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^^^I'm assuming you meant me, but perhaps not. Until you mentioned that, I didn't see it in my user name. It refers to the card game. Maybe I should put a space between the "r" and the "m." Or perhaps the ladies who respond don't read it that way either. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 3:47:13 PM
Less effort

less expectation

less pain
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 3:58:44 PM
even at Canadian Thanksgiving, I sent individual messages to each of the people on my favs list that live in Canada. They deserve my effort. I can't imagine C&P to them.

By the way....when is American Thanksgiving?
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 4:01:35 PM
lol SoulReaver, I hear what your saying.
Ladies if your really honest with yourselve's, it's all about your egos. You just want a personal heartfelt email just so you can feel special. If the guy looks like shrek (or me :P) You wont bother replying.

Question to the ladies: If a guy sent you what you thought was a generic email, but he had a good profile, and looked like a greek god, or your ideal match at least, would you still ignore him?
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 4:03:25 PM
some men .... not myself .... have it set up to automatically attach their profile to an email.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 4:19:41 PM
Time management? LMAO! Thats funny!

C/C/P...Isn't this considered "netting"? Ya in ???

Not me! I send an email based on spontaneity feelings about the photo an profile.Usually a simple compliment.

Never CCP! BAD! BAD! Disrespectful!

**Dang! I gotta get out of these forums, so educational yet can't keep my trap shut!**

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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 4:29:19 PM
Where are those "Tons of a lot more men" than woman?
they sure aren't in my area..
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 4:58:19 PM
That's an interesting question: how many men would respond to a cut and paste message from a woman they were attracted to?

- remember, cut and paste need not be done in a slopply manner. This can mean a very generic intial first contact with a few details peppered in for authenticity.

How many men here would respond if you were attracted to the profile anyway?
 A MUZEing..
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 11:15:04 PM
First, I apologize if this entry might go off on a bit of a tangent. I do receive many c/p emails.
More often than not, however, my situation has been that I'd read a message from a guy who may or may not have copy-pasted it BUT, when I see his profile (saying 'non-religious') he clearly didn't take the time to carefully read my profile, which says I'm Christian and that it's important to me to share a faith. Why, if he says 'non-religious', is he writing to me? I don't say I'm superior or 'holier than thou', it's just that I want to have that in common and not have tension in that area.. besides, it's so essential to who I am, I could never become emotionally intimate with him, let alone physically, if we can't encourage each other within a mutual deep belief in God.
I'm not preaching here. I'm trying to say please READ before sending me email in an effort to hook up with me, as it'll save you time and frustration... the answer is NO.
...............ESPECIALLY when it's cut/paste!

I'll respond to thank him & wish him well in his search because I don't want to date him, but the other item is that I'm here only for friendships (whether or not they have potential for more is beside the point).. and I get asked for sex. GO FIGURE.
.. one guy actually said in an IM chat that, since I'm Christian, he wouldn't use a condom because he assumed all Christians never use them. LOL. I thanked him, said I didn't want to waste his time, and said goodbye.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 11:44:24 PM
This is from waaaay back but, I appreciate the plug, bucsgirl

I think I may have tarnished my image by palying devil's advocate haha.

But concerning the previous post about religion - sometimes people put Christian or other religion simply because they that was their upbringing or culture. They don't always practice it.

The other thing is, lots of non-religious people have no problem getting into relationships with people that are religious adn vice versa. So don't be too surprised when you get messages from guys that are agnostic or atheist or simply non-religious.

Some people put weight on the issue, and other simply play by ear.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/21/2006 11:54:57 PM
Yes, a major pet peeve of mine. The copy/paste from the same men numerous times, stating the same things that are in their profiles and then to top it off they will throw in a comment about me being a blonde, hello I'm a redhead.
 A MUZEing..
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/22/2006 12:12:32 AM
greyymatter ~

The other thing is, lots of non-religious people have no problem getting into relationships with people that are religious adn vice versa.

