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Joined: 9/3/2006
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Depends on the person and situation. I have 2 shirtless pics in my gallery mostly because most of my pictures of me in social situations I have my eyes half closed or I'm looking the other way. (Cheers to all you photogenic people out there lol. ) People aren't necessarily "trashy" or looking for just sex if they post reveiling pictures. I have an MA and am looking for a long term relationship.

If the person writes intelligently, seems like a nice person and has a great exterior as well I think its in their best interest to show it off. They are on a dating website.
Joined: 10/3/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/11/2006 5:16:36 PM
It's art. It's beauty. It's fun. How can you make it into something ugly like that?
Joined: 3/23/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 7:04:29 AM
Skin is if it looks good,show it...I don't judge people by this..I think we are a modern enough society that we should understand this concept...To judge someone like this is like saying "the girl was wearing a tight skirt and top,so she desereved to be raped"...I'm comfortable with my skin,but wouldn't show myself in underwear or something like that...I would be ok showing anything that I would show in public and not get arrested for(ie:shorts,tank,bikini)...Just not my preference,but I don't care what others do
Joined: 4/3/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 7:20:44 AM
If it's a picture of you at the beach then some skin is alright with me as it is appropriate there. If it's a t & a advertisement then I'd move on. I can tell if a woman has an attractive body just as well when she is fully clothed and will not see her as a sleaze bag if she is dressed. I especially do not like half naked bedroom pics as there is a whole lot more to a good woman than what goes on in her bedroom and if that is her calling card I'm not interested.
Joined: 10/8/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 7:37:32 AM
Like to see some more girls show the waistline in their pictures. Not those big breast pics where the rest is just as big.
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 8:57:59 AM
Well, I don't have half nude pics - I have a pic of me in a t-shirt, one of me in a pink top. It's the WOMEN who name call to me and think I'm showing my breasts. --lyrical_girl

I had to look. Just had to. And it does look like you are exploiting your breasts...

...uhhhhh... what was the question?

We all have different opinions about showing or not showing skin. Looking or not looking. But I think, based on my own life experience and mostly unscientific statistical sampling methods, even those that don't show or poo poo others for showing skin tend to look when they think no one is watching.

Some that have it show it. Some that have it don't show it. Some that don't have it don't show it. Some that don't have it do show it. Yikes! Hahaha!

I have found that many I have encountered who claim to be non-judgemental reveal themselves with just such an issue.

What's the problem? We are taught from the very beginning of our lives outside the womb to discriminate. Light vs. dark. Heat vs. cold. We are taught to judge. We are taught to form opinions. Even if we form the wrong opinions. LOL We are taught to organize and put things into little boxes. We are taught to value our tribe, our culture our view more than any other.

Raise your hands... who can honestly say they relish coloring outside the lines? Playing with the box more than the contents?

I don't mind admitting that I look. Looks are important. Looks give us one of the first confirmations of another person's lifestyle. How the other person values theirself and works or doesn't work to maintain theirself. Our lives may be made up of many chapters but we are not books! So the cover, the "ugly bag of mostly water," is a useful indicator.

When the dust settles in my neck of the woods, I may even show some skin. Consider yourself warned!
Joined: 7/23/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 7:42:14 PM
I think 1/2 nude pics are not a good idea. It gets the attention of all of the wrong types. But, then again, some females like those kinds of guys.
Joined: 10/9/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/12/2006 11:47:46 PM
the trueth knows the more skin on net. the less likely the play really wild woman usually appear classy at first, less skin
Joined: 6/24/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/15/2006 8:57:31 PM
Wow looks like I'm not the only one fond of you. Lovely women always have many gentilmen callers. K-
Joined: 7/23/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/15/2006 9:36:04 PM

What I find funny is when I go through a profile of a woman with a sexy pic who complains bout getting tasteless messages...

I had a lady decline my interest because of some of the messages I had posted in the forums. Apparently she felt I was too freaky, or had sex on the brain or something. I don't think so, plus I believe all my posting have been mature and respectful.

But what pissed me off was her 'holier than thou' attitude when her main picture is of her in bra and panties. WTF!?

My reply to her was actually a serious message because I liked her ad, but to get a reply like that killed any interest really quickly. Not that she was interested, but how can you post pictures of yourself in your undies the get judgemental over things I have posted. If I did not spark your interested, that's fine. Just keep that 'holier than thou' BS over on your side. lol
Joined: 6/11/2005
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/16/2006 2:02:10 AM
A little bit of skin is ok. If you have the figure for it and/or the fashion skills. I used to have a little rule if I showed a some skin up top ie halter neck and a bit of cleavage, I covered up down bottom ie pants or long skirt.If I wanted to do the show-off the legs thing, I covered up the top. Of course the show the legs above the knees day are a bit over...but I think it kept things sexy without being tacky....
Joined: 5/21/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/16/2006 3:32:07 AM
i do not mind the skin. in fact, it is much better than ladies who only show their face. not because i need to see something sexy, but because WAY to many ladies put "average" in their body type when it is clearly not the case. i dont need to see them naked, just let me make sure they are not lying.
 Yahh ROO Giddy Up
Joined: 9/1/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 10/16/2006 3:37:25 AM
I dont need to see skin but I do like to see a full body shot
 Who Knows_28
Joined: 8/29/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 12/20/2006 4:32:25 PM
Showing some is always sexy..but remember to keep yourself classy~!
Joined: 11/21/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/17/2007 10:55:23 PM
I would think some ladies do this to cast a wider net to pick and choose which fish gets the honour of their kisses.
It's basically a numbers game for them. The more responses they get the better chance of catching someone meaningful.

