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Joined: 11/30/2010
Msg: 1953
VII (Tonight I love again.)Page 21 of 91    (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47)
Peeling back the layers of this onion I find
sympathy for an abusive father
and resentment for the mother who left me behind.

Feeling these feelings for the first time in many years..

As the days creep closer to the arrival of my first child
a small amount of "knowing" creeps with them and
as the years fly by I must kiss them and give thanks to the answers
that they bring.
(some days you gotta put on your boots and just be determined to sing)

Beyond all fears, doubts, & the unknown

My mother's arms are still the place that I call "home."


(Random Mother's Day ramblings...)
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1954
VII (Tonight I love again.)
Posted: 5/13/2013 11:35:56 AM
^^^It is good to get it out at times. The beauty of it is you are still able to love. I thank you for placing this piece here. It gives us all something to ponder upon.


My winsome, mystic amore,
Architect of infinity, leave
Me not atwitter, but ope to
Me divinity, lest I perish.

You are my ideal, opalescent
Within visions, soothing my
Aching wound. This is my
Hope, let us manifest love.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1955
where were you?
Posted: 5/17/2013 1:37:17 PM
[where were you?]

where were you when I confessed
my love to you?
you were adrift the hells, dead inside
with needles crawling into your veins.
you were lifeless, camouflaged behind
mystic eyes. the anguish had become a
monster, suffocating hope, forfeiting

what a dastardly deed! it infected your
you were forced to relive brutality ere
the audience of distant strangers.
his punishment could never restore
innocence, security, and fortitude.
are you with me? or are your away on a
journey to escape purgatory.

where were you when I held you in my
arms? your heart was cold, afflicted with
bitterness and strife. when will you soar
again? for I long to read your poetry; to
feel your heat, raging through words, and
jogging dormant memories.
you must remember tender affections; let
them rejuvenate your soul.

in solitude razors learn to speak.
I was traumatized when I heard the news.
the pain overwhelmed you, and no one
was there to mend broken thoughts. the
demon whispered in your ear, promising
an easy way out. but you are left with
scars, manifold heartache, and sorrow.
where were you, my love?

I wish I could attest to a change in you.
I wish I could say that you have
a new zeal for existence, your existence.
but this would be a fib; for you are hellbent
on destroying yourself. you have made
friends with death, rotting desperately.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1956
where were you?
Posted: 5/18/2013 4:55:03 PM
You made your impression upon my soul.
But ours is not a lovelock.
It’s more a fairytale of unrequited love.
And still, my passions are explosive.

Where do I dwell?

My love is in the spirit.
But I must confess I was smitten deeply.
Now I love you as you love me.

Ecstasy was once upon me, if only to hear your voice.
I was whelmed in my imagination, adrift upon a cherub’s wings.
Where did it leave me?
It left me addled in the rain.

My heartstring still yearns for your vibration.
But reason must lead me to other ponds.
Else I suffer in silence, filled with despair.
Else I dwell within delusion.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1957
where were you?
Posted: 5/22/2013 1:27:48 PM
Hidden Love

Oh how I love you by hidden decree.
My love, my heart, my star so bright.
Such love produces depth of poetry.

The love I possess is a secret reality
Tucked away in the shadow of the night.
Oh how I love you by hidden decree.

A spirit of love has permeated me.
It shines within my soul, a divine light.
Such love produces depth of poetry.

If only our love was meant to be,
We would bask in ecstasies burning bright.
Oh how I love you by hidden decree.

I listen in a trance to our symphony,
Wondering if my love is wrong or right.
Such love produces depth of poetry.

Our love is in the hands of divinity.
Until it manifests, I shall yen for my delight.
Oh how I love you by hidden decree.
Such love produces depth of poetry.
Joined: 11/7/2011
Msg: 1958
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where were you?
Posted: 5/23/2013 10:58:57 PM
if love is not a feeling then how does it start
your very wise for your age
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1959
where were you?
Posted: 5/24/2013 2:03:32 PM
Thank you, cesska. Love is a feeling and so much more. But love is first a feeling.