Thanks for the input and viewpoint, and I can see how some might not regard it as an issue for themselves and would therefore not put that much weight into it for their prospects, but when my profile says I do put weight on it, that's when I don't understand their writing to me since it seems they don't really care.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/22/2006 12:24:07 AM
Sometimes i feel that guys who copy and paste are not only lazy but probably are or players trying to find as many women as they can cause they don't have to time to sit and write individual letters to each women to make it more personal and to show that they are genuinely interested in the lady or they may have another alterior motive if you know what i mean.getting as many notches on his bedpost as possible. i have had emails like this before and it is a real turn off and i agree with the women that if a man writes and just says love your pic or let's meet right off the bat is a red flag for women just as it would be for a man. if i get an email from a gentleman that writes a long email telling me about himself and what he liked about my profile instead of just my pic usually shows me this guy is possibly for real.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/22/2006 12:33:39 AM
I was watching "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" last week, and a line from that movie now occurs to me: (not perfectly quoted)"If you put out the 'vibe' to hundreds of women, of COURSE your going to get a response" "That's the whole idea".

Anyone who copy/pastes, isn't likely to meet the one person they jibe with, because that person is going to require a REAL response, not a form letter!
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/22/2006 2:18:11 AM
Where just going around in circles here.
The generic email is like an ice breaker for me, a "hello how you doing fancy a chat."
Imagine your in a club. Its the difference between, me giving you a simple greeting, and me buying a lady a bottle of champagne and telling her my life story. only for her to say "not interested, thanks for the champagne"
Surely theres at least ONE lady that can understand, not ONE lady can relate?

If I get a reply, I know that the lady is interested and I will take my time and care with my responses, I only send out emails to ladies with profiles I think match mine, It's not as random as women might think.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/22/2006 5:41:26 AM
Amen Brother... This site is sort of an electronic icebreaker. First impressions are everything. I think being genuine and a little original is the first step to showing a little respect to the person you are hoping to make a connection with. If a guy can't take the time to be original, he should switch to Hallmark.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/26/2006 2:51:53 PM
Again, Amen! You don't have to write a lady a book but you should take a few minutes and say something original.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/26/2006 4:13:20 PM
I don't copy and paste, but I never really write more then one or two sentences. I've already spent 10-15 minutes carefully reading your profile and deciding if it's worth sending a message. At that point I'm just letting you know that I liked your profile, I didn't see anything that outright ruled you out. At that point it's not worth another 20-30 minutes crafting a long and entertaining e-mail if you are just going to click my profile, find something that wasn't in your profile, and delete my e-mail. I'd rather just ask you to check out my profile and respond back if you are interested in talking more.

Not that it works anyways, I've tried both ways and they get the same success rate, and one of them doesn't waste 2-3 hours.

I'm not really keen on having to do that just because other idiots don't bother to read your profile, I certainly don't ignore the plethora of incoming mail I get :). And I treat the "I just wanted to say hello!" the same as anything else.
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/28/2006 4:55:34 PM
Eon001 - that's a very good example. Champagne, I luv it!

No, not a lot of women seem to understand because they don't really grasp what a sea of women there are out there - and they really don't realize is how many genuine thought- out messages it takes to be sent before some guys get responses.

They seem to believe that if you send out a few geniune messages you'll get a response soon enough.

The fact is lots of guys don't - and that's why they use teh copy and paste as an electronic ice breaker. Because noone wants to spend 100k at teh club before they get to dance with a girl, and noone wants to spend a decade on plentyoffish before they get a date.

And yes, some guys get more responses - sometimes no matter what they say. IT doesn't mean it applies to all of us.

--again, I don't cut and paste, but I don't get results either, so how genuine you letter is doesn't always result in a postive result. The women don't seem to grasp how much luck really is involved in being a guy. SOmetimes you can do everything you can and the fact is you simply aren't the type that gets responses
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 11:17:36 AM

Ahhhhhhhhh here I am now, AND I AM GOING TO FORCEFULLY ADMIT that I DO "copy and paste" but ONLY for the 1st-time CONTACT ATTEMPT and NEVER after any replies to that.

