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I have had men thank me for not dressing too young...................?

I am fairly small and dress in things I enjoy.

There is not way I would ever want to pull off a Brittany or a Madona, even if I were 30. Haven't said that, I am not a prude either.
 Twisted Sister
Joined: 6/5/2007
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:01:23 PM
Things I wouldn't be caught dead in anymore - shorts, bikini, "Mom" jeans, sweat pants (UGH!!!). Now its capris, tankini and wider leg, medium or low rise pants with the wide band (which does wonders for the tummy and makes one's ass look great). I dress for my body shape and the occasion and am often complimented on my style of dressing. I don't dress like an old lady, nor do I dress like a teenybopper. I pick classic styles of clothing which can last many years. My one weakness is high-heeled shoes and boots - gotta have those.
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:07:20 PM
I won't be giving up shorts any time soon, especially in the tropics.
Joined: 10/15/2007
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:10:56 PM
I buy my jeans in the jr. dept because petites are too short in the length. I either tuck my shirt in or wear a top that is meant to be longer over the jeans.
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:36:01 PM
hahaha I knew you were "real texas" , Miss sunny!
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:48:12 PM
I also live in South Florida, and I know exactly what you're talking about.
When I see it, I can't not become extremely curious as to their mental well being.
I think it reflects their inability to accept they've aged, and that just makes them look really really sad.
 V-Star Lady
Joined: 8/6/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:54:48 PM
Hey, Miss Sunny! We agree on something--sorta. Your ride (a horse) & my ride (a Yamaha) don't care what we wear! Ya-hoo!!
 V-Star Lady
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:59:01 PM
You saw my thong string??????????? Dang!
 Its Better Together
Joined: 7/27/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/14/2008 11:47:19 PM
I am 50 years old and I have two is 18 and the other is 20. We all wear each others jeans and dress pants. Same goes for shoes and boots.
I wear them because I can pull it off without looking like I'm trying to dress like a teenager.
Seriously...would you rather see me in elastic waist polyester pants and a pair of orthopedic shoes??
 Childlike Wonder
Joined: 10/21/2007
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 6:08:00 AM
I don't think I'll ever be a red hatter, lol. I recently had a job change and added some casual office wear to my wardrobe. I have to admit I like looking nice when I'm running errands on my lunch break or meeting friends for happy hour. Not that I didn't look nice in my jeans, but soft, casual pants and a pretty top are a step up. I think you should dress for your body type and comfort level and not worry if something is too old or young for you. For me, I need well fitting clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose and I look better with a slight heel I think.
 V-Star Lady
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 6:08:22 AM
Had trouble with the Red Hat--didn't look right under the helmet!
Joined: 8/29/2007
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 6:53:10 AM is not only how you dress up...
It is about your style...your behavior...what is in your mind.If your style is not proper...I think your behavior is not right too...

Life should be a fun...but a celebration...not cheap masquerade...
Joined: 7/14/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 8:03:36 AM
Kudos to the people that have the confidence to wear what they want to wear. Mr. Blackwell is dead and soooo to it are his control issues!
Joined: 11/27/2006
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 10:15:16 AM
I got to tell you.. being a 'red hatter' is so much fun, so much in fact that my younger friends (mid 30's +) joined our group as 'pink hatter's' Wish I'd known about the 'red hat' when I was younger, I think I would have way more fun in my 30-40's knowing that just being me and dressing to have fun was so freeing!! Ohhh, and by the way..I'm 60 now, my daughter who is in her late 20's has been working on me for years to dress younger, when I finally listened to her, it opened a whole new me

