Love is the manual
by which we study to become truly human.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 97
Snapshots: XXI
Posted: 5/1/2008 12:56:42 PM
Girls, they’re funny, but still
they have something, you know?
They might be skinny
as a stalk of stinkweed and walk with a list,
but still...

Or there might be three of them
on their way home from school
like cupcakes leaning together,
t-shirts hanging out
over regulation black shorts...

And then they grow up
to be women.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 98
The only mark
Posted: 5/25/2008 4:27:49 PM
Let my love
touch you lightly
so that the only mark
it leaves
is that of my breath
on your skin.
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 99
Speak to the child in your heart
Posted: 5/30/2008 5:11:41 AM
Thanks, Autumn...

Speak to the child in your heart,
the one who still hungers for certitude,
for whom it is a sacred thing
that green be always green
and every Tuesday be followed
by Christmas...
Joined: 10/29/2007
Msg: 100
Morris Kravitz... and I
Posted: 6/6/2008 4:12:15 AM
It is a far, far better thing I do today
than Morris Kravitz ever did
on any one of his best days!
Morris was by and large
an honourable man
though he'd cheated
on two or three of his wives, but please
don't judge Morris
until you've walked a mile in his Addidas.
And all that Morris ever wanted
was to love and, you know? to be loved!

But let's leave Morris out of this.
As I said before, It is a far, far better thing
I’m about to do today
than ever I have done before
and I hate, hate, HATE
the thought of doing it!
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