And here I am going to paste something that someone said earlier, ONLY BECAUSE this one man on here said something that I TOTALLY agree with!!! And I seem to think and believe the same way he does, about the sometimes VERY DISHEARTENING EXPERIENCE writing to a woman the FIRST time ONLY:

here I am going to post his original reply here ONE MORE TIME because I believe this REALLY NEEDS TO BE HEARD (read) .... it is very important!! MANY WOMEN ON THIS SITE ARE HEARTLESS, and even if you DID write a completely original letter to them that is only about getting in contact with that 1 woman UNIQUELY, MANY MANY MANY women will just f_u_c_k_i_n_g DELETE the letter if they even read it or not ... at all !!!!

so FACE IT WOMEN, you are just going to have to DEAL with it, AT LEAST IF ONLY for a FIRST TIME CONTACT ... we MEN get sick and TIRED of being DEFLECTED like we're a ping pong ball when we don't even know each other !!! Those of us men who believe we are good in our hearts and DO want UNIQUE contact with a UNIQUE (albeit new) person, a lady who we do not know yet but WISH to get to know .... it HURTS to get rejected SO MUCH even when we write a totally polite and considerate and warm uniquely-crafted letter to just that 1 person ... IT TAKES ALOT OUT OF US ... for some or many of us, our hearts and minds EMPTY VERY QUICKLY and we get SICK AND TIRED of women who just BRUSH US OFF or DEFLECT US WITHOUT EVEN A THOUGHT OR A CARE !!!!! THAT IS WHY MANY PEOPLE (men, women? at least it is why *I* MY SELF) do the "copy and paste" letters ONLY for the 1st contact ... and then from that point on, IF we even get a reply, we (or at least I myself) do reply back in unique written form, a unique and original "to-them-only" reply, according to a conversation that has just begun. I BELIEVE IT IS TOTALLY JUSTIFIED, ESPECIALLY when ATTEMPTING to start contact with a complete stranger (and dammit I DO read profiles and I actually do LIKE IT when I can identify with what someone has written and listed about themselves)...

so here is what this man said, it was one of the very first replies and I love how he said it, it totally made me feel better about how sick some women on this site have treated me when i have tried to write ACTUAL UNIQUE FIRST-TIME letters only to be PUSHED AWAY and told "sorry you are not my type" (which is another F'N gripe of mine because in my view, it is totally STUPID to try and jump into a relationshp with a stranger so I am only looking for FRIENDS FIRST ONLY) ... ARRRRGGGGHHH but that is another gripe for another time!!!!

so here is what "Bill_200" said:


Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 10/20/2006 10:09:54 AM

(cross posted from another thread where I originally wrote this)

You girls need some perspective. Try creating a fake men's profile and getting attention from women. The reality is, it's really difficult. Men have to initiate contact (if men didn't, there would be a whole bunch of people signed up on this site, but nobody would be actually connecting). Then consider that men, on average, probably receive about 1% response rate to emails they send out. If women in general can't even be bothered to respond, why should men carefully construct 100 individual emails just to get one response.

(Side note - please don't post to tell me that YOU respond to every email you get. While this might be true, I'm talking about women on this site IN GENERAL.)

So what's the answer to this conundrum? I have a carefully worded generic email that I send to select women that look intesting to me. It's written mostly about me, and since I don't change from day to day, it's always accurate. It also asks some generic questions in hopes that it will initiate a dialogue. Yes, it is a cut-and-paste email and I'm not ashamed of it. It's respectful, interesting and funny, and it nets me about 30% response - if it works, why fix it? From there, my second email is completely original - based on whatever response I get, and converstation can flow naturally from there.

Face it - this site is a numbers game, with the numbers stacked heavily in favour of the women. It's all fine and dandy that you sit behind your computers, collect messages from men to feed your cravings for attention, and then snicker amongst each other that some of us cut-and-paste messages. As I said at the top, put yourself in our shoes.


and I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HIM 100% and I wish more women would just F'N UNDERSTAND!!! but it seems that MOST of the time, ALOT of you women (not naming names, but ALOT of you women!!!) DO NOT CARE to even try to listen or read ... because all of the other idiot sleazy "BOYS" (read: NOT real men) on here are ruining your experience on this site (this is a perfect visual example of how many sleazy men on here chase after the women and disgust her: ) so some of you women end-up taking your hurt and WEARINESS of men out on the OTHER good men like us (at least I believe I am a good one)...

