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Joined: 1/4/2005
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The new buzz word.MILFPage 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
i would not mind asking you and believe me you have every right to have your share fun ... what's wrong if you have a grown up son!

we need to get out of this number game! ...
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 7/22/2005 3:28:58 PM
i think you are not just funny ... but lovable ... and i like you so much
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 10/23/2010 12:40:02 AM
MILF doens't sound like a compliment or a term of endearment...
...each to their own

Joined: 4/22/2009
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 10/23/2010 12:43:52 AM female best mates are probably laughign their head off at the thread title, not least of the spelling !

Joined: 6/1/2005
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 10/23/2010 9:39:01 AM

alot of ladies are milfs . nothing wrong with being a milf that is a compliment .

Just like telling a woman that she's got a nice rack is a compliment. Or telling her that she's got a phat azz that you'd like to pound all night long is a compliment.
Joined: 10/7/2010
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 10/23/2010 11:33:07 AM
How is this a new buzzword?? Been around for quite sometime now, late 90's at least
Joined: 6/24/2006
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 10/23/2010 12:59:59 PM
Just to answer the above question: this thread is from the boneyard the most of the answers are from 2005 so this is a 5 year old topic.
 motown cowgirl
Joined: 6/30/2010
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The old buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/7/2011 5:02:57 AM
^^^Who cares. It's an important topic. That's why we keep it, because it adds to our POF Online Encyclopedia of Dating Knowledge. Can I start a FILF thread, or would that be considered redundant?
Joined: 6/29/2009
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The old buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/7/2011 5:13:56 AM
Please do, cowgirl. Many of us would like it even more, if our names or descriptions appeared on your list!!!!
Joined: 3/10/2009
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The old buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/9/2011 11:40:50 PM
wait, isnt Filf technically "friend with benefits" ?

I cant keep up.... I must be stuck in 2005
 Red Fish GF
Joined: 12/3/2009
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/10/2011 6:10:55 PM

I am under the impression that a MILF stands for Mothers I'd Like to Fawk...if I'm correct, this name could be used for a woman regardless of age, as long as she's a mother...Im I way off base?

I believe that is correct. Young and old, any mother can be a milf.

I can't believe I didn't know what filf I had never heard of a milf either until a few years ago a man who I first had seen at the beach when our kids started playing together contacted me months later through myspace. After several messages he referred to me as a milf. I had to ask him what it meant.
Joined: 2/19/2011
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The old buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/11/2011 7:52:36 PM
Why ,why,why did I click on this thread? ((smacks forehead))

......minutes of my life I'll never get back
Joined: 4/21/2010
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/12/2011 10:16:02 AM
So ... "I don't really do mothers but this one will do, she is fine enough to fu.." this is a compliment to some ?
Jeez weez, some women really do get desperate after a certain age, don't they ?...

It says tons about a womans character if she considers that a compliment.

Agreed 100% !
Joined: 11/20/2007
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 3/16/2011 1:27:56 PM
No that isn't new at all, I have even seen the term gilf. Cougar is sort of a funny term, but really beats what the call men dating much younger women, as in dirty old man.

Joined: 10/2/2010
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 4/14/2011 6:14:56 AM
I was called a milf last weekend at a birthday party by a 26 year old man. It got back to me on the ride home and my daughters were laughing. I said that I am not a milf.... I am a GILF and asked " What do you think of that lil Granny f*Cker NOW?"


Joined: 1/12/2008
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 4/15/2011 1:06:28 PM
Mammaries I'd Like to Fondle
Money I've Lost Fornicating
or even
Morons I'd Like to Forget
Joined: 2/27/2011
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 4/15/2011 4:36:26 PM
Mature-Insight-Lacking Fish
My Intrepid Left Foot
Motown Is Lactating Ferociously
 english lass
Joined: 11/14/2007
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 4/16/2011 10:32:16 AM
Why "mother" why not just Wilf (woman)... or OW (Old woman)... or ROW (Really Old Woman)... or Tilf/Silf (Teacher/Secretary)... or maybe even combine a few; ROTMilf - could be Really Old Teacher Mother, or a Rottweiler milking farmer...

either one really

after all, nothing like lumping people into categories
Joined: 3/10/2009
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 5/11/2011 10:19:54 PM
This just in. Pet Rocks are now all the craze.....
and other old shiate that gets claimed as 'new'
Joined: 12/7/2010
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 5/19/2011 7:51:18 PM
It's just teenagers fantasizing about their friend's mothers and bragging about their supposed sexual intent... but they are just immature, pimple-faced kids.

Like fart jokes or other types of bathroom humor it's child-like behavior.
Joined: 11/13/2008
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 6/15/2011 8:32:40 AM
milf and cougar are alot better than old lady,old bag,bagatha,hagatha,etc.

i don't like any of them and so i don't use any of them.

Joined: 6/5/2011
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 7/3/2011 10:38:08 PM
I can't say I ever liked being called MILF, not fond of GILF and really dislike COUGAR.
Soon though I'll be a SNOW LEOPARD and I think that has a nice ring to it, don't you? I don't know what the age parameters are for that term. Can anyone help me out?
Joined: 5/12/2010
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The new buzz word.MILF
Posted: 7/6/2011 8:00:09 AM
The problem with these terms is that they make women into sexual objects. She's not just there to screw. At least, that's what I've heard from more knowledgeable sources than I.

I worked with a gal that I found out was 40, looked younger than I, could easily pass for under 30. Great great as... I was saying, coined the term Filf, forty-year-old I'd Like to (be) friends with.
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