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 ~Azul Ojos~
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Question: if you're done having kids, does it matter if you end up single again? You still don't want kids whether you stay in the relationship or not. Why would you have to change that decision or regret the surgery? I find that strange.

You'd just find someone who's ok with not having any/more kids...I would imagine.

My ex had a vasectomy while we were married. Now he is married to a very young Latino lady who is expressing a desire to have children. I don't think he has told her he can't have kids anymore. He certainly wasn't pleased when he became a grandfather a few months ago, it caused a little bit of friction with his child bride.

I have noticed that some men are totally happy with their decison to have a vasctomy and don't regret it. They feel they have taken care of something they don't want to deal with again. If a man feels he may still want to reproduce, then don't even consider it.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 8/5/2010 11:22:32 PM
I think men are not looking at this logically...

If your partner wants you to get a vasectomy... then negotiate on it....

1... Tell her your going to need a 60"+ Plasma screen and Blu Ray Player to watch while you're recovering... and maybe an XBOX360 too... maybe surround sound, and a really good remote control... ( The remote is actually so you don't feel guilty for making her change the channels etc...)
2... Point out to her that you feel embarrassed now that you are no longer a man and that you could never show your face around HER inlaws again... She should understand.... Then you won't have to go to their place and ideally she won't invite then over...
3... Tell her that she needs to keep bringing you cold beers for at least 2 weeks as beer is good for keeping you from getting a 'painfully traumatic' erection during the recovery time...
4... You will need lots of protein to help your recovery... so she should be cooking steaks on the BBQ everynight... (See #3 again)
5... Point out to her that she should be helping your 'manly' self esteem by insisting on performing oral on you more often than before the surgery...(after you have recovered...)
6... Point out to her that to be on the safe side to make sure all the 'swimmers' are gone, that once you recover, she should only perform oral for at least 6 months.... and that you'll reciprocate once you feel 'manly' again...
7... For the next couple of years, remember to look like you're in pain if you have to do chores that she could do, like mowing the grass, shovelling the snow... Remind her of how you "Took one for the team..." Ideally she will get you a beer and help you to the couch and grab the remote for you, before going out to finish the lawn, driveway etc...
8... Now you and the once male dog (women like to experiment on the family dog before they get their men neutered) can sit on the porch and every once in a while, heave a sigh.... Remember to share a bit of your beer with the dog... Afterall, you can always yell for her to get you another one... (Remember to wince painfully after yelling...)
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 8/8/2010 10:19:08 AM
We recently had this conversation on the hanger deck at work.. All the guys that got it done, said it was the best thing ever... I got mine done at 26.. I have to say it is one of the best things ive done. The procedure was pretty painless, the recovery wasnt bad. Just sit there with frozen peas on in a jockstrap for a couple days, watching tv.. The peace of mind of not having any suprises is unmatched, the only issue i have had is when i meet someone new, and u find out they wanna have kids. Its pretty much an end game.. So how would u deal with telling someone hey, i made the decision to get snipped!!

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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 8/15/2010 1:24:12 AM

So you've already had your kids OR don't want any to begin with. You're over...let's say 40, why wouldn't you get a vasectomy?

Seems to me like the smart thing to do yet so many men literally 'freak out' at the very thought of it.

If you don't get the concept, and want to go get one, congrats. Money can't buy some things once they are gone, and they are gone for good. I wouldn't destroy any part of my body or retard a bodily function for any reason, unless it involved my survival...

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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 8:26:09 AM
My friend won't neuter his dog because he thinks it will "deprive" him. Yeah, deprive him of wondering around getting lost while sniffing for b!tches...

I don't want kids, a vasectomy is on the way once the holidays are over. I'm not sure how it makes me less of a man, though...
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 9:08:16 AM
Posted By: justaman72 on 10/4/2006 358 PM
Subject: Vasectomy - what's the big deal?

"What is Non-Surgical Vasectomy?...does anyone know about this? it Laser surgery?
I hear there is no incision with this surgery.

I don't know of any non-surgical vasectomy techniques but I do know of a non-surgical sterilization technique for women called The Essure Procedure. There are no incisions and it's so non-invasive that even anesthetic is not required. I would encourage anyone who is concerned about some of the risks of vasectomies to look into this option "
Karma posted:
Essure may not require anesthetic but believe me the patient gets medication, and lots of it.
Essure is a proceedure, where two tiny springs are placed into the beginning of the fallopian tubes, scar tissue grows around them and they obstruct the opening so no eggs can flow into the uterus.
It can not be reversed.
It is actually pretty amazing, it does require opening the cervix and entering the uterus which is sterile so there are some risks.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 9:14:05 AM

Mayhaps the same reason women over 40 with grown kids don't have their breasts removed. Really, you won't be using them any more, so why have them?
Not funny, huh? Now do you understand?