Ya know, I hear alot from women about how so many of us MEN are "heartless" and cold but I am sorry I have just the opposite experience. ASIDE from the MANY replies I have gotten, there were also MANY times that I got NO REPLIES AT ALL, even when I did craft a perfectly unique and original letter for the FIRST CONTACT ATTEMPT and a day or sometimes even a WEEK later saw it in my mail as being "UNREAD, DELETED" .... some people on here are ****ING B.I.T.C.H.E.S!! GRRRRRRR so why waste my time unless I can TEST AND SEE if a woman that I am going to be interested in and write to will actually be NICE enough to reply in a HUMAN way? CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE COURTEOUS with each other and if we are not looking or interested in someone's profile (which is also another gripe for another time ... grrrrrrrrrrr) can't we at least post a SHORT REPLY? I mean, hell, if a woman replies to me "sorry not looking" or "not interested" then I am actually THANKFUL that she was polite and courteous enough to acknowledge my existence and that I actually wrote her AND that she actually bothered to care to even say something RESPECTFULLY written back to me to let me know! IT IS CALLED COURTESY, ladies, and some of you lack it (or do not care to use it) and it really bites our ass....

I may seem like a bit of a misogynist to people who listen to me for a long time, but I have been bitten in the ass SORELY by MANY MANY MANY MANY women in my past and I am SICK OF IT ... I should be a men's advocate against the "BAD WOMEN" in the world ... because there are already 100000000000s of you women who are advocates against the "bad men" ... blech!

why aren't there more REAL WOMEN who actually CARE or are AT THE LEAST, HUMANLY COURTEOUS and RESPECTFUL of others, out there in the world ??? I think that is the LEAST anyone can hope for or expect when trying to simply have or initiate a CIVIL correspondence or a NEW conversation with someone!


sighs :-(
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 11:37:34 AM
wow I love what "heyitsdoug" said! HERE HERE!!
I TOTALLY AGREE - that is how it is !!!!

I don't copy and paste anything in e-mails.
It IS frustrating when you spend time reading profiles and
crafting a well thought out e-mail only to be ignored, but
it's just one of the things you have to deal with when it
comes to on-line dating. (I've even had women contact
me first then not reply when I answer them.)
I don't send out hundreds of e-mails so it's not a problem
to type out each one, but I do admit that I sometimes don't
give it my best effort......I feel a little foolish when I do
write a long message and it's ignored, and regardless of
the EXCUSES women use for ignoring is RUDE!
I'm not talking about messages that just say "HI" or those
that ask for sex or make lude comments, or even copy
and pasted ones. Ignoring someone JUST because you're
not interested is rude and lazy.....and cowardly.

And I also love what "StormReaver" said, I also TOTALLY AGREE!

That's because the soul has been sucked out by the 100th woman who didn't have the decency to even acknowledge the man who spent 10-15 minutes typing each of those unique mails. Some of us have demanding professional lives, and don't have the time to waste hours every day writing what women treat as electronic toilet paper. Our motivations are usually transformed into efficiencies.

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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 11:50:23 AM
I have seen this happen on ALOT of dating sites which I have unfortunately been a past member of (before I came here to this site, POF). I agree with this man tho, at least he could tell what he was reading, he was SMART enough to realize what was going on!
Good call, man!

so here is what "Pokerman40.2" had to say:

I got a copy and paste message from a women just the other day (my very first copy/paste as near as I could tell).

It read:

Hi sweetie, I read your profile and think your (sic) hot. I'm free tomorrow night. Send me a note at (email address) and if I like what I read, well (sic) hook up.

She was twenty years younger than me and very good looking in a crack addict sort of way. She was also a prostitute. Oh well, just my luck. Her profile was deleted by POF the next day so I couldn't even put her on my favorites list.

So see, us guys get those copy and paste jobs, too.