Bottom line, now I dress for me and for comfort what ever that may be at the time
Joined: 12/24/2006
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 2:21:13 PM
To paraphrase an age-old car dealer truism: you can sell a young man's look to an old man, but you can't sell an old man's look to a young man.
Joined: 4/11/2005
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 2:43:35 PM
I'm just glad to live at a time when women my age can dress young and it's 'okay'. Only 20 years ago, it wouldn't have been. I only shop in the Juniors' section, because the styles there are more attractive and flattering. The women's section's clothes look too matronly. Even when I'm in my 60s I'll still be dressing young, but not tasteless. I know better than to wear a tiny top with the word 'sexy' on it, for example.
Just look at the way the gals on "Desperate Housewives" dress. I like Susan's wardrobe and would wear it in a heartbeat, if I could afford it, And, OP, it's hot in FL, so even if someone is old and wrinkled, they need to wear shorts or else they'd die of the heat!

 me and my bike
Joined: 10/26/2007
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 2:54:51 PM
I wear low rise jeans as a matter of comfort, those high rise things hurt my belly and no it isn't pierced
I dress how I want to dress, I figure at 50 I can make that decision for myself and don't need any judgemental woman or man to tell me I can't.
just my 2 cents worth....
 V-Star Lady
Joined: 8/6/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/15/2008 7:30:32 PM
Thanks, Miss Sugar. I have a cream helmet with pink racing stripes & gray floral pattern. Didn't want to be mistaken for one of the guys!
On a more serious note, I AM glad that women are free to dress as they please.
I promise not to wear white biker boots after Labor Day. Promise to never, ever wear patent leather shoes any time, because I think they are butt ugly. I think my jeans come up high enough that my thong string won't be hangin' out all over town while I'm cruisin' around tryin' to catch that dude wearin' the speedo out walkin' his dog!
Miss Sunny, I was just funnin' ya! You wear what makes ya happiest. I'm sure the rest of us plan on doin' the same!!
 two gypsy
Joined: 10/6/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/16/2008 12:12:27 PM
Oh no, you really did not say all of that? So in other words when you hit a certain age, then that is it, you are supposed to completely loose your identity and become a non-sexual person? Cut off your hair, wear turtle necks , cover up your wrinkles, hide yourself, you're old and not perfect anymore, so hide.

Hide your imperfections people cause SassySweet is in the room
and you are offending her delicate disposition.

I'll just bet you make fun at the over weight, the handicapped and gawd forbid if a person with a speech impediment talks to you.

Grow up girlfriend you are just pure azz stupid and shallow.
Joined: 4/7/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/17/2008 5:24:14 AM
I think women and men who try and dress like the younger ones actually end up looking ridiculous. I watch the makeover shows on Tv, and it`s amazing how so many people do this, really thinking they look good too, when in fact they look older, lol

I m not saying dress like Grandma Louis, old fashion, but at least try to dress according to your age, approperately !....or/and according to your body type ! and what looks good on you.

I`m simple ..Casual always works well with me !!

Joined: 7/15/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/18/2008 8:07:32 AM
So we reach a certain age and we are suppose to wear nothing but the pants with the elastic waist, the Wal-mart flowered shirt. Who is gonna police the young with the fat hanging out their tight jeans, or the shirt with the boobs with the nipples barely covered? Or some young guy with his drawers showing cuz his pants are sagging to his knees? What you wear is a self expression of who you are!!! Thank goodness I live in a free country!!! I might not like what you wear either but I'm not gonna say anything unless you ask me. So to the OP turn your head to a much pleasanter view if you don't like what you see!!
Joined: 1/19/2006
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/20/2008 2:56:46 PM
Hey, Sunny....

You're only a "pimpette" if the Eldorado has something made from crushed velvet adorning the car, and if you wear a big Texas hat with some kind of fur (real or fake), on it......
Joined: 2/12/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/22/2008 3:38:16 PM
Well i havent seen anyone on this forum dressed to young . I have seen a hottie though..
Joined: 1/19/2006
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/22/2008 4:02:27 PM
Yes, Sunny....that's it.....I couldn't exactly remember what they were called....being a Northerner and all.....

But they would have to be big and gold.......
Joined: 10/1/2008
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Dressing too young
Posted: 11/25/2008 2:25:57 AM
my interest is in what you see as a hottie ? interesting phrase
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