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He's on the verge of setting up his "teepee"...just looking for a gal to give him a hand. Bwahahahahaha!! AAaaaaaaaah...ok....bad one. Meh...I tried.
 Double Cabin
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/5/2006 9:05:20 PM
I honestly didn't mean to hijack the thread, my redundant apologies but I felt compelled to share my kenning. Excitable 1, if you do know what Mythquester means and could answer my question to him please e-mail me for I'm not what you've stipulated. I'm honestly just trying to find out if there is a way for me to more respectfully address an individual if the indoctrinated choices are an insult. I hear "First Nations" quite a bit and know some like "Dine." I would wholeheartedly support an insistance for tribal declarations or whatever people wanted. My race can obviously learn to do better given our homicidal track record. I can always learn something new. OP, promise this is my final post.

Back On Topic: Different "types" of women have appealed to men across the spectrum for millenia. If a man subsribes to stereotype or amasses an empirical database he very well may develop preferences. Like Always Smiling I too just like women, but I would be lying to say that im my case particular characteristics I've come to personaly recognize have not developed predjudices that may turn my eye from one woman to another in a crowded room. We are the product of our experiences and the influence of external stimuli. It is human to develop stereotypes, but usually debilitative to live by them. I mentioned the physical appeal "native" women held for me in my first post. The reason being that beneath their packaging any woman can have the heart of a heroine. Although I'm not a fan of alabaster skin the right lass's personality could knock me sideways and change that pale packaging into the most exquisite of exteriors in my mind.

So if a guy says he likes Native Women to you what that means will only be known with time. As you have seen in some of the responses it's not just physical, it is much the percieved content of character within your ethnicity. It's your decision whether or not to give a guy the time of day or summarily dismiss him as one form of a bigot or another. Thanks again for the indugence folks,

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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/6/2006 8:07:14 AM
I am native /french and the part of my spirituality is native and strong

but yes some are attractive some are not
white, some are attractive some are not
there is no race that has all perfect people
we all have our good features and bad
just my 2 cents
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/6/2006 8:33:56 AM
DC: u're free to say whatever u like...just didn't want to lose the original point of my thread. Anyways, hope u find the answer u are looking for.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/12/2006 8:30:24 PM
what is your question to him?
 Beautiful Deviant
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/12/2006 10:39:55 PM
I get similar comments. As other's have said, you're an attractive woman. People are attracted by different physical qualities. It would be hard for any one man to say why he thought he found you appealing, because he will probably also find a woman of another culture, race, heritage as attractive.

That said, you have a good mix of features...wide set eyes, good complexion, straight nose, full generous lips, a strong chin, a high cheekbone. Basically, you have the right proportions to balance your face. There are people who don't have that balance...native and non-native.

We live with so many stereotypes of the "Native Indian"...the beautiful princess, the noble brave, the eagle feathered Chief, the wise elder, the wild savage, the strong warrior, the drunk, the squaw, the indian maiden. However, living in a native community, or growing up around native people, we know that they are just that...stereotypes; romanticized or unrealistic notions perpetuated by the media. Some people prefer to buy into the romantic version...perhaps that is the appeal.

Take it as a compliment, but don't look too hard for the answer. Men are visual creatures...and you definitely have visual appeal. However, you and I both know and realize that we are not everyone's ideal...and that's okay too. Enjoy the attention...and the kind words of the man who does think you're beautiful.

Just my thoughts,
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/13/2006 12:44:50 AM
^^^Dev, thank u for those wonderful thoughts, nice expressionism.

and thank u to the msg I rec'd earlier today>>>> "hello pocahotness!"
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/13/2006 11:11:56 AM
it's not just the skin it's the eyes too...most native woman have eyes you could get lost in big and dark like middle eastern girls and the skin for some reason tends to be softer. i also tend to feel that native woman get wetter it's like when i'm polluting their insides a million of those guys on the side of the highway shedding a single tear at the same time.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/13/2006 5:22:35 PM
Personally, I am more attracted spiritually to American Indians depending of course on what path they tread upon. I am not sure about these guys however. Sounds like they are using a line but you are attractive.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/13/2006 8:54:05 PM
Native women tend to have good bone structure. High cheek bones
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/13/2006 10:25:34 PM
I've got a thing for girls with crazy hairstyles, and small to medium builds :S but thats just me lol - i should of been in the 80's
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/16/2006 8:08:01 AM
I think you have to face the fact that looks are the first thing that attract people to someone else. I myself find the darker skin very attractive, so I prefer asian, native american etc women. I also prefer brunnetes, so with the darker skin, and black hair, that is an automatic attraction. Its all about looks. With asians they're brown eyes is another turn on to me. They don't have to weigh 110 lbs yet I'm just attracted to them with everything else.
 Skeena Rivers
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/16/2006 12:19:42 PM
~ I am here to take notes...ha you get emails from guys saying they like you cuz you are Great! You are very pretty tho. I think it is a personal preference, yes I do get emails about my skin color...and the tatt & it is flattering. I guess it is like when I send emails to guys with salt & pepper hair...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, jus telling them I like how they look - nothing more! ~
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/20/2006 1:55:22 PM
hi,,im native indian from british columbia canada,,very interesting forum people,,ahhhh,,i think your beauty must have spoken for itself,,most guys on here dont ask for my heritage,,so,,then again most say we are very beautiful people in the world,,we are cultured and diverse people,,have you ever gone to a powow?and look @ all those beautiful people in their regalia?
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/20/2006 1:59:34 PM
I am native and I have green eyes and I look caucasion........I am cree and blackfoot, most guys think I look exotic because of the cheekbones and the eyes. When I tell them that I am aboriginal-----they are shocked. When they get to know me they can see the native in me with my free spirited personality and my non-judgemental ways------Humour is a huge thing as well--------HEy i make an awesome bannock to boot!!!!!!