GOD I HATE THAT, when SPAMMERS (REAL SPAMMERS) send out mass messages as a way of getting you to EMAIL them off-site with your real address in hopes of just getting your address to add to their lists so they can then SPAM YOU WITH MORE SPAM or get you to visit another website which ... get this ... ONLY ENDS UP BEING A PORN XXX webcam site with NO REAL PEOPLE that youi can "get to know" ON IT WHATSOEVER (only anonymous and completely "unknowable" girls ... who are yet amazingly "hot models") and the site ends up being where they are ALL just showing ALL their stuff on webcam ... geezzzzzzzzzz)

and porn spammers on dating sites are a SICK JOKE!!

I think that maybe more dating sites (and maybe POF too) need people to help weed these damn spammers out. SO FAR I have only received 1 spam email from a porn spammer trying to get me to mail them "right away" (a clear sign) about hooking up ... LMAO I mean, come on. 1 woman said she can spot a "copy and paste job a mile away" but US MEN can also spot the porn spammers (not real women but FAKE profiles) right away, also.

So just like women get all the horrible emails and disrespectful "boys" to deal with, us men ALSO get this other stupid S.H.I.T. to deal with, as well. It's all a mixed bag and we ALL have to stick our hand in without seeing what we get!!!

ya know what I also hate? and why I am SO HAPPY about Plenty Of Fish? I LOVE that POF is FREE and does not charge anything EVER! Because I am SICK of all the other dating sites that ONLY CHARGE THE MEN ALOT OF $$$ and NEVER EVER charge any women for ANYTHING!!!! THAT SICKENS MY HEART AND STOMACH!!

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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 12:00:19 PM
Sahaja said to Bill, the following:

Yes Bill I did read your post.I stand by what I said. The first email is the one that matters, not the second.

It's all fine and dandy that you sit behind your computers, collect messages from men to feed your cravings for attention,

I certainly don't sit in front of my computer collecting messages to feed a craving for attention. I'm on here to find a DATE. You sound bitter, maybe you don't think women deserve better than a lazy c/p job.

And I have to say ...

The women who DON'T deserve better than a "lazy" (lousy) "c/p job" are the ones who read (or at worst: NEVER read) our 1st emails (even if it was or was not a "copy/paste job") and then DELETE them without even replying back a single word .... GRRRRR THEY DESERVE IT.

the women who are actually NICE and COURTEOUS and CARING and at the least, HUMANE and RESPECTFUL of someone, DESERVE MUCH BETTER and I GIVE as good as I get ... I love writing to a woman i actually enjoy talking with and whom I think I share common interests ... I admit that I AM ALSO a very bitter person BUT ONLY when it comes to women who do such AWFUL THINGS!!! I am just the opposite when i am in the company of someone not only pleasant (at the bare minimum) but with whom I start to feel a vivacious excitement from the sharing of her personality and passions and when the discussions just takes off? I'd give the WORLD for someone to be with me like that ! I think anyone would ?

the sad thing about being online is that "Real" type of experience just cannot happen ... except in real life AND in person .... just another reason why it is SO HARD on here!! even on a free site, the communication barriers are SO THICK we have to be VERY CAREFUL how to conduct ourselves or we will end up making ourselves look very bad (which I have unfortunately done alot of and even I have to repent and AMEND for alot of things)...

I wish more people had morals and knew what REPENTING and AMENDING meant.
Saying "sorry" is never good enough only by itself. People must learn how to "make things better" again, how to HEAL a broken situation and turn the bad into good. How to "make amends" for what they have done, is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and I believe in it strongly, because it is the only way us imperfect people can get along with each other, especially when we fail and we allow our "bad sides" to show :-(

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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 12:13:50 PM
Hey.... Anychance I could have thart "carefully" worded generic e-mail
I sent ot 12 resonal e-mails, and had 2 responses.
And the one, it has been about 1 week, and we have been talking on the phone, and even planned a date next sunday.... This site can be great if you put in some effort, well a whole load of effort. But anyway, as you can tell I am not the carefull/good writter, would you mind sendind me that generic e-mail, and perhaps I can eddit it for my needs. Wierd to ask, but it would help, thanks!
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Why do men copy/paste
Posted: 11/18/2006 12:14:09 PM
Another thing ... I wonder why there aren't MORE women on this thread? I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 actual WOMEN who have been replying on this thread - is it because ALL of the rest of you women actually might feel CONVICTED and maybe GUILTY because of how you have treated some men before? I HOPE SO.

