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I wish more women had this mindset, although I'd prefer 22-25 instead of 30.

At the younger age, it is probably more difficult for her to have that balanced and sensible approach, as the children are younger and far more dependent. Women closer to our age generally have grown or almost grown kids.
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Are all single-mom scenarios the same?
Posted: 1/27/2014 4:05:55 PM

She would then ask me to call the restaurant to cancel our reservations and could I buy us takeout Chinese food instead? Really?

Yeah, I'm not a fan of those who boast "My children come First!" What does that mean, exactly? Like, from tending to in the basic Needs of a child, or canceling plans to have to drive across town to return a green shovel she bought the child in exchange for a red one they really wanted, and all the while pick up some new clothes for herself or the child since she's out there? :)

IMO, if a parent doesn't know the difference between a Need and a Thneed (see Dr Seuss) and they have difficulty discerning the two, then they're not ready to actually DATE yet. From my experience, dating women with young kids who have full custody or pretty close to it, many will want you to conform to how they roll, take it or leave it. And if you don't due to how they roll, they get pissed if they liked you. Too one-way-streetish much of the time. But not all are like that, however, one should expect it being kinda common. :)
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