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hey Bobby, posted in first line, last line today...

And leash me past the minotaur’s harm
and Medusa's snaky stare
past Siren's tempting voice
And Sapphos thighs laid bare

bring me to home these golden years
my faithful hound to greet my tread
to dry Penelope's lonely tears
and warm her in our marriage bed
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/1/2007 8:36:22 AM
hey Bobby, this again, posted elsewhere....I think I am an accidental rhymer...

cyber friend, I hope your write
was just a term to say goodnight
and not a way to say goodbye
and let another good thread die

I know I haven't let you know
and let you get your spirits low
but I consider you a friend
you always have my ear to bend

I don't quite understand the scene
but know that if you need to lean
your friends online will never mind
they'll listen, and they'll treat you kind

We're a motley crew, I know
consider this a place to go
and vent the things you need to say
so you can love another day

I know that love will come for you
and when it does, It will be true
So take my faith, I've some to spare
believe me when I say I care

Just take some time to clear your head
while you are gone, we'll tend your thread
and come on back when you feel able
to lay some rhyme upon the table
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/1/2007 1:12:12 PM
another from playing in last line....

Is that what You had in Mind?
they say that all who love are blind
but you I saw with opened eyes
the revelation a surprise

who thought that such a cheating heart
could be so sweet and yet so tart
and yet I found you seldom lie
if cornered with your alibi

there is honor among thieves I learned
and yet my pride in judgement burned
and though I loved I couldn't stay
you promised to honor and obey

you made a vow to her that day
though it was hard I stayed away
and so you chose your path in life
when you took another for your wife

I miss you still, I always will
but that's my "jagged little pill"
I swallowed it and grew a soul
to marry you had been my goal
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/2/2007 10:00:44 PM
Poems of crime please
bring the good-guys to their knees
pitch me dark and ugly
let the shadows get all snuggly
let the boogy man get near
is it the silence that you fear?
i can be that, just for you
let the white noise rip on through
let go of sane please
there is a hunger i must apease
tie up evil close to hate
count the sins upon your plate
pour the poison down your throat
chuck the whole thing in the moat
be rid of it
shake off every little bit
expel the bad like a huge sneeze
and write me... a poem that rhymes, please!
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/3/2007 9:17:33 PM
posted in first, last

a sculpture for posterity
double checked for verity
an exacting replication
with not a single variation

a band aid with artistic bent
on rock stars to experiment
phallus no longer mystery
the rest is simply history
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/4/2007 6:16:32 PM
posted once

no demons can be messing
or talking in my head
although I'll be confessing
I check under my bed

I look for eyes a gleaming
or the ivory flash of fangs
as quiet as it's seeming
there's uneasy little pangs

are they hiding between clothing
or behind my shower curtain
filled with fear and loathing
I'll check until I'm certain
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Poems That Rhyme, Please
Posted: 2/4/2007 6:53:57 PM
My precious kindred spirit,
Do you doubt we’ll share,
A love transcendent,daring,
And truly rare?

Our souls dominion;
Will give us no choice.
Time has frozen my dreams still,
Until I hear your voice.

If fate has its way
Your eyes will meet mine,
Lost in forever
We’ll travel past time,through worlds
Bound in each others eyes

Then, long awaited
Our hands will touch;
Mine, fragile, soft,
Yours warm and safe.

No thoughts will break,
Or suspend our dance.
When our souls meet,
Our hearts take to chance.

A force of nature,
Destiny shall ordain.
Our will cast aside,
Released from the pain.

To each other's center,
We will be led,
Seduction upon us,
Our hungers fed.

My heart, for you only,
My flesh will surrender,
Respond to your warmth,
To your touch, so tender.

A coveted encounter,
Fulfilled at long last,
We’ll know from then on,
If this will just pass.

The danger for us,
Will be revealed then -
What might be our future...
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