Anyways, this was posted by "greyymatter" back on page 2, but people (read: WOMEN especially) NEED to read it !!!!!

Posted By: greyymatter on 10/20/2006 914 PM
Subject: Why do men copy/paste
Message: --THE HOPELESS DEFENCE: The Defence of the average guy on POF--

Guys, it's very difficult for women to imagine what it is like to be a decent guy on this site. Some of the women here, no offence, really don't have the right perspective.

Imagine you are a guy. This is a little more difficult than it first appears, so, let me tell you a story of what normally happens when I write a message:

I read the person's profile to get a feel - if I sense a spark, I glance some deal-breaking facts: what city? children? available? Then I read it again. If there's nothing in the profile that inspires me to write her, I'll add her to my favorites to do it another day. To be honest, it is difficult to be inspired sometimes because on many occasions I might think a person is cute, but they didn't say anything or just said "I'll fill this later" so I just add her and continue clicking around. Other days I'll actually do an advance search and work through the list.

If I really feel like I have somthing to say I'll spend maybe 15- 20 minutes drafting up a message, but I might not send it till I think it actually has a chance of catching a person's attention - I hate feeling I've "wasted" my chance. They usually weigh in at about 300+ words - depending on how much the other person said in their profile. I usually have more to say, but I'm afraid of looking... I dunno, chatty?

Then I send it out and check in on it later that day. Here are some approximate stats:

1/3 - unread deleted
1/3 - read deleted
1/3 - unread (and never will be)

Of the "read deleted" ones, about 2/3 of them are delted immediately, while the other third kinda hang in pergatory forever.

You don't want to know how many messages I've sent over my time at POV.

I can COUNT the number of responses I've had on one hand - and none of them were ever really substantial. I've had two with 3 or 4 lines in them, and the rest were literally one liners. All of them stopped messaging after just a few friendly messages - usually 250 words from me, and one or two lines from them.

Now to those women out there that say they refuse to cut and paste, I do understand your view completely. I don't read spam, so why should you? If I were a woman, I'd only want to read real messages from guys that actually spent time on my profile, not some guy that sent the same post to 10 different girls.

But if you were a guy who has experiences like this, would you continue to write geniune messages to each and every person you were interested in?

Of course you answer, "why yes." Then I ask, would you continue to do that, if after a number of years you get no responses? - maybe you would. And honestly, I do.

And for those of you that just thought, "well only an idiot would keep trying after a month...." --- that's EXACTLY what tempts guys into cutting and pasting.

In defence of the guys out there that cut and paste, if you're a guy that doesn't tend to attract responses, your odds of getting a response are probably less than 1/100 (that equals 1 response every 16 hours, at 10 minutes a letter). Now, actually I'd be unbelievably happy thinking that in about 50 hours of letter writing, I'll maybe get one response. For me, that's not true.

But remember how it'd be nice to write to only those you are truly interested in? If you found one of those individuals every other day, say, it would take you almost a year - just to get a response - that's just a response, not an actual conversation.

So guys, on average, how many responses out of 10 become actual dates? - I honestly don't know - tell us!

Now, for all teh women out there, if you were a guy, would you follow your own advice and spend 10 minutes or more on every profile you were interested in? I have, and I will admit that it's very tough on a guy knowing that every letter that you've spent time writing will never result in anything - or even be read.

It's not a matter of laziness at all (not for all guys, I mean) but practicality - unless you think spending a few years writing dilligently for a few responses should be expected of us.

And if any of you think I'm exaggerating, let's see if any guys on here have experienced the same?

damn dude, RIGHT ON !!!! that was another EXCELLENT RESPONSE!!
You have totally echoed ALOT of my same experiences not just on this site but on other dating sites in the past! YOU KNOW HOW IT IS!



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