Msg 207...what a jacka$$!

Of course a vasectomy is a big deal. Having said that, it is also the less invasive procedure when considering permanent birth control.
So guys, women take the hits most of the time. We usually deal with birth control when we become sexually active, we go through the pain of giving birth, not to mention the pain & discomfort of the pregnancy & yet so many 'men' [ i use that term loosely] expect women to be the ones to now have surgery to prevent pregnancy. Of course you can use a condom from then on but again it is the 'men' that tend to complain about this form of birth control the most. Now then, how about the whining about how much pain you will be in...are you serious? Oh wait, that would be better described as selfish & self~serving!
Now before I get slammed from all the guys out there, I really am not putting all guys in this category. I do realize that there are many MEN that are considerate of others & will step up to the plate to do what they think is best for their family. To those of you that do care & can put commonsense before selfishness...I stand &
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 10:32:17 AM
Of course you can use a condom from then on but again it is the 'men' that tend to complain about this form of birth control the most.

Condoms are much less effective, even when used properly, than hormonal methods, which is why peole used them.
Trust me, if there were a birth control therapy for men, we'd be on the bandwagon in HUGE numbers, and vasectomists would be out of business.

But, it is each persons own choice & for many people, a rather hard choice to make.

That's right. If you're a woman who is 100% done having children and you're sure of that, tube removal is a good option, just like the vasectomy option for men. It's kind of unrealistic for someone, male or female, to enter a relationship and demand that the other have their respective surgery done to prevent childbirth. If you are sure you don't want kids, get your respective surgery and be done with it.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 1:44:06 PM
My husband is 49 and I am pregnant with our first child. He has 2 sons from previous relationship. I'm glad he didn't get a vasectomy at age 40.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/27/2010 7:32:24 PM
It was pretty easy actually. I actually talked to the doctor and a med school student while he was doing the procedure. The only downside was the med student was a really cute 20 something Chinese girl and anesthesia doesn't stop some reactions. The upside to it was I knew it worked.

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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/28/2010 12:08:19 AM
I am 24 and strongly considering it, but want to wait until I am 30 to make that call. I have a happily married co-worker who has had one, he his in his early 30's. No regrets on his part that I can tell. He told me for $75 with out insurance I could have it done as well. Like I said, not ready to make that call until 30, though.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/28/2010 6:24:53 PM
The male procedure is much less serious than a female having her tubes tied. If a man truly cares about his wife, he'd have the less serious procedure done. My sister's husband had a vasectomy didn't want any kids after 4.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/28/2010 7:06:00 PM

If a man truly cares about his wife, he'd have the less serious procedure done

People still say this kind of garbage?

"If you loved me, you would....[insert nonsense demand here]"
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/29/2010 4:31:12 AM

It's called caring about someone else and their safety before your own, when you know what they'd go through to be sterile would be more invasive and have more risk involved. All that goes with a vasectomy is nipping something called a vas deferens of a male, a pretty minor in office procedure.
 Paige 1984
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 10/31/2010 9:06:56 PM
Go ahead, sweep out the human race! I just hope my future husband is not social with any of you! I'd be damned no wonder most of you here do not have settled families I guess too busy ruining your relationships and purnishing some none deserving people....Well I guess life beat you with a big bad stick (children out of wedlock) or so you think so go ahead fight back and watch yourselves still be on POF while in "ASSISTED LIVING"My 2 cents.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/1/2010 12:13:52 PM
yeah...freak out at the thought of self mutilation, let me think about that for a sec, mmm.....BECAUSE IT'S SELF MUTILATION!!! That's the big deal!
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/1/2010 12:21:43 PM
^^ Oh, dude, you're not supposed to try to do it yourself...

Don't try to do your own root canals, either!
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/1/2010 2:05:15 PM


It's called caring about someone else and their safety before your own, when you know what they'd go through to be sterile would be more invasive and have more risk involved. All that goes with a vasectomy is nipping something called a vas deferens of a male, a pretty minor in office procedure.


I believe what he was trying to point out was the manipulation of "If you love me you'll."

I see your point in the ease of the vasectomy against the tube ligation.
I actually agree......Had a buddy had a vasectomy his wife turned up pregnant.......She also turned up divorced....
Turned out their three year old child they had together was not his either..........Funny what a 45 minute procedure will accomplish!
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/1/2010 4:07:00 PM
I would never have a vasectomy. If anyone came near little Elvis with a surgical instrument, I'd question his will to live.