Sorry to say, but even I couldn't help giving higher points for ladies who show skin. I think, to me, mentally of course, it provides me with a more clear knowledge of their physical beauty.

Personally, I don't even need to look that far. Usually just by looking at someone who dress nice and shows the general body type is good enough for me to decide if she's beautiful. Then all I need to find out is if her personality is as good as she looks.

Joined: 1/17/2007
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 8:26:28 AM
See- I posted my full-length photo because I want to make sure men know I'm not a stick and never will be. I am healthy, I work-out, I watch what I eat- but I have curves, I am a woman and not a 14 year old boy with ballons shoved down my shirt... Yes it shows skin and yes, if I chopped it off so the dress didn't show men would think I may be naked and it would be less classy in my opinion and I'd probably get alot of sex-obsessed losers emailing.

Skin can be classy or not, depending on the context. My opinion tend to be low cut on top, covered everywhere else, short skirt then covered everywhere else. Picking one area to show off is classy (anything more is trashy IMHO)- but not all the women on here are classy or want to be, not that that's a bad thing- it's what some men want. Be yourself and you'll find a man who likes who you are...
Joined: 7/2/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 8:42:38 AM
I had to give up showing skin, My son was getting tickets for violating the leash laws

And I am so fair complected that when I go to the beach airforce jets start landing
Joined: 2/10/2007
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 8:47:58 AM
...If the women got the bod, by all means show it off! But if they got Muffin Tops, Apple socks, or cottage cheese - By all means, leave your clothes on!
Women that show skin says desperate to me and I wouldn't want to date them (they probably have a psychological problem). But, its a good show to either laugh or gaze at.
Joined: 2/4/2007
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 9:02:56 AM
I decided not to show any skin, but it was my personal choice and if someone wants to put up a more revealing photo then it's up to them. There is a girl on here with no clothes and wearing handcuffs. It put me off but I can see how it might appeal to some, and good luck to them. Each to his own.
Joined: 5/19/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 9:32:28 AM
I agree with you icunow;;it has a nice ego boost.

I used to post pics of just my head and shoulders and pretty well covered up.
I don't dress like this to be sleezy, and often it may give one the wrong impression, but hey thats their problem. I find I get a lot of responses and compliments from not only men but some very nice ladies on here since I changed my pics. and I do it quite often, many of these men are very respectful and have had no complaints from my dates I have had on here but compliments on how I dress.
I do get e-mails from men who have one thing on their mind but that is what the delete button is for.

Many would say I dress too young for my age. I dress the way it makes me feel good and for comfort. most of my pics. on here are my work out clothes and the way I dress around home and not in public.
Many years I was a stay home mom and dressed in clothes from my chin down.
That got boring, so I'm a grama but to my grandchildren and all their friends i'm a cool nana.
One is only as old as they feel.
Joined: 1/4/2007
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 6:05:34 PM
I don't show a lot of skin in public, so I don't on here as well. Personally, for me, it's simply an advertisement. I'm advertising who I am normally. That's all.

When someone emails me and I check out his profile I always look to see who's on his favorites list, or that judging thing...whatever it is. If there's a lot of girls showing skin, or if there's a lot of 19 yr old's in there, then I don't bite. That's my personal preference.
Joined: 12/6/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin - old news
Posted: 2/18/2007 6:32:27 PM
I totally agree with nursingatheart. Men & women have pics showing alot more than I care to see on this site. Maybe they feel they are flaunting there best assets. I personally wouldn't date a guy who shows off his chest on a dating website. To me it say he has "no class".
Joined: 2/10/2007
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/18/2007 7:59:36 PM

teehehehe I will admit I am a SKIN SHOWER/ I LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY / I LIKE TO STRIKE A POSE/ N I LIKE TO BE SEXY/ N I LOVE THE SKIN I'M IN/TO ME it's fun and if it were allowed I would show even more/in fact I wish I could pose for playboy!

You're into exhibitionism. That's OK, we enjoy the show. California Nip Tuck anyone?
Joined: 1/15/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/19/2007 9:10:38 AM
ok......i dont really care what others think...but..... This is the year 2007....not 1950...some skin showing is awsome....if there is a lot showing ok ( unless you have a huge cottage cheese factory, I myself find a fit woman in jeans and a tight belly showing t-shirt far more sexy and classy then a straight boob shot. As for myself...i hide my body unless im showing my tats....not the best to look at for sure. I find it totally funny that some of the women that do show boob shots and bent over butt shots complain about the rude comments. If you dont want them...dont show them.....simple school thoughts...jeezzz. If you dont like skin shots...dont look and dont post them....leave the rest to the people that do...and if you post skin shots....try to stay classy not trashy....just my opinion and i do think we are all entitled to one. thanks for reading, have a great fishing day.
Joined: 10/10/2006
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To show skin or not to show skin
Posted: 2/19/2007 10:19:52 PM
Some people take a lot of pride in their appearance and body, and for them showing their body is the same as you discussing.. hobbies, or having pictures up with your pets.

I have a body shot up or two but more so to show my body type as oppose to showing skin * i think ive been pretty dressed in all my photos *

People are free to do what they like, what they feel comfortable with, and in the end what you put out is what you get back.

If you come off as a slut, ****, snob, prude , etc... be prepared to be treated like one.

What I can't stand is girls who wear next to nothing and then whine "I can't believe he used me for sex" or "he never really cared about my personality"
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