Let us dance now that the sky is falling,
Now that we realize we are dying softly.
Is it not true?—love is lingering in the
Shadows, as a fragrance lingers in the
Breeze. Love has held us hostage, and
The ransom is love, a metaphysical
Love. But here’s a bouquet of kadupul
Flowers, my love. They symbolize purity
And innocence.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1960
VII (Tonight I love again.)
Posted: 5/28/2013 3:19:56 PM
[when love drifts]

within the constellations dwells a dream.
we cast it as adolescents, starry-eyed.
where has love gone? trials have left us
jaded. how do we rekindle love?

where were you when you wrote that
poem? you spoke of the depth of love. I
was enchanted, unfolding softly, hoping
again upon the maze of love.

you spoke candidly, without reserve. I
was filled with both heartache and bliss.
tears of painful joy flooded the core of
my soul. in that moment, we loved.

we have grown silent as the sky. we have
become strangers. our awkwardness, as
loud as the sun. when did we fall apart? I
am eager to know, for something was lost.

where are you? and where am I? for we
appear shipwrecked, without life-vests to
help us to shore. is it that our love is too a
symbol of pain—a symbol of webs.

near the lighthouse dwells an inscription.
it speaks of forever. but we were both too
young to make such a vow. and still, we
held one another to such a vow.

I can’t find you. you are lost in the city.
your wings have been clipped, and I yearn
to mend them back together again. when
did our portrait shatter? we were love.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1961
VII (Tonight I love again.)
Posted: 5/29/2013 8:59:15 PM
The Shy is Falling

Have I gone astray, my love?
Here’s a bouquet of red roses.
Do they ease the pain, my love?
Or is the sky falling steadily?

Maybe we desire a breakaway.
Or maybe we desire a hideaway.

Shall we renew our vows, love?
Would this rejuvenate our souls?
I am eager to rekindle romance,
For the sky is falling steadily.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1962
VII (Tonight I love again.)
Posted: 5/30/2013 5:08:15 PM
Although I try to Forget

I gave myself permission to think
of you today. your shy disposition
haunts my psyche. a portrait of you
dwells therein. it sets my soul aflame.
you are more than words can capture.
you are a poet’s inspiration, an afflatus
in the flesh. you bring the canvas to
life. and you are unaware of your
beauty. this drives a complicated man
insane. but you can’t see it.
you are as rare as an ancient heirloom.
you are in fact a walking love-spell.
only a keen eye can perceive your
worth. once aware, one could never
take you for granted. you have so much
to give! and when you pledge your
allegiance, you pledge it for life. I
often wonder, without permission, of
how much you have endured; for your
lines run deep, and they run forever.
both joy and pain are depicted in your
countenance. and if one looks closely,
an unwarranted insecurity permeates
your posture. but in essence, you are
a treasure-trove, a cave filled with
jewels. tales have been told of women
of seduction. you are these women.
and I shall immortalize you in script,
though you may deem yourself unworthy.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1963
VII (Tonight I love again.)
Posted: 5/31/2013 4:45:28 PM
I am so lost in you.
Daylight became a dream
Full of splendid colors and
Vivid visions.
What have I not to give?
Upon concrete scrapped knees
I pray that we shall learn to
My appetite has become insatiable.
I long for you as a priest longs for
I here give to you a dozen love letters.
Each one intensifies the depth of
My passion.
Folklore speaks of addictive love.
Such love that intoxicates souls.
It drives one into the mountain.
Where one sits in meditation.
Where one hopes to discover
The key to love.
What must I give for the love of
My heart?
Evermore it has been you,
Maestro of my heartstring, maestro
Of the orchestra of my soul.
I love you.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1964
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/4/2013 3:52:34 PM
Cobwebs dim the crystal moon.
I forever marred a vision. But
Love thrives despite thorns in the fields.
How do we ensoul the dead?
How do we give life to a burning dream?
I’m locked within a social Dartmoor.
Enfold her in wings.
Cause her spirit to soar;
For she is burdened and sore,
Moaning throughout the night,
Lost in hopes of redemption.
I, here, implore the maestro of
The universe to heal her aching heart.
Assuage her leaking wound;
For it dwells deep in my spirit,
Tearing me apart.
She deserves majesty;
For she is a product of divinity.
She is my ambrosia, thus, I pine.
And I often ponder upon apology.
But would it be futile, for I wounded
Yet here and now, I vow my soul.
I promise I have been in mourning
For the last fortnight, tied in knots,
Wailing to the faceless skies.
I have a lesion in my being.
I have been severed from my spirit.
Tell me the vision isn’t ruined.
Tell me the dream is nolonger burning.
We share ambitions, prayers and secrets.
Let us not disappoint our souls.
Heaven has intervened.
My love awaits my arrival.
I shall hold back my tears.
I shall not emotionally blackmail my love.
But I shall confess my remorse.
And I shall confess my unyielding love.
My love is responsive, open to my plea.
Our bond suffered violence, but our bond
Is forever—a blemished diamond.

Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1965
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/5/2013 11:43:23 AM
andover1111, this is a lovely poem. I enjoyed reading it. And I thank you for the compliment. Naive
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1966
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/8/2013 2:39:02 PM
Sacred Love

I love you as I love the mother of Christ.
Am I foolish for loving sightless?
You have made it known that you do not love me.
And still, I love you as I love the mother of Christ.

“I truly adore you until the end of time.”
This love has remained unaffected, dancing alone.
But this is poetry, to love and not attain thereto.
But I love you as I love the mother of Christ.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1967
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/10/2013 1:22:10 PM
We use to listen when grey haired elders spoke.
They spoke of morals, ideals, and cultural pride.

We are deteriorating in some regions and
Flourishing in others. Our hearts are open to
Currency. Our minds are open to humanity. We
Have a dream. And we have antique shame.

Education. A journey unsung. The majority is
Gaining ground. The minority are integrating.
Follow me, is the ecumenical motif. Our ears
Are shut. Our eyes are shut. We are stumbling
Through the fog, blinded by our priorities.

We use to listen when grey haired elders spoke.
They spoke of morals, ideals, and cultural pride.

The meaning of church has changed. Fashion
Takes precedence over religion. The members
Are segregated. Those with more frown upon
Those with less. The pastor lives richly.

Politically, we are living in the shadows, bereft
Of adequate representation, flooding the slums.
We need more than a savior. We need more
Than humility. We need more than patience.
We need knowledge. We need know-how.

We use to listen when grey haired elders spoke.
They spoke of morals, ideals, and cultural pride.

Our hearts are open to currency. Our minds are
Open to humanity. There is more. We have
Wept. Let us now rejoice. Let us strategize.
We are conquers. Our roots run deep.

What is prayer without action? What is success
Without determination, zeal and mastery? We
Must do more than hope. We must fall in love
With motion. We must teach the community.
We must mobilize nationally, and build.

We use to listen when grey haired elders spoke.
They spoke of morals, ideals, and cultural pride.

Joined: 11/7/2011
Msg: 1968
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Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/12/2013 10:27:10 PM
no one listens anymore
prayer without action is trust
it is too late for us
the planet dies

we came from Mars
after we killed it
we have no place left to go
people complain if we seek another planet

no one tells us the truth
the sun is killing us
as is the air and water
they tell you not to pollute

but no one stops big business from it
people do not care how they get their money
sell the kids dope
who cares about the misery it causes

is it time to give up?
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1969
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/14/2013 8:53:57 PM
Thank you, cesska.


A Testimony of Love

My munificent love,
Ours is immortal—a sacred kiss.
Such as radiance whelms your countenance,
My chaste, temperate amore:
So eloquent, so angelic.
Tarry with me forever,
Notwithstanding the solicitudes of love,
Notwithstanding the rivers of dust.
Ours is hidden from the world, my love,
Iridescent and immortal, my love.
When ours is troubled, my thoughts are afoul.
Then the preternatural occurs,
Love takes its course.

Ours has sprung from God’s imagination.
We our partaking of ambrosia, lost in love.
Enmesh me in your pains.
Entangle me in your joys.
Permit me to relieve you of your angst,
For love conquers all, and ours is rebellious,
Even fatidic.
You are my irenic stream, flowing
Through my spirit, an image of perfection.
We are one circuit, blazing throughout the
Universe, dying softly in one another’s arms.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1970
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/17/2013 4:10:33 PM
My love has been
Sacrificed to the seas.
Wherefore, I mourn tacitly.
My countenance is aglow with sorrow.
For my love is but an apparition.
Who falls en-love with a wraith?
It is I, a foolish fantast, afflicted by a fool’s paradise.
Love me, my intangible love.
Set the heavens aflame.
Else I decay softly, twisted within a maze
An afflicted slave
Subject to perish in shame.
Leave me not to the ghost of ambivalence.
Where I exist without prevalence.
Instead, succumb to the waves of love
And the passions thereof.
Paint ours in majesty, even within realms of imagination.
Let not perfection slip through our grasp.
What possesses me is deeper than infatuation.
Thus it penetrates even my hidden places
Moving me to expression
As a mystic impression.
Albeit my love has been sacrificed to the seas
Love resounds within my being.
Therefore, I long endlessly
As one yearns for angels.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1971
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/20/2013 2:29:03 PM
I Love You.

