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Joined: 1/31/2006
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~i was suppose to go to mexico in december, then some friends bailed...and i was going to go solo...but heck, if i can go with fellow pof'ers...i'm in...i'm soooo stoked...and i'm soo getting my azzz the gym!~
Joined: 4/12/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 9/29/2006 1:36:01 PM

do the planes stop in the u.s from vancouver i have trouble travelling through the states but i think if the planes don't touch down on u.s soil i can go.anybody know if this is true?i have a small criminal charge fron 20 years ago.i would love to make this trip

my suggestion to you would be to obtain a passport, if can obtain the passport no problems than you should have no problems travelling ... the charter flights ( which is what we would be using ) do not touch down in the states HOWEVER in an emergency they may have to, in which you will need a passport ( especially since it is part of the new requirements as of Jan 1st, 2007, so technically it would be my advice for everyone to get a passport )
Joined: 11/26/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 9/29/2006 4:48:49 PM
Count me in for now, have to see if things will be ship-shape by the time money is due!! Haven't had a vacation in nearly 20 years so I am due!
 Betty Jean
Joined: 2/16/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 9/29/2006 5:35:10 PM
Hi There:

After viewing others that are single & interested in the All Inclusive get away, I see that you have posted your interest in going as well as taking your children. I was relieved to see it because I too would like to take my teenage sons; to bond with them at the same time enjoying the company of us old faithful singles. But at the same time they too would have company of their own age.

Hope you end up on the trip .... most definitely no swaping of child bearing stories. Just beach, buns, sun & fun with my kids as well as singles.

Joined: 9/6/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 9/29/2006 7:42:35 PM
I would love to go for something like this. But I am stuck going to school for January, and Febuary. Once again, bad timeing.
Joined: 5/7/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/1/2006 6:22:32 PM
This looks like fun, but dont know for sure if I can get the time off, but I can tell you, Cuba is a really good pic and will net you the best price.
Joined: 9/2/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/1/2006 10:52:27 PM
Have to agree with you kimko, always have the best price as long as they have the trip youre looking for. I've also been looking at atrip to Cuba, looks like fun.

Joined: 12/29/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/2/2006 1:27:33 PM
I have been to Cuba 3 times and will tell you that there is no where near the harrassment from the locals that there is in Mexico. The Cubans arent even allowed into the hotels unless they work there. Im pretty sure you can find a much better deal in Cuba , as well the crowning glory for me is no Americans allowed, not that I have anything against them but it's nice to go somewhere they the weather is pretty much the same in Cuba as well....that is my choice for my trip in February but not sure if Ill be booking in with ya'll or not....could be a load of fun Im sure and as well save money not having to book in single...
Joined: 9/8/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/2/2006 3:21:09 PM
why haven't I seen this thread before now?! lol

I'm definately interested in this!
Joined: 12/10/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/2/2006 7:22:40 PM
ummmmmm,,,, possibilities are good
Joined: 7/10/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/2/2006 7:27:48 PM
I have been to Cuba too! Lots of Canadians and Europeans go to Cuba.The people
are very friendly.
Joined: 9/17/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/2/2006 7:50:30 PM
Yeah Cuba was great, the best part was 4 days in Havana. Since I've never been to Mexico though I'd like to go there. I'm looking into the Dominican though for 2 weeks at Christmas.
 Queen of Spades
Joined: 7/1/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/3/2006 7:38:42 PM
Cuba could be the next event. You guys can coordinate it, just not on the same date please.

For now, the decision regarding PV is mainly price driven (I think we are all on a fairly tight budget). Cuba is about $200 more on average, which like I said can be the next destination. Puerto Plata is usually the #3 price wise just before Cancun Mexico.

On the other hand, if I happen to be wrong, meaning you can get us a better price for Cuba then we can get for PV or Neuvo Vallarta, then why wouldn't we consider it, right?

Either way, I will post the quotes on the forum for all of us to make a decision.
Joined: 4/20/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/4/2006 11:10:45 PM
Hi One
I'm interested, also a friend, would like to see final quote and dates for sure. Also can you also ask when get quotes for 2 weeks, one could get the discount from going with the group, and stay also an extra week would be a good thought. Thanks
Joined: 9/17/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/4/2006 11:38:54 PM
2 weeks would be fun, then I'd definitely take my kids. I doubt they'd let me go without them anyways. If it was all inclusive, they'd FREAK at all the food, they act like I never feed them when we travel.
Joined: 3/23/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/6/2006 1:01:19 PM
I would need to know the name of the property before I would be in.
could I have the name please
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/9/2006 7:57:07 AM
Having never travelled (what is a passport?) I would love to go, but it is too much money. Perhaps next time.

I find that Arianna is very animated.


Joined: 11/26/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/9/2006 11:02:11 AM
^^^^It won't be long until you will need a passport to even go to Saskatoon, so should get the paperwork started, it takes a while if you don't do some paper work ahead of time.

Fill out the information on the Canada Passport site, saves a lot of time once you get to the office to finalize.
Joined: 8/2/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/9/2006 11:17:00 AM
I am still waiting for someone to buy my ticket.
I think salad and bb should chip in and get it for me.
They both adore me
Joined: 9/17/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/9/2006 2:39:19 PM
Not true Duffy, I was able to get my passport in under a week.
Joined: 2/13/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/9/2006 2:40:10 PM
@ Batgirl

Wait until I have some hot sand between my toes .. then I can become extremely animated doing a dance on beach to keep my soles from burning.

I will now await quotes on trip as I already have one trip planned for over Xmas but price range originally given would still be feasible to hit the tropics twice.
 Queen of Spades
Joined: 7/1/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/10/2006 2:42:54 PM
Just to keep you in a loop of events.

I've requested quotes from number of travel agencies and I will continue to send out the RFQs (Requests For Quotes) all this week. As soon as, I get most of them back I will post the most attractive offers. My criteria will be Price and what's included. I am hoping to have at least 5 hotels to choose from. For those who's e-mails I deleted, I've written down all your requests.

 Mother trucker
Joined: 4/6/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/10/2006 7:00:56 PM
I am so excited......I went and got the paperwork for my passport just have to find the time to get to Edmonton to get it.........looking forward to the trip!!!!!!
Joined: 11/26/2005
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/11/2006 8:56:35 PM
Not true Duffy, I was able to get my passport in under a week.

Now that they have synced some of thier information data bases, it doesn't take as long, once in the office to confirm and pay, usually 7-10 days. But if you do the hard copy, rather than the on-line form you can spend as much as three hours in line, at least in Calgary. Even if re-newing, fill out the info at the on-line Canada Passport site and it really speeds it up.

When I got mine a year ago, I was in the office 20 minutes, and a friend did the long form and waited three hours! The worst is getting a signature for free, and why can't you smile when the picture is taken????
Joined: 9/10/2006
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Tropical All Inclusive
Posted: 10/14/2006 6:55:01 PM
How about somewhere else in Mexico on the Caribbean side the sea is much better than the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, just my opinion but I am a Scuba Diver and that would work better for me anyway, just a comment
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