Circumstances could change in life and you may want to procreate. I wouldn't mess around with such a critical piece of male anatomy for birth control purposes.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/1/2010 9:18:36 PM
Reading this thread has made me value my bf all the more. He had a vasectomy after his ex got pregnant twice, both times while she was taking birth control pills.

Men who have had vasectomies are hot! For women that do not want to get pregnant (they do not want children or want more children), there's nothing hotter then a guy who has been snipped. Sex anywhere, any's fabulous!!! and no more worrying about birth control (after years of taking birth control pills, most women begin to experience problems), no more condoms (this last one is only for the folks that have made the decision to be exclusive of course)... the freedom is intoxicating
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 11/2/2010 6:43:20 AM
"So knowing that, what difference would a vasectomy make if you are still using a condom anyways?"

I have a daughter because a condom broke a year before I got a vasectomy.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 2/4/2016 10:53:35 AM
The idea of something sharp coming anywhere near that area ????

Um no, just no
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 2/4/2016 11:25:59 AM
So men compare vasectomies to mastectomies (the balls don't get chopped off during a vasectomy - please educate yourselves), don't want anything "sharp" down there (yet they probably are circumcised and had their boys circumcised). They don't want to "alter" a natural function (nothing get's "altered", your hormones stay the same, you won't put on weight or have an increased stroke risk like women, who are supposed to swallow or implant hormones that alter their body chemistry are detrimental to their health ). Plus again, circumcisions are done on a regular basis and no-one bats and eye, but vasectomies are the devil. Oh boy.

My ex husband had it done and I was present during the procedure. Frankly, my two c-sections were more complicated and risky than a vasectomy. They can also be reversed, so it's not permanent. Some men are just cry babies and want to take no responsibility when it comes to THEIR part in preventing pregnancies. Don't complain if you knock someone up then.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 2/4/2016 3:58:41 PM
I agree with Thorn, as a woman I would still want to use protection whether the guy had the snip or not. What is the right age to get it done anyway?? After you have had the family you want??. You could divorce, meet a woman who wants a child and it could be a dealbreaker for her. You may also, heaven forbid, lose a child that you have and wish to have another. If you are adamant that you do not want children, ever, then sure I would consider it and I know those in their thirties that have had it done for that reason. Some of the procedures can be reversed but not all.
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Vasectomy - what's the big deal?
Posted: 2/4/2016 5:44:50 PM
I had it done in mid Dec.
It was painless. Took about 20 minutes. I played angry birds while he was doing his thing.
He thought that a little odd. I was a little concerned for his safety and wanted my hands busy.

Sitting in a chair, slightly reclined. Starts on one side. Needle in the testicle. No pain.
Small cut, pulls out the tube, soldering iron, fold and clip. One stitch shut.
Repeat other side. The needle hit a nerve on that side. No pain but my leg twitched a little.
Out the door. Cost $963. But they are now saying it's $1043. Not paying the extra eighty.

No recovery pain, but he gave me a script just in case.
Made sure everything worked about 2 hours later.
I went running the following day.

Only problem I had was a week later.
Two guys jumped me on my late night run, and there was a quick 1-2 scuffle.
I was fine, but next few days my ejaculate turned pink, then red, then straight blood.
Probably from the quick movement.
Then went back to normal. Still no pain, just disconcerting.

Easier and safer then having her do it. Something like 1 in 4000 for guys.
42% for c sections, 4 out of 10.
25% for vaginal, 1 out of 4.
32% tubal ligations fail overall and end up with ectopic pregnancy. 1 out of 3.

Easy and safe for guys, just maybe mentally hard.
Imagine refusing and your woman has a severe infection or worse.
Resentment about sex and making her do that?
Better to become a monk then put your woman at risk because you are a coward.

Some women take to the different bc options.
Depo shot seemed the best to me.
I don't like iud's because the wires poke me, even after having them shortened or bent or whatever.
Great feeling, a needle prick to the ooooh. Or just rubbing a spot raw....
Not sure about the nuva ring.

Many bc dose the women with hormones to trick their bodies into stopping the ovation.
Dangerous. Raises cancer risk exponentially.

It was easy for me. Just make sure you are sure. Chances of going back are slim.
I notice no difference save the worry of unwanted pregnancy.
I can kinda dig around in there and feel the clipped ends, but doubt a woman would notice.

Sounds like too much information, but guys should know it's not bad.
It's all in their heads.

Edit.. karma, testicular circumcision? A vasectomy be reversed? Are you really a nurse?
If so.... your advice is not what they told me. Might want to check before giving out an opinion.
Being a professional and all....

Oh yeah... I was born after a tubal ligation.
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