I love you because you first
taught me to love. I love you
with the blood of my soul.
In the abyss of shadows, you’re
my radiant light. In turmoil,
you calm the squall. I love you
through the heartache: to
witness eyes glisten through
the sorrow, splinters the spirit.

I love you because you first
taught me to love. Ours is
deeper than dalliance—it’s
the heart of existence.

I love you because you’re my
epiphany—my love letter at
sea. I love you despite the
flaming wound. I love you in
death, the honor of humanity.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1972
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 6/29/2013 7:21:39 PM
Of Love

A wildfire burns within my heart,
For my love is a work of art.
She electrifies my soul.
Over emotions I have no control.
Take me by my being
And tell me I’m not merely dreaming.
Remain for me my Elysian fountain
Where I love depth the mountain.
Our amore is without measure,
We have fashioned a godly treasure.
We vowed ever to remember
Our fervor, passion, and burning ember.
Never before has one touched my core,
Leaving me to pine and yearn for more.
We love with all we are able to give
And we shall love longer than we shall live.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1973
Blemished Diamond
Posted: 7/1/2013 3:07:23 PM
Of Love

Love is honeysweet,
Flamboyant and indiscreet.
It causes ripples in the soul,
Where emotions turn bold.
How shall I confess my love?
Especially to a wraith.
My joy is determined by a
Conception, nigh fate.
Such a reality causes misery,
For one can’t discern mystery.
As love, spirit deeply confounds,
It’s a riddle heartfelt and profound.
If only one could touch Love—
The magnitude and depth thereof.
One could then rest in purity,
Where evidence proves security.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1974
To Confess the Touch of Love
Posted: 7/1/2013 4:29:21 PM
[To Confess the Touch of Love]

in depth the forgotten my love awoke
suddenly my spirit and heart was aglow
my soul became fluid and even baroque
flooded with fervor and heaven’s overflow.

infused with emotion, bound by love’s yoke
filled with warmth only God could bestow
I was moved by what angels dare convoke
a tornado of emotions surged unto an outflow.

must I evidence love’s extreme as Van Gogh?
for love’s presence stirs passions that evoke
the pith of history aside a mystical rainbow
where the root of love is ancient as scrub oak.

love captured me as the art of Michelangelo
where I felt destined to confess as Rousseau.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1975
To Confess the Touch of Love
Posted: 7/1/2013 7:23:54 PM
In Honor of Beauty

Such radiance.
Such insouciance.
It compels the soul
Moving mankind to expression.
Such beauty is saintly
Touching the heart of the beholder.
Every undulant waves through spirit
Illuminating the heart-chakra.
Enwrapped in the presence of brilliance
One swoons, adrift the clouds.
Reason beware, emotions tug upon
The soul, causing it to seek gratification.
But shall the maiden beckon for a tryst?
One could only hope for such bliss:
Where the two come together as one
Engaged in heavenly consummation
Lost in divine manifestation.
One could only hope for such bliss.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1976
To Confess the Touch of Love
Posted: 7/2/2013 8:37:24 AM
my love, my love, my love,
where would I be without my love?
I would be a turtle without a shell.
I would be a small town without a bell.
I would be shallow, empty and artless.
I would be but a walking carcass.

my love, my love, my love,
where would I be without my love?
I would be heavy in a daze,
ever trapped in a merciless maze.
I would be turbulent and ill-gotten,
wherefore, my soul would be rotten.

my love, my love, my love,
where would I be without my love?
I would be Romeo without his Juliet.
I would be a musician without a clarinet.
I would be a prophet without a God.
I would be a magician without his rod.
Joined: 1/23/2010
Msg: 1977
To Confess the Touch of Love
Posted: 7/2/2013 10:01:19 AM
[my tender amore]

my tender amore,
I shall love you forevermore…
for you enliven my soul,
wherefore, love is bold.

upon my spirit, your person
is imprinted.

together we are awake…
our love is our fate…
an immortal entity,
as powerful as prophecy.

our love is pure and innocent,
assuredly, heaven sent.

how shall I evident love?—
its majesty and touch whereof,
I know its source is divine,
a mystical, angelic chime.

your iridescence captures me…
such depth, light and poetry.
I am at once enchanted…
wherefore, my heart has panted
at the brooks of your being…
I can’t imagine what I’m seeing.

my tender amore,
I shall love you forevermore…
for you are my soul’s thirst,
my celestial birth,
setting my spirit to soar,
I desire you more.
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