I think because of the humour and the non judging------guys tend to like that too.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 9/20/2006 2:00:42 PM
I'm very attracted to girls of a different skin colour. Vanilla ice cream just tastes better when you cover it in chocolate syrup.

Also, it's true, some races have different features that age a lot better than others. Compare the wrinkles of a 50 year old Japanese woman to a 50 year old Caucasian woman.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 8:05:37 AM
I have met women of the "Indigenous" Cultures of this continent.
They range from super smart, to honest, to liars, to drug addicts, to very spiritual, some of them are proud of their heritage and some are ashamed of it.
I have kept and maintained my friendships with the more brainy and spiritual persons of tis persuasion. Though I am fond of the tall and shapley ones, and the ones with the cleft chin and dimples. Their exotic almond shaped eyes are lovelyto behold. I have had major crushes on some ofthe mexican girls who have large percentage of indian blood. Their deep rich tan, their voluptuous hour glass figure their brown eyes, their black hair, their full lips (think Angelina Jolie ...oh by the way I think she is half Cherokee, by her mom).

It is true...the pigment is different depending where the tribes live...look at the Inuit or northern Canadiana nd US tribes, they have a more yellower look like the asians. The further south and much warmer climates yield the darker tones. In Central America you have Dark brown coloration that the Maya and other tribes have. In south America, you have high elevations (Andes mountains) and the Rain forests lowlands, therefore you will also see different shades of pigment.

There is a difference in heght also. some are tall and some are short.
Some of the women have shapely large butt cheeks and some are flat.
I guess it all depends on activity, diet and genes.

In Mexico, the racial breakdowns are as follows:
Indian: 30%
Mestizo: 60% (persons of mixed European and indian extraction)
Whites: 5%
Asians/Middle Easterns: 4%<
Black: 1%<

The other Latin American nations have varying breakdowns.

Back to the relationship thing.
I like the realtionships I have with the ones who show intellect, and ties to things spiritual and love of harmony..nature and otherwise.. I know some who are active in their cultures and maintain the traditions and create the "regalias" for their Pan Indian get togethers.
Different cultures will use different materials and colors for their costumes.

I was in Mexico City once and had the privildge to see the descendants of the inhabitants of what was once Tenochtitlan perfrom the few remaining rituals and dances that (the Mexica (aka the Aztecs)...pronounced mesheeka), have been preserved. They wore brightly colored costumes that used large bird feathers on their head-dresses. I befreinded few and purchased a book about how to speak their language.(Nahuatl).

All I can say is... Vive le difference!!!
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 9:46:56 AM
You know what we all look different, that what makes us special. I am native american but more often than not I get mistaken for alot of other races. Mix a little of that and a little of this and volia! You were created!

I have dated outside my own "race" simply because I was attracted to that persons own unique look and personality.
Joined: 9/7/2006
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 10:27:49 AM
I'm part Cherokee Indian and I have asked men what attracted them to me. The answers I've gotten is the "dark complexion", "high cheek bones" "my height" (I'm tall) "eyes" and "smile".. and "my personality". I'm soft and loving but I also don't take any crap off of anyone. Also I've been told that they think the native skin looks younger and feels softer.

Does that mean .. I'm cushy!! LOL!!
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 10:30:15 AM
I'm stumped...

Why doesn't my picture show up next to my post???
Joined: 10/12/2005
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 10:39:45 AM
I use to be really attracted to native indian women after watching dances with wolves.... seeing kevin costner bang that grunge rocker indian woman weaving rugs would make any white man horny, then i seen the new world with colin ferrel. I was shocked! Pocohontas was just another anna nicole smith looking to get rich and famous by sleeping around. what a slut!
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 12:22:51 PM
The real Pocahontas was not pretty at all.
There is an illustration that shows what she looked like.
She may have been short stocky and witha somewhat masculine looking face.
I highly doubt she looked anything like Annah Nicole Smith.
Hollywood and especially, Disney idealized her.
Last I read, she is buried somwhere in England.

Anyways, that is but one person, I am very sure there are countless of Indian women who are very attractive, if not drop dead gorgeous. I just dig the tall ones.
Joined: 8/30/2005
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/17/2006 8:44:24 PM

Why doesn't my picture show up next to my post???

Go to your inbox and click on images, select the image you want to show on the forum as 'main'.
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/18/2006 7:52:51 PM
Hi Native Biker:... and thanks for your instructions about my picture showing up on my posts. Funny, it was already marked but I just went ahead and "updated" it again.. now .. HERE I am. LOL

Thanks again and have a great day!
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Native Indian Women...
Posted: 10/18/2006 9:47:31 PM
I find Native women attractive because they have a sense of culture and heritage that some girls cannot have. In America, it is basically a melting pot of many different cultures that have came from around the globe. So America does not have ONE culture, it is a mix of everything. A girl who is in touch with her culture and heritage is very sexy and interesting. And also you girls are simply physically attractive, more so than some women maybe because of the skin tone? im not sure. But for me it is the personality. I just think they are very much more in touch with themselves and you have to respect that out